A TiLT Webinar with Dr Peggy Semingson

A TiLT Webinar with Peggy Semingson: Engaging Students with Multimodal Content Creation for Language Learning: From Microlearning Content to Long-Form Videos

Thank you SO much Dr Peggy Semingson for providing so many ideas during this webinar, and thanks to Joe Dale for introducing you to us!



Many thanks to Dr Semingsom for sharing SO much!


00:12:00 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:13:14 Helen McFarlane: Yes – absolutely! I’m a member. Joining ALL is one of the best decisions you will ever make! Please join, if you haven’t done so already!
00:14:05 Helen McFarlane: TiLT webinars are a fabulous way of spending a Thursday evening!
00:14:14 Peggy Semingson:

Slides for this session: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1c_igPF8KKC1R84fwTNqPRJC7L5TpCBIGL_peRwzaHfE/edit?usp=sharing

Brainstorming handout: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e1xvi5Rh0wxdDa5XlHx92HzgP2tqa-AgOquaTFUyx9Y/edit?usp=sharing

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcXN5J1i1Yli0Jh0jpswj7g

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/peggy-semingson

My email: peggys@uta.edu
00:14:37 ALL London: Thank you to all of you for coming .. great to see you!
00:14:45 Peggy Semingson: MWALLT conference
00:18:25 Joe Dale: Isle of Wight
00:18:27 ALL London: Surrey, UK
00:18:29 John Reddick: NYC!
00:18:37 JL: DFW
00:18:39 Catherine: France
00:18:41 Nina: Västervik, Sweden
00:18:46 Zahid Hossain: Toronto
00:18:52 ALL London: wow!! a global audience!
00:18:54 Eric Normand: south wales
00:18:59 Dora Romo-Castillejo: West Sussex, UK
00:19:08 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: From Perú
00:19:17 Peggy Semingson: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e1xvi5Rh0wxdDa5XlHx92HzgP2tqa-AgOquaTFUyx9Y/edit
00:19:19 Mary Whelan: South East Ireland
00:19:35 sophia jasieczek: Welwyn Garden City. England
00:19:47 ALL London: Apologies for late start – it was my fault
00:20:06 Helen McFarlane: My family lives near Falkirk, Peggy!
00:20:53 Caroline Seymour-Smi: From Nottingham Robin Hood land
00:22:57 Helen McFarlane: The concept of “micro”-learning is quite new to some of us – maybe we are assuming that we all know what this means, but in fact, perhaps the concept requires clarification! We are used to terms including “hybrid”, “blending”, “multi-modal” (etc.) – thanks for clarifying, Peggy!
00:24:01 Helen McFarlane: Q – Peggy, please could you share the link? Thank you! Gracias!
00:24:12 Joe Dale: Which link?
00:24:42 Helen McFarlane: The one you mentioned – about the world of business – corporate terminology!
00:24:52 ALL London: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e1xvi5Rh0wxdDa5XlHx92HzgP2tqa-AgOquaTFUyx9Y/edit
00:25:04 Helen McFarlane: Thank you, Helen 🙂
00:25:12 ALL Lond

My email: peggys@uta.edu on:

My email: peggys@uta.edu
00:27:59 Zahid Hossain: Do you think multimodal learning could overwhelm teachers who are already burdened with regular mode of teaching (i.e. face to face and exam-focused, and large-class contexts)?
00:28:05 Helen McFarlane: Peggy – the idea of review and revision is sooo important!
00:29:50 Helen McFarlane: I think this format really appeals to adult learners who are time poor – you have to snatch a few minutes here and there to gather research, then build and build
00:30:06 Zahid Hossain: Yes, loved the idea of ‘baby step’.
00:30:35 Helen McFarlane: or jogging, or on the bus… but we all need time to digest the information and reflect…
00:30:52 ALL London: Judith Rifeser creates audio for her teacher trainees – great idea
00:32:11 Helen McFarlane: I use Vocaroo (thank you ALL and TiLT!) to chat to my students who listen to my voice and they say it is very reassuring during these lockdown times – they feel connected and validated.
00:33:17 Peggy Semingson: Anchor
00:34:53 ALL London: Q: What is the advantage of audio podcast over videos?
00:35:25 Joe Dale: Here are 16000 royalty free sound effects from the BBC https://sound-effects.bbcrewind.co.uk/
00:35:37 Helen Myers: True- especially good for accompanying a journey!
00:35:59 Helen Myers: Thanks – good reasons!
00:37:21 Joe Dale: Wakelet would be great for collecting links
00:38:45 Helen McFarlane: Yes – in Padlet – for the WJEC (Wales) Unit 3 Independent Research Project (IRP) Speaking Assessment – students choose their own topic to discuss with the external examiner for about 15 minutes – they love it – it’s so empowering for our students!
00:39:26 Joe Dale: https://freesound.org/ and https://www.zapsplat.com/
00:40:31 Eric Normand: I have recently discovered wakelet and I really like it
00:40:43 Joe Dale: It’s great, Eric
00:42:37 Helen Myers: Looks great!
00:42:45 Joe Dale: 5,290 subscribers! Awesome!
00:42:54 Helen Myers: I keep meaning to sort my channel – it is such a muddle
00:44:09 Helen Myers: +1 – Subscribed https://www.youtube.com/user/peggysemingson
00:44:20 Eric Normand: Yes Joe. I am going to ask my student to use for their unit 3 oral next year
00:44:39 Joe Dale: Excellent
00:45:14 Joe Dale: Keep the questions coming!
00:45:40 Joe Dale: Great question
00:45:43 Helen Myers: memorable, attractive
00:45:56 Joe Dale: It’s creative
00:46:14 Helen Myers: even the dullest topic can attract them if it moves!
00:46:19 Joe Dale: Definitely
00:46:26 Nina: Agree
00:46:43 Eric Normand: Students can relate to videos. They are used to tick tok nowadays
00:46:46 Helen McFarlane: So important to read facial gestures, hear the tone of voice, prosody, emotions, all those senses which have been missing during the lockdowns –
00:46:58 Joe Dale: Yes, Helen
00:47:15 Helen Myers: Agreed
00:48:37 Helen McFarlane: Student agency is empowering, in whatever guise
00:48:45 Joe Dale: Absolutely
00:49:21 Zahid Hossain: Really informative. However, a query: Could you please share any research works that offer findings on increased student motivation and involvement due to adoption of microlearning concepts?
00:49:49 Peggy Semingson: cognitive load with online learning
00:51:27 Joe Dale: Great advice
00:51:33 Helen Myers: How sweet!
00:52:36 Joe Dale: Cool
00:54:41 Peggy Semingson: screen-cast-o-matic
00:56:14 Helen Myers: I script for instrucitons on ‘how to’
00:56:29 Helen Myers: that means they can also read it / skim it
00:56:56 Helen McFarlane: We use Loom (Google Chrome extension). For authenticity, it’s good to have a plan, but go a little “off piste”, too – within reason, of course!
00:57:05 Helen Myers: Good idea to have closed captions
00:57:17 Helen Myers: Yes – depends on the purpose
00:58:00 Helen Myers: When I wanted native speakers to give model answers, I scripted for them,… when|I wanted listening comprehension, I didn’t
00:59:03 Helen McFarlane: In Further Education, we have to be teacher and native speaker, too!
01:01:20 Helen Myers: I’v e started doing this now that I’m helping with teacher training course
01:02:03 Glenn Cake: Thanks Peggy – I have to go but hope to follow up !
01:02:33 Helen McFarlane: The students tell me what they want to hear from me and watch – they really guide me with their learning requirements and this helps to reinforce the rapport between us.
01:03:29 Catherine: Really inspiring – thank you. I think I need to reflect a bit on how I want to incorporate this into my teaching (which I definitely will!) – can we access your powerpoint/presentation after this live session?
01:04:06 Helen Myers: Feel free to open your videos