ALL ITET webinar: Transmedia in Education: New Approaches to Transmedia and Language Pedagogy

18th July 2021

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It was a delight for ALL to host the ITET group on a rainy Monday afternoon.

Dr Carmen Herrero and Dr Isabelle Vanderschelden introduced us to FILTA and enthused the participants about using film and continuing to share enthusiasm and ideas.  Well over 100 attended, and we know that many others who could not attend because of work commitments or time zones will be catching up with the video and chat later.  We would be very happy to host any future get-togethers!

Scroll down to see recording, session description, presnter bidos, a happy class photo, and loads of chat!



ALL London hosts webinars for the MFL community and this webinar, held in a Zoom room and also viewable on an unlisted YouTube stream, is open to all MFL teachers.  We hope that you will like us and want to join!

We thank the presenters, who give freely of their time and expertise.  Where possible, most sessions are recorded and available for viewing later.


Taking into account the growing significance of visual cultures in education, especially the increased popularity of streaming services and the video sharing site YouTube since the start of the pandemic, this session will present the project Transmedia in Education: New Approaches to Transmedia and Language Pedagogy. The first part of the session will focus on introducing the visual literacy framework that we use and on presenting some resources for embedding films more systematically in L2 teaching. Our case studies include pedagogical applications for using short film flexibly as part of language classes. The second part of the session brings together the opportunities and affordances derived from the explosion of user-generated online content by prosumers (consumers and creators) working with a mix of non-verbal cultural artefacts (e.g. short films, publicity materials, animation, video games, etc.) to broaden students’ transmedia skills, develop translingual and transcultural competences, and encourage creativity and storytelling skills.


Dr Carmen Herrero is Principal Lecturer in Spanish in the Department of Languages, Information and Communications at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. She is director of the research group Film, Languages and Media Education [FLAME] ( flame/). Carmen is the co-founder and co-director of the Film in Language Teaching Association ( She has published widely on Spanish film and the use of film in language teaching.

Dr Isabelle Vanderschelden is Senior Lecturer in French in the Department of Languages, Information and Communications at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. She has published widely on French cinema and use of film in language teaching, including Amelie (IB Tauris, 2007) and Studying French Cinema (Auteur, 2013). She is a co-founder of FILTA and a member of FLAME.

Carmen and Isabelle have been involved in AHRC Open World Research Initiative Cross-Language Dynamics: Reshaping Community with a project on Language Teaching Training and Transmedia Pedagogy ( They have co-edited the book Using Film and Media in the Language Classroom (Multilingual Matters, 2019).


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00:35:34 Helen McFarlane: No pressure, then! 🙂
00:36:33 ALL London:
00:39:12 Steven Fawkes: Please feel free to make any supportive comments in the Chat as well as posting questions
00:39:55 Rosa Gonzales: it sounds very interesting!
00:40:04 User: I would like to be invited
00:40:05 Helen Myers: Pupils LOVE moving images in lessons .. so great to have as many resources as possible!
00:40:38 Helen Myers:
00:40:45 User: And besides, it is real material to work with as input
00:41:08 Rosa Gonzales: Thank you Helen
00:41:23 Steven Fawkes: Getting to meet each other is SO important
00:42:13 Carmen Berganza: you do a cool job
00:42:14 55071292: Hi, am struggling to find the ppt on the link above
00:42:15 Carolina GR: Thank you so much I have just sent my request to join as I am studying my PGCE
00:42:52 User: Where did you send it to Carolina?
00:42:53 Laila El-Kheshen: Just sent a request too! Looking forward to joining the community!
00:43:11 Helen Myers: Yes – link to ppt not working for me either – will put somehere else temporarily!
00:43:20 Carolina GR: log in into Filta
00:43:35 Laila El-Kheshen: I went to and clicked on “sign up”
00:43:39 Steven Fawkes: I find Pp there OK
00:44:24 55071292: defo not working for me
00:44:44 Miki Carter: The link takes you to a Google Drive, don’t know if that’s why it doesn’t work for some.
00:45:05 55071292: Thank you
00:45:48 Helen Myers: Thansk Mikka – your link works for me now
00:45:53 Simon Coffey:
00:46:11 Rebecca.Roberts: Apologies if this has been mentioned but will your PPT be distributed to us by email? Thank you
00:47:20 User: It brings back such good results that any time spend is a wyse investement!
00:47:22 Steven Fawkes: You will get a link to the recording of the session; the {PPt is available as a pdf here:
00:47:50 Andrea Young: Perfect. Thank you. I have colleagues who are teaching right now and can’t attend.
00:47:58 Rebecca.Roberts: Thank you 🙂
00:48:30 User: Thank you !
00:49:00 Elaine: Thank you – a lot of my students can’t attend today so having the recording will be invaluable – much appreciated.
00:49:10 User: Sensorial sensations
00:50:09 Steven Fawkes: Also the images / characters and narratives give you lots of things to talk about
00:50:47 Darnelle Constant-Shepherd: Absolutely, a picture speaks a thousands words with culture embedded!
00:50:53 Helen Myers: [To change your sign-in name to your own name, hover over your name in participation list or the three dots on your webcam and ‘rename’]
00:53:07 Steven Fawkes: Please Mute if you are not a speaker 🙂
00:54:11 Rebecca.Roberts: I currently work in Primary and teach from ages 4-10 (I was in Secondary for many years before that). I really want to explore film with Primary children. I haven’t found many suitable short films for primary-aged children
00:54:42 Tina L: Spanish Easy qs on this trailer would suit primary?
00:55:29 Rebecca.Roberts: Thank you. I forgot to say I teach Spanish
00:56:05 Carolina GR: @Rebecca have you tried Pichintun really nice stories in Spanish from national tv in chile
00:56:20 Rebecca.Roberts: Thank you! I’ll take look, gracias
00:56:36 55071292: I would worry about using in school due to the beginning, such a shame because it is a fab clip
00:56:47 Steven Fawkes: Hands up when you see
00:57:10 Steven Fawkes: Don’t need to show it all?
00:57:11 55071292: The idea of routines jumps out, it is a more fun way of talking about routines around the globe
00:57:14 VIRGINIA MARIA IMBERNON PEREZ: You can work daily routines
00:57:16 User: Great! It can be used for building up vocabulary
00:57:26 Tina L: List items that are in pairs then tick off ones you see
00:57:30 Steven Fawkes: spot the colours
00:57:42 User: Singulars and plurals are Good here
00:57:44 Emily: Daily routine
00:57:47 Barbara Llabata: what could be the title of the movie?
00:57:50 Helen McFarlane: So many activities related to this clip – it’s magical !
00:57:50 Alex Brew: Things that don’t work.
00:57:50 Elaine: Come up with a title
00:57:52 Victoria Ortega: Conditional tenses! What would have happened if … the glasses were fixed?
00:57:55 Alex Brew: Describing people
00:57:56 55071292: Older ones could look at attraction and what makes people attractive, so looking at personality etc
00:57:56 Amal M’Rini: Vocabulary around daily routine
00:57:58 Sandra Encabo Fernandez: Daily routines/ actions…
00:58:02 Olenka Villavicencio: Colours, daily routines, description
00:58:05 Carolina GR: vocab in the kitchen
00:58:06 helen: surmise what happens next – looks like the start of a love story!
00:58:07 Helen Myers: Delightful .. just to say what your emotion is when you hav eseen it ..
00:58:13 User: Safety
00:58:17 Helen McFarlane: predict what happens after they cycle off into the distance!
00:58:21 User: No need to speak French
00:58:26 Carolina GR: object missing
00:58:26 User: I do Spanish
00:58:32 Steven Fawkes: what else comes in pairs?
00:58:36 User: And would use it, def!
00:58:41 55071292: love the pairs idea, could be opposites
00:58:42 Darnelle Constant-Shepherd: describing facial expressions with
00:58:47 55071292: great pshe links
00:59:00 55071292: I love this idea
00:59:00 User: True! Great for PSHE!
00:59:20 Olenka Villavicencio: Visual Dimension ✅
00:59:21 violetadelgadocrespo: Retelling
00:59:28 Helen Myers: I understand the comment about the dressing – it makes you think – would we have objected if it had been a man’s torso / a woman in a bikini?
00:59:45 55071292: mirror images, it could be linked to art
00:59:46 User: I do think that to analyse the semiotics should be for AS/A level, isn´t it?
00:59:56 Steven Fawkes: What order did the half pairs come in?
01:00:27 55071292: @helen Myers, I think it is just a cultural sensitivity in certain schools
01:00:34 Helen Myers: Really good point Carmen – using film to stimulate – not as listening comprehension
01:00:37 Anne: I love this Petit Bateau one, no dialogue but French language song that can be muted if you wish:
01:00:38 User: I think all students would love this short film
01:00:47 Darnelle Constant-Shepherd: I would use with my PGCE students to talk about use of film in the language classroom..
01:00:54 Olenka Villavicencio: Yeah
01:01:08 Helen Myers: I see, 55071292!
01:01:41 55071292: @Darnelle, I have a whole day worth of tasks based around the FILTA work if you want it, I am at Man Met
01:01:44 User: I use a lot of films from Spain and all Latinamerica, and sometimes French ones too …
01:02:07 Helen Myers: Yes Isabelle- more stimulating perhaps than the standard ‘describe a picture’
01:02:30 55071292: our pgce students loved working on film via the FILTA site, it is superb, that alongside Rachel Hawkes’s work
01:03:03 Darnelle Constant-Shepherd: @55071292 oh yes PLEASE. Thank you, that y=would be great!
01:03:57 Joanne Mimnagh: for anybody who works with pgce students who wants this. We did this as a lockdown task with our students last year
01:04:31 Darnelle Constant-Shepherd: @55071292 my email is
01:05:19 Helen Myers: @55071292 is Joanne Mimnagh now!
01:05:35 User: Sad we are not doing it this year …
01:06:42 Joanne Mimnagh: Does anybody use any good shorter films/clips in lanugages other than Fr/Sp, i.e. German and Mandarin etc?
01:06:53 Darnelle Constant-Shepherd: Joanne, Brilliant Thank you.
01:08:55 Steven Fawkes: Year 12 – 13 are 16-18 years old
01:09:33 Steven Fawkes: Year10 are 14-15
01:09:38 User: Working with AS/A level students films and semiotics and context is key for them to open their minds to new worlds
01:11:57 Charlotte: @Joanne
01:12:41 Joanne Mimnagh: @charlotte, thank you so much
01:12:47 Joanne Mimnagh: @darnelle, sent
01:13:10 Elizabeth Burton: Is it done these days too?
01:13:28 Lin Kirton: Thank you very much, Charlotte!
01:14:23 Charlotte: No problem. I found it here: More ideas will be added for other languages soon I think
01:14:39 Joanne Mimnagh: @charlotte , this is superb, thanks
01:15:12 Steven Fawkes: That list came from the ALL London January event – last Saturday
01:15:27 Joanne Mimnagh: thanks Steven
01:15:50 Lin Kirton: Thank you for sharing.
01:15:55 Helen Myers: We will be adding Jedith Rifesers slices to that page – a treasure trove of links to film – and this webinar complements it so will!
01:15:57 Helen Myers: well
01:16:02 Helen McFarlane: Looking forward to catch up with this ALL event – sorry I missed it!
01:16:56 Elizabeth Burton: Students love to work in projects and especially if they involve film making!
01:17:38 Darnelle Constant-Shepherd: @Charlotte thank you. I have a student working with Mandarin in primary, this is great stuff.
01:17:47 Joanne Mimnagh: @Elizabeth Burton, I see a future project lol, Gemma and Megan were pgce students
01:18:13 Elizabeth Burton: @Joanne Mimnagh Happy now!!!!
01:18:29 Joanne Mimnagh: Our students have been using Iris connect to do podcasts and they have used this in an amazing way
01:19:22 Andrea Young: Thank you!
01:19:27 Carolina GR: thank you ladies this was amazing!!!!
01:19:31 Alice Nuttall: Thank you very much!! 😀
01:19:32 Elizabeth Burton: Thank you!!!!!!!!!! I loved this!!! I love using films in classroom!
01:19:33 Joanne Mimnagh: This work is superb, thank you so much Carmen and Isabelle. I have always referred Man Met pgs to you. Fantastic ideas
01:19:38 VIRGINIA MARIA IMBERNON PEREZ: Thank you! It was amazing
01:19:41 Rebecca.Roberts: Thank you so much – it has been brilliant to get so many ideas
01:19:42 Susana Benavente Ferrera: Thank you very much. Amazing ideas!
01:19:47 Darnelle Constant-Shepherd: Brilliant! Thank you soo much!
01:19:48 Sandra Pichardo: Thank you so much! This was great!
01:19:51 Serena Tramonti: Thank you Carmen and Isabel!
01:19:51 helen: Has reenergised me this afternoon – thank you
01:19:54 Victoria Pascual: Thank you! Really interesting
01:19:55 mec: merci and gracias
01:19:55 Yasmine: Thank you soo much.
01:19:59 violetadelgadocrespo: Great ideas! It was a pleasure. Short but very informative and inspiring. Thanks
01:20:00 Lin Kirton: Thank you very much for all good ideas!
01:20:01 Tina L: Thank you – using some ideas in lesson tomorrow
01:20:05 Amal M’Rini: Thank you! it was great! very helpful
01:20:05 Vivienne Schwarzbach: Thank you
01:20:08 ANS: many, many thanks
01:20:11 Rodrigo Alonso: Thanks a lot for that! Nice ideas
01:20:11 Victoria Pascual: I do lots of video production in class
01:20:12 Claire: will you be sharing the slides with the attendees? Thank you
01:20:12 User: Thank you very much. I will try these ideas with my classes
01:20:17 Tatiana R: Thank you very much. Great présentation!
01:20:22 Verna: Thank you!
01:20:33 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: Thank you, it is great!
01:20:36 Rebecca.Roberts: Thank you Steven for asking this 🙂
01:20:51 Carmen Berganza: Than you Carmen and Isabel so much for your work and for shearing it!
01:20:58 Anne: Q: how do we source short films if they are on youtube/Netflix/amazonprime… I have a personal account but not institution-based. How do others do it?
01:21:00 helen: Teacher who gave a talk to our students has produced great Filmheft for Das Leben der Anderen if anyone interested – ask me:
01:21:08 Charlotte: Thank you 🙂
01:21:16 Mike Kemp: I’m currently a trainee teacher and have just started a (new) placement school so very much in the collecting ideas phase. Thanks for this, I will definitely try using a dialogue-less film to create some discussion. I think this translates very well to online learning
01:21:28 Rebecca.Roberts: I will email you Carmen about films for Primary in that case. Gracias mil 🙂
01:22:01 Helen Myers: Feel free to open your webcams .. it would be nice to have a group photo at the end before we cliose (but no presseure to do so,. don’t run away!!)
01:22:13 Darnelle Constant-Shepherd: Yes, I have some of Primary which I did with a colleague teaching French in the Primary.teaching, but I am a bit stuck of how to work on them and make them available . Any ideas of how to move forward with this?
01:22:20 Helen McFarlane: Thank you so much, Carmen and Isabelle. What fantastic work – I imagine that you can reach many students with additional learning needs (ALN), too, using this approach.
01:22:23 Steven Fawkes: The slides are in a pdf here :
01:22:24 Elizabeth Burton: Cuerdas is a good short animated film for lower primary years
01:22:34 Amanda Powling: Thank you Carmen and Isabelle. So interesting and full of ideas. I think I will be in touch at some point in the future! We will definitely be joining Filta and Flame. Transmedia is now so important. Amanda
01:22:58 Sarah Manane: Thank you very much Carmen and Isabelle! You gave a lot of ideas and quoted great films and directors. I cannot wait to try it during my next placement.
01:23:53 Serena Tramonti: Great Q!
01:24:47 Anne: thanks!
01:25:01 Helen Myers: FILTA is featured here:
01:25:28 Carlos A. Sanz Mingo: Excellent event with plenty of good pointers and ideas. Merci, Isabelle and muchas gracias, Carmen.
01:26:58 Angelica Malavolti: Grazie mille per le utilissime informazioni. Arrivederci!
01:27:22 Helen McFarlane: Vielen Dank für alles!
01:27:41 Helen McFarlane: Thank you Helen and Steven, too!
01:27:56 Patrizia: Thank you
01:28:39 Olenka Villavicencio: Thanks a lot Carmen and Isabelle! ✅☺️👏🏻Brillant ideas to put inti practise.
01:28:43 Elizabeth Burton: Thank you very much for informing about all this! I am really happy that this is happening!
01:28:49 Iris Canet: Thank you very much Carmen and Isabelle. Very inspiring work.
01:28:58 Anne: Fab session!! V. useful! I’ll be e-mailing you Joanne!
01:29:00 Emily: Thank you
01:29:27 Alex Brew: thank you
01:29:28 Sandra Pichardo: Thank you so much carmen and Isabelle! this was very helpful!!! Muchas gracias!
01:29:29 Laila El-Kheshen: Thank you!! Great session! I know colleagues in my course (shout out to Goldsmiths!) will really benefit from your resources!
01:29:42 Sarah Manane: Super idée Isabelle!!
01:29:57 sandra: It was very interesting, thank you very much. It made me realised how powerful foreign movies even without dialogues can be.
01:30:06 Anne: bit sad not to see any of my PGs, I’ve advertised this quite a lot!!
01:30:08 Dash Mendoza: Thank you very much.
01:30:10 Helen Myers:
01:30:11 Lucy VH: Thanks so much Carmen and Isabelle, really interesting and looking fwd to putting into practice!
01:30:13 Victoria Pascual: Thank so much. I’d love to join Flame!
01:30:26 Elizabeth Burton: Thank you all and especially Isbelle and Carmen!
01:30:47 Elizabeth Burton: <Films and TV series!
01:31:00 Laila El-Kheshen: Thank you again Helen and Steven for organising! Carmen and Isabelle it was a pleasure to “meet you” and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future!
01:31:46 Steven Fawkes: I have to leave for another Zoom now – Bye ! See you again ?
01:31:57 Helen Myers: agreed, Elizabeth!
01:32:02 Olenka Villavicencio: See you ☺️👏🏻
01:32:03 Helen Myers: .. as Carmen has just said!!!
01:32:09 Laila El-Kheshen: They all watched money heist though…
01:32:11 Laila El-Kheshen: hahaha
01:32:59 Victoria Ortega: Thank you so much 🙂
01:33:02 Anne: does it go with the gin? gym and gin Helen?
01:33:05 Sarah Manane: A nice Spanish series is La Valla! totally recommend it.
01:33:24 Rebecca.Roberts: Yes please about Primary 🙂 I will be in touch, thank you!
01:33:38 Helen McFarlane: @Ann – a spot of alliteration !
01:33:57 Helen McFarlane: @Anne – oops, sorry I forgot the “e”!
01:37:02 Helen Myers:
01:37:30 Victoria Pascual: Great talk! I have to go. Thanks again
01:38:33 Elizabeth Burton: I do recommend EL PUEBLO … it is wonderful!
01:38:46 Helen Myers: Is it like Clickview?
01:39:05 Helen Myers:
01:39:43 Serena Tramonti: Thank you very much again!
01:40:49 Elizabeth Burton: Is there an email register to get the news about these festivals?
01:42:09 Elizabeth Burton: Oh great!
01:42:34 Elizabeth Burton: Can we invite teachers from other countries???
01:42:40 Helen Myers:
01:42:52 Sarah Manane: Can I join even if I am still a PGCE ST?
01:43:06 violetadelgadocrespo: Do you do collaborative projects on eTwinning?
01:43:31 Elizabeth Burton: Because in Argentina teachers work with films not just for second language but for 1st a lot!
01:44:09 Sarah Manane: Perfect, great!
01:45:34 Anne: another meeting to get to now, thanks ever so much!!!
01:46:13 Helen McFarlane: sorry – got to go and teach now! prep – prep – prep!! Here we go!!

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