ALL Chinese Language Zone Launch and Show & Tell

Wednesday 23rd June 2021



Chinese language teachers working in Primary and Secondary schools will be sharing their favourite activities and strategies they are using in their own classrooms to engage and motivate pupils. You are invited to join our Show & Tell to mark the launch of the Chinese Language Zone of the ALL website.

We’ll be sharing examples of classroom activities around some of these themes:

  • using a story
  • using a song
  • using pictures and photographs
  • using a drama strategy
  • exploring grammar
  • developing confident writers
  • using digital resources/tools
  • using a game


00:13:06 Jennifer Eddy: 大家好 Hello everyone from New York. A pleasure as always to be here with you 🙂
00:13:22 Steven Fawkes: Hi Jennifer!
00:13:38 Audrey Zhuang: Hello everyone
00:13:49 CaraBleiman: proud member!
00:14:03 Liz Fotheringham: I am a member!
00:14:16 Jennifer Eddy: Hello, Steven. So nice to see this group of Chinese teachers!
00:14:16 Steven Fawkes:
00:14:16 James Stagg: So excited to be a member!
00:14:35 Susanna Matera: Another proud member here!
00:14:39 Xue Du: Hi, I graduated from Durham Uni, based in Glasgow.
00:14:52 Susan: may I have a look at the code again please?
00:14:57 CaraBleiman: CLZ10
00:15:02 Steven Fawkes: CLZ10
00:20:24 ALL London: You can access our ALL Language Zones here:
00:21:11 ALL London: The ALL Chinese Language Zone is currently accessible for free to members and non-members:
00:21:39 Helen Myers: I love Steven’s reference to our ‘web fairy’!!!
00:22:06 Helen Myers: It’s Lottie of KCJones!
00:22:06 ALL London: If you would like to contribute to the Zone, we’d love for you to contribute:
00:23:40 CaraBleiman: Lots of links to Swire Oxford Resources! Thanks Chris!
00:24:19 Helen Myers: And we like Jennifer!
00:24:30 ALL London: We do!
00:26:08 Jennifer Eddy: Hello, everyone 🙂 Thank you Steven, Judith and Helen! Always wonderful to be here with ALL! Chinese teachers are welcome to design AATTs on the DesignSpace. Details in that article by Steven and I.
00:29:01 Jennifer Eddy: these are great tasks 🙂
00:29:26 张卓君 Miki: I really love this idea. It’s so refreshing to see this from a native speaker’s point of view. We sometimes tend to “forget” the basic structure and formation of characters and it’s really inspiring!
00:29:26 Steven Fawkes: Thanks Cara
00:29:28 James Stagg: Love it
00:29:48 Yu-chiao Chung: That is very interesting! Thank you!
00:29:56 Susanna Matera: Fantastic ideas ,
00:29:57 betht: Great easy to grasp ideas. 谢谢
00:30:03 Susanna Matera: Thank you Cara!
00:30:06 Chris Webster: very cool and highly creative! 谢谢
00:30:23 Miss Hu: Thank you for sharing Cara!
00:30:27 Jennifer Eddy: Cara, these are great…my Chinese teachers will love these. Thank you.
00:32:50 Steven Fawkes: Great !
00:34:06 Steven Fawkes: Lovely work!
00:36:38 ALL London: You can find Cara’s and Yu-Chiao’s work on our ALL Chinese Language Zone page under guest blogs:
00:38:05 Susanna Matera: Wow!
00:39:35 ALL London: Critical Connections: Multilingual Digital Storytelling Project at Goldsmiths, University of London:
00:39:41 Helen Myers: Great ideas!
00:39:46 张卓君 Miki: Amazing!
00:39:57 Fenlan Lin: Excellent ideas!
00:40:25 Tori Wid: Radical Trumps!!!! I thought about doing this, so glad someone has!!
00:41:53 Jennifer Eddy: I love these!
00:43:01 yenchiao: Great mind think alike Yu-chiao! My MEP class has a Youtube account and we made audio bilingual storybook with ppt and output to video. We uploaded to YouTube so the students in Taiwan can watch our stuff and learn English at the same time.
00:43:02 Miss Hu: Wow, May I ask where can we buy these cards?
00:43:02 ALL London: When can we play these games, please? I am an avid board game player.
00:43:24 Susanna Matera: Me too! I want them all!
00:43:45 Tori Wid: I want them all!!! I can also use in enhancement activities!
00:43:59 ALL London: @YenChiao it would be fantastic if you would like to share your work and link to your Youtube channel. Please get in touch with us:
00:44:52 CaraBleiman: I LOVE THESE!
00:44:55 Lucy Wicks: Waaah!! Rachel – this is what I’ve been dreaming about creating for years!!! Thanks!!!
00:45:54 Lucy Wicks: I have made top trumps with transport using adjectives like (how)fast, (how) convenient etc
00:46:17 张卓君 Miki: Like Monopoly property cards! Amazing! 😍
00:46:55 Liz Fotheringham: Great resource!
00:46:57 张卓君 Miki: Love the pinyin hints! And user-friendliness!
00:46:58 Tori Wid: I can also share some Dobble card packs. Yr9 are really liking them!
00:47:30 ALL London: Please do, Tori Wid. You can reach us via:
00:48:07 CaraBleiman: Speaker order: 1. Cara B. 2. Rachael T. 3. Yu-Chiao C. 4. Chris W. 5. Finlay 6. Emma J. 7. Haiyun W. 8. Miki C. 9. Liz F. 10. Simone H. 11. James S. 12. Bei Y. 13. Soon S. 14. Yangguang C. 15. Esther Mercier
00:48:31 ALL London: You can reach Rachel via:
00:51:24 Lucy Wicks: Literally going to do this lesson 1 tomorrow – thanks, Chris!!
00:51:49 张卓君 Miki: Such great scaffolding!
00:52:34 Ying M B: Best training session with bird song in the background… Thank you Chris!
00:53:28 Chris Webster: haha hope they didn’t drown me out too much thanks guys 😄
00:54:15 CaraBleiman: Chris are your sentence builders available online yet?
00:54:36 James Stagg: Thanks Chris!
00:54:56 Rachel Tiefenbrun: Hi everyone, thanks for the positive comments! If anyone is interested in the cards please email me at:
00:55:53 Chris Webster: 5th July Cara! Will announce it on the forum and email ALL too 🙂
00:56:10 CaraBleiman: Great thanks Chris!
00:58:10 ALL London: Miki Carter is an ALL Council Member and one of our extraordinary student teachers on the Goldsmiths PGCE Secondary Languages Programme, together with her colleagues Susanna Matera and Shixiang Wu who all generously contributed to the ALL Chinese Language Zone.
00:58:30 Marieke van Eijndhoven: amazing!
00:58:58 Susanna Matera: Thank you Miki!!!
00:59:00 Yu-chiao Chung: That’s very helpful! Thank you, Miki. It is a very useful tool.
00:59:08 Susanna Matera: Amazing tool!
00:59:22 CaraBleiman: we all need more talk after so much time at home on screens!
01:00:37 Shixiang Wu: Thank you Miki! very useful tool!
01:00:46 ALL London: Liz Fotheringham is one of the amazing ALL London Committee Members.
01:01:36 Steven Fawkes: Liz’s resources will be on the Zone before too long
01:03:28 Steven Fawkes: All about boosting confidence you can use the language 🙂
01:04:00 ALL London: Did you know that there are local ALL branches, networks and Primary Hubs across London. Find one in your area and get involved further:
01:05:29 Steven Fawkes: This is where I learnt ‘yin wei’
01:06:09 Steven Fawkes: ALL Local groups are also across the country
01:07:55 ALL London: Apologies, I meant to say: There are different branches, networks and Primary hubs across the whole of England:
01:09:25 ALL London: I am trying to do too many things at once: regarding ALL London, please see the webinars and recordings here:
01:09:56 CaraBleiman: oh wow
01:11:19 Steven Fawkes: and other ALL events around the country here :
01:11:52 James Stagg: Abaci and Abacuses both correct 🙂 Love that Simone!
01:12:01 Yu-chiao Chung: That’s great! Reminded me of my childhood!!
01:12:17 Helen Myers: Great to see you Simone after all these years!
01:12:54 James Stagg: Aha! That’s great!
01:13:14 张卓君 Miki: Love it!
01:13:40 Susanna Matera: When a correct sentence can save a young girl life!
01:13:41 Yu-chiao Chung: What will happen if they make mistakes?
01:14:17 James Stagg: Those ppts must have taken hours! Great work1
01:14:22 张卓君 Miki: Wow!
01:14:34 Mgt: So much work in those videos!
01:14:38 张卓君 Miki: I collect all Jinbu stuff haha.
01:15:40 Yu-chiao Chung: Thank you!
01:15:46 Antonio Da Silva: How do you create the video? Thanks
01:16:10 Mgt: Is it a complicated process to produce the videos?
01:18:27 James Stagg: That sounds really engaging for students
01:18:58 Tori Wid: trying to think if I can make this in time for lesson tomorrow!!
01:19:07 Marieke van Eijndhoven: really great!
01:19:42 Helen Myers: Esther’s ‘tick me quick’ has gone down very well in the Secondary mflresources Facebook group! Thanks Esther!
01:20:39 James Stagg: CLZ10
01:20:41 Steven Fawkes: CLZ10
01:20:43 Lin Kirton: Thank you for sharing!
01:20:44 ALL London: Please join us at ALL:
01:20:58 ALL London: You get a 10% discount by using CLZ10
01:21:03 Xue Du: Great organisation ! Great ideas collected tonight! Thank everyone
01:21:07 Steven Fawkes: Visit and enjoy
01:21:13 Tori Wid: 谢谢
01:21:22 Yan Liu: Thank you so much for all the resources and creative thoughts
01:21:23 Jennifer Eddy: Thank you ALL for a wonderful sharing event for Chinese!
01:21:24 Steven Fawkes:
01:21:26 张卓君 Miki: 谢谢大家!Thank you everyone!
01:21:50 Helen Myers: Thanks to YOU Cara, Judith an dSteven!
01:21:51 Simone Haughey: Thanks to all!
01:21:53 Yan Liu: Thank you all
01:21:54 Susanna Matera: 谢谢大家! Thank you everyone! A very inspiring Show and Tell!
01:21:57 ALL London: Please visit our ALL Chinese Language Zone:
01:21:58 Chris Webster: brilliant event, thanks all!!
01:21:59 Rachel Tiefenbrun: That was great, thanks so much for organising theChinese zone and the event tonight
01:21:59 shuchen Warner: thank you
01:21:59 Vienna: Thank you ALL!
01:22:01 Yanshu Song: Thank you so much!
01:22:03 Fenlan Lin: Thank you
01:22:05 Yu-chiao Chung: 謝謝大家! I have learnt a lot!
01:22:11 ALL London: ALL Events across the country:
01:22:11 Miss Yu (Bei): XIEXIE
01:22:11 Marieke van Eijndhoven: thank you very much!
01:22:12 Shixiang Wu: Thank you!
01:22:17 Juliana: Languagenut has launched GCSE Chinese recently, which our school use and very useful, worth trying, everyone!
01:22:21 Esther Mercier: thank you very much! I will explore the site!
01:23:00 ALL London: @juliana, if you would like to write a little review about using Languagenut, please do
01:23:40 Susan: THANK YOU!