A TiLT Webinar with Priscila Mateini: Going online SEN. How to adapt material in an inclusive education (virtual) classroom.


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ALL London organises webinars for the MFL community and this webinar, held in a Zoom room and also viewable on an unlisted YouTube stream, is open to all MFL teachers.  We hope that you will like us and want to join!

We thank Joe Dale for co-ordinating  the TiLT (Technology in Language Teaching)  series of webinars, bringing together teachers who are interested in  developing their use of technology in their teaching.  As well as  enhancing our skills, we also get to meet other ‘keenies’  from across the globe, and can get to know each other informally by chatting before, during and after the webinar.

We also thank the presenters, who give freely of their time and expertise.  Where possible, most sessions are recorded and available for viewing later.


The aim of this presentation is to share strategies, advice and how UDL (Universal design for learning) can build an inclusive environment for students with special needs in times of lockdown by using apps and tools to engage and motivate their autonomy and improve their learning and social skills.


Priscila has been working with inclusive education since 2013 in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo – Brazil. She holds an ME in Inclusive Education and UDL Specialization. She has been teaching English at UFRJ (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro) since 2017 for CAPES research program Language Without Border including UDL for accessibility in High Education and inclusive environment as well as mediator for students with special needs in private schools.


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Joe Dale generously organises these webinars for us ‘for free’.  He makes a paid living by supporting teachers.  To find out what he can offer, please contact him.

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00:39:47 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:41:05 Chris Jadav : ALL member, brilliant for support during lockdown
00:41:09 Ceri Anwen James: I am a member and would really recommend it!
00:41:23 Noria: I am an ALL London member and highly recommend it
00:41:28 Joe Dale: joedale100
00:41:33 Chris Jadav : The support this week with exam queries was super as well, thanks
00:41:39 Joanna Barber: All Member – echoing exactly what Helen says – it’s great.
00:42:12 Negin Shabestari: ALL member and highly recommend people joining.
00:42:25 Dawn Eyre: ALL member – the webinars are been a life saver!
00:42:45 Anaïs Hemetsberger: Joined ALL in my PGCE year and found all the CPD opportunities offered so useful and inspiring (and still do!)
00:45:19 Joanna Barber: This is one of my favourite areas of MFL teaching so I am so excited about this. 🙂
00:50:31 Alina Hayrapetyan: Will anybody tell if participants are provided with any document or certificate for participation? Thanks in advance.
00:50:56 Helen Myers: No – we do not provide certificates.. I suggest you tdo a screen shot with your name in the list
00:51:31 marilyn: oh no…
00:51:33 Alina Hayrapetyan: The voice is not audible
00:51:45 marilyn: ok now
00:51:51 Joe Dale: There are no certificates for TiLT webinars. Helen and I are volunteers and working hard enough to put the programme together.
00:52:33 marilyn: Joe is now officially the Oracle, and I wish I was joking…
00:52:40 Joe Dale: 🙂
00:52:47 Alina Hayrapetyan: Really great work, thanks to all organizers
00:53:08 Joe Dale: Thanks Alina
00:54:10 Alina Hayrapetyan: Most welcome, you are really great
00:54:49 Joe Dale: Thank you
01:02:08 Helen Myers: We suggest closing video just in case that affects Priscila’s connection
01:02:53 Helen Myers: Thanks!
01:04:12 Helen Myers: True
01:10:11 Ruta Dulbinska: WhatsApp saved our teachers’ lives. It was a tool everybody. I mean every student, could use. Unlike some teachers, LOL.
01:10:30 Helen Myers: Good point Ruta!
01:10:41 Joe Dale: It’s fascinating to hear about everyone’s contexts
01:10:52 Helen Myers: Where are you, Ruta?
01:11:07 Ruta Dulbinska: Europe, Latvia.
01:11:19 Helen Myers: Thanks
01:11:38 Helen Myers: AS Joe says – really interestin got hear other perspectives
01:12:48 Lia Widyastuti: I use Wattsapp also to teach my student in Korea while I am in Indonesia because it’s simple 😀
01:13:06 Alina Hayrapetyan: By the way, in Armenia we are starting offline with first-year students, but all schools are going to start again offline, We start on September 15
01:15:25 Joanna Barber: We found it was really important to set up routines with students like this – so just like you are saying they needed to settle into it and it took while to them to get this and feel comfortable with it.
01:15:42 Alina Hayrapetyan: Q. Do you generally grade kids with special needs, I mean, do you give them marks?
01:16:24 Joe Dale: I’ll ask
01:16:57 Alina Hayrapetyan: Thanks Joe Dale
01:17:16 Joe Dale: You’re welcome
01:17:27 Ruta Dulbinska: In Latvia, all students are back to school on the 1st of September. Like Priscilla said, we are going to pretend that Virus is not around and won’t ever reach us or affect us seriously. We have a very few daily cases in our country.
01:18:18 Ruta Dulbinska: Sorry, Priscila, for misspelling your name.
01:18:47 Alina Hayrapetyan: Really lucky you, as in my country the cases are decreasing, but still it is too early to think that we have overcome it.
01:21:29 Ruta Dulbinska: Yes, I know. We had an Armenian girl, volunteer, who worked in our school last year. She was afraid to go back to Armenia for months. She felt safer here.
01:21:56 Alina Hayrapetyan: I can see.
01:22:33 Ruta Dulbinska: Excellent idea!
01:24:59 Anaïs Hemetsberger: my students love kahoot as well!
01:26:52 Alina Hayrapetyan: We use kahoot at our university, by the way, it is medical uni and they are future doctors, and I have to confess that they like it
01:27:41 Helen Myers: Adults love playing games!
01:28:17 Alina Hayrapetyan: and easily become addicted too
01:28:57 Helen Myers: Yes – I can be up until 1.30 am doing an online escape game …!
01:29:38 Alina Hayrapetyan: LOL
01:29:42 Helen Myers: 🙂
01:30:04 Ruta Dulbinska: Some parents had to work harder than their children during the distance learning.
01:30:19 Helen Myers: True, Ruta!
01:31:10 Helen Myers: Every now and then Priscila’s audio goes.. but she always seems to catch up with herself!
01:31:33 Joe Dale: She’s a gifted lady!
01:31:40 Helen Myers: INdeed!
01:31:59 Helen Myers: I so want to do this!!!
01:33:40 Alina Hayrapetyan: Q. What do you think should kids with special needs study with normal kids in the same class or group?
01:33:42 Helen Myers: Minecraft has become popular again after a little dip
01:33:58 Alina Hayrapetyan: In my country we do so.
01:35:45 Helen Myers: I oversee a Minecraft club at school targeting SEN pupil, but inviting everyone .. it’s great to have them all together
01:36:05 Joe Dale: Brilliant, Helen
01:36:30 Chris Jadav : Do they have closed groups or can they interact with people outside school?
01:36:33 Helen Myers: Pupisl who do not relate to others in usual social situations suddenly communicate
01:36:35 Joanna Barber: All the kids randomly know Aha’s Take on me because of Minecraft!
01:36:49 Chris Jadav : I know they love the creative aspect
01:36:53 Helen Myers: random is the word!!!
01:37:09 Helen Myers: I am now singing that in my head Joanna
01:37:34 Joanna Barber: just think of Morten too 🙂 sorry!
01:37:45 Helen Myers: Oh I know
01:41:11 Helen Myers: Yes – really good to keep in touch with parents.. I know that Ceri has a lot of successful experience in this
01:44:18 Negin Shabestari: Many thanks Priscilla, Helen and Joe. Sorry but I have to leave.
01:44:45 Helen Myers: Thanks for coming Negin – lovely to see you!
01:46:28 Ceri Anwen James: Ceri is exhausted from keeping in touch with parents all summer, with general chaos and government U turns!
01:47:09 Helen Myers: Poor Ceri 🙁
01:48:50 Chris Jadav : I think the last few months has been very tiring all round, even with the holidays. It will be interesting to see how we feel in the new term. Hopefully things will run smoothly!
01:48:52 Ceri Anwen James: We have got to the point in the year where parents send photos of shoes to Poor Ceri by Facebook Messenger, from a shoe shop in town, checking if they’re OK!
01:49:22 Helen Myers: !!!!
01:50:10 Helen Myers: My dream is to have French/German and English partners working together in Minecraft on challenges
01:50:31 NJA Library: Really amazing, thanks alot. We have just introduced pastoral programe in our school and this webinar was very helpful. Thanks. From Willfrida Akala
01:51:17 Noria: Thank you so much Priscila, Helen and Joe for this excellent presentation. Very inspiring!
01:52:08 Helen Myers: Thanks for coming!
01:52:48 Ruta Dulbinska: I suppose that I missed it – does Priscila teach only classes with SEN students or they are mixed ones?
01:53:19 Joe Dale: Only SEN I think
01:53:25 Ruta Dulbinska: Thank you.
01:53:40 Ceri Anwen James: I think I will contact our French and German exchange schools soon to see if we can get our pupils together in a Minecraft world. There’s no chance that we can visit them any time soon, so I have been thinking of what we could do instead! Thanks for the idea.
01:54:19 Alina Hayrapetyan: thank you, encouraging and praising them
01:54:21 Helen Myers: Perhaps we can work together on some ‘challenges’ Ceri!
01:54:37 Ceri Anwen James: Definitely, Helen!
01:59:41 Alina Hayrapetyan: Thank you, but I have to leave now.
02:00:08 Joe Dale: Thank you Alina
02:00:11 Helen Myers: English spelling must be SO difficult for learning as a second language
02:01:08 Helen Myers: The recording will be availbel later for you to see the rest if youhave to go … thanks for coming!
02:01:31 Jose Santos: Thank you everyone for organizing such a great webinar.
02:01:32 Helen Myers: You have so much to share, Priscila!
02:01:38 Joanna Barber: You are very passionate about what you talk about 🙂
02:01:41 Chris Jadav : Obrigada
02:01:46 Ruta Dulbinska: Thank you so much!
02:06:11 Chris Jadav : It’s a new language game, guess the silhouette
02:07:54 Helen Myers: Great Chris!!!
02:08:18 Helen Myers: Language teachers always so imaginative
02:09:04 Joanna Barber: Thank you very much … working with this group of students is so important as it is the biggest group that people say can’t learn languages and yet they can and they do very successfully. We coined the phrase ‘languages for all’ and I generally manage to keep all students throughout KS3 in 2 languages. And parents understanding and supporting us is key to their success.
02:11:23 Joanna Barber: Have a lovely evening/morning/day everyone …