A TiLT Webinar with Swavesey ML department

Saturday 30th January 2021

“Teaming up! A collaborative departmental response to remote learning : sharing our practical ideas, tools, tricks and tips.”


ALL London organises webinars for the MFL community and this webinar, held in a Zoom room and also viewable on an unlisted YouTube stream, is open to all MFL teachers.  We hope that you will like us and want to join!

We thank Joe Dale for co-ordinating  the TiLT (Technology in Language Teaching)  series of webinars, bringing together teachers who are interested in  developing their use of technology in their teaching.  As well as  enhancing our skills, we also get to meet other ‘keenies’  from across the globe, and can get to know each other informally by chatting before, during and after the webinar.

We also thank the presenters, who give freely of their time and expertise.  Where possible, most sessions are recorded and available for viewing later.


Link to download from Google Drive (temporary while I try to fix upload to this site!)



  • Teams & Class Notebook – How we’ve used Teams to assign homework and share lessons one OneNote, communicate, meet and promote Languages.
  • Planning engaging resources for live lessons and remote classwork with some of our favourite tools and websites (Flippity, Quizlet, Mentimeter, Spiral, Blooket and Textivate).
  • Technology tips and tricks we learnt along the way – Snipping, scanning, screens and symbols (Photo Scan, easy access symbols and spilt screens).


Originally from Limoges, Sabine Pichout has been a teacher for 12 years at Swavesey Village College where she started as an NQT and has now been Curriculum Leader for the last 7 years. After studying in Bordeaux, Sabine came to Cambridgeshire as an FLA and decided to remain in the UK and complete her PGCE and MEd at Cambridge University. Sabine feels lucky and privileged to work with such passionate and talented linguists, and to offer the students at Swavesey a rich and varied linguistic and cultural learning experience in a department that is proud to offer French, German and Spanish up to GCSE,  two long standing exchanges of over 40 years with France and Germany, a vibrant Japanese club, numerous trips abroad amongst many other opportunities. The strength of the department, whose work we are presenting in this session, stems from a shared passion and vision to make a difference, to instil in students a love of languages and strong friendships within the team.

Rebecca Jones feels honoured to be part of the @mfl_swavesey team. Rebecca has been an MFL teacher for over 20 years. She fell in love with teaching during her year abroad from University where she taught at a lycée near Paris, from where she was selected to return to train the following year’s teachers for the l’Académie de Versailles. She also taught EAL in Hong Kong and Paris before returning to the UK to teach French and German in Cambridgeshire and London, where she worked as an assistant head for 7 years.  She returned once again to her home in Cambridgeshire to bring up her family and teach French in an outstanding department, where she is part of an incredibly passionate, dedicated and supportive team who work tirelessly to engage students through untold amounts of enrichment opportunities, outstanding lessons and a forever evolving wealth of expertise and desire to keep learning ourselves. This year in particular has been an epic journey of discovery!


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00:24:17 Sylvie Geal-Wilkes: Can I thank Swavesey already for everything they share on social media.
00:25:03 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:25:03 Sonja Fedrizzi: Hi from Edinburgh. So excited to see these 2 wonderful presenters.
00:25:06 Rebecca Jones: you’re very welcome! and thank you all too!
00:25:31 Peter Warren: hi all from Southampton
00:25:37 Simona Gravina: hello and thank you both for all you share
00:25:49 Amanda SALT: Hi from Belfast
00:25:49 Kirsty McLaren: Hi from Glasgow!
00:26:00 Joe Dale: Hi Kirsty!
00:26:34 Kerry Phipps: So many advantages of ALL membership- do join!
00:26:49 vanesa Macia Domene: hello from Colchester! As people said before, thanks for everything already shared in social media
00:26:56 Ester Borin Bonillo: Hiya Ester from Penarth! Just received ALL magazine!
00:27:12 Kerry Phipps: Hi from Hampshire!
00:27:50 Silvia Bastow: thank you for the amazing resources you are sharing
00:34:58 SVC.JGolding: 😀
00:35:28 Valle Fernández: Fab way to organise!!!
00:35:39 Sonja Fedrizzi: I agree. Very clear.
00:35:46 Helen Myers: I am taking notes here if you are interested! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hf9Hug2GRmarkdFLH8ctGgqKc5R1-wydj6f84xJ1PXM/edit
00:35:50 Helen Myers: will shar ein webpage
00:35:56 Helen Myers: will share on web page
00:36:06 Silvia Bastow: looks great 🙂
00:36:06 Amanda SALT: *scurries off to change icons to Bitmojis*
00:37:56 Nicky Fisher: How do you add the tab virtual classrooms to Teams?
00:38:31 Rebecca Jones: &amp=&action=embedview
00:38:35 Carrie Schor: you just click the +, then click website
00:38:45 Rebecca Jones: That’s the link to embed the PPt
00:38:48 Silvia Bastow: if you click on the plus there are various options you can add
00:39:03 Valle Fernández: Thank you Silvia
00:39:16 Annalise: Click the + add the top of the Teams main screen, add “website” and copy in your URL
00:39:20 Carrie Schor: You have to add: &amp=&action=embedview
00:39:25 Nicky Fisher: Ok thank you 🙂
00:39:30 Claire Wilson: Collaborative planning has been a real timesaver for us. Also taking charge of certain lang and year group and prepping resources
00:39:38 Annalise: You need to set the ppt to show on presenter view first
00:39:41 Silvia Bastow: insights are really good lets you see the engagement of the class with your lesson or assignment
00:40:36 Silvia Bastow: agree Claire with have done the same
00:40:54 Helen Myers: Such a goo didea to do this
00:41:06 Valle Fernández: WOW!!
00:41:49 Silvia Bastow: it’s brilliant
00:41:53 Amanda SALT: Anyone finding Insights not 100% accurate?
00:42:00 Rebecca Jones: Grades is great too for pars’ evening as you can open up all he feedback comments for each assignment
00:42:08 Annalise: If you are linking the virtual classroom to documents on One Drive, how do you stop the kids from altering the original version of the documents?
00:42:29 Rebecca Jones: remove edit rights
00:42:31 widad: Good point
00:42:33 Annalise: We find Insights lags, @Amanda Salt
00:42:49 Annalise: Thank you @ Rebecca Jones
00:43:35 Rebecca Jones: when you share there is an option to share with anyone with link and ‘unallow’ editing
00:43:35 Amanda SALT: I’ve emailed kids re engagement in Jan while I was ill, @Annalise and some good kids have come back to say they were on Teams where Insights said they weren’t.
00:43:56 Annalise: Yes I have also had that issue, @Amanda
00:44:45 Sonja Fedrizzi: I totally agree. I find ClassNotebook makes it easier to organise students’ work.
00:44:58 Lindsay Allen: Any advantage in using PowerPoint vs Google slides?
00:45:13 Amanda SALT: I absolutely LOVE class notebook, really started to use it much more
00:45:17 Catherine Betts: Is there something similar to Class notebook in Google Classroom?
00:45:37 Amanda SALT: @Lindsey Allen, I’d use PPT for Teams as they’re both Microsoft
00:45:47 Sylvie Geal-Wilkes: What a great idea for students themselves to keep tab of what they have done!
00:45:57 Dannielle Warren: this looks fantastic
00:46:12 Amanda SALT: Looks great
00:46:12 Silvia Bastow: yes 🙂
00:46:14 Helen Myers: Catherine – not really
00:46:29 Amanda SALT: Does it make the class notebook massive re file size and syncing?
00:46:48 Catherine Betts: Ok, thanks
00:47:00 Lindsay Allen: @amada SALT , thank you. I’m using Google Slides with ThingLink for Google Classrooms
00:47:02 Rebecca Jones: @amanda – not really
00:47:04 Silvia Bastow: Really love this
00:47:12 vanesa Macia Domene: how to put the image as a background?
00:47:13 Annalise: Can you set the picture as background in One Note 2016? It doesn’t seem to work for me
00:47:20 Amanda SALT: Thanks @Rebecca Jones
00:47:21 Rebecca Jones: right click
00:47:26 Silvia Bastow: picture as background
00:47:31 vanesa Macia Domene: thanks!
00:47:37 Joe Dale: @Catherine – You can set assignments and rubrics in Teams and Google Classroom, but Class Notebook set up is different to G. Classroom
00:47:38 Annalise: The right click on my version doesn’t allow that option
00:47:41 Ester Borin Bonillo: yes picture as background
00:48:00 Amanda SALT: so vibrant and appealing
00:48:16 Yamina Sadek kirk: this is amazing
00:48:23 Lindsay Allen: fantastic!
00:48:32 Ingrid Skowronski: wouah! amazing!
00:48:36 Amanda SALT: @Joe Dale that’s why I’d choose Teams every time over GC now
00:48:39 Sylvie Geal-Wilkes: This does look great…. but the marking going from one place to another must be difficult to manage.
00:48:53 Sylvie Geal-Wilkes: Although some of those are self-marked.
00:49:12 Sonja Fedrizzi: Q How easy was it to get the students to train them on ClassNotebook? It took me a few months to get my students on board.
00:49:41 Rebecca Jones: If you go to review student work you just click through their pages really quickly – much quicker than manual marking I find.
00:49:44 Silvia Bastow: and the staff, Sonja. Mine are bit scared of all these new things 🙁
00:49:51 Joe Dale: @AmandaSalt I hear you 🙂
00:49:53 Silvia Bastow: But I love it
00:49:55 Annalise: We spent part of a lesson teaching ours how to use it at the start of this term in one of their live lessons
00:50:06 Sylvie Geal-Wilkes: Q: is it a local authority policy? Have your students come from Primary schools that used Teams?
00:50:07 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you
00:50:12 Sarah Godbehere: Unfortunately, my school doesn’t use Teams. It is great to see what you can do with it. Looks fab.
00:50:26 Jenny Pentland: we would love to do this but there are only 2 of us full time so it’s hard enough to keep on top of planning all the lessons!
00:50:53 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you
00:51:08 Amanda SALT: @Jenny Pentland, I’m building up, don’t feel overwhelmed
00:51:27 Sylvie Geal-Wilkes: Q.: what are the advantages of Teams over Google Classroom?
00:51:37 Sonja Fedrizzi: KRAPFEN!! Yummy 🙂
00:51:45 Isabelle Rodriguez: all our assignments are on MS Forms and we use the Quiz function in assignment to set the work up. Absolutely love it as answers get self marked
00:52:00 Amanda SALT: @Sylvie, I’ve started a list lol Teams
Notifications immediately visible for all teams
Ease of switching between teams
GIFs and emojis
emojis to react to comments
Ease of seeing their c2k name
Ease of inviting to Meet Now once call has started

Another top tip re Insights is that if you click at the end of the email address and hit return, it becomes a hyperlink so if you click on it, a new email pops up with the pupil email address in the Sending to box. I’ve just sent emails to poor attenders that way, saves going back into your Team, clicking Manage team and getting the email by hovering over the pupil name which is what I was doing previously.
00:52:09 Annalise: @Jenny Pentland just take it bit by bit and build up your confidence with it. It is quite easy to embed lesson resources.
00:52:16 Silvia Bastow: you can also add rubrics for marking
00:52:26 Helen Myers: @jenny – so many of us are using teamsn / cnb – I feel sure that we coudl collaborate n the basics according to which coursesbook we are using
00:52:26 Sonja Fedrizzi: Love the top tip that’s a great idea
00:52:35 Amanda SALT: love the emojis
00:53:32 Pilar Navarro: Great ideas Sabine. Many thanks
00:53:47 Amanda SALT: Thanks Sabine, so much work, it looks brilliant
00:53:49 Yamina Sadek kirk: thank you 😊
00:53:50 Isabelle Rodriguez: Our main issues are posts moving up and down and becoming “invisible” to students – I like the banners idea
00:53:51 Helen Myers: tHANSK sABINE – SUPERB IDEAS
00:53:53 Jimena Licitra: I didn’t now Teams and Class Note but find it much better than GC
00:53:59 Annalise: Thank you very much, Sabine
00:54:04 Silvia Bastow: thank you Sabine 🙂
00:54:07 Isabelle Rodriguez: Merci Sabine
00:54:11 Jimena Licitra: I didn’t know Teams and Class Note but find it much better than GC
00:54:15 Amanda SALT: @Jimena it’s far superior IMHO
00:54:16 Ester Borin Bonillo: Fantastic Sabine
00:54:31 Fran Taylor: merci Sabine
00:54:48 Jimena Licitra: I love these templates you use!
00:54:48 Dannielle Warren: Thank you Sabine. Really keen to try notebook
00:55:24 Silvia Bastow: good idea
00:55:52 Sonja Fedrizzi: You are the flippity superstars 🙂 I’ve learnt loads from your tutorials 🙂
00:57:36 Jimena Licitra: I didn’t know you could copy and paste on Quizlet like that, thank you!
00:57:51 Isabelle Rodriguez: I only just started using flippity (because of all the good things I had seen on your account) and it’s fantastic. Students really enjoy the activities
00:57:55 Silvia Bastow: we use quizlet for HWK as well
00:58:54 Sonja Fedrizzi: YEs.. That’s a great tip!!
00:59:01 Joe Dale: Great tips!
00:59:34 Annalise: We don’t have school Google accounts, we have Microsoft 365 accounts. Can we create Google accounts for work use?
00:59:35 Isabelle Rodriguez: Quizlet is great as it helps with flippity and blooket – create activities in seconds!
00:59:53 Maria Valverde: I missed a step. She said don’t do… something… or you will never see it again. What was it?
01:00:06 Amanda SALT: Name your file with the topic name
01:00:11 Isabelle Rodriguez: @Annalise our school doesn’t want us to use Google accounts for work due to GDPR issues
01:00:30 Amanda SALT: or it makes it hard to find in Google Drive @Maria
01:00:31 Sabine Pichout: You need to rename the Flippity so you can easily finds it back in your googledrive
01:00:36 Annalise: I think we might have a similar issue. But you need Google for Flippity
01:00:50 Helen Myers: Jane Basnett has vretaed a waklet where we are all charing spreadsheets which can then be used for everyhting – sentence buidler / quizlet / flippity / blooket / textivate / taskmagic
01:01:00 Helen Myers: created – sharing
01:01:03 Amanda SALT: ooh fab, @Helen
01:01:08 Isabelle Rodriguez: @Annalise – I use my personal account (my French rebellious self!)
01:01:28 Annalise: @Isabelle can the kids see your details on your personal account though?
01:01:57 Isabelle Rodriguez: @Annalise No you share flippity link with them only
01:02:01 Isabelle Rodriguez: not the spreadsheet
01:02:17 Sabine Pichout: @Isabelle, no you just a share a flipity link so it never links it back to your gmail
01:02:31 jayne: @Helen Is there a link to the Wakelet?
01:02:31 Brophy: Do the pupils have to have a login and account on flippity?
01:02:33 Annalise: Thanks @Isabelle and @Sabine
01:02:36 Joe Dale: Here is Jane Basnett’s tweet about the shared spreadsheets in Wakelet https://twitter.com/basnettj/status/1350795639823728641?s=20
01:02:50 Isabelle Rodriguez: @Brophy No
01:02:50 Amanda SALT: Thanks, @Joe
01:02:54 Joe Dale: @Brophy No they don’t, just the link
01:02:59 Brophy: Thanks!
01:02:59 Yamina Sadek kirk: thank you 😊
01:03:02 Aaron R: Is Flippity better than Quizlet? Quizlet seems to do the same thing (with the exceptions of some of the games) and is lower prep?
01:03:06 Silvia Bastow: there are spreadsheets for French, German, Spanish on it
01:03:18 Silvia Bastow: on the wakelet
01:03:42 Dannielle Warren: amazing idea (secret message idea)
01:03:54 Joe Dale: @Aaron – They are both good and are both low prep
01:03:58 Isabelle Rodriguez: @Dannielle – agreed! 🙂 I shall do that
01:03:59 Jimena Licitra: I love the secret message idea!!!!
01:04:08 Gisele Cortese: Are all the activities on Flippity linked together? For example, if you started by creating something on scavenger hunt, would it generate links to the other games automatically?
01:04:10 Amanda SALT: me too
01:04:15 Annalise: @Aaron It looks like Flippity has more activities and is a bit more visually engaging. But I love Quizlet
01:04:33 Maria Valverde: Do you need an account for flippity?
01:04:45 Silvia Bastow: no account
01:04:55 Helen Myers: https://wakelet.com/@Modern_Languages_Spreadsheets1158
01:05:05 Maria Valverde: Do the kids join the activities with a link like kahoot?
01:05:05 Jimena Licitra: Please do share your powerpoint with all these ideas, I need to go back to this with more time
01:05:22 Joe Dale: @maria – They teacher needs a Google account, but the students don’t
01:05:25 Valle Fernández: Yes, I will need to see it a few times!!!
01:05:43 Joe Dale: @Maria – Yes
01:05:46 Helen Myers: Please join and share your spreadhseets to Jane’s wakelet. I am aboutu to share a massive verb s/sheet for French -verbs
01:05:59 Helen Myers: @jimena – ppt will eb shared
01:06:28 Jimena Licitra: OMG I am bursting with new ideas to export my Quilts to Flippity
01:06:36 Amanda SALT: Brilliant re tangled translation with the spinners
01:06:53 Yamina Sadek kirk: thank you Helen
01:06:54 Dannielle Warren: Brilliant ideas!
01:07:20 Isabelle Rodriguez: Amazing!!!
01:07:22 Pilar Navarro: What a joy to be in a department like yours who work so collaboratively.
01:07:23 Sonja Fedrizzi: That’s great
01:07:36 Yamina Sadek kirk: this is so inspiring
01:07:41 Amanda SALT: brilliant
01:07:55 Isabelle Rodriguez: Would love to come and visit once this whole pandemic thing is over!
01:08:01 Jimena Licitra: Wow, I feel so alone now after seeing this
01:08:26 Amanda SALT: Awk @Jimena at least we are great at sharing ideas and resources
01:08:30 Leanne: I did trap door in break out room last week – seemed to work well
01:08:39 Annalise: Was that trapdoor generated by Flippity?
01:08:56 Joe Dale: @Annalise – PPT I think
01:09:00 Silvia Bastow: sharing all these ideas is fantastic
01:09:02 A Keenan: Trapdoor in breakout rooms is great
01:09:05 Annalise: Thanks @Joe Dale
01:09:10 Helen Myers: Q: coudl do with a demo on morphing!
01:09:50 Jimena Licitra: @Amanda, yes! But I feel so alone in my own department, always sharing myself and no-one follows. Thanks to you #mfltwitterati!!!
01:09:53 Silvia Bastow: love the templates
01:10:11 Jimena Licitra: I love these templates, awesome job!
01:10:26 Joe Dale: @Helen – Here a demo of Morph by Mike Tholfsen https://twitter.com/mtholfsen/status/1353142424357335040?s=20
01:10:47 Helen Myers: Thanks Joe!
01:10:51 Leanna McDonald: What was the background image side?
01:11:12 Gisele Cortese: Postitimage.com
01:11:18 Gisele Cortese: or something like that
01:11:29 Amanda SALT: Post image I think?
01:11:51 Valle Fernández: WOW!!
01:11:51 Silvia Bastow: that’s fantastic
01:11:54 Yamina Sadek kirk: WoW this is awesome
01:12:02 widad: Amazing!
01:12:04 Dannielle Warren: wow!
01:12:07 Gisele Cortese: WOW!!!!! Where did you get photoscan from again???
01:12:10 Joe Dale: https://postimage.com/
01:12:24 Valle Fernández: Thank you @joeDale
01:12:59 Joe Dale: Photo Scan https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/photo-scan-ocr-and-qr-code-scanner/9nblggh4s87w?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
01:13:02 Jimena Licitra: Wow, this tool is amazing, is it expensive?
01:13:14 Joe Dale: It’s free
01:13:34 Joe Dale: You can do the same thing in Google Keep with Grab Image text option
01:13:36 widad: Thank you @JoeDale
01:13:44 Yamina Sadek kirk: I love Textivate
01:13:45 Gisele Cortese: Thank you!
01:14:05 Sylvie Geal-Wilkes: Yes, textivate is really economical for what it offers.
01:14:18 Helen Myers: Yes – Textivate is great
01:14:48 Jimena Licitra: Oh, only for Windows…
01:14:51 Jimena Licitra: Does not work on a aMac
01:14:53 widad: I have never used it, I will now 😀
01:15:00 Helen Myers: Would eb c=good for users all to collaborate a bit more – we could l suggest t comon tags to use?
01:15:03 Sylvie Geal-Wilkes: It does Jimena
01:15:17 Joe Dale: Textivate is web-based so works on everything
01:15:37 Helen Myers: All designed so that you can iuse indpenedently or whole class
01:15:45 Jimena Licitra: @joedale
You can do the same thing in Google Keep with Grab Image text option REALLY? ARE YOU SERIOUS? I am going to check it out
01:16:07 Jocelyne LeBars: So cool
01:16:12 Joe Dale: Yes, Jimena, I am serious 😉
01:16:38 Fran Taylor: Thanks Rebecca – amazing!
01:16:51 Isabelle Rodriguez: Merci Rebecca 🙂
01:16:58 Silvia Bastow: thank you Becky, really useful 🙂
01:17:02 Sonja Fedrizzi: Amazing Rebecca. Very useful. Thank you.
01:17:11 Yamina Sadek kirk: thank you!
01:17:14 Esther Mercier: brilliant ideas thank you!
01:17:23 Silvia Bastow: need to try postimage
01:17:31 Iris Dutch: Thank you Sabine & Rebecca. Great ideas.
01:17:36 Annalise: Can you print activities from Flippity? We are dual teaching (about 80% of the class on live lessons and the rest in the classroom) so I wouldn’t want those in the classroom to miss out
01:17:49 Jane Duell: Post-it image is a revelation!
01:17:54 Amanda SALT: Amazing, @Rebecca Jones
01:17:55 Jimena Licitra: @joedale I don’t see that option in Google Keep. How do you I find a tutorial or something like that?
01:18:33 Helen Myers: Luxurious yes, but it is because you have led this and persuaded your team, Sabine!
01:19:12 Annalise: Thank you for an amazing presentation @Rebecca Jones. So many great ideas
01:19:16 H.Gray: Wow! Thank you for sharing your amazing provision on Teams : feeling inadequate now, but got lots of good ideas here to follow up, practice and incorporate into my Teams. Merci mille fois!
01:19:28 widad: Merci Rebecca, vos methodes sont parfaits pour les etudiants et pour nous avant tout comme profs.
01:20:02 Jane Duell: Thank you so much for sharing all your ideas. Very inspiring.
01:21:19 Joe Dale: @Jimena See tweet https://twitter.com/joedale/status/1355553889458778122?s=20
01:22:11 Joe Dale: @Jimena – Upload image to Google Keep. Click on the three dots and select Grab Image Text
01:23:38 Aaron R: You can use Google Slides directly in Classroom Screen too, you have to publish it to the web and copy the link.
01:23:39 Joe Dale: Lovely use of classroomscreen.com
01:23:49 Joe Dale: @Aaron – True
01:24:07 Silvia Bastow: it’s like cold calling, really clever
01:24:09 Joe Dale: You can embed wheel of names using the media option too
01:25:16 Sonja Fedrizzi: The chat function in TEAMS is a really powerful tool to engage students.
01:25:27 Caroline.Goss: Wow. This is all amazing. I will have t go back over this recording at snails pace and take notes! Very inspiring -you have remote teaching nailed!
01:25:27 Sylvie Geal-Wilkes: Q: The free version of Menti doesn’t give many options. Is the paid version much better?
01:25:29 Silvia Bastow: I agree, Sonja
01:26:08 Sonja Fedrizzi: @Sylvie I use Menti a lot and find that the free version gives you lots of options
01:26:23 Amanda SALT: @Caroline, I’m taking screenshots and making notes below them on OneNote lol 🙂
01:26:26 Dannielle Warren: I’ve learnt so much from this. love the faulty echo idea
01:26:29 Joe Dale: @Sylvie – You can have up to 3 slides per presentation and unlimited presentations. You can also access most of the exercise types. No need to pay IMHO
01:26:37 Yamina Sadek kirk: same Caroline!
01:27:24 Sylvie Geal-Wilkes: Unlimited presentations….@Joe? I must go back and check as I did not see that option last time.
01:27:25 widad: @AmandaSalt —-> Same!
01:28:01 Jocelyne LeBars: I am not really familiar with spiral. What activities can you do?
01:28:09 Ester Borin Bonillo: Free version of mentimeter, 5 slides per presentation and unlimited presentations
01:28:12 Kelly Davies: spiral is amazing
01:28:26 Silvia Bastow: quick fire lite is zero prep
01:28:43 Jocelyne LeBars: How so? What do they do on spiral?
01:28:47 Gisele Cortese: Spiral has a function that you can use like mini-whiteboards
01:28:49 Annalise: @Jocelyne it’s a set of interactive mini whiteboards
01:29:00 Silvia Bastow: aks question, students answer there and then, just share the link to your class
01:29:01 Rebecca Jones: @jocelyne – it’s like them having a mini whiteboard and you can see who writes what – translations activities etc.
01:29:04 Jocelyne LeBars: I will check it out.
01:29:04 Gisele Cortese: You just ask questions and student type anwer
01:29:05 Annalise: So you ask them a question and they write an answer on it and you can see it
01:29:10 Amanda SALT: Tho I find Spiral Quickfire Lite makes me dizzy if I give verbal feedback and they start to edit, all the boards leap about the place
01:29:12 Jocelyne LeBars: Merci everybody
01:29:13 Gisele Cortese: then you click on correct or improve.
01:29:25 Annalise: @Jocelyne We use Quickfire Lite on Sprial
01:29:30 Isabelle Rodriguez: I thought Blooket would be too childish for YR 11s – they loved it!!
01:29:31 jayne: love Blooket!
01:29:38 Gisele Cortese: Quickfire lets you design quiz, polls, draw, audio questions
01:29:39 Claire Wilson: I use whiteboard.fi. Is spiral better?
01:29:41 Joe Dale: We covered Spiral in the first Show and Tell earlier this month http://www.all-london.org.uk/site/index.php/webinars/a-tilt-show-and-tell-webinar-january-2021-1/
01:29:51 Silvia Bastow: when you mark on as correct its marks the rest for you as well
01:29:51 Carrie Schor: whiteboard.fi does that too with the individual whiteboards
01:29:51 Isabelle Rodriguez: They asked for some links for homework 🙂
01:30:08 Jocelyne LeBars: Thanks Joe
01:30:09 Nicky Fisher: Do you need to share your screen whilst they do blooket or quizlet live during a live lesson?
01:30:19 Claire Wilson: Heard so many good things about spiral but wondering if whiteboard.fi is the same
01:30:36 Carrie Schor: I’m not sure. I never heard of Spiral. I’m in the US 🙂
01:30:37 Gisele Cortese: @Nicky, it depends on the activity on Blooket, on Quizlet live, no need to share
01:30:39 Amanda SALT: Amazing, well done you two and thanks so much for sharing
01:30:42 Sylvie Geal-Wilkes: Thanks so very much Sabine and Rebecca!
01:30:47 Wayne Strydom: brightful.me
01:30:48 Leanne: Amazing stuff guys – if I can manage a tiny fraction of this I’ll be happy
01:30:50 Kirsty McLaren: Thank you so much – so many amazing ideas! 🤩
01:30:52 Jimena Licitra: You are so great, Sabine! You and your teaam!!!
01:30:53 vanesa Macia Domene: amazing thanks very much
01:30:53 marie.allirot: Thank you
01:30:55 Sonja Fedrizzi: @Claire both have its advantages
01:31:00 karen.vernon: So useful – many thanks
01:31:02 Sonja Fedrizzi: Their advantages
01:31:02 Valle Fernández: Thank you so much ladies!!
01:31:03 Esther Mercier: thank you very much!
01:31:04 Annalise: Thank you so much for all these great ideas
01:31:08 Sonja Fedrizzi: thank you
01:31:10 Alicia 2: This has been so inspirational. I am using some already but still have lots to try
01:31:12 Holly Brighton: Wow – thank you so much!
01:31:12 Kelly Davies: Q – how will all the templates be available?
01:31:13 eileen: Thank you so much!. It’s been amazing
01:31:15 widad: Awesome Presentation, Thank you very much!
01:31:15 Silvia Bastow: thank you very much
01:31:17 Pilar Navarro: Thank you so much. What a great presentation. Best way to spend a Saturday afternoon
01:31:21 Alexandra Casement: brilliant, so many great ideas!!! Thank you Sabine and Rebecca 🙂
01:31:22 Jenny Pentland: so helpful, thank you very much!
01:31:22 Yamina Sadek kirk: i need to rewatch this and take notes! it was brilliant
01:31:23 Carrie Schor: Both quizzes has an option and blooket always has questions on student’s devices @nicky
01:31:24 Jocelyne LeBars: Omg! I am so excited to try
01:31:24 Isabelle Rodriguez: Fabulous!! Merci beaucoup 🙂
01:31:26 Kelly Davies: Amazing ! Thanks
01:31:27 Jimena Licitra: @Claire Wilson, no Spiral nd whiteboard.fi are not the same thing
01:31:28 Laurence Seltzer: Wow!!! Thanks!!!
01:31:28 Sonja Fedrizzi: Wowsers!!!
01:31:30 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: Formidable, mesdames, superbe!!
01:31:31 Sarah Godbehere: Great ideas, thank you.
01:31:31 Iris Dutch: Thank so much. Amazing
01:31:32 86359923321: Merci beaucoup! C’est fantastique!
01:31:33 Ingrid Skowronski: Fabulous! thank you so so much!
01:31:35 jayne: Thank you everyone!
01:31:35 K Johnston: Thank you! 😊
01:31:38 Ester Borin Bonillo: Thank you Sabine and Rebecca
01:31:41 Helen Myers: Please all puton your webcams for a pic!!!!
01:31:43 Carrie Schor: what is the link for spiral
01:31:44 Jimena Licitra: @Claire, I highly recommend you take a peep at Spiraal
01:31:48 Barbara R: Thank you so much!
01:31:49 Angharad: merci!
01:31:49 Alice: Amazing, thank you!!!
01:31:50 Dannielle Warren: one of the best webinars I’ve watched!!!
01:31:51 Gisele Cortese: Excellent!! Thank you so much.
01:31:52 Catherine Betts: Thank you so much!
01:31:52 Lindsay Allen: Merciiii!
01:31:56 Jimena Licitra: https://spiral.ac/
01:31:56 Sarah Noble: well done mfl swavesey, sounds amazing. very collaborative
01:31:57 Carrie Schor: thank you so much for the presentation. you guys are amazing!
01:31:58 Leanne: Huge thank you = brilliant
01:32:01 Sarah: Merci beaucoup! Lots of great ideas
01:32:04 Claire Wilson: You have amazing curriculum design! I would love to know more about how you do it all. Amazing
01:32:05 smedleyk: Thank you so much – can we access the recording on youtube after the meeting?
01:32:09 Lillyrose (she/her/hers): Grazie mille!
01:32:10 Silvia Bastow: amazing team and department
01:32:13 Brophy: This has given me so many ideas! Much appreciated! Thank you!
01:32:14 Sofia Lopes: Thank you , so many useful ideas !
01:32:20 Erika Frame: Thank you I really enjoyed that!
01:32:23 Jimena Licitra: You are a great department!!!!
01:32:31 Jimena Licitra: Are you hiring? 😉
01:32:32 Rebecca Jones: we’ll share pur presentation also
01:32:37 Sylvie Geal-Wilkes: Q: How many in your Department?
01:32:44 Kerry Phipps: Thank you very much for sharing. Such effective ideas.
01:32:59 SVC.JGolding: Thank you both!!! Inspirational as always 🙂
01:33:17 Anita welsh: absolutely awesome
01:33:23 vanesa Macia Domene: Q-How the students do the marking in Classnotebook? Do they self-mark? Do you provide the answers?? Do you mark them?
01:33:25 Jimena Licitra: Super inspiring, Sabine!
01:33:32 Esther Mercier: thank you!
01:34:00 Margaret Stewart: Fantastic presentation Well done, both of you are so inspiring !
01:34:16 SVC.JGolding: It won’t let me turn mine on!!! grrr
01:34:17 Lilliam: Thank you so much for such a fab presentation
01:34:22 Helen McFarlane: We have enjoyed watching in You Tube – thank you so much! Fantastique – Rebecca et Sabine! We missed the chat, but looking forward to reading the chat in the script on the ALL website!
01:34:27 SVC.JGolding: merci et danke!
01:34:54 Claire Wilson: danke!
01:34:55 Jimena Licitra: Awesome ideas, thank you thank you thank you
01:34:56 B Bennett: thank you so much
01:34:58 Stephanie Ellis-Williams: Thank you very much, brilliant presentation!
01:35:05 Silvia Bastow: vielen Dank
01:35:17 kerry Brown vallely Sec MFL: Thank-you. Hope to share the recording with my department.
01:35:19 Joe Dale: joedale100 is my YouTube channel
01:35:20 Jocelyne LeBars: So great
01:35:24 Sonja Fedrizzi: Amazing. Thank you so much.
01:35:24 LauraH: Merci beaucoup! Great ideas 🙂 can’t wait to try everything I have learnt today
01:35:35 Helen McFarlane: Thank you Helen and Joe, too! Bonne fin de semaine à toutes et à tous !
01:35:47 Yamina Sadek kirk: merci beaucoup
01:35:48 Fatima: Thank you so much for all these amazing ideas. This is soooo useful and you should be very proud of the department you have. Excellent!
01:37:56 Jimena Licitra: I am really sorry to leave but my kids need me. Again, thank you all for sharing such amazing ideas and resources.
01:39:07 Joe Dale: Thanks for coming JImena
01:42:15 Aife: Q: does the ppt slide have the hyperlink on it?
01:43:17 Rebecca Jones: yes – to the one drive folder where the work is saved
01:43:24 Aife: Thank you
01:43:45 Rebecca Jones: remember al so change all the properties of each PPt etc to disallow editing
01:47:21 Silvia Bastow: and they have dates on so the students know which week to look at
01:47:27 Rebecca Jones: yes
01:49:26 Lucy Vallejo: All of these ideas are sooooo good!! Thank you very much!!!!
01:49:41 Alicia Miranda: Thank you so much for another wonderful session. A big thank you for the commitment to help and support the MFL community. Have a great weekend.
01:51:53 Silvia Bastow: I have got to leave now, but thank you so much for this. Really useful and an amazing team.
01:53:08 smedleyk: Many thanks everyone
01:54:05 Jenny Pentland: many thanks everyone, so grateful for how collaborative the MFL community is.
01:54:38 A Keenan: Many thanks for all the great ideas today!
01:55:02 Gisele Cortese: I have a love-hate relationship with class Notebook. I really love it but I find it really hard to get the kids to use it.
01:55:21 Gisele Cortese: But we’re getting there slowly.
01:55:41 Rebecca Jones: Can you assign the pages via Assignments so they just clickon the link and work?
01:55:47 Helen Myers: I understand Gisèle!
01:56:15 Nicky Fisher: I don’t suppose you can go through how you added Quizlet to the Teams tab?
01:57:19 Helen Myers: The video will be available soon to review anyhting Nicky!
01:57:51 Helen Myers: It mormally processes within 2 hours and Joie uploads it to his channel quickly
01:58:51 Nicky Fisher: Ok thank you
01:59:23 Nicky Fisher: Merci !!
01:59:44 marie.allirot: For morphine JeNoMFL also did a great video on Twitter
01:59:46 Pilar Navarro: Yes please
02:01:10 Ester Borin Bonillo: I love this!!!
02:01:21 marie.allirot: Not morphine! Sorry!!! Morph!
02:01:29 Joe Dale: 😉
02:01:36 marie.allirot: I want to try this
02:02:50 Ester Borin Bonillo: We need one webinar just in PowerPoint
02:02:55 Pilar Navarro: Yes, Helen, that’s a great idea
02:03:00 Nicky Fisher: I agree re PowerPoint!!
02:03:08 Caroline Okerika: Great idea, Helen!
02:04:21 Kelly Davies: Q – will the templates for the different activities be available please?
02:04:33 Rebecca Jones: absolutely!
02:05:03 Ester Borin Bonillo: Great idea @Helen, I still remembering the chat last Wednesday about Power Point
02:05:14 vanesa Macia Domene: Thanks for the answer 🙂
02:05:25 Pilar Navarro: Yes thank you very much
02:05:32 Kelly Davies: Amazing, thank you so much
02:05:37 marie.allirot: Thank you for sharing all this.
02:05:45 Caroline Okerika: Thank you so much!