A TiLT Webinar with Linda McLean: “Lessons in / from lockdown: My Bitmoji & me”

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A walk through the digital journey of how, as a school,  we went from online synchronous teaching during lockdown to a “blended learning” approach based on 3 “strands” – Microsoft Teams, Powerpoint (Virtual Classroom) and Microsoft One Note. I intend to look at the successes and challenges we have faced in Modern Languages teaching using this model and how we have adapted to what is now a 100% digital style of Modern Languages Teaching. I want  also to emphasise the benefits of using Microsoft OneNote as a means of differentiation in Modern Languages and also how to cope with the overwhelming amount of apps, websites, digital tools and methodology available to us. I would also like to pose some questions: Is technology a fitting replacement for “live” teaching? Are we trying too hard in Modern Languages? Have we thrown the baby out with the bath water?


Linda McLean – Linda is currently a teacher of Modern Languages at West Calder High School, West Lothian. She has been teaching for 19 years and was a former Principal Teacher of Modern Languages in Belmont Academy, South Ayrshire. She has a particular passion for inclusion in Modern Languages and rescuing the teaching and learning of German in secondary schools.  Throughout lockdown, she was the online teacher for German in the SCILT/ eSgoil national online school, as well as managing her own classes at West Calder High School.


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