TiLT Webinar with Guiomar Mancho: Appsmashing languages

May 19 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Many thanks to Guiomar for a fantastic webinar.   We really are very grateful to her and all the other presenters for giving their time and expertise and to Joe Dale for coordinating the speakers.
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In this session we will look at how to combine different apps to achieve the result you want. It is often the case that one single app does not allow you to do everything you have envisioned, but by combining them you can fully develop any idea. Guiomar’s was a Cluedo game students could create and play remotely. She will walk through some of the apps she used to develop it: Canva, Book Creator, Google Slides and Nearpod.

Giuomar writes: I have been working as a teacher for over 15 years mostly as a language teacher (ESL, Spanish and Catalan) but due to my keen interest in technology and education I was in charge of developing the 1:1 device policy at my previous school in Spain. I currently work at Halcyon London International School as a Language B Spanish teacher for MYP and Spanish A in DP. My Twitter handle is @GuiomarMR

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01:03:16 Chiara: I did
01:03:16 alisonbibby: I’m a member
01:03:21 Chiara: 🙂
01:03:25 Liwei Chen: Member here 🙂
01:03:33 Joe Dale: Great to hear
01:03:37 HELEN Stokes: I’m a member
01:03:39 Anna Grainger: I’m a member 🙂
01:03:45 N Shabestari: member
01:03:46 Christina Balsom: Trying to persuade my department to join together, if not I will join, have learned so much!
01:03:46 Helen McFarlane: Yes, I’m a member. It’s a great association! Thank you, Helen and Joe.
01:04:01 cecilia giordano: I am member and greatly recommend joining!
01:04:26 Valérie Smith: member too, I encourage people to join. Great association and great CPD for me, Thank you Helen and Joe
01:04:48 Laurence Gillham: Q – is it for NQT MFL specifically?
01:04:50 cecilia giordano: I have been in so many webinars, all wonderful, Helen and Joe are great.
01:05:00 Joanna Barber: my trainees are all signed up.l.
01:05:05 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: I’ll be there! Will be NQT in September!
01:05:30 Joanna Barber: I also told them they had to join ALL!
01:05:44 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I agree with Cecilia, I am so grateful for all the webinars! Gracias de nuevo!
01:08:30 ALL London: Love these images!!!
01:08:38 Joe Dale: Me too!
01:11:05 ALL London: ‘Students are masters of messing everything up!!!!’
01:11:45 ALL London: Great idea to make it a background
01:13:33 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Great tip, thank you Guiomar!
01:14:13 Ceci Shorrock: This is really good! Great
01:15:02 Joe Dale: Alice Keeler
01:15:04 ALL London: Alice Keeler…
01:15:09 kimg: who please?
01:15:17 Joe Dale: Alice Keeler
01:15:30 Laurence Gillham: Alice Keeler – Cluedo name – is it just me?
01:15:48 Florence Barats: Oh very good!
01:15:53 ALL London: Agreed, Laurence!
01:16:19 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I love the design of Canva
01:16:28 Joe Dale: Alice Keeler is the person who posts a lot about Google Tools and designs extensions. She isn’t a Cluedo character like Miss Scarlet, but they both have blonde hair
01:16:41 Laurence Gillham: 😉
01:16:56 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I am only learning to use it now and really like it, although it takes me longer to use than PP
01:17:42 Joe Dale: Adobe Spark Post is also excellent and my preferred option
01:18:33 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I’ve never heard of that, Joe, thank you!
01:19:25 ALL London: Canva is new to me .. looks brilliant!
01:19:42 Joe Dale: You’re welcome. All the #mfltwitterati podcast graphics were made in Adobe Spark Post
01:21:25 Laurence Gillham: Do you know what was used to make the avatar Guiomar used on her process slide?
01:21:44 Joe Dale: Bitmoji
01:21:46 bella bennett: Bitmoji?
01:21:46 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Bitmoji
01:21:56 Laurence Gillham: Thank you!
01:22:18 ALL London: Such great audience participation here!
01:22:23 Negin Shabestari: How did Guiomar copy the card?
01:22:43 Joe Dale: She clicked the copy icon I presume
01:23:31 Negin Shabestari: Thanks, I didn’t see it? I will check when watching the recording
01:23:37 maite: at the right Edge of the card there is the copy icon
01:23:41 ALL London: There you go, Negin .. she just did it ..
01:23:50 Joe Dale: Thanks everyone
01:23:52 ALL London: three dots at top of card / copy .. is that right, Joe?
01:23:53 Negin Shabestari: 👍
01:23:56 Florence Barats: Do you need an account with Canva, does it save all your cards?
01:24:21 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Yes, you can create an account for free and it saves everything you make.
01:24:24 Joe Dale: I don’t know, but I presume it’s obvious
01:24:33 Joe Dale: You would have to have an account, yes
01:24:48 Paula Rosado : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/canva/mbcfmcoibkecmionmehabndbljdleekf?hl=en-US
01:24:55 maite: yes, you need to sign in but the free version is very complete
01:24:58 Paula Rosado : is an extension
01:25:04 ALL London: https://www.canva.com/
01:25:11 Florence Barats: Thank you
01:25:20 Christina Balsom: does it work for Microsoft, too. We use teams at my school.
01:25:21 Joe Dale: Yes or the website
01:25:46 maite: Sure, in all platforms
01:25:49 Joe Dale: You just need to create an account Christina
01:25:57 Christina Balsom: Thank you.
01:26:34 ALL London: That’s interestiong that they’d like a monkey.. makes me think of my French lessons in the 70s … the family had a monkey
01:26:50 Joe Dale: Book Creator is amazing
01:27:14 Joe Dale: https://app.bookcreator.com/sign-in/teacher
01:27:43 Joe Dale: You can make 40 books for free
01:28:03 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Amazing! Thank you
01:28:16 ALL London: I see why this sesson is called appsmashing!
01:28:20 Christina Balsom: I might use this to get my daughter to write something,
01:28:26 Joe Dale: Love it!
01:29:40 Helen McFarlane: Can you change languages and include accents?
01:29:45 ALL London: I want to play with this …
01:29:47 Ceci Shorrock: That’s brilliant!
01:29:49 Christina Balsom: me, too
01:30:20 bella bennett: looks really good 🙂
01:30:44 Joe Dale: This is 5 years old but still good https://bookcreator.com/2015/09/joe-dale-delivers-book-creator-masterclass/
01:31:04 Negin Shabestari: Changed
01:32:34 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: You’re very clear and give us practical tips, Guiomar. Gràcies!
01:33:05 ALL London: Agreed Uxia .. a real privilege to watch her at work!
01:33:16 ALL London: Like an art class ..
01:33:34 ALL London: yes
01:33:34 Florence Barats: perfect
01:33:37 Negin Shabestari: yes
01:33:38 Maria Olivera: yes
01:33:39 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: That is clever!
01:34:00 Valérie Smith: fascinating
01:34:27 alisonbibby: That’s so cool!
01:34:28 ALL London: Wow!
01:34:29 Joe Dale: This is one of my favourite Book Creator tips
01:34:31 Chiara: WOW!!!!!!!!
01:34:46 bella bennett: Brilliant
01:34:58 Joe Dale: You can make talking worksheets / vocab sheets using this method
01:35:06 Florence Barats: How many students do you have working on one book?
01:35:27 Chiara: I someties use thinglink for vaocab sheets
01:35:30 Joe Dale: They can only work on their own book in the free version
01:36:18 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: What? That’s an amazing accent! I love it!
01:36:21 Paula Mourelle: I love this! Thank you!
01:36:40 David Hispano Vilaseca: Amazing work!!!
01:36:50 Chiara: T H A N K Y O U
01:37:40 Joe Dale: wizer.me
01:38:22 Chiara: I also love appsmashing a lot, but I’m afraid students can get confused
01:38:53 Joe Dale: Using a core set of tools is the key I think
01:39:09 Florence Barats: Q How do you go about it all if your school does use any platform of any kind?
01:39:49 Joe Dale: Can you clarify what you mean Florence?
01:40:17 ALL London: did you mean ‘doesn’t’ Florence?
01:40:19 Florence Barats: Well we do not use teams, or google slide, I am way behing in my IT skills I feel!
01:40:55 Florence Barats: Sorry to show my complete ignorance!
01:41:00 Chiara: …and… some children are not confident with apps… Someone is more keen on hand drawing for example
01:41:09 Valérie Smith: you are not the only one:)
01:41:19 Joe Dale: Do you all have Google or Microsoft accounts?
01:41:24 Florence Barats: Yes sorry I meant does not
01:41:36 ALL London: I think we are all learnign at the moemnt .. and so are school management teams
01:41:58 Florence Barats: I don’t but the school has started office 365 again as some our students cannot access anything…
01:42:16 Joe Dale: You can sign up to many accounts with your school email which ever service you use
01:42:20 kimg: Microsoft for us and still learning
01:42:30 ALL London: normally you have about a year to lead into adopting something.. now it’s more like 3 weeks!
01:42:48 Florence Barats: Don’t I know!
01:42:55 ALL London: Florence – Office 365 has access to lots of things similart o google
01:42:57 Joe Dale: OK, so you will be able to sign in with your MS account to many of these tools
01:43:18 Florence Barats: OK, holiday hmk then!
01:43:53 ALL London: Florence – we have an Office 365 Facebook group .. and there is a google FB group
01:44:23 Negin Shabestari: How one persuade the school to use all the tools available in office 365?
01:44:53 ALL London: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mflofficetips/
01:45:22 Ceci Shorrock: Yes, it’s really good to keep all the activities in one place, otherwise it can be time consuming or at times frustrating for certain kids.
01:45:31 Negin Shabestari: Greta, thanks
01:45:35 Chiara: ALso important to know whatstudents see
01:45:43 Florence Barats: Thank you so much!
01:45:43 ALL London: Google FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/298322694484596/
01:45:47 Negin Shabestari: Great
01:47:17 Guiomar Mancho: https://share.nearpod.com/vsph/SLJQWcKQMu
01:48:03 Chiara: Sorry, maybe I got lost somewhere… Where does she keep all the activities or app links for students to use?
01:48:26 Fatima Khaled: hi everyone
01:49:07 Joe Dale: In Nearpod slides
01:49:31 Chiara: Thanks Joe
01:51:41 Joe Dale: Drawing is a premium feature I think
01:53:37 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: It’s great to let us see what students would see!
01:53:57 Silvia Oliveras: it is indeed!
01:54:42 Chiara: I’d like to be at home with them to see how they work with this distance learning 🙂
01:55:39 Nur Hadijah S.: great
01:56:00 Silvia Oliveras: I have my own child, I have enough with that, but understand what you mean… if you could see them wondering and guessing
01:56:18 Christina Balsom: Love that they have to move on with you. Some of mine seem to take double the time I expect them to use.
01:57:45 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Q: so is nearpodd an app to centralise all of the apps?
01:57:53 Joe Dale: Yes
01:58:04 Chiara: Great
01:58:40 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Thank you, Joe. Just checking that I understood well.
01:59:02 Joe Dale: You’re welcome
01:59:42 Anne: Thank you so much! It’s amazing!
01:59:59 ALL London: Well done PN!!
02:00:17 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Don’t stop , Guiomar! Time has just flown by…
02:00:23 David Hispano Vilaseca: Thanks a lot Guiomar! Amazing presentation!
02:00:25 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Thanks so much, it was amazing!!!!
02:00:34 sta.elisaselvatic: amazing thank you so much
02:00:35 Laurence Gillham: You were amazing Guiomar!
02:00:38 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Perfect pace!
02:00:38 Maria: Thank you very much!
02:00:38 Maria Olivera: Well done! Excellent presentation!
02:00:40 Paula Mourelle: Brilliant, thanks so much!
02:00:41 cecilia giordano: Gracias!
02:00:43 alisonbibby: It was fantastic
02:00:47 Liwei Chen: Fantastic thank you I love the presentation thank you for sharing
02:00:48 Maria Olivera: Thank you very much!
02:00:50 alisonbibby: Gracias
02:00:51 kimg: do you use this as part of your normal teaching or only during lockdown
02:01:19 Florence Barats: Do all students join your lesson from home at a specific time?
02:01:19 Ceci Shorrock: Amazing! Very practical, thank you so much!
02:01:26 Negin Shabestari: It was great thanks Guiomar.
02:01:34 Sophie: Thank you very much all ☺️
02:01:45 Chiara: …but I think we’ll gonna use them later back to “real” classrooms
02:01:56 bella bennett: So many great ideas. Thank you
02:01:59 Helen McFarlane: Wow! Nearpod is a real discovery! Thank you for demonstrating how this can work. Thank you so much, Guiomar. Can you use accents (French etc.) in Bookcreator?
02:02:06 Deborah Solloway: Thank you for sharing great ideas 🙂
02:02:07 Chiara: T H A N K Y O U!
02:02:10 costcla: Thank you so much, that was really brilliant
02:02:14 Yolanda Arteaga Jimenez: Thank you very much
02:02:36 Valérie Smith: WOW!mindblowing! Thanks Guiomar for this fascinating presentation
02:02:39 Maria Olivera: Bravo
02:02:47 kimg: Thankyou so much Guiomar , fabulous , lots of ideas and very exciting 🙂
02:02:53 alisonbibby: Thanks again
02:03:09 Silvia Oliveras: thanks so much, it was amazing, indeed!
02:03:11 Nur Hadijah S.: Thank you.
02:03:20 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Me too, Helen!
02:03:26 Nur Hadijah S.: how we can get today recorder?
02:03:42 HELEN Stokes: Thank you
02:03:44 Florence Barats: Thank you so much.
02:03:44 Deborah Monroy: Thanks sooo much
02:03:45 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Thanks to the organisers, as always!
02:03:46 Negin Shabestari: And thanks to ALL, Helen and Joe.
02:03:46 kimg: Thankyou too to Helen and Joe for all you to and facilitating these sessions
02:03:47 Helen McFarlane: Thank you Joe and Helen – what a team!
02:03:51 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: muchisimas gracias
02:04:04 Maria Olivera: Thank you to everyone!
02:04:22 Noria: thank you very much Guiomar, Helen and Joe. Very informative
02:04:57 kimg: How lucky !! they all have their own devices
02:05:03 Silvia Oliveras: it was amazing, indeed, thanks
02:06:16 Chiara Bendiscioli: THAT’S MAGIC
02:06:18 Negin Shabestari: wow
02:06:26 Nur Hadijah S.: wow
02:06:27 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: amazing!
02:06:29 Nur Hadijah S.: thank you
02:07:04 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Q Would it be different for students with dyslexia and vision impairment?
02:07:36 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: book creator
02:07:57 Maria Olivera: Aril
02:08:38 Maria Olivera: Arial
02:08:45 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: thank you
02:08:50 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: By the way, there is a free course on Future Learn right now about Dyslexia and Language Learning
02:09:03 Florence Barats: Just another mind blowing webinar!
02:09:04 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: In case anyone is interested
02:09:21 Negin Shabestari: It was BRILLIANT.
02:09:24 Chiara Bendiscioli: @Uxia where does it take place?
02:09:29 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: I have enrolled on that course. Thanks
02:09:39 Chiara Bendiscioli: Is it a webinar?
02:09:42 Joanna Barber: thank you
02:10:00 Laurence Gillham: Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so very much!
02:10:06 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: In the Future Learn website, free
02:10:13 Pilar Navarro: Brilliant ideas and very clearly presented. Muchas gracias