A webinar with Sanako


Many thanks to David Binns of Sanako for offering a free 3-month trial to ALL members attending this webinar (and a 1 month trial to non-ALL members).

Dr Rachel Hawkes and Helen Myers were very happy to share their experiences in using this platform which makes recording, saving and retrieving speech so easy – a valuable tool at any  time, but especially at a time when speaking ‘live’ is problematic.

ALL London would be very happy to host future webinars so that users can share successes and help each other.  Watch this space!



David’s  presentation: [to be added]

Helen’s presentation (pdf) :[to be added]

Film première – Demo

Included in full video, but available as a single here!

Helen’s video on how to insert recorded feedback:

Helen’s video on how to check insert recorded video at speed:

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ALL London organises webinars for the MFL community and this webinar, held in a Zoom room and also viewable on an unlisted YouTube stream, is open to all MFL teachers.  We hope that you will like us and want to join!

We thank the presenters, who give freely of their time and expertise.  Where possible, most sessions are recorded and available for viewing later.


Are you investigating reliable and efficient ways to encourage and assess speaking in your classroom, whether online, face to face, synchronously or asynchronously? Do you want to set self-marking listening tasks? Do you want your students to have the experience of simultaneous translation?This webinar is for you!

Sanako is a valued ALL corporate member, regularly generously supporting the annual Language World bash, and helping ALL London  to establish the annual TiLT conference.  We are delighted to welcome David Binns, Director of UK Operations, Sanako, to the Zoom room.  He will walk us through how to use Sanako’s virtual language lab and Dr Rachel Hawkes and Helen Myers will share their personal experiences in using the platform for their  own teaching.  You can see further teacher reecommendations on the webpage.

Please do come along to find out more.   Further information and recommendations are on the webpage dedicated to this session here.


David is generously arranging for those who attend to get a free trial subscription. of one month .  ALL members will be eligible for a 3-month subscription.

In addition, fill in the application form and if you are a member of ALL, and you are present at the session, you could be the lucky attendee who gets a year’s licence for free!


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Using the latest dedicated languages technology to create a fully interactive languages lesson in either synchronous or asynchronous modes increases student speaking confidence and reduces teacher workload. This introduction to Sanako Connect online will focus on;


• Easily setting up remote classes on various devices.
• Inviting students to join GDPR compliant lessons.
• Set up groups for differentiation
• Setting up live group and pair work for role play sessions using live audio streams
• Quickly creating and sharing exercises with students, evaluating their work and providing feedback instantly
• Using the automatic voice insert facility
• Publishing audio, video and text exercises for independent use.
• Students submitting their work back to the teacher for assessment.

We would hope that outcomes will be:

• Awareness that dedicated MFL technology exists and not everything has to be done on generic all subject platforms
• Better understanding of system security and ease of use
• Learning how on line lessons can be uploaded for students to complete at their convenience.


Jill Snook, Faculty Leader for International Languages, Monmouth Comprehensive School – All of our students enjoy the independent responses to teacher questions, using the Voice Insert function. We use this to practice conversation at GCSE over a wide range of themes

Dr Thomas Ennis, Senior French Teacher, St, Benedict’s School – When the lockdown began in March we immediately logged onto Sanako Connect On-Line Learning Platform so that our pupils were able to seamlessly continue with their language lessons. They have continued with whole class activities, since the teacher can address the entire group, but also with their individual recordings. Feedback has been easy to provide and the self-correcting vocabulary tests have been especially appreciated.
Gwendolenn Holtham, Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages, King Edward’s School, Witley – I have been using Sanako with all my classes lately and am finding it very useful. There is a big range of activities, which are easy to set up, and my pupils have had more speaking practice with personalised feedback in the last two weeks than they did in a whole term”


00:32:24 Angela Andervude: Hi from Latvia
00:32:57 Tracy Williams: I’m a member! I love ALL
00:33:06 Rachel Hawkes: Yes I am a member 🙂 Join now!
00:33:13 Dawn: Joined and signed up for next weekend 🙂
00:33:13 Tracy Williams: I’m so excited about Language World at the weekend!
00:33:16 Daniel Storer: Trainee teacher member – definitely join. SO much great learning and support for trainees and established teachers alike.
00:33:23 Bella Bennett: group member. brilliant!
00:33:27 Jo Barber: I am a member – it’s so worth it!
00:33:33 Jill Snook: I am a member ttoo and am signing up my team for group memebership 🙂
00:33:34 Ramesh Patel: Yes, am a member. Well worth it.
00:33:39 Rosa Gonzales S.: I am a member too!
00:41:49 Steven Fawkes: You can join ALL tonight 🙂
00:44:39 Steven Fawkes: https://www.all-languages.org.uk/join/become-a-member/
00:50:34 Steven Fawkes: A lot of shops?
00:53:22 Helen Myers: Steven: at least 10
00:55:19 Helen Myers: How lovely to get this feed back
00:56:23 Helen Myers: webinars 108 and 110 are of Rachel’s webinars: http://www.all-london.org.uk/site/index.php/webinars/
00:57:15 Dawn: Q: Do students get to listen/delete if they don’t like what they’ve recorded?
00:57:23 Prim H: Rachel’s work on phonics is phenomenal. I have been using her approach for many years, with great results.
00:58:19 David Binns: The teacher can decide whether or not to listen/delete and re-record for each lesson
00:58:39 Helen Myers: Dawn: yes! They can re-start – but if you want it to be a ‘test’ situation you can disallow
00:59:23 Steven Fawkes: lovely accent
01:00:35 Prim H: This looks so good – as well as user friendly – have we gotother Sanako users here tonight?
01:00:36 Arnoldas Riekumas: Thank you for presentation
01:09:18 Jill Snook: Yes – we use Sanako Connect and it has been brilliant through lockdown especailly for exam classes 🙂 However now it is something we will continue as promotes independence and as Rachel mentioned students can be more confident individually 🙂
01:10:07 Rachel Hawkes: I was being an idio
01:10:10 Rachel Hawkes: idiot
01:10:15 Rachel Hawkes: Is now sorted
01:10:38 Prim H: I think using this as speaking ‘evidence’ for the exam would be brilliant
01:10:55 Jill Snook: Exactly what we want to do 🙂
01:11:03 David Binns: Thanks Jill, glad Connect is working well for you
01:11:17 Rachel Hawkes: Yes, will be great for evidence
01:12:42 David Binns: Yes, many different countries use Connect in different ways, always with good results
01:13:36 Karine Longman: Love this color coding Helen!
01:16:58 David Binns: This element of Connect is great for oral assessments and practice, many UK universities used it over the summer for interpreting and general speaking
01:20:11 Jill Snook: I love the idea of recordred feedback as so good for precision feedback 🙂 I have used written before but will now use the oral feedback – Thanks Helen – That`s my next experiment – I know students love hearing a teacher`s voice
01:21:05 Hmyers: Love the specific feedback, and being able to record it – more personal and much quicker
01:21:13 Karine Longman: I really like that you can either add verbal or written feedback in the middle of their recording!
01:22:58 David Binns: We find that different students prefer different types of feedback, but they all love the voice insert
01:23:19 Aleksey: Thank you Helen!
01:23:36 Jill Snook: Thanks Helen – excellent ideas 🙂
01:23:40 Hmyers: Thank you Helen, really useful and well-explained
01:24:46 Prim H: This is just fab Rachel!
01:25:01 Helen Myers: thanks for your comments!
01:25:17 Helen Myers: Isn’t the quality of the audio wonderful?
01:25:41 Bella Bennett: excellent quality
01:25:43 Tracy Williams: It’s really clear.
01:25:53 Tracy Williams: There’s so much potential.
01:26:21 Jill Snook: It is clear and as you mentioned Helen this is why it is so good for evidence .
01:26:37 Tracy Williams: Q. Helen – do you set this in lessons or as homework
01:27:04 Helen Myers: Both, Tracy.. now that I have connect!
01:27:13 Karine Longman: Yes, it’s great!
01:27:16 Helen Myers: Before, had to do it only in school
01:27:21 David Binns: And I would say that Connect is continuing to develop and grow as a global product
01:28:28 Jill Snook: Absolutely Rachel- Speaking is so importat 🙂
01:29:30 Lisa Parkes: thanks everyone – great
01:29:33 Steven Fawkes: ‘Just have a go’ – music to my ears
01:29:37 Aleksey: Great thanks Rachel!
01:30:11 Caroline Murie: That’s great, thank you all!
01:30:17 Gemma Martinez Quiles: Thank you all so much
01:30:29 enomikou: Thank you!!!
01:30:35 Steven Fawkes: https://www.delegate-reg.co.uk/lw2021/registration
01:30:38 Karine Longman: Great, thank you very much!
01:30:40 Walid Mbarek: thanks
01:30:50 Aleksey: In my school we don’t have online studying
01:30:54 Hmyers: Thank you all! Will try to convince my school to get it Sanako!
01:30:55 Bella Bennett: thank you
01:31:03 Jill Snook: Excellent – thank you so much 🙂
01:31:15 THill: Thank you. Such an excellent product that we definitely need in school.
01:31:20 Steven Fawkes: This is where you can get your discount on Langage World and join ALL https://www.delegate-reg.co.uk/lw2021/registration
01:31:28 Christine: Thank you to all for you and the wonderful ideas. Saneko is definitely a brilliant tool which we should get
01:31:29 Steven Fawkes: Language
01:31:31 David Binns: david.binns@sanako.com
01:31:32 Hanna Powell: Thank you so much, it has been very inspiring.
01:32:20 Hmyers: Can pupils use connect from a mobile phone?
01:32:23 Rachel Hawkes: Go get the free offer 🙂
01:32:26 Aleksey: Great thanks everyone!
01:32:28 Thu: Thank you so much. It has been a really lovely session 🙂