A TiLT webinar with Sonja Fedrizzi


Thank you so much to Sonja for a superb presentation in which she shared her approach to motivating and engaging her students using methods and apps  which can be applied to both remote and presential   learning.  Just look at the chat to see how much everyone appreciated it!


Exampel of an instructional video:

Class Photo

(Apologies that there is only one .. the second one did not save)


00:25:23 karen.vernon: Hi From sunny Worcestershire
00:26:20 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:26:39 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1w0UxPalYaRKyuDpCGl8bFZbGbfE679QlC5uBbV74Rqg/edit?usp=sharing
00:27:58 Rebecca Jones: yes! Group member and well worth it!
00:27:59 lauradanese: I am of course!
00:28:02 Adeline Moston: I’m in ALL!
00:28:04 Kirsty McLaren: Joined this week!
00:28:04 Maddy Opstad: Been a member for a good few years now – not sure what i would do without it!
00:28:06 Fatima Khaled: wow, Joe. you do great Job to all languages.
00:28:10 Jerome Nogues: I am a member! Do join indeed. 😃
00:28:13 Annalise: I’m a member of ALL
00:28:16 Rebecca Fitzsimons: Yes! I’m a member and it’s totally worth it ! 🙂 love the magazine ! very interesting
00:28:19 Jo B: Yes – a member and coming to the conference…
00:28:20 Joe Dale: Thanks Fatima
00:28:26 Silvia Bastow: we are members too
00:28:30 Rosa Gonzales S.: I am member, it is Worth!
00:28:33 Nina Elliott: Individual member and – budget allowing – soon to sign up the whole department too!
00:28:33 Dorothy Anderson: I am going to join!
00:28:52 Fatima Khaled: I am a member and can’t emphasise enough the lovely team you get to know and be part of.
00:29:05 Liz Fotheringham: I’m a member!
00:29:29 SusieHurley: I am really lucky to have worked with Sonja she is truly amazing I couldn’t agree more
00:29:43 helen.farmer: I joined last month and cannot recommend highly enough.
00:29:43 Dannielle Warren: Agreed. She is so so kind and lovely!
00:29:55 SusieHurley: And so talented and humble
00:30:03 Silvia Bastow: she is absolutly amazing
00:30:21 Simona Gravina: Hello everyone. Thanks Joe and Helen. Agree Sonja is so generous, a real pearls! Good luck to Sonja from your Scottish neighbour
00:30:40 Ms Lavecchia: True! You are a source of inspiration Sonia!
00:30:44 Claire Wilson: Canva party! Can’t wait 🙂
00:31:52 marie.allirot: You will be great Sonja!
00:31:54 SusieHurley: We’re here to support you
00:41:48 Dorothy Anderson: Sonja I LOVE this for Directed Writing.
00:41:53 Simona Gravina: Great instructional video to support Direct Writing, love it! very clear instructions
00:42:28 Rebecca Jones: Wonderful! You take it as such a gentle pace for them; they’re very lucky.
00:45:53 Dorothy Anderson: This is absolutely brilliant and I am doing this next week with my Higher class.
00:46:26 Dannielle Warren: Really love this. Will have to do something similar for my year 10s
00:46:36 SusieHurley: The music makes it so engaging
00:46:53 Rebecca Jones: Fabulous! You really take the time to put yourself into their shoes. Holding their hand like that must be very reassuring for them , especially at this time.
00:47:35 Fatima Khaled: wow! I love this approach of sending a video to help students with instructions . I love it.
00:47:39 Silvia Bastow: loved this, Sonja also wrote a post on her blog how she recorded it. excellent resource👍👍
00:47:39 Rebecca Fitzsimons: Definitely really helpful for visual learners, at a time where the teacher couldn’t be there with them to demonstrate this is such a great alternative !
00:48:10 SusieHurley: Yes its the next best thing to the classroom no 2 ways
00:48:11 Madame Buckley: brilliant
00:48:25 SusieHurley: makes it a really authentic learning experience
00:48:27 Kate Rowley: Q – What do you use to create your videos?
00:57:22 Jimena Licitra: Challenges do make you stronger, Sonja!
00:57:27 Dannielle Warren: Absolutely!!! and you don’t seem flustered at all. You actually seem really calm!
00:57:55 Annalise: Don’t worry, Sonja, we all know how difficult the tech is when it plays up. You are doing great! 🙂
00:57:57 Joe Dale: @Greg – Thank you
00:58:47 Jimena Licitra: Instructions on video is awesome for kids, well done, Sonja!
00:58:59 mylene leslie: Be great for flipped learning
00:59:56 Silvia Bastow: totally agree to keep them short, so students don’t loose concentration
01:00:33 Simona Gravina: Fantastic way to support both students and parents, well done!
01:01:56 Nolwenn Burkey: knowledge organiser are superb, make the kids read aloud so working pronunciation and intonation without forgetting the writing, my Y111 have made good use of it for their writing assessment
01:02:19 Ellie Peacock: I have to leave now, thanks a lot for the info so far, it’s been really informative and much food for thought. Good luck with the rest!
01:02:22 Rebecca Jones: yes 🙂
01:02:43 Simona Gravina: Totally, love classroomscreen. Thanks Esmeralda. I was back in school this week and this is a tool I have used with kids in front of me, they love it too! I keep the Sentence Builder and random picker on, to support them.
01:03:11 Nolwenn Burkey: how much is classroomscreen
01:03:32 Joe Dale: You can make one for free, but if you want to save them you have to pay
01:04:02 Jo B: It’s been great looking at the insights tab for the lessons to see who has been in lessons actively and passively and rewarding those with lots of interactions
01:04:46 Nolwenn Burkey: yes and then e mail oh I am sorry that your internet worked only for 1 minute….
01:04:52 marie.allirot: Lovely idea
01:04:54 Helen Myers: Prim, tu gères!
01:05:02 Helen Myers: Kerry, bravo!
01:05:11 Sarah Bell: Hadn’t thought of inviting pupils to praise each other – love it! They sometimes do it in English off their own bat, often after I’ve praised someone or after a Blooket game. Will be using this next week!
01:05:19 marie.allirot: Hélene, tu déchires avec tes 3 écrans!
01:05:31 Helen Myers: merci, Marie!!!
01:05:46 marie.allirot: Pardon Helen! Spelling in French!
01:05:46 Kate Rowley: yes – insights is great and also the praise option in teams too
01:05:52 Helen Myers: Joe est travailleur
01:05:54 Dorothy Anderson: That is lovely!
01:05:54 Dannielle Warren: this is really lovely
01:05:56 Kate Rowley: liking this idea
01:05:56 marie.allirot: Love this idea
01:05:57 Joe Dale: @Sarah – They could send each other digital praise postcards with QWIQR QR Codes 🙂
01:06:41 Dorothy Anderson: @Joe do they need two devices for that?
01:07:10 Joe Dale: They could or split their screen
01:07:36 Stephanie Downs: please can I ask what Sonja uses to make her PowerPoint presentations?
01:07:44 Stephanie Downs: love thé format!
01:07:46 Dorothy Anderson: A lot of our pupils only have access to one device.
01:07:47 Joe Dale: Canva
01:08:06 Nolwenn Burkey: was anyone able to play a listening and the kids hearing it? My classes were saying that they could not hear it
01:08:08 Dorothy Anderson: Me too Sonja
01:08:12 Stephanie Downs: i thought so thank you 😊
01:09:00 Jo Parkes: Re: listening tasks when you share your screen on teams you need to select “share computer audio” (it’s a small slider above the thumbnails”. It worked on Thursday when I did that!
01:09:47 SusieHurley: I agree as a really high percentage of hearing is lip reading
01:10:17 helen.farmer: Agreed and my hearing is not 100% either so it is going to be difficult with masks.
01:10:17 Nolwenn Burkey: and what shall we do with the Y 11 and their orals…?
01:10:58 Sarah Bell: Yes – agree – I’ve been in school this week practising N5 talkings with S4 pupils – we’re all in masks and 2 m apart – really challenging
01:11:25 Nolwenn Burkey: the latest SMITH / Conti book is excellent
01:11:53 Nina Elliott: completely agree – we’ve used Mote to record audios of model sentences and embed them into our sentence builders
01:12:10 Nolwenn Burkey: this is brilliant for the kids to pay attention to pronunciation
01:12:22 Joe Dale: @Nina – Great idea
01:12:47 Helen Myers: @Nolwenn I’m doing interactive tasks online (I upload master track – pupils record answersr) .. will demo at the Sanako webinar – Sanako offering a 3 month free trial for ALL members form that date. It is working really well.
01:13:02 Madame Buckley: we Could we see some of your videos?
01:13:04 Jimena Licitra: They love seeing you on video!
01:13:13 Simona Gravina: you are giving us lots of ideas Sonja, you are a star!
01:14:11 Nolwenn Burkey: Helen, thanks you very much for this, I will need to check with STL whether I am allowed to do this
01:14:59 Fatima Khaled: amazing activities. thank you
01:15:05 Jennifer Eddy: Regarding masks: Are you required to use an opaque mask or could you possibly use a mask with clear plastic panel, that are popular with hard of hearing/deaf/sign language classes and interpreting environments? It’s wonderful to see the mouth and we all rely on reading lips and mouth even though we do not realize it. I found mine on Amazon, natch 🙂 but it has been so helpful anywhere.
01:15:07 Nolwenn Burkey: natural readers seems to be amazing
01:15:07 Helen Myers: Nolwenn – for me it is just confirming what I know already.
01:15:09 Claire Wilson: Q – Is funny voices on vocaroo?
01:15:19 Silvia Bastow: so many great and useful ideas
01:15:50 Dannielle Warren: Q- can you embed vocaroo into flippity then?
01:15:52 Dorothy Anderson: I had no idea you could do this with Flippity.
01:15:53 Silvia Bastow: we have done funny voices in class but never thought about doing it remotely
01:15:56 Dorothy Anderson: Wow
01:16:29 marie.allirot: @danielle yes you can embed vocaroo
01:16:30 Jennifer Eddy: I love this with Vocaroo. Terrific!
01:16:34 marie.allirot: Very easy to do
01:16:34 Joe Dale: @Claire – No funny voices are not part of Vocaroo
01:16:45 Nolwenn Burkey: one of the best webinars I have attended, what a privilege. I am so pleased that Joe convinced Sonja in doing it
01:16:58 Jerome Nogues: @Danielle You can embed Vocaroo and YouTube videos (will look tiny but useful!)
01:17:30 Klaudia Schwenk: That’s fantastic! Need to check out integrating vocaroo into Flippity as soon as this amazing webinar has ended
01:17:30 Joe Dale: @Dannielle – yes you can embed Vocaroos into Flippity Manipulatives. You just paste the link into the Google Sheet. The instructions are on the website
01:17:49 Dannielle Warren: amazing thank you. I did flippity manipulative s for the first time this week and sent 2 separate links – one flippity and one vocaroo 🤣🤦‍♀️
01:17:52 Joe Dale: Thanks @Nolwenn
01:18:24 Nolwenn Burkey: I am the one thanking you, you and Helen have done so much for the MFL community
01:18:35 Joe Dale: The audio with Vocaroo is deleted after 3 months, but then you just re-record and re-add the link
01:18:46 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:19:06 Silvia Bastow: love these questions, they need to enhance and support learninf
01:19:12 Nolwenn Burkey: I do not!
01:19:53 Simona Gravina: @Silvia agree:-)
01:20:25 Jennifer Eddy: What a wonderful use of Mentimeter, thank you Sonja!
01:20:53 Dorothy Anderson: WOW!!!!
01:21:09 Sarah Bell: @Danielle Warren Screenshots of very simple example of vocaroo in flippity https://twitter.com/invacadmfl/status/1363420816751415296
01:21:27 Nina Elliott: love this idea!
01:21:29 Fatima Khaled: wow, this is amazing.
01:21:35 Silvia Bastow: great idea!
01:21:37 Stephanie Downs: love this idea
01:21:39 Dannielle Warren: thank you Sarah!
01:21:44 Annalise: Lovely idea for worksheet
01:21:59 Fatima Khaled: Q how did you use their work into an activity. thank you.
01:22:10 Rebecca Jones: Adding that to my long list of things I want to try out after this webinar!
01:22:18 Joe Dale: You could use the Print Screen button and Snip & Sketch for the Mentimeter activity
01:22:47 Joe Dale: @Fatima – Screenshot I think
01:22:48 Rebecca Jones: using that very same button to collate my to do list!
01:22:57 Joe Dale: LOVE it!
01:23:03 Jimena Licitra: Wonderful ideas on how to use Menti
01:23:04 Joe Dale: #gmaechanger
01:23:11 Joe Dale: #gamechanger
01:24:19 Nolwenn Burkey: using the code like for quizlet
01:25:00 Sarah Bell: Do you need the paid version of mentimeter? I had a look but it seemed very limited on the free version 🙁
01:25:16 marie.allirot: you can use free version
01:25:24 Joe Dale: You can make 2 slides per presentation for free and unlimited presentations
01:25:45 Nolwenn Burkey: I do not know, I use textivate which is very popular and offers a lot of options
01:25:53 Jimena Licitra: Kids love spiral and the stars they receive when they get something right
01:25:55 marie.allirot: @joe depend what type of slide you use. You can have more than 2
01:26:12 Helen Myers: I’m not surprised Sonja gets 80%+ participation from her pupils – great ideas + ways to establish a rapport = brilliant!
01:26:32 Jimena Licitra: @marie.allirot Really? More than 2? I have never managed to get more than 2 questions
01:26:44 Joe Dale: I’m hosting a FREE Edpuzzle webinar with Jane Basnett and Daren White on 15th March. Here are the details 20.00-20.45 GMT An introduction to using Edpuzzle for language teaching https://www.eventbrite.com/e/an-introduction-to-using-edpuzzle-for-language-teaching-tickets-142439226561?ref=eios
01:26:45 Catuxa Sabel Pereira: Have you found spiral clip better than edpuzzle? I don’t seem to get along with it, but it’s probably my clumsiness!
01:26:58 Nolwenn Burkey: Yes I am about to be 48, I ‘d rather be 16 again and attend Sonja’s lessons….
01:27:00 marie.allirot: Yes I use free version but it depends type of question I believe. I will check
01:27:33 Jimena Licitra: Ok, thanks, I will try. I never managed to get more than 2, will look into it more
01:27:37 Joe Dale: It used to be you could have three but now they have changed it unless I’m mistaken
01:27:53 ELIZABETH STILLMAN: I love this !
01:27:58 helen.farmer: Are these clis
01:28:12 helen.farmer: clips on Spiral or do you have to search for your own?
01:28:14 SusieHurley: Her lessons in school are amazing too
01:28:44 Jimena Licitra: Awesome! I use Edpuzzle for doing this but glad to see Spiral works so great as well.
01:28:44 marie.allirot: @jimena Up to 2 question slides + Up to 5 quiz slides
01:28:59 Dannielle Warren: spiral clip looks great
01:29:05 marie.allirot: so up to 7 altogether with free version
01:29:28 Jimena Licitra: Thanks, Marie!
01:29:36 Joe Dale: whiteboard.chat looks really cool too and was designed by teachers. Classkick is great too
01:29:42 Jimena Licitra: Good to know! I always use it for parents meetings
01:30:14 marie.allirot: I love whiteboard.fi, so easy to use
01:30:23 Jo B: his talk this morning was great
01:31:03 Joe Dale: The Draw IT feature in Nearpod is similar too
01:31:24 Stephanie Downs: thank you Joe Dale – whiteboard.chat is great!
01:31:33 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:31:43 Dannielle Warren: oh that’s so sweet!
01:31:51 Jimena Licitra: I love this idea of using the boards to give praise to other classmates!
01:31:53 Silvia Bastow: so great for building self confidence
01:32:19 marie.allirot: I love all of Sonja’s idea with pupils praising each other
01:32:21 Nolwenn Burkey: you now have to pay for padlet but there are other alternatives
01:32:24 Silvia Bastow: thabk you, Sonja🙂
01:32:38 Jimena Licitra: Spiral has teams too! It Works great
01:32:53 marie.allirot: @nolwenn, what alternative to Padlet do you suggest?
01:33:00 marie.allirot: #I have used all my padlet
01:33:01 Fatima Khaled: Great ideas Sonja. thank you for sharing.
01:33:01 Jo B: I love collecting work on padlet even there as it is so much easier to mark things – just as individuals uploading there work on there – they can upload all sorts on there.
01:33:10 Jimena Licitra: Padlet I love, there are many alternatives but Padlet is still the best, in my opinion
01:33:17 SusieHurley: I have to go now but thank you so much Sonja so lucky to have your amazing support and input. Susie x
01:33:35 Joe Dale: Here is a guide for recording audio in Padlet is.gd/audiopadlet
01:33:47 Silvia Bastow: we used padlet, so powerful
01:34:27 Nolwenn Burkey: equivalent of padlet wakelet or linoit.com
01:34:51 marie.allirot: Thanks I know wakelet, will look at linoit
01:35:13 Jimena Licitra: Miro is nice and free for educators if you apply
01:35:28 Simona Gravina: love padlet thanks @Joe
01:35:33 Marife Mayayo: I love padlet! Will carry on using it in the classroom.
01:35:35 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:35:36 marie.allirot: will look at that, thanks Jimena
01:35:54 Jimena Licitra: The thing is my favorite is pallet but I don’t get money from school so I don’t use it much
01:36:24 marie.allirot: Love wordwall, easy to embed on Genially or Deck Toys
01:36:28 Joe Dale: Tutorial by Russell Stannard – Complete training in Wordwall for Language Teachers https://youtu.be/7clIANVFezk
01:36:42 Klaudia Schwenk: Discovered WordWall at the end of our lockdown. Got the paid Version and find it very useful – you can pay month by month as well
01:36:49 Fatima Khaled: Thank you Joe.
01:36:57 Joe Dale: You’re welcome
01:37:09 Rebecca Jones: yes, our students really enjoyed the independence to choose their wordwall activities
01:37:16 Jimena Licitra: More alternatives to padlet here: https://wke.lt/w/s/SaW0MG
01:37:18 Nina Elliott: agree word wall is great for going over the same structures in different ways 🙂
01:37:29 Kirsty McLaren: Love wordwall
01:37:48 Marife Mayayo: Gracias Jimena!
01:37:54 Silvia Bastow: great to set as hwk as well
01:38:10 Kate Rowley: yes it’s brilliant Sonja
01:39:06 Fatima Khaled: thank you Jumena for sharing.
01:39:07 Jennifer Eddy: WordWall application was brilliant, Sonja 🙂
01:39:54 Nolwenn Burkey: miro for ?
01:40:21 Helen Myers: It will be lovely for Sonja to read all these comments afterwards .. what a great group!
01:40:22 Joe Dale: Miro is a like Padlet
01:40:52 Fatima Khaled: sorry I have to go now. I have an appointment. it was a great webinar I love it. I will definitely go bk and watch.
01:41:04 Joe Dale: Thanks Fatima
01:41:14 Helen Myers: https://www.amazon.co.uk/100-Ideas-Secondary-Teachers-Outstanding/dp/1472967933
01:41:24 Fatima Khaled: Thank you so much ALL and Joe for choosing always the best
01:41:34 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:41:48 Claire Wilson: Thanks Sonja – fast poem wasn’t my idea but I can’t remember who originally shared it. One of my fave activities though
01:42:26 Nolwenn Burkey: A* for creativity Sonja
01:42:40 Joe Dale: I couldn’t agree more!
01:43:06 Nolwenn Burkey: I have bought little miss in French, good to finish off lessons
01:43:34 Dannielle Warren: love the Mexican wave idea!
01:43:45 Dorothy Anderson: How fun!
01:44:06 Helen Myers: Great to re-brand ‘hands up’ as ‘Mexican wave’
01:44:15 Helen Myers: Like ‘quizzes’ not ‘tests’
01:44:43 Jimena Licitra: Exactly! Quizzes sounds much more like games, even though they can be tests
01:44:49 Claire Wilson: Mexican wave! Love it!
01:44:50 helen.farmer: I worked in international school and we used ‘quizzes’ a lot. It is American and is before a unit test.
01:45:01 Nina Elliott: great ideas for settlers – will be especially chaotic over next few weeks as students will be phased back in then disappearing for tests for a week or so!
01:45:34 marie.allirot: Thank you for the mention. Great webinar!
01:45:41 Joe Dale: Thank YOU, Sonja!
01:45:43 Dannielle Warren: Sonja you are wonderful 💕
01:45:58 Jimena Licitra: I feel the same way! This is an awesome community
01:45:59 Dorothy Anderson: I feel I have got my joy back too Sonja!
01:46:04 Ms Lavecchia: Thank you Sonja!!!
01:46:11 Annalise: This has been an amazing presentation, Sonja. thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas
01:46:12 Laurence Seltzer: Thank you Sonja!!
01:46:13 Simona Gravina: THANK YOU SONJA. you are wonderful 😍
01:46:14 Karen Turney: Thank you so much for lots of new ideas
01:46:16 Claire Wilson: Just brilliant Sonja – I have soo many notes
01:46:16 Nolwenn Burkey: i will muchas gracias!
01:46:17 karen.vernon: Many thanks – great ideas
01:46:20 Jennifer Eddy: Thank you so much, Sonja! We’re here and thanks for ALL!
01:46:21 Madame Buckley: Absolutely loved this session! So inspired. Merci mille fois Sonia and all the team so grateful for all this free support CPD
01:46:24 Jennifer Carswell: Thank you so much Sonja! Amazing ideas!!
01:46:25 Greg Baxter: Viel dank, Sonja!
01:46:25 Carole Jackson: Thank you so much x
01:46:28 Sarah Bell: Thank you – lots of ideas (and love!)
01:46:29 Rebecca Fitzsimons: Thank you Sonja! Such a great webinar!! 😀
01:46:29 Sahdia Khan: Thank you!!
01:46:29 Nina Elliott: just brilliant! thanks so much Sonja! Smashed it!
01:46:31 Hilary Jenkins-Baldock: Thank you very much for so many great ideas.
01:46:33 Dorothy Anderson: This has been unbelievable.
01:46:38 Silvia Bastow: thank you Sonja. i have learnt a lot from you and for the mention. yoy were absolutely amazing!!!
01:46:38 Jo B: wow… thank you so much!
01:46:42 Sarah Hau: Thanks Sonja! 🙂 🙂
01:46:43 Rebecca Roberts: Amazing set of ideas! Thank you, Sonja 🙂
01:46:45 Karen Liddle: Thanks Sonja, so much to learn from you!
01:46:47 Prim H: what a wonderful lady – I cannot believe that I have not heard of your wow factor before! THANK YOU!!!!
01:46:47 Jimena Licitra: Awesome, Sonja! Lots of ideas, and always mentioning everybody who inspired you! Thank you so much. You are a STAR
01:46:47 Nancy Huari Evangelista: Great tools! Thank you so much Sonja 🙂
01:46:47 Janine Khoshnevisan: Thank you sooo much!
01:46:52 Laura McEwan: Fabulous Sonja – really enjoyed it – lots of fantastic ideas!
01:46:55 Klaudia Schwenk: Thank you so much – this has been amazing!
01:46:55 Dannielle Warren: Thanks so much for so many wonderful ideas and for mentioning me too! Well done!! feeling very inspired
01:46:59 lea Asín: Brilliant! Thank you so much!!!
01:47:02 Marife Mayayo: Thank you so much Sonja! I really want to be a student in your class! 🙂
01:47:03 Elizabeth Jones: Thank you SO much for making my first live webinar from one of the #mfltwitterati gang. Absolutely amazing and can’t wait to learn more from you all <3
01:47:08 Stephanie Downs: thank you so much!!!!! ❤️
01:47:12 Rebecca Jones: LOVED this! Love listening to you and how much you think about the students, and how they’re feeling. I have such a long list of idea now! Thank you!
01:47:12 Clair Edwards: Thank you so much. Amazing!
01:47:19 Rosa Gonzales S.: Wunderbart Sonja! Danke sehr
01:47:23 Ester Borin Bonillo: Thank you so much Sonja!!!!! It’s been amazing! You are very kind. (honoured for the mention)
01:47:30 Tania Castells: This has been one of the best sessions I have attended! Loads of great ideas! Thank you very much Sonja!
01:47:30 Kirsten Baird: Thank you so much that was great!
01:47:31 TiMReynolds-04: Sonja you are brilliant and so inspiring- I love 💕 all your resources & agree the MFL Twitter community is so supportive & generous.
01:47:33 lauradanese: Grazie mille …
01:47:35 Carole Bourachot: thank you so much
01:47:37 Gisele Mahoney: this was so useful. As a one person department, it is sometimes difficult to think about how to improve my practice and this presentation has given me such a boost when we go back to school in a week 🙂
01:47:58 cwhite: Thank you so much for showing us how you use these resources
01:47:59 Wilfrida Akala: Thank you very much
01:48:05 Adeline Moston: Thank you so much, Sonja, amazing webinar!
01:48:05 Valérie Smith: thank you so much Sonja for this fab webinar!
01:48:11 Eva Gomez: Thank you so much Sonja. My poor beginner’s head is brimming with ideas now
01:48:31 Pilar Gonzalez: Excellent Thank you very much!
01:48:39 Nolwenn Burkey: how can we contact you Sonja?
01:48:49 Rebecca Jones: realise I still have my PPt party background!
01:49:44 marie.allirot: Well done Sonja, you did really well
01:49:54 Madame Buckley: Yes so grateful
01:50:10 Bella Bennett: thank you Sonja
01:50:11 helen.farmer: Very many thanks, it has been fantastic Sonja.
01:50:25 MariAna’s iPhone: A lovely teacher Thank you
01:50:31 Jimena Licitra: I love the characters you use in your presentation!
01:50:51 Bella Bennett: Wales England 😊
01:50:52 lauradanese: what is your YouTube channel? 🙂
01:51:02 Dannielle Warren: yes the presentation is so beautiful isn’t it Jimena 😍😍😍😍
01:51:05 Adeline Moston: France isn’t playing, nothing to watch 🙂
01:51:09 Jimena Licitra: Canva is awesome! I love it
01:51:36 lauradanese: Q. What is your YouTube channel?
01:51:43 Greg Baxter: Canva for Teachers gives you most of the premium content for free at the moment, seems to only work if you sign up with your school email!
01:52:05 Dorothy Anderson: Thanks Greg!
01:52:06 Jimena Licitra: Yes, Canva is awesome and you can pass it on to your students for free use
01:52:36 helen.farmer: I can’t seem to get Canva pro. I have applied twice
01:52:48 Jimena Licitra: You handled tech problems wonderfully well!
01:53:28 Laurence Seltzer: helen, keep on trying, I also had to try a few times to get my canva pro
01:53:50 Rebecca Jones: we’ll be there!
01:53:51 helen.farmer: I will try again, have u;ploaded proof of being teacher etc
01:53:56 Jimena Licitra: Canva pro is awesome, contact on Twitter and you will get it quickly
01:54:09 Jimena Licitra: AT least I did, and it was super fast