A TiLT Webinar with Melissa Gould-Drakeley: Remote teaching and assessment – a shift towards blended learning models

July 25 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

[Not recorded]

Thank you so much to Melissa for a wonderful presentation, expertly  drawing together so many threads which we have been exploring during out TiLT webinar series.

This experience (along with a previous webinar with Chris Harte) has given us the inspiration to arrange  more webinars at this time so that keen teachers from across the globe can gather synchronously.  Watch this space!

Melissa has very generously shared her ‘handouts’  Please follow this link to download.

Chat:Melissa Gould Drakeley chat

Class photos:


ALL London organises webinars for the MFL community and this webinar is open to all MFL teachers.  We hope that you will like us and want to join!

Many thanks to Joe Dale who  co-ordinates our  regular TiLT (Technology in Language Teaching) webinars and invites a range of inspiring teachers from across the globe.

Teaching and assessing languages remotely has been challenging but at the same time it has brought opportunities to refresh, reimagine and reboot our teaching practice. In this webinar, Melissa Gould-Drakeley will present some useful online tools for assessing language tasks. She will also show how classrooms can be reconfigured to take advantage of online tools, shifting towards a blended model for successful language learning.

Melissa Gould-Drakeley is Curriculum Inspector Languages at the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). She was formerly Dean of Studies at Macarthur Anglican School, a K-12 school on the outskirts of Sydney.  Melissa taught Indonesian for 30 years and she has also studied French and German. She has a strong interest in curriculum, innovative teaching and learning, intercultural language learning and assessment. She has co-authored the Indonesian language text book series Saling Silang which has an intercultural focus. Melissa holds a Master in Education (Languages), has contributed to numerous journal articles and book chapters and presented at national conferences. Melissa is a former president of the Modern Language Teachers Association (MLTA) NSW and ACT.  She has been acknowledged by the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Association (AFMLTA) and the Professional Teachers Council  NSW for her contribution to the MLTA NSW. She was also awarded an Australian government award for her leadership in languages.

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09:45:49 From Laurence Gillham : I feel like the teacher just left the room!
09:49:25 From Jaclyn Curnow : I had dinner – evening in Melbourne.
09:49:35 From Laurence Gillham : This is the link that Helen and I were talking about: https://www.photo-de-classe.org/#/d-ou-je-viens
09:49:53 From Catherine Gosling : Melbourne, Australia
09:50:00 From Hannah Knight : Greetings from Melbourne, Australia!
09:50:04 From ML : From Melbourne, Australia
09:50:07 From Carole Helbert : sydney so night time here
09:50:09 From Despina Lykopandis : Good to see so many ppl from Melbourne!
09:50:18 From Ida Harsojo (Ida Harsojo) : Greeting from Sydney, Australia too
09:50:20 From Anne Aldis : hi from Canberra
09:50:22 From jayne : N Ireland
09:50:24 From Manuela Matheson : Hi, I’m from the East coast of Australia, near Byron Bay. I teach German at a primary school and first year secondary.
09:50:27 From jessica : Hi From Melbourne
09:50:32 From Fatema Hira : Sydney, Australia
09:50:43 From gmazzeo : Hi from Sydney Australia
09:51:00 From saida : southampton
09:51:03 From Ida Harsojo (Ida Harsojo) : selamat malam, Bu Melissa
09:51:06 From Marianne Eckerstrom-Fancelli : I am from Sydney
09:51:12 From Ruta Dulbinska : Hello from Latvia! I LOVE your webinars! Thanks a lot!
09:51:15 From gmazzeo : Gaetana Nella Mazzeo from Sydney Australia
09:51:29 From Kavita : Hello from Sydney Australia
09:51:44 From Sofia Lopes : Hello, I’m in Birmingham, UK. Thank you for organising this webinar!
09:51:45 From Melissa Gould-Drakeley : Selamat malam. I’m in Pearl Beach, NSW
09:52:05 From Sarah Schgor : I am near Reading, England
09:52:18 From ALL London : I’m in Surrey, UK
09:52:33 From Joe Dale : joedale100
09:52:34 From hmartin4 : I am from Sydney, I teach Korean language Kindergarten to Year 12.
09:52:34 From Marianne Eckerstrom-Fancelli : From Marianne Eckerstrom-Fancelli
09:52:47 From Caroline Okerika : Hi from north Germany!
09:52:56 From florence barats : Hi, was in Lincolnshire now in the Pyrenees!
09:52:58 From Catherine Gosling : He is REALLY famous
09:53:19 From Chris Cattaneo : Hi everyone. I’m in Italy.
09:53:19 From Catherine Gosling : Loads of German teachers here. Me too.
09:53:32 From ALL London : Guten Morgen!
09:53:51 From Manuela Matheson : Guten Abend!
09:53:57 From saida : Joe, have you invited Gianfranco conti?
09:54:02 From Catherine Gosling : Guten Abend!
09:54:24 From Manuela Matheson : Same here!
09:56:11 From Catherine Gosling : Joe has preseted at MLTAV Conferences
09:58:54 From Paula Mourelle Calvo : hello to everyone!
09:59:33 From Gabrielle : Hello sorry I don’t have video but can hear well
09:59:37 From Catherine Gosling : Yes
09:59:42 From Despina Lykopandis : Its the best solution
10:00:32 From Catherine Gosling : Porridge is quite quiet.
10:01:35 From Dung Tran : Hello everyone. We used to have video off due to recording
10:01:49 From Catherine Gosling : Can’t hear that munching, you will be pleased to know.
10:02:39 From N Shabestari : Hello to everyone from London
10:02:53 From Stella Holmes : Good evening from Sydney.
10:02:57 From Coreena Allen : HI everyone from Australia 🙂
10:03:11 From Paula : Hi from Queensland in Australia
10:03:19 From Jenisha Manandhar : Hi Everyone, This is Jenisha from Sydney
10:03:20 From Houry Kehaian : Hi from Sydney Australia
10:03:23 From Nicole Kim : Hi from Sydney
10:03:39 From TianaPB : Hello to everyone from Geraldton, WA
10:03:54 From Kavita : Kavita Sood from Sydney Australia
10:04:08 From Hiba Kishi : Good morning from Manchester
10:04:18 From Mary Finfinis : Hi from Melbourne Australia
10:04:19 From Nahye Hwang : Hi from Sydney Australia!
10:04:20 From Mieko Shida : Hi from Sydney Australia
10:04:28 From Sue Warren : Hi This is Sue Warren near Halifax, UK
10:04:39 From BK : Hi Bhupinder Gill from Sydney Australia
10:04:44 From Milanda Chikhaoui : Hi Milanda from Dubai
10:04:45 From Jasmine : hi I’m Jasmine, Sydney Australia…I’m a community language teacher.. teaching Mandarin & Cantonese language
10:04:47 From svrountzos : Hello from Sydney, Australia.
10:04:54 From Fran Taylor : Hi All – from sunny Macclesfield (South of Manchester, UK)
10:04:57 From Jasmine : my students are beginners..
10:05:05 From samia saci : hello
10:05:06 From Malini Somaskanthan : Hello Everyone This is Malini from Sydney Australia
10:05:07 From Lien Le : Hi, Lien Le from Sydney, NSW
10:05:16 From Nazare CASTRO SANTOS (Nazare CASTRO SANTOS) : Hello from Sydney, Australia!
10:05:18 From rachel.cootes1 : Rachel from Moruya, Australia
10:05:18 From Nirmala Liyanage : Hi I am Nirmala Liyanage from Sydney
10:05:20 From languages : Mandy from Canberra Australia
10:05:23 From Dung Tran : Thanks presenters including the host in advance.
10:05:23 From Sue Warren : I teach French and EFL, in the main
10:05:23 From Jeanette Hughes : Hi. I’m Jeanette from Wigan, England
10:05:28 From Rachelle Kregor : Hi I’m Rachelle from Melbourne, Australia 🙂
10:05:40 From Fatema Hira : I have combined class of beginners to advanced levels
10:05:47 From Susil : Good afternoon to everyone from Sydney
10:06:07 From Dan Lin : Hi from Sydney. I teach Chinese
10:06:18 From Catherine Gosling : Hi Heike!!
10:06:29 From Catherine Gosling : DaFWEBKON Heike!
10:06:51 From Thiru Thirunanthakumar : Hello all, I am Thiru from Tamil School in Sydney
10:06:52 From siobhan atkins : Hi from Sydney I teach Spanish
10:07:15 From Joe Dale : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
10:07:29 From 942 8516 0109 : Hi from Sydney, I teach Punjabi
10:07:50 From Bella Bennett : thank you Joe. would love to support you back if i could
10:07:53 From CoDodge : Hi from Colette from Dorset UK, teach Spanish 🙂
10:08:15 From Marita Grafe-Tschur : Hello from Melbourne Australia. My name is Marita.
10:08:16 From Joe Dale : Thanks Bella 🙂
10:08:23 From florence barats : joining by the end of the month1
10:08:28 From Leeza Karki : Hi I am from Sydney.. teaching Nepali
10:08:30 From florence barats : month!
10:08:43 From Melissa Gould-Drakeley : Amazing PL and support from MLTA – for 30 years
10:08:47 From Jaclyn Curnow : Networking support, inspirational, sharing resources associations help immensely
10:08:49 From Catherine Gosling : Association of German Teachers of Victoria Inc. – professional collaboration and support and inspiration.
10:08:50 From Dan Lin : CLTANSW Chinese Language Teachers Association NSW
10:08:55 From Sue Warren : I am a member of the Alliance Francaise Manchester
10:08:57 From Jeanette Hughes : I’m in ALL. I second what Helen is saying
10:08:57 From Paula Hay : MLTAQ affiliated with AFMLTA – nation wide collegues who share resources and assistance and support
10:09:04 From Manuela Matheson : Makes me feel like I’m in the loop of current research and a place for support if needed.
10:09:08 From Paula Mourelle Calvo : ALL is an incredibly supportive association
10:09:11 From Fran Taylor : I appreciate the ideas and expertise, especially since I am an NQT.
10:09:11 From Joe Dale : Hi Paula!
10:09:12 From Marita Grafe-Tschur : Yes, I am a member and it helps to stay informed and to get teaching ideas
10:09:17 From Manuela Matheson : I am a member of the NSW MLTA
10:09:24 From Coreena Allen : I am in a few in NSW Australia- collaboration, professional discussions, share resources, support each other MLTA NSW, JTAN NSW, NAFT NSW… love like minded colleagues 🙂
10:09:25 From Carole Helbert : MLTA Australia and Naft for French teachers in NSW great associations 🙂
10:09:27 From Charlie Berney ML Tutor : Charlie from ALL West of England branch. I love being part of the association. We language lovers are always language learners and so this is the oerfect way to stay connected to the best soulmates!
10:09:29 From ALICE Semple : I’m in ALL and was a member as an NQT too
10:09:36 From CoDodge : Yes member invaluable source of professional input
10:09:41 From Mart Wilmin : yes an ALL member- please join and support!
10:10:06 From jill andrew : Hi to all. Jill Andrew member of VILTA
10:10:07 From Eva Tu : Good evening, everyone! Eva Tu from Sydney, Australia
10:10:19 From Sajan’s iPhone : hello I am from Sydney. I teach nepali language.
10:10:36 From Sue Warren : I intend to join…I have been learning a lot from these fantastic webinars
10:10:41 From Catherine Gosling : Maybe remind people to turn off their video
10:11:06 From Annu Mishra Ghimire : I am from Sydney . Teaching Nepali Language.
10:11:22 From ALL London : Please could you now turn off your webcams.. it just might help those who have weaker connections. Thanks!
10:11:27 From Catherine Gosling : Isn’t technology fabulous that we can do this.
10:11:30 From samia saci : memberships has been a necessary tool for exploring what is new in language teaching and the translation business.
10:12:04 From Andi : Hi everyone. I am Andi in Sydney, teaching Indonesian
10:12:10 From florence barats : it says that the screen sharing has started but I cannot see anything, is that normal/
10:12:35 From Una Byrne : Hi from Carlow, Ireland 🙂
10:12:36 From Catherine Gosling : Lovely acknowledgement of Country. Wurrundjeri where I am and Wotjobaluk where I was born.
10:12:40 From Negin Shabestari : All member, it is a bog community of great helpful people with lots of free webinars. Thanks to everyone in ALL and specially Helen and Joe.
10:12:57 From Aurelie Charenton : Hello everyone from Melbourne.
10:13:08 From Tanya Coli : what a great acknowledgement! Thanks Melissa
10:13:09 From Joe Dale : Thank you Negin 🙂
10:14:18 From Joe Dale : @Florence – We can see Melissa’s screen fine. I’m not sure what the issue is
10:14:25 From Negin Shabestari : *big, sorry!
10:14:32 From samia saci : yes
10:14:50 From Paula Mourelle Calvo : @Florence maybe try joining via Youtube
10:14:53 From florence barats : no idea why…
10:15:49 From florence barats : it has now appeared! Sorry!
10:16:02 From Joe Dale : Phew!
10:17:21 From Catherine Gosling : And it may not be in the textbook
10:18:11 From Maria : Hi everyone. I’m from Melbourne. I’m teaching Greek
10:19:27 From Saadia-Azza Supplementary School : Hi Everyone I am from London and I am teaching Arabic GCSE in supplementary school – Azza
10:20:05 From ALL London : True, Catheirne. Though teacher notes accompanying a course book often give ideas about how to bring in up-to-date culture
10:21:31 From Marilena : Are we going to have access to the PowerPoint after the webinar?
10:21:35 From ALL London : Yes
10:21:43 From Joe Dale : The PDF yes
10:21:49 From Marilena : Thank you very much
10:22:33 From Catherine Gosling : Today I was thinking about colours and thinking we shoudl teach e.g. schwarz wie die Nacht (black as the night) to get idioms in from the start. (secondary(
10:23:06 From Joe Dale : Here are lots of ideas for speaking and listening https://www.facebook.com/groups/modernlanguagesteacherslounge/permalink/513109076052493/
10:23:47 From Paula Hay : Sorry – was for all – thanks Catherine, great to modify for primary – noted!!
10:23:48 From Marita Grafe-Tschur : Kahhot
10:23:51 From Tanya Coli : Hi Mel, we can’t see the other screen
10:23:52 From Marita Grafe-Tschur : quizlet
10:24:04 From BK : Kahoot and Quizlet
10:24:05 From Lia Widyastuti : hi everyone
10:24:15 From Muña Ben Zidane : activelearn
10:24:23 From Catherine Gosling : If this is zoom, you have to stop sharing and then share screen again
10:24:32 From Jue Luo : need to start a new share
10:24:44 From Marjory Creta : liveworksheets
10:24:59 From Tanya Coli : maybe some of the tools can be written in the chat?
10:25:24 From Sue Warren : Love the colours and idioms idea…thanks
10:25:28 From Chris Cattaneo : could you share your link to mentimeter in the chat?
10:25:37 From Negin Shabestari : Great idea Tanya.
10:25:44 From Negin Shabestari : Quizlet
10:25:48 From Hannah Knight : Quizziz
10:25:49 From florence barats : you can do that with animals as well for idioms
10:25:51 From Catherine Gosling : YEp
10:25:52 From Ms V Sharma : Here’s a screenshot of the results
10:25:56 From Paula Hay : Ohhh – I’ve just remembered a poem totally for colours and idioms!!
10:26:00 From Sarah Schgor : vocaroo
10:26:03 From Teresa Naso : Flipgrid
10:26:04 From Helen Myers (ALL London) : Kahoot, Quizlet, Microsoft quizzes, Class NOtebook
10:26:04 From Sue Warren : Share screen on Zoom and breakout rooms
10:26:04 From Andi : Kahoot
10:26:08 From Nicole Kim : Quizizz
10:26:14 From Tharany S : https://wordwall.net
10:26:15 From Negin Shabestari : Kahoot
10:26:16 From Saadia-Azza Supplementary School : describing a picture
10:26:18 From Caroline Ding : I just submitted.
10:26:19 From Jaclyn Curnow : Flippity.net SMS generators Classroom.net tools
10:26:26 From Joe Dale : QWIQR Conversations
10:26:28 From Chris Cattaneo : padlet
10:26:28 From Saadia-Azza Supplementary School : googleforms
10:26:37 From Jeanette Hughes : Lyricstraining
10:26:38 From Adeline Moston : flipgrid, quizlet live, OneNote class notebook
10:26:43 From Ester Borin Bonillo : mentimeter, wordwall, learningapps, socrative
10:26:43 From saida : voaroo as well
10:26:44 From Saadia-Azza Supplementary School : role play
10:26:45 From Linda Marion Melbourne : forms in Microsoft office
10:26:49 From Saadia-Azza Supplementary School : using chat
10:26:51 From Catherine Gosling : https://l-www.voki.com/
10:26:53 From Caroline Ding : Kahoot, google classroom
10:26:57 From Chris Cattaneo : flipgrid
10:27:07 From Ribha Upadhyay : zoom
10:27:15 From Joe Dale : Kapwing
10:27:15 From Anne Aldis : wakelet
10:27:50 From Joe Dale : I think Melissa means Kapwing https://www.kapwing.com/
10:27:58 From Catherine Gosling : What was that
10:27:59 From Beatriz : sounds great!
10:28:04 From Coreena Allen : yes it is, it is wonderful and easy to use and free
10:28:25 From Catherine Gosling : If it is zoom, you have to click on share audio from computer to share sound when you share the screen
10:28:48 From Catherine Gosling : Kapwing sounds cool
10:28:48 From Linda Marion Melbourne : powerpoint – insert media
10:29:21 From Joe Dale : Here is a comprehensive resource I put together in March is.gd/TILTTHURSjoedale
10:29:43 From Catherine Gosling : Midsommer Murders and teh like suggest UK is a very dangerous place to be.
10:30:43 From Joe Dale : You can sign up to charlala using charlala.com/joe
10:30:57 From Coreena Allen : www.wizer.com also fabulous for language teachers
10:31:00 From Joe Dale : whiteboard.fi is great too
10:32:11 From Catherine Gosling : wizer looks absoloutely amazing. Have yet to have a play.
10:32:43 From Jaclyn Curnow : https://www.kialo.com/
10:32:49 From Joe Dale : We have covered escape rooms in different TiLT webinars
10:32:57 From Helen Myers (ALL London) : This is so helpful,,, categorising apps by purpose
10:33:22 From Coreena Allen : https://www.languagesnsw.com/news/april-09th-2020 this is a little demo video we made for language teachers in NSW on wizer 🙂
10:33:22 From Beatriz : has anyone used EXPLAIN EVERYTHING? looks good but don’t know anyone who has used it
10:33:44 From Helen Myers (ALL London) : Thanks Coreena
10:33:55 From Catherine Gosling : Flipgrid is the best.
10:34:09 From saida : this is brilliant, shame it is not recorded to revisit it again. Glad we are having the resoucres. brill
10:34:13 From Sarah Noble : @Beatriz Explain everything is very good, use it a lot for modelling.
10:34:16 From Helen Myers (ALL London) : I will put all the chat onto the webpage after the webinar for reference.. so any other ideas / linskare welcome!
10:34:32 From Paula Hay : Super!!
10:34:33 From Joe Dale : Here are 60 Jamboard ideas for language teachers https://jamboard.google.com/d/1SEOPwJZWQfGMCI_al1_nE_31Eo6TcHIRvFFGjyitQ4o/edit?usp=sharing https://jamboard.google.com/d/1-wxb4ENvzRiC-0paQNLzfE2mFUxab5nrtfEyFDKj2Zo/edit?usp=sharing https://jamboard.google.com/d/1jbLWWC5CbT87_L-sJOmSS_9w-q4hTkgIKEQbj2_lLVo/edit?usp=sharing
10:34:47 From florence barats : really enjoying genially1
10:34:53 From Joe Dale : Thank you Meliissa 🙂
10:35:12 From Beatriz : @Sarah thanks !
10:35:16 From Galiane Marterer : It would be great to have a document summarising all these websites and apps with possible uses.
10:35:33 From Galiane Marterer : Is Jamboard free ?
10:35:40 From Catherine Gosling : We will have access to the PPT
10:35:44 From Chris Cattaneo : answergarden.ch (similar to mentimeter)
10:35:46 From Maria : Seesaw is actually amazing and so creative.
10:35:54 From Joe Dale : Yes Jamboard is free
10:35:59 From Chris Cattaneo : Thanks @Joe!
10:36:16 From saida : Q: I know some of them but are they free? if not which ones are paid?
10:36:19 From Nicole Kim : You can save this chat
10:36:37 From Chris Cattaneo : good idea @Nicole – Thanks!
10:37:01 From Joe Dale : Here is a Google Form I creating showcasing different question types for language lessons https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeT7qIm6QBXwRwxG7ORYoWZ9hyzdDA4Iotq78p0gTPMiNCiFg/viewform?usp=sf_link
10:37:09 From Jaclyn Curnow : “FluentKey” is for teachers to utilise the benefits of gamification and multimedia. Teachers create comprehension activities and students interactive with the video by responding to multiple choice, sequencing or cloze activities.
10:37:30 From Marita Grafe-Tschur : I used seesaw a lot with iPads. Does anybody knows if you can use with the computer?
10:37:32 From Helen Myers (ALL London) : Love the blender image!
10:37:51 From Jaclyn Curnow : The blender is powerful. The right ingredients
10:38:06 From Anna Grainger : @Marita – yes you can use Seesaw with computers
10:38:13 From Marita Grafe-Tschur : Thanks
10:38:19 From Helen Myers (ALL London) : Yes, Jaclyn!
10:38:55 From Maria : Yes Marita, you can use it on your computer
10:39:08 From Tanya Coli : this site is also great with MANY activities and tools for online learning https://app.education.nsw.gov.au/digital-learning-selector/?cache_id=54eb4
10:40:03 From Joe Dale : Maxine’s Twitter is @AcostaOstrzycki
10:40:24 From Muña Ben Zidane : what’s the link for the virtual tour please? thank you
10:40:42 From Sarah Noble : For French Marie Allirot has created a lot of escape rooms
10:41:56 From Joe Dale : Here are different escape rooms and other creative resources https://padlet.com/esmeraldasalgad/xu5uye5tnrrqzxy0 collated by Esmeralda Salgado
10:42:24 From Helen Myers (ALL London) : What sort of ‘rewards’ (other than intrinsic satisfaction) do people give for cracking the code for escape rooms?
10:43:08 From Ester Borin Bonillo : Mind you @Helen I owe to my students a massive amount of coffees and
10:43:09 From Catherine Gosling : That Padlet is packed. Such a cool tool.
10:43:17 From Joe Dale : Here is the link to the virtual tour Melissa has shared https://sites.google.com/view/excursion-eiffel-tower/home
10:43:39 From Muña Ben Zidane : @joe thank you for the escape rooms and virtual tour links
10:43:54 From Coreena Allen : https://www.languagesnsw.com/news/using-learning-from-home-tools-in-the-face-to-face-space
10:44:03 From Helen Myers (ALL London) : Yes Ester – in school I unashamedly use sweets … (contrary to health policy I am sure!)
10:46:05 From Ester Borin Bonillo : hehe, Helen, this time because I couldn’t see them I sent vouchers that they can exchange when we see for Welsh Cakes and coffee or sweets(same here, contrary to health policy!)
10:46:27 From Catherine Gosling : Technology is fantastic for providing differentiation – and letting kids move on. Build it up over time.
10:46:38 From Dan Lin : class dojo points are rewarded leading to a term prize
10:47:46 From Beatriz : How can students to work together in the classroom while keeping social-distance? any ideas?
10:48:07 From Helen Myers (ALL London) : ‘Choice boards’ .. great idea.
10:48:09 From Beatriz : will they all be on devices in the classroom come September?
10:48:11 From Catherine Gosling : Love Choice boards.
10:48:39 From Marilena : I use sweets at school and I also found in Poundland little buckets with 100 little soldiers. I’ve got no idea why, but even my Y11 love collecting soldiers. At the end whoever has the most soldiers, will have a positive note in planner or a positive phone call home.
10:48:42 From Paula Mourelle Calvo : this is great!
10:48:50 From samia saci : Great ideas, thank you so much
10:48:56 From Joe Dale : Here’s a presentation I gave for the Spanish Association for Trinidad and Tobago recently which has had over 1000 views – Remote language learning reconfigured: A pedagogical paradigm shift? https://youtu.be/-uEuDHC3OVI
10:49:11 From Helen Myers (ALL London) : I will post link ont he website after this session
10:49:20 From Catherine Gosling : Engage, Explor, Explain Elaborate Evaluate – Vicotorian version at one point in time.
10:49:22 From Fatema Hira : most of my students are in primary level. kindy to year 4 . Any specific ideas to make it more interesting for this age group as their capabilities of participating online class is limited for various reasons.
10:49:24 From Lia Widyastuti : can I ask for this presentation material?
10:49:39 From Joe Dale : The presentation will be shared
10:50:02 From Coreena Allen : Beatriz they could use online methods in the classroom so they can keep socially distant but still interacting in games, collaboration on docs etc if they have devices. It is a hard one world wide!!!
10:50:17 From Helen Myers (ALL London) : I now understand ‘with a background’!
10:51:54 From Victoria : How do you prepare a “survival game”? I haven’t heard of them…
10:52:37 From Elisabeth Schaludek-Paletschek : Do you think that the link to the diversity film could be shared? This would be great.
10:53:17 From Beatriz : @Coreena – yes – very tough worldwide – just wondering how many schools in the UK have the internet capacity for BYOD esp in state schools?
10:53:20 From Fatema Hira : I would love to have access to the presentation slides, if possible. fatemakhatunhira@gmail.com is my email address.
10:53:57 From Helen Myers (ALL London) : I need to be influenced by a snack-attack poster!
10:54:06 From Hannah Knight to Helen Myers (ALL London)(Privately) : Hahahhaa
10:54:33 From florence barats : No BYOD in my school!
10:54:36 From Joe Dale : Here is the Snack Attack movie link http://snackattackmovie.com/
10:54:58 From Joe Dale : @Fatema – Melissa will be sharing her presentation
10:55:30 From Stella Holmes : Thank you so much Melissa, always wonderful to listen to you present.
10:55:34 From saida : WOW, it is brilliant. I did not want it to finish
10:55:35 From Beatriz : thank you!
10:55:41 From Martin : Q: Re. student control, would you share the lesson “plans” with pupils before starting
10:55:42 From Despina Lykopandis : Fabulous presentation! Thank you!!
10:55:44 From Jaclyn Curnow : Thanks Melissa. So glad I could join
10:55:45 From TianaPB : Thank you.
10:55:45 From Chris Cattaneo : Thank you
10:55:52 From leda trotman : Thanks for all the brilliant ideas 🙂
10:55:53 From Anne Aldis : Thank you so much for the presentation Melissa
10:55:54 From Sarah Noble : Thank you Melissa, inspiring, great summary, best webinar tightly within the hour. Thank you for giving up your time for this.
10:55:56 From Carole Helbert : Thank you for this free webinar always nice to reflect on our practice 🙂
10:55:56 From florence barats : Once more lots of ideas and insight!
10:55:57 From Paula Hay : So clear and easy to follow
10:56:00 From Bella Bennett : thank you so much. that was very informative and extremely useful.
10:56:03 From Ida Harsojo (Ida Harsojo) : Thank you Mel,
10:56:05 From Lia Widyastuti : Thank you Mellisa. It’s amazing idea
10:56:05 From Jeanette Hughes : Great presentation. Thank you.
10:56:07 From Mala Mehta : thanks melissa .. great presentation!
10:56:10 From Helen Myers (ALL London) : Thanks Melissa
10:56:17 From Catherine Gosling : Thank you, Melissa. Comprehensive overveiw.
10:56:18 From Paula Mourelle Calvo : Fantastic presentation, thank you so much for these great ideas! thoroughly enjoyed it!
10:56:19 From Ida Harsojo (Ida Harsojo) : very inspiring
10:56:28 From rachel.cootes1 : fantastic, thank you
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11:00:56 From Dung Tran : So, teachers are to equip themselves with skills of using such apps!
11:01:53 From Catherine Gosling : I do like the ACTFL Interpreting, Interpersonal and Presentational framework and 5Cs to focus learning on something productive. https://www.actfl.org/resources/world-readiness-standards-learning-languages
11:02:03 From Manuela Matheson : And somehow teach our students!
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11:04:55 From Elisabeth Schaludek-Paletschek : Q: Could Melissa by chance tell ust he main difference between BLENDED an FLIPPED learning?
11:05:12 From Catherine Gosling : I actually think it is quite difficult for students to identify the differences between worldviews within and across Australia and German-speaking communities, because there are similarities.
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11:12:59 From Jenny : That’s why teaching younger learners in primary school is so rewarding and creative – the big exam is not the pay off.
11:13:00 From Joe Dale : You can comment on Twitter or write a blog post?
11:13:52 From Stella Holmes : That is very true Helen, however, the cultural element does come across here in the “higher order responses” from students where they demonstrate authentic vocabulary and knowledge of the language even as second language acquisition.
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