ALL Local Roadshows Conversation November 2020

4th November 2020



The ALL Membership team presents highlights from this term’s ALL Roadshows for Local groups. Join the conversation with Suzi Bewell, Steven Fawkes and Judith Rifeser.

This time the themes include :

  • GCSE 2021 and Speaking Endorsement
  • Drama online?
  • Making Transition work.

The event will be recorded.

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Chat log

00:48:45 Suzi Bewell: Good evening everyone
00:48:53 Steven Fawkes: Hello all
00:49:06 Hala Alani: Hello Steven and everyone
00:49:35 Sue Cave: Hi!
00:52:32 Sue Cave: You make me sound like a tyrant!
00:53:11 Steven Fawkes: Just an eagle eye
00:53:22 Suzi Bewell: Sue ‘Grammar Police’ Cave!
00:53:59 ALL London: Be kind and positive!
00:54:04 Florence Barats: Do less!
00:54:06 Suzi Bewell: For me, more than ever, it is important to make time for your hobbies and interests outside school to counterbalance the madness / intensity
00:54:10 Julia Morris: Remember retrieval practice
00:54:17 Steven Fawkes: Keep in touch with other Language teachers!
00:54:19 Judith Rifeser: Reach out to each other!
00:54:20 Hanae: Low prep is the way forward!
00:54:25 EGelder: Keep your sense of humour when the IT goes wrong
00:54:36 Suzi Bewell: Definitely EGelder!
00:54:56 Sue Cave: Congratulate yourself on everything you have done!
00:55:16 EGelder: Elaine
01:13:21 ALL London:
01:19:15 ALL London: Good idea
01:19:48 ALL London:
01:22:40 Helen Myers:
01:26:03 Helen Myers: JUlia = avatar
01:26:18 Florence Barats: I’ll do it
01:26:19 Steven Fawkes: Lion =
01:26:21 Sue Cave: Put me down
01:26:29 Helen Myers: Florence = lion
01:26:59 Sue Cave: A little small for a giraffe but will do.
01:27:02 Helen Myers: Giraffe = Sue
01:27:38 Julia Morris: Did you notice how the attendance number has gone done, I think people are getting cold feet!
01:40:10 Helen Myers:
01:40:18 Helen Myers: ASCL Toolkits (2020)
01:41:33 Suzi Bewell: Please don’t be shy – we are an organisation that is for teachers by teachers … do get in touch!
01:44:18 Steven Fawkes:
01:47:10 Helen Myers:
01:47:52 Florence Barats:
01:48:17 Florence Barats: This is a link to one of my favorite book as a child called Petit bleu et petit jaune, great for racism!
01:50:07 Judith Rifeser: Thank you, Florence, for sharing.
01:50:22 Suzi Bewell: Thank you all
01:50:39 Judith Rifeser: Thank you so much for joining us.
01:50:52 Sue Cave: Thank you.
01:50:59 Julia Morris: Thank you