A Webinar with Claire Wilson: Interactivity, Creativity & Community

Thanks so much to Claire Wilson fo rinspiring us all with a variety of ideas to engage our learners in their independent learning and with an invitation to join her group on Instagram.


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Chat: TiLT webinar Claire Wilson Chat

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Claire writes:

In this webinar I will share some of my favourite interactive websites such as live worksheets and classtools.net and and also talk about how I have used bitmoji and canva to create more attractive resources. As a big fan of the already popular FB and #MFLtwitterati groups, I will share how I save, store and organise all the resources and ideas I come across on these platforms as well as talk a bit about the growing #MFLinsta teaching community.

I’m Head of German and a teacher of Spanish at an 11-18 comprehensive school in Derbyshire. I’ve been working for BBC Bitesize as a writer and educational consultant for the last 18 months on their new KS3 MFL offering.

Having only recently returned from maternity leave just before lockdown, I have enjoyed spending time over the last few months re-engaging with the MFL Twitterati world. I have also helped to build the MFLinsta community on Instagram which is continuing to grow as another space to share good practice. In this webinar, I aim to talk about some of my favourite websites and ed-tech ideas which have not only been useful for remote learning but which should work well when we return to the classroom. I also share how I store and organise my resources and saved ideas.


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TiLT webinar Claire Wilson Chat

00:33:10 Fatima Khaled: Hi Fatima, from London.
00:33:23 Joanna Barber: Hi from Yorkshire! 🙂
00:34:12 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:35:40 N Shabestari: I am a member.
00:35:42 Mike Elliott, French, Team Leader for Languages, DCGS: I am a member of ALL
00:35:47 Anna Grainger: I am a member of ALL!!
00:35:47 Ceri Griffiths: I am a member.
00:35:53 Joanna Barber: I am a member and everyone should join as it is the best!
00:35:56 Doaa Hasan: I am a member
00:35:58 Mart Wilmin: I am a member!
00:36:26 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Me too, I have finally joined and I am very happy I did!
00:36:55 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Wooow, so many more! Amazing
00:37:06 Fatima Khaled: I am a member and proud of it.
00:37:08 Katie Williams: How do I find out if I am a member, I’m not sure whether I am or not!
00:37:30 Joanna Barber: Hi Carmen!
00:40:05 Helen Myers: Great to hear Uxia!!!
00:40:11 carmenscoggins: Hi everyone! I’m excited to be participating for the first time!
00:40:22 Sharon Barnes: I am very grateful for the work Claire has done for the German BBC Bitesize. It’s been very useful for remote teaching.
00:40:24 Hazel Aslan-Tipping: I’m already excited about the bitmojis…
00:40:39 Helen Myers: @Katie – I’ll get an email for you!
00:41:25 Helen Myers: Great picture!
00:41:32 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Hola @carmenscoggins, you will not regret it! These are quite addictive…
00:42:56 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I have watched some of the MFL videos on BBC Bitesize and they are great! Our students have used them during lockdown
00:43:40 Helen Myers: New to me
00:43:46 Anna Grainger: never heard of live worksheets before now
00:43:53 Ester Borin Bonillo: It’s new to me!
00:43:54 Kim Griffiths: never heard of it before
00:43:58 Sharon Barnes: I’ve used it before, it’s very good.
00:43:59 N Shabestari: new to me too
00:44:04 Mart Wilmin: new to me too
00:44:08 Jesús Santos: New to me too
00:44:10 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I have never used it either
00:44:14 Valérie Smith: new to me too
00:44:18 Katie Williams: It’s new to me
00:44:42 Joanna Barber: Fliegerlied!!! ja!
00:46:51 Helen McFarlane: Q-How do Liveworksheets.com compare with TES resources?
00:47:37 Joe Dale: No problem. I’ll let her know. Thanks
00:47:39 Helen McFarlane: Oh, I think that Claire has just answered my question!
00:48:06 Joe Dale: Cool
00:48:17 Sharon Barnes: Helen, Liveworksheets.com are sheets you can type into. I’m pretty sure the work sheets are from ISL Collective.
00:49:01 Helen McFarlane: @sharonbarnes – thanks, yes – this looks pretty novel!
00:50:58 Sharon Barnes: You can also find work sheets on there in dual languages e.g learning German through French. These might be useful for EAL students.
00:53:50 Jesús Santos: Thanks Claire! Sounds amazing!
00:54:24 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Awwwe, unfortunately I need to leave (something totally unplanned), but I have made some notes and will definitely watch the recording. Thanks so much to Claire, Helen and Joe! Hasta pronto!
00:54:46 Joe Dale: Thanks for coming Uxia
00:55:08 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: 🙂
00:55:10 juneg: Can’t wait to use this website! looks fab!
00:55:35 Doaa Hasan: Very useful website
00:55:45 N Shabestari: This is great.
00:56:42 Alison : Can we share resources from this site? If so, how?
00:57:18 Joe Dale: I think there is the answer Alison
00:59:02 Florence Barats: I guess students can also screen shot and email you the picture with the mark.
01:01:30 carmenscoggins: Classtools is great! But I always forget to go back to it!
01:01:42 Angharad Wall: Yes my pupils love the connect 4
01:01:50 Anna Grainger: Yes used classtools lots but I tend to forget about it often when planning
01:02:07 Doaa Hasan: Can an individual teacher share it with his students or he must be connected to an organization
01:03:02 Joe Dale: I think an individual teacher can, yes Doaa
01:03:15 Helen Myers: Yes Anna – I forget about so many.. and this is a great set of activities
01:04:22 Joe Dale: Nice
01:04:28 Helen Myers: Love this!
01:04:31 Hazel Aslan-Tipping: That’s a great way to engage students!
01:04:37 Katie Williams: This is fantastic!
01:04:41 Anna Grainger: Maybe a summer holiday project Helen – create a list of websites that should always be on a piece of paper on the table to refer to when planning.
01:04:47 Joanna Barber: Fling the teacher is fun!
01:04:58 Helen Myers: Yes, Miss!
01:05:12 Sharon Barnes: Yes, fling the teacher is a good one too.
01:05:26 Anna Grainger: my summer holiday project I meant, not yours lol
01:05:57 Joe Dale: Are you giving Helen HW, Anna? 😉
01:06:23 Anna Grainger: no Joe, I meant homework for me 🙂
01:06:49 Helen Myers: Even better, Anna!
01:06:50 Joe Dale: Gotcha! 😉
01:06:58 Anna Grainger: I need to get more organised
01:08:41 Doaa Hasan: Love this so much
01:09:40 Hazel Aslan-Tipping: I think my students are going to love this! Haha
01:09:59 Joe Dale: Very cool
01:10:30 Helen Myers: I must include some of these!
01:10:31 Florence Barats: it does! Thank you
01:14:54 Fatima Khaled: amazing. thank you.
01:16:13 Joe Dale: Has anyone used this?
01:16:19 carmenscoggins: Do you need an account for the bitesize site?
01:16:28 Sharon Barnes: My students have said, they’ve really enjoyed using this for their remote learning. They find it easy to use and clear to understand.
01:17:00 carmenscoggins: Great!
01:17:01 Katie Williams: I’ve been linking these pages as helpful resources for students in feedback when they have struggled with a particular grammar topic
01:17:37 Sharon Barnes: I also like that there are quizzes at the end of a unit.
01:18:10 carmenscoggins: I like this site for extension and/or remediation! Thanks!
01:19:05 Joe Dale: Anna?
01:19:25 Katie Williams: I went looking and was struggling to find any German stuff listed
01:21:04 Anna Grainger: I looked a couple of times Joe and found things like ‘learn to count to 10’ for Year 5 etc. That’s too basic for most of my children so I didn’t go back. Maybe I should. I hadn’t thought about looking at some of the Year 7 stuff to see if there was anything useful there. I will do that now though 🙂
01:21:16 Florence Barats: Thank you for that!
01:21:32 Anna Grainger: I do like some of the old videos though that were on the old Bitesize
01:23:48 Sharon Barnes: You can add Bitmoji as a Chrome add on too.
01:24:22 Anna Grainger: I changed my whole phone into Spanish. My daughter is always amused at how I have to pronounce her name if I want Siri to phone her!
01:24:22 Hazel Aslan-Tipping: Q: I have the Google chrome extension but it’s in English! Can I change it from the computer?
01:24:27 Joe Dale: Yes you can, Sharon. You can change the language too
01:24:34 Helen Myers: When using my PC it changes everything.. great for my French. As long as you know the word for ‘settings’ you;re ok!!
01:25:15 Joe Dale: I changed the language to Arabic then had to turn it back to English. That was fun!
01:25:46 Joanna Barber: The Geman one is amazing!
01:26:52 Helen Myers: It looks so appealing!
01:27:18 Anna Grainger: I lurrrrrve Canva 🙂
01:27:56 Anna Grainger: yes still a free upgrade. You just have to email them a photo of your teacher ID.
01:30:11 Adriane Geronimo: Beautiful! I want to use this to revamp my syllabi this year.
01:30:15 Helen Myers: Q Is Canva this somethng you could copy into a one note page? Or perhaps make it the background?
01:30:38 Joe Dale: I would think so as an image
01:31:11 Joe Dale: Thank you Claire!
01:31:23 Florence Barats: Q With Canva can you save on your hard drive or is it on the website?
01:31:46 Anna Grainger: you can download to your harddrive and it stores in your canva account to
01:31:50 Isabelle Rodriguez: #MFLinsta has been great over lockdown. really enjoying it. Thanks, Claire
01:32:35 Helen Myers: I must resurrect my instagram account! This evening, ALL London rediscovered its account!
01:34:03 Isabelle Rodriguez: we are not allowed usb and hard drive. with our microsoft school account, we have OneDrive. i love it
01:34:46 Katie Williams: I love Onedrive. It has saved me on many occasions
01:34:53 Helen Myers: This coudl eb the subject of a webinar in itself .. people sharing how they store stuff / sav elinks etc
01:35:03 Joe Dale: Good idea
01:35:35 Isabelle Rodriguez: it would be like MTV Cribs for teachers
01:35:39 Helen Myers: Good to have the methods.. but also the tags people use
01:36:07 Angharad Wall: fantastic clare so many simple and useful ideas!
01:36:30 Anna Grainger: We bought a synology personal cloud with a mirror drive that has been a brilliant buy. You can access it from anywhere via an app or via a website. Only problem is if there is a power cut, it doesn’t turn itself back on!
01:36:41 Bella Bennett: really good. thank you so much
01:36:47 Doaa Hasan: You are so friendly Clare and amazing presenter
01:36:55 carmenscoggins: This has been very helpful! Thanks a bunch!’
01:37:34 Helen Myers: a very good description, Doaa!
01:38:21 Florence Barats: Q Can you have interactive elements on Canva?
01:38:45 Sally Garcia: lots of great ideas. Thank you so much!
01:38:47 Katie Williams: Q: Can you download the presentations on Canva as a Powerpoint presentation?
01:38:55 Sharon Barnes: Thank you very much Claire. Lots of great ideas. My to-do list just got a whole lot longer. I’m definitely going to have to play around with Canva 🙂
01:39:40 Katie Williams: Is the education upgrade permanently free or is that a COVID offer?
01:41:31 Ester Borin Bonillo: @joedale can you write on the chat the app for download gifs?
01:42:28 Anna Grainger: I think it’s permanent
01:42:38 Joe Dale: Adobe Spark Post
01:42:57 Ester Borin Bonillo: Thank you very much @joedale
01:43:26 Helen McFarlane: Thank you so much, Claire! This is really energising!
01:43:29 Kim Davies: Thank you so much – brilliant ideas!
01:43:30 Joanna Barber: Danke! 🙂
01:43:33 Ester Borin Bonillo: It was a fantastic session, thank you very much!!!
01:43:35 Hazel Aslan-Tipping: I love Canva! It is super easy to use. I have created my first worksheet here : https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/r-viser-en-chanson-avoir-et-tre-to-have-and-to-be-french-12336173
01:43:38 Isabelle Rodriguez: Muchas gracias, Claire!
01:43:44 Caroline Okerika: Really great ideas and resources – thanks!
01:43:44 Hazel Aslan-Tipping: Thank you, Claire!
01:43:47 Carolyn: Thank you – it was great!
01:43:47 Anna Grainger: It’s been great! Thank you Claire. Really useful and new ideas 🙂
01:43:49 Saskia Breet: Really great session Claire. Vielen Dank!
01:43:49 Kim Griffiths: Thankyou so much for presenting and for giving lots of great ideas to explore and use 🙂
01:43:51 N Shabestari: This was really great, thanks Claire.
01:43:53 Florence Barats: Another great session! Lots of new ideas!
01:43:54 Katie Williams: This has been amazing! Thank you so much Claire. So many things to play with over the summer and refresh my lessons. Also, fab to have another German teacher presenting 🙂 Danke sehr!
01:44:06 Isabelle Jones: Thank you so much Claire
01:44:16 Florence Barats: Q Bitmoji….can you save it, copy it paste it?
01:44:18 samia saci: Thank you so much Claire, Helen and Joe
01:44:18 Mike Elliott, French, Team Leader for Languages, DCGS: Thanks Claire
01:44:33 Hazel Aslan-Tipping: Florence – Yes you can!
01:45:01 Kim Griffiths: Thankyou to both Helen and Joe . These sessions are great .
01:45:03 Florence Barats: Thank you! Do you need the app or can you do it on a PC?
01:45:03 Doaa Hasan: Great thanks to you Claire, Helen and Joe
01:45:05 Valérie Smith: Thanks so much Claire! that was great. Can’t wait to try these resources!
01:45:07 Helen McFarlane: Thank you Claire, Helen and Joe! Wow!
01:45:10 Joe Dale: Yes Doaa
01:45:27 Hazel Aslan-Tipping: Florence – You need to download the Chrome extension on PC
01:45:49 samia saci: I sorry in my pj
01:46:01 Valérie Smith: Sorry, don’t have a camera!
01:46:29 Doaa Hasan: Helen is very Classy
01:46:58 Hazel Aslan-Tipping: Merci Joe et Helen! Merci Claire!
01:48:31 Deborah Monroy: No,, things are certainly no great. In NOrth Carolina too
01:48:41 Sharon Barnes: Florence, yes you can right click, copy and paste a Bitmoji or you can save it onto your PC/Phone etc and Insert into a document.
01:50:01 Joanna Barber: You can … mine ahs them!
01:50:01 Deborah Monroy: haha Helen
01:50:07 Deborah Monroy: I feel the same
01:51:14 Anna Grainger: JOE! How selfish of you!!!!!!
01:51:20 samia saci: you are so kind for all the free resources. I am so grateful
01:51:22 Deborah Monroy: Well, I’m back at school in August … So yes!
01:51:39 Anna Grainger: I’m always up for webinars!
01:51:55 Deborah Monroy: Trouble is you’re all making me homesick and can’t visit UK this year 🙁
01:52:11 Deborah Monroy: I’ve been working non-stop these vacations. Keeps me sane
01:52:57 carmenscoggins: I’m thinking I need to join this group!
01:53:21 Deborah Monroy: Yes – it’s a great place to be
01:54:12 Jamie Wilson: Brilliant Claire! I really don’t know what you were worried about! Never known anyone so driven in their profession! JHM xxx
01:54:33 Katie Williams: I’m interested! How do we find the info for the Ofqual one?
01:55:17 Bella Bennett: i found it on twitter too
01:55:18 Katie Williams: Thank you 🙂
01:55:26 Deborah Monroy: Where are you in NC, Carmen?
01:55:49 Helen Myers: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/all-ofqual-consultation-webinar-registration-112524766606
01:56:14 carmenscoggins: I’m in Boone, NC which is in the northwestern corner, in the Appalachian Mountains. 🙂
01:56:22 Helen McFarlane: Sorry – got to go!
01:56:25 samia saci: Is there a chance we can get the Language Trend Webinar recording pls
01:56:29 Helen McFarlane: Have a lovely evening all!
01:56:32 Helen Myers: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tilt-show-and-tell-webinar-july-2020-tickets-112282148930
01:56:40 Helen Myers: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeB-xw_7m1H16gwGjzhhKGPDmJn0lO3rJ_iAoKMWDANB6VFxg/viewform
01:56:59 Katie Williams: Thank you so much for all of these sessions, I have my first escape room happening next week thanks to your amazing tips and tricks! Nervous but excited to see how it goes
01:57:09 Tim: Thanks 🙂
01:57:14 Iryna: I enjoyed the event . Really helpful. Thank you so much
01:57:25 Joanna Barber: Thank you very much again – have a great evening and see you al again soon and Claire… Danke! 🙂
01:57:34 Mart Wilmin: thanks again
01:57:38 Jesús Santos: Thanks!! Muchas gracias 🙂
01:57:39 Katie Williams: Thank you so much again Claire, this was very inspiring
01:58:03 Doaa Hasan: Great thanks for the fruitful webinar
01:58:28 Anna Grainger: Thank you everyone 🙂
02:02:47 Florence Barats: Hi, Just wanted to apologize as I lost connection and wanted to say a huge thank you so managed to come back on line!
02:03:30 Helen Myers: Thanks Florence!