A TiLT Webinar with Marie Allirot and Natasha Witham: “Using gamification, culture and art to motivate language learners”


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We thank Joe Dale for co-ordinating  the TiLT (Technology in Language Teaching)  series of webinars, bringing together teachers who are interested in  developing their use of technology in their teaching.  As well as  enhancing our skills, we also get to meet other ‘keenies’  from across the globe, and can get to know each other informally by chatting before, during and after the webinar.

We also thank the presenters, who give freely of their time and expertise.  Where possible, most sessions are recorded and available for viewing later.


The use of Escape rooms in the language classroom. We will talk about physical and electronic escape rooms. For the digital escape rooms, we will be looking at the advanced use of Genially (Using some of the Scape’s tools) and Google forms. 

We will look at cross curricular ideas to interest language learners. Links to art (reference to artists Ben Heine and Shamek Bluwi)


Marie is Head of French and Deputy housemistress at Bede’s Prep School in Eastbourne (East Sussex). She teaches French to pupils from reception up to Year 8 and Classical civilisation to Year 7 and 8. She has led the IAPS District 3 meeting in October 2019. She is a French native speaker and comes from a small village in the Loire Department near Saint-Etienne. She has lived in England since 1998and has worked in 2 state secondary schools for 14 years teaching French and German. She moved to the private sector 7 years ago. 

Twitter @MarieAllirot

Natasha has taught languages, primarily Spanish and French but also German, since 2002 both in the state and private sectors, in the UK and abroad. She is currently Head of Modern Foreign Languages at Handcross Park Prep school in West Sussex. Natasha has a keen interest in  technology in the MFL classroom, having experimented with Augmented Reality after being inspired by Joe Dale, a legacy she left in a previous school, as well as Escape Rooms which she enjoyed socially before investigating how they could be adapted to her teaching repertoire. Natasha developed her first physical Escape Room for last year’s European Day of Languages after attending a training session provided by the Consejería in London. She works at a Google reference school and has Google Educator Level 1 certification. 


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00:42:00 Alina Hayrapetyan: You are most welcome
00:43:05 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:43:31 N Shabestari: Hello to everyone.
00:44:05 Karine Cook: I am a grateful member, do join
00:44:27 Joe Dale: WEBINAR10
00:44:38 Florence Barats: I am a member and so grateful for all that is available during this difficult times.
00:44:47 N Shabestari: Come and join the wonderful ALL
00:44:49 Joe Dale: joedale100
00:44:52 Caroline Okerika: I’m a member too! It is really worth joining.
00:45:01 Alex Elliott: Hello everyone …. joining you from France 🙂
00:45:04 ALICE Semple: Well worth joining for community feel and inspiration
00:45:06 Alina Hayrapetyan: I belong to AELTA/Armenian English Teachers’ Association
00:45:40 Laura McEwan : Hello – I’m a member of SALT in Scotland -Scottish Association of Language Teachers
00:45:56 Helen McFarlane: Do join this wonderful organisation for linguists and all things languages!
00:47:24 Ismat Zarin: I sm a member4
00:47:38 Ismat Zarin: I am a member of BELTA
00:48:30 Julia Morris: yes, it was a very good intro to Genially from Carmen
00:48:58 Karine Cook: So pleased to put a face on Marie
00:48:58 Saida Mohsni: I had a look at marie’s escape rooms on fb, they ae fab
00:49:27 N Shabestari: They are great!
00:49:49 Alex Elliott: Have really enjoyed all of Marie’s creations …. can’t wait to see more …:)
00:49:49 Catherine Horner – Childers, QLD, Australia: I am a member of MLTAQ – Modern Language Teachers Association of Queensland
00:49:55 Valérie Smith: Indeed, they are amazing!
00:52:02 marie.allirot: Thank you!
00:53:22 Helen Myers: Welcome everyone!
00:56:09 Helen Myers: gREATIDEAS!
00:56:33 Julia Morris: No sound
00:57:07 Julia Morris: thanks
00:57:10 Paula Cook: Wow! We’re only 10 minutes into the presentation and I am already sold!! Great stuff
00:57:51 N Shabestari: Marie, are you still at school?
00:58:08 Joe Dale: Yes St Bedes
00:58:43 mariana hood: it is amazing to see this happening as in the meeting at Bede’s you both only started talking about this amazing idea!
00:58:44 Helen Myers: Quite, Paula!
00:58:51 ALICE Semple: The music really creates the atmosphere
00:59:12 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I like the torches too, they made it look exciting and spooky!
00:59:41 Laurianne Gayler: Love the kids’ excitement!
01:00:14 Cheryl Haynes: This looks amazing!
01:00:19 Catherine Horner – Childers, QLD, Australia: That’s awesome….need to find an old school!
01:00:50 Helen Myers: Yes Catherine .. that was what I was thinking!
01:01:22 Helen Myers: Yes – it;s this sort of experience they are going to talk about
01:01:31 Cheryl Haynes: Q. You have clearly put considerable preparation into these activities, would you say the outcomes are worth the time input? engagement was clearly high!
01:02:20 Helen Myers: I will puit the link to the presentation on th e webpage
01:02:35 Florence Barats: Q Can you lock as well in Microsoft teams/forms?
01:02:36 marie.allirot: Definitely worth the effort, they remember for a long time
01:04:42 Julia Morris: @florence No, you can’t use response validation in Microsoft
01:04:49 marie.allirot: not sure about Microsoft forms, I use google forms too
01:04:54 Julia Morris: but you can insert a google form into Office products
01:05:02 marie.allirot: Sorry did not see Julia’s answer
01:05:07 Florence Barats: Thanks for that.
01:06:19 Julia Morris: and students don’t need a google account to use a google form
01:06:39 Florence Barats: I have done my first Genially Escape room for Year 6 induction day/lock down so online, took a bit of time but I enjoyed doing it!
01:08:41 Sarah Noble: Many thanks Nathasha, amazing!
01:08:42 Helen Myers: Thanks so much Natasha!
01:08:47 Joe Dale: Well done Natasha!
01:08:48 Pilar Navarro: Many thanks Natasha.
01:08:48 N Shabestari: Thank you Natasha.
01:08:53 Paula Cook: That was really inspiring, Natasha.
01:09:00 Helen Myers: Really good to see that yoiu can adapt existing examples
01:09:01 Elsa: Thanks Natasha
01:09:07 Laurianne Gayler: Great work!
01:09:14 Cheryl Haynes: thank you Natasha, fantastic ideas!
01:10:08 Valérie Smith: Thanks Natasha , very inspiring!
01:12:11 Helen Myers: Re: use of microsoft forms (earlier quesiton) – I suppo e you could use ‘branching’ to open up the next quesiton? Within Class NOtebook you can lock sections.
01:12:45 Julia Morris: problem with Microsoft branching: only for multiple choice so easy guessing
01:13:02 Joe Dale: I thought the dog barking was part of the escape room 😉
01:13:12 Caroline Pepper: yes Joe me too !
01:13:34 Paula Cook: Génial, Marie!
01:13:35 Florence Barats: Just got Microsoft teams at school! So just getting my head round that! Thanks for the info.
01:13:38 Julia Morris: I played that escape room, its really cool, thanks for sharing
01:13:39 Helen McFarlane: Moi aussi! Milou de Tintin!
01:13:59 Natasha Witham: Great idea Joe – sorry everyone
01:14:38 Julia Morris: Hi
01:14:48 Julia Morris: the instructions are only in French or Spanish
01:14:53 Joe Dale: No problem. This webinar is amazing!
01:14:56 Helen Myers: WE must introduce you to JUlia at the end!!!
01:15:28 Catherine Horner – Childers, QLD, Australia: Love the online conception as I teach at 5 different schools…
01:16:43 Florence Barats: Q Can you do that on the free version or do you have to have one of the paid version?
01:16:46 Marie-Odile Guillou : can your Y2 read this text?
01:17:11 Julia Morris: @florence the S’cape stuff is free
01:17:17 Julia Morris: and works with free Genially
01:17:17 Helen Myers: from JUlia: @florence the S’cape stuff is free
01:17:23 Florence Barats: Thanks
01:18:07 Julia Morris: You can do a lot with free Genially, the paid version is mainly for some extra templates and other little bits
01:19:11 Paula Cook: Q: I am curious to know from the presenters how long it takes to set up one of these exercises. I can imagine that a whole escape room takes time to conceptualise and set up, but just for a short exercise in a lesson, how much time are you spending?
01:19:56 Catherine Horner – Childers, QLD, Australia: All new to me…does the creator download the ‘escape room tasks’ or do the students access it via a link?
01:20:17 Florence Barats: It is via a link you send them.
01:20:34 Catherine Horner – Childers, QLD, Australia: Thanks Florence..
01:20:40 Florence Barats: unless there is another way!
01:21:31 Caroline Hill: Q: I love these ideas and have had a lot of fun using genial.ly for remote teaching. How do you envisage using these tasks in whole class teaching? We do not have computers/iPads/tech readily available, so struggling to see how I would use apart from for homework.
01:21:41 Helen Myers: Great to see this live.
01:21:55 Joe Dale: I couldn’t agree more
01:22:02 Julia Morris: some of the activity like the one now (dobble) could be used as a speaking task in class
01:22:15 Julia Morris: you can also embed Genially in a OneNote page, if you use that
01:23:09 Julia Morris: I would say it is difficult to a digital play escape room as a whole class, if you don’t have a device for each team
01:23:32 Ismat Zarin: Very innovative ideas!
01:24:54 Helen Myers: Absolutely brilliant idea!
01:25:01 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: That’s a great idea to have everything in one place!
01:25:22 Laurianne Gayler: Great idea!
01:25:25 Natasha Witham: Amazing Marie
01:25:36 ALICE Semple: Stunning graphics
01:26:07 Laurianne Gayler: I like the ‘Amazing work’ section too, brilliant for the children’s confidence.
01:26:08 Noelia RG: Loving this! What was the name of the one of the books?
01:26:09 Elsa: Amazing! I love your bitmoji classroom
01:26:27 Esther Mercier: amazing work
01:26:56 mariana hood: bitmoji classroom!! what a gem! merci Marie
01:27:01 ALICE Semple: Q where do you go to to get your bitmoji to get into such great poses?
01:27:53 Helen Myers: Lucky pupils
01:27:54 Marie-Odile Guillou : Super !
01:27:59 Noelia RG: how amazing that the children met him!
01:29:09 Catherine Horner – Childers, QLD, Australia: Love the integration… do you teach art as well or just French and incorporate art into your French classes?
01:29:13 Helen Myers: Brilliant!
01:29:16 KReid – TCA: Brilliant. Thank you both
01:29:27 Laurianne Gayler: That’s fab, thank you so much!
01:29:27 Paula Cook: Wow! So much to take in, so many creative idea, Marie.
01:29:31 Pilar Navarro: very inspiring. Thank you
01:29:32 ALICE Semple: Q what was the name of the person they met?
01:29:40 Caroline Pepper: Amazing thank you … what lucky students you have .. 🙂
01:29:42 Cheryl Haynes: such inspiring ideas, thank you Marie!
01:30:06 Noelia RG: ALICE the artist is Ben Heine
01:30:07 N Shabestari: Ben Heime
01:30:08 Sarah Noble: Well done Marie, very inspiring!
01:30:16 Marie-Odile Guillou : So they would need one computer each in the classroom?
01:30:18 N Shabestari: heine
01:30:24 ALICE Semple: Thanks
01:30:31 jennywoodley: Amazing as always Marie. Bravo!
01:30:38 Helen Myers: If you want to open webcams, feel free!
01:30:44 Julia Morris: yes, S’cape gives you a lot more options! very cool
01:30:55 Catherine Horner – Childers, QLD, Australia: I can see setting up a physical escape room as a one off activity at a language day where different schools come together..
01:30:57 Helen Myers: I’ll take a class pic at 9 pm!
01:32:08 Florence Barats: I agree the time spent is worth it. Some of the feedback I had for the Y6 escape room I made was that some pupils did it more than once despite knowing the code!
01:32:31 Caroline Pepper: different schools coming together … transition day … what a lovely idea. !
01:33:09 Caroline Pepper: DO you have to have a scape account … ?
01:33:28 Catherine Horner – Childers, QLD, Australia: Thanks Caroline, my small schools meet, normally once a term, to get to know one another before moving onto their common high school..
01:33:44 Catherine Horner – Childers, QLD, Australia: No Caroline I don’t
01:33:51 Julia Morris: making escape rooms can be fun! Making a puzzle is better than solving it!
01:34:22 Julia Morris: Scape doesn’t need a log in
01:34:47 Jane Birty: Very generous to make your resources adaptable! Much appreciated.
01:34:52 marie.allirot: pose
01:35:08 Caroline Pepper: You are so kind to keep yours reusable !! big thanks !
01:35:23 Denise Bodle: Do you do this as a whole class activity ? On IAWB?
01:35:25 ALICE Semple: Thank you so I will search pose in the chrome extension
01:35:52 Natasha Witham: You can change the language on Bitmoji too
01:35:55 marie.allirot: https://view.genial.ly/5f170f099b322c0d79775462/presentation-marie-allirot-presentation
01:36:10 Marie-Odile Guillou : Thank you Marie!
01:36:20 ALICE Semple: In the end I sent out my Escape rooms with someone else’s bitmoji on!
01:37:35 Natasha Witham: Merci beaucoup Marie, c’est vraiment super et généreux, quel boulot incroyable!
01:37:41 Natasha Witham: From Laurianne
01:38:47 Helen Myers: webcams on please if you;re not too shy!!!
01:38:56 Caroline Pepper: how do you link scap things to genial.ly ? is it integrated into Genial.ly
01:39:15 ALICE Semple: Thank you, it has been great to put a face to the bitmojis and Escape rooms
01:39:18 Noelia RG: Thank you very much Marie and Natasha, really inspiring – what amazing work!
01:39:20 Helen Myers: I’ll take a pic in th enext gap …!
01:39:22 Valérie Smith: Travail remarquable Marie! Epoustouflant!
01:39:52 Julia Morris: Scape offers templates that you can then reuse and add to your genially presentation
01:39:52 Churchill: please could Marie say again where/how she made the virtual classroom with the links to resources?
01:40:28 Laurianne Gayler: Great idea, the model exercise book!
01:41:15 Churchill: apologies I have no camera on my laptop
01:41:39 Stuart Adams: sorry, I don’t have my camera plugged in to my desktop
01:41:47 Cheryl Haynes: thank you so much everyone 👏👏
01:41:56 Stuart Adams: but thank you so much
01:42:23 Alex Elliott: Thank you so much – really useful.
01:42:30 Esther Mercier: thank you very much!
01:42:38 Helen McFarlane: Thank you so much, Marie, Natasha, Helen and Joe – I am looking forward to exploring your Genially presentations – bonne nuit, everyone! Must dash now…
01:43:23 mariana hood: Thank you so much! you are brilliant
01:43:23 jennywoodley: Is that a FB group for Genially?
01:43:40 Denise Bodle: Fabuleux – merci!
01:43:43 Ester: Thank you so much!!!!!!! It was brilliant!!
01:43:54 Adeline Moston: Thank you so much! Really inspirational!
01:43:56 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Merci beaucoup à tous!!!
01:43:56 Churchill: Thank you, Marie fabulous meeting thank you to all presenters -!
01:44:15 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I need to g
01:44:34 Ruta Dulbinska: Inspiring! Thank you so much!
01:44:38 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Sorry, I was saying “adiós, buenas noches y gracias”
01:44:47 laurasuckling: Thank you so much for running the session and for all of the tips 🙂
01:45:32 nil karaca: thank you everyone, it has been b
01:45:41 Cheryl Haynes: there are YouTube tutorials to support initially creating google classrooms etc. I’m so grateful to everyone who share these fantastic ideas. As a HOY, I don’t often have time to create such fantastic resources but adapting others is great and tutorials are amazing!
01:45:58 nil karaca: very inspiring. Have to go now.
01:46:03 Jane Birty: Thank you so much for organising and hosting these webinars. Thanks to both speakers! Fabulous ideas.
01:47:28 Julia Morris: This is not Scape tools, but other ideas what to do with Genially escape rooms, if anyone is interested: https://youtu.be/vJDjDVY2DFE
01:48:27 Natasha Witham: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1pvd4t5U6R70abij3FDiejYrzh1ocyWp33EIr6MqwHF8/edit?usp=sharing
01:48:44 Jenny Melo: Amazing !! Gracias!! Merci beaucoup !! Thank you!!
01:49:34 jennywoodley: Thanks to all.
01:49:43 Jenny Bluck: Merci beaucoup! xx
01:50:07 Anne-Marie Bingham: Helen, where do you find the escape rooms ? Are they all on genially?
01:50:21 samia saci: I’ve learnt so much in this session thank you so much eeeveryone
01:50:29 Caroline Pepper: Thank you Marie … That was really amazing to see that ..thank you so much xxx you are incredible !
01:50:37 Paula Cook: I am new to the world of MFL teaching and I am so encouraged by the generosity and collaboration amongst you all. I’m looking forward to this new career, if my future colleagues are as creative and supportive as you all.
01:50:37 Natasha Witham: Unlock also have board game type escape rooms in English and other languages
01:50:44 N Shabestari: Thanks to everyone.
01:50:56 Marie-Odile Guillou : Merci encore et bonne soirée à vous ! Wishing all a good start in your classes in september!
01:51:04 samia saci: I am addicted to your webinars ALL
01:51:31 Florence Barats: Merci beaucoup. Excellente fin de soirée à tous et toutes.
01:52:13 marie.allirot: text giraffe
01:52:33 Helen Myers: Great Sami!!!!
01:53:21 Julia Morris: https://www.cquesne-escapegame.com/les-escape-games-pedagogiques
01:53:36 Julia Morris: some more good escape rooms from France
01:53:58 Catherine Horner – Childers, QLD, Australia: Wow! text giraffe looks fun!
01:54:03 Joanna Barber: thank you – it was really good and very interesting. Nice to see lots of examples too.
01:54:55 marie.allirot: https://view.genial.ly/5f2c5617109c240d0308fc89/presentation-modele-classe-virtuelle
01:55:31 marie.allirot: templates for classrooms
01:55:41 Joe Dale: Bitmoji Craze for Educators Facebook group
01:57:57 vanesa Macia Domene: I use genially for escape rooms
01:58:42 vanesa Macia Domene: Anyone has use Nearpod or Peardeck?
01:59:50 vanesa Macia Domene: it is me
02:00:35 Jane Birty: I love Marie’s digital escape rooms and would love to try and create something to share back!
02:00:51 Lorena Davis: I haven’t used them have always wanted to and now thank you for use of your templates so I have a starting point. thank you
02:01:44 vanesa Macia Domene: Nearpod has a feature to do interactive videos
02:02:04 vanesa Macia Domene: youtube and then you can embed questions that students can reply in live time
02:02:27 Julia Morris: here is the blog about peardeck in languages
02:02:28 Julia Morris: http://janeebasnett.blogspot.com/2020/06/pear-deck-time-saver-with-powerful.html
02:02:50 vanesa Macia Domene: I will do thanks a lot!
02:03:42 Julia Morris: https://youtu.be/vJDjDVY2DFE
02:04:22 samia saci: looking forward to reading you Julia
02:04:41 vanesa Macia Domene: that is sound great!
02:05:07 Catherine Horner – Childers, QLD, Australia: Thanks everyone!
02:05:20 Ester: I can’t wait Julia, go with the book 🙂
02:05:27 NJA Library: Thaks everyone
02:05:38 Anne Cockburn: thank you.
02:05:43 vanesa Macia Domene: Thanks very much I will watch the record session from the beginning
02:05:46 Esther Mercier: thank you very much!
02:06:21 Caroline Pepper: Doing an escape room is a great idea ….. that will really help to spark the imagination as a teacher! yes please !
02:06:52 samia saci: Good night
02:07:09 Julia Morris: https://www.escapethispodcast.com/
02:08:00 vanesa Macia Domene: It is cool!
02:10:31 Julia Morris: https://www.cquesne-escapegame.com/les-escape-games-pedagogiques
02:12:09 Julia Morris: here, a really cool genially presentation with great design https://view.genial.ly/5d9b888758aaab0f642d112e