A TiLT Webinar with Michelle Worgan: Designing interactive 360⁰ adventures for the secondary classroom

Thursday 14th October 2021


Are you looking for ways to create engaging and immersive lessons which take your students beyond the four walls of their classroom? In this webinar, we’ll look at the principles of designing interactive virtual reality experiences using the free tool Thinglink. We’ll consider best practices for task design and I’ll share useful tips and a short tutorial to help you get started


Michelle is a freelance ELT author specialising in primary education. Having taught English in Spain for 20 years, she now spends most of her time developing content and materials for international publishers. She is always looking for new ways to engage and inspire children, from pre-primary to teens, and loves to share these ideas in talks and workshops.



00:31:45 Joe Dale: Love it!
00:32:27 Mária Harčárová: english, primary school age 10-15, kahoot,quizlet, guizziz
00:32:47 Mária Harčárová: sorry quizziz 🙂
00:32:58 sandrine amyot: French and Spanish, KS3 and KS4, blooket, wordwall…
00:33:10 Espanol Con Rosa: 1) Spanish and German, 2) Sweden 3)Quizlet, Quizalize
00:33:15 Jerome Nogues: French – Y6 TO Y8 – Love wakelet – Thinglink – Canva
00:33:42 eric normand: French ks5 nearpod class notebook
00:34:16 Anke Eggert: German, secondary, UK, Quizlet, Kahoot, Wordwall
00:34:32 Olenka Villavicencio: English. Undergraduate students. Sts love Wakelet, Genially, Flipgrid, Quizlet, Nearpod , etc.
00:34:50 Jerome Nogues: Surrey
00:34:59 Laura D: no idea
00:35:03 Mária Harčárová: google says surrey 🙂
00:35:04 Joe Dale: Yes, it’s Surrey
00:35:08 Charlene Mathieson: SURREY
00:35:56 Mária Harčárová: self-service tickets?
00:36:25 Laura D: the parties
00:36:32 Joe Dale: The conference!
00:36:39 Espanol Con Rosa: The food
00:36:56 Olenka Villavicencio: The conference
00:38:00 Laura D: Talk about my trip in the TL
00:38:21 Charlene Mathieson: compare contrast ?
00:38:30 Jerome Nogues: Lots of speaking actvities
00:39:57 Joe Dale: Joe Dale!
00:40:02 Jerome Nogues: Maybe Joe…
00:40:02 Mária Harčárová: Joe Dale
00:40:02 Olenka Villavicencio: Joe Dale
00:40:04 Charlene Mathieson: yes please
00:40:53 Joe Dale: I love how immersive this is with all the embedded content and background audio
00:41:13 Jerome Nogues: Agreed! Nice touch.
00:41:36 Jerome Nogues: Paris?
00:42:31 Joe Dale: Football stadium?
00:42:34 Espanol Con Rosa: Football fans!
00:42:41 Olenka Villavicencio: Stadium
00:42:50 Rachel: Stade Francais
00:42:55 Laura D: A protest or a stadium
00:43:27 Joe Dale: Dortmund?
00:43:35 Jerome Nogues: It is Joe!
00:43:42 Joe Dale: 🙂
00:44:13 Jerome Nogues: BD
00:44:16 Espanol Con Rosa: Borussia Dortmund
00:44:29 Olenka Villavicencio: BD
00:45:49 Joe Dale: beach?
00:45:50 Mária Harčárová: beach pls
00:45:54 Laura D: Beach to relax
00:45:54 Rachel: beach
00:45:56 Espanol Con Rosa: beach
00:46:04 Olenka Villavicencio: Beach
00:46:13 Rachel: 😆
00:46:37 Rachel: Bahamas
00:46:56 Rachel: No I wish! Just a quess
00:47:00 Rachel: guess
00:47:04 Mária Harčárová: swim
00:47:06 Jerome Nogues: swim
00:47:17 Olenka Villavicencio: Swim
00:48:02 Joe Dale: I think students would love this approach
00:48:11 Olenka Villavicencio: Baby shark
00:48:18 Rachel: This is brilliant!
00:48:45 Jerome Nogues: Thinglink is such a good tool
00:48:48 Joe Dale: Love the atmospheric audio!
00:51:46 Laura D: A dream…
00:54:12 Mária Harčárová: Q: How long did it take you to make your 1st one, and how long does it take you now?
00:54:23 Joe Dale: Great question
00:57:43 Olenka Villavicencio: Learners love creating materials.
00:59:27 Kashini Arnachellum: do we get sent a copy of this PowerPoint or the recording? thank you x
00:59:45 Joe Dale: I’ll ask
01:00:00 Joe Dale: The recording yes, but I’ll ask about the presentation
01:00:10 Kashini Arnachellum: thanks
01:00:48 Michelle Worgan: https://www.thinglink.com/video/1443506412079546370
01:02:15 Jerome Nogues: Brazil
01:02:32 Laura D: iran
01:02:45 Charlene Mathieson: kenya
01:02:58 Helen McFarlane: Soooo sorry – I’ve been held up
01:03:17 Joe Dale: Welcome Helen!
01:05:32 Helen McFarlane: Just got here, but loving this already!
01:05:40 Joe Dale: Me too!
01:07:45 Joe Dale: Amazing!
01:07:55 Joe Dale: Spices?
01:07:58 Laura D: Spices!
01:08:01 Helen McFarlane: Figs and dates
01:09:34 Rachel: Are the scenes already there?
01:10:09 Joe Dale: I’ll ask
01:14:04 Helen McFarlane: Q – can the students read the text offline ?
01:14:28 Joe Dale: You have to be online, Helen
01:15:08 Helen McFarlane: I was just thinking of students who don’t necessarily have the bandwidth, etc. OK
01:15:44 Joe Dale: Earlier, Michelle pointed out the bandwidth issues. Students could work in groups for example
01:16:22 Helen McFarlane: Yes, that would work – some of our students live in areas where the internet is not so reliable.
01:16:38 Mária Harčárová: Q: instead of google forms for the quiz, can be kahoot, guizziz,… used?
01:17:13 Charlene Mathieson: Many tHanks – loads of ideas
01:17:33 Jerome Nogues: Thanks Michelle. Very good session.
01:18:43 Anke Eggert: Thanks, Michelle!
01:18:53 Olenka Villavicencio: Thank you very much, Michelle. Lovely ideas and definitely I am going to learn how to use Thinglink. 😀
01:19:25 Helen McFarlane: I love the fact that this ties into the cultural calendar – we’re working on Black History Month within a French-speaking context – this is inspired! Thank you, Michelle and Joe! I will explore ThingLink for the “story line”
01:19:47 eric normand: Where do you find the
01:20:43 eric normand: Where do you find the 3d images?
01:21:27 Joe Dale: I’ll ask
01:23:49 Olenka Villavicencio: It’s time to come back classes. Thanks a lot ☺️ Lots of 360 videos you can find on YouTube.
01:26:43 Michelle Worgan: zapsplat
01:26:52 Jerome Nogues: https://www.zapsplat.com/
01:30:18 Mária Harčárová: thank you very much. It was brilliant!
01:30:20 Laura D: Thank you very much Michelle!
01:30:20 Espanol Con Rosa: Wonderful, thank you so much!
01:30:25 Jerome Nogues: Really good!