A TiLT webinar with Karine Longman

23rd January 2021


It was a real pleasure to host Karine Longman who shared a beautifully prepared presentaiton on how to use iPads for MFL teaching.  YOu can see from the recording, photos, and chat just how well this session went down, and we hope she will do another some time!


Links to presentation:

Link to Karine’s Keynote presentation – a link to download


ALL London organises webinars for the MFL community and this webinar, held in a Zoom room and also viewable on an unlisted YouTube stream, is open to all MFL teachers.  We hope that you will like us andhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBRPzby8hMk want to join!

We thank Joe Dale for co-ordinating  the TiLT (Technology in Language Teaching)  series of webinars, bringing together teachers who are interested in  developing their use of technology in their teaching.  As well as  enhancing our skills, we also get to meet other ‘keenies’  from across the globe, and can get to know each other informally by chatting before, during and after the webinar.

We also thank the presenters, who give freely of their time and expertise.  Where possible, most sessions are recorded and available for viewing later.


In this session I will look at how I use the iPad in order to approach the blended teaching and learning of MFL. I will also show how I incorporate my Apple made resources into a Google Site, in order to join the best of both worlds!

I will focus on the following points:

  •  Pages : How to integrate Qwiqr into a Pages document for dictations, gapfill or speaking activities.
  •  Using the “insert audio” feature in Pages to create quick speaking assessments / listening tasks
  • Creating videos easily:
  •  Using screen record with Keynote in order to create a homemade video to explain a grammar point.
  •  Creating a Gif in Keynote
  •  Clips and its magic : using iPad to create video tutorial
  • How I integrate my resources creates on iPad/MacBook into a Google Site to encourage independent learning.

All these strategies have been tried and tested, and can be shared via Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams.


Karine Longman, originally from La Réunion, is currently teaching French as a foreign language in an International School in France. Previous to this, she taught in the UK for 12 years before moving to Spain for 6 years, where she ran the school’s Modern Foreign Languages department. She is passionate about teaching languages in a creative way, loves tech used in a meaningful way and developing independence and thinking skills in her students’ learning. She is keen to enthuse learners in wanting to learn languages using creative “hands on” activities. Karine is an Apple Teacher, Book Creator Certified Author and a Microsoft Innovative Educator and is currently working towards her Google Certifications!


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00:12:32 Rachel Smith: Salut – Rachel from Isle of Man 🇮🇲👋🏻
00:12:42 Danielle Phillips: Hi, I’m Danielle. I’m actually a business and maths teacher but love using iPads. I’m in the car so might lose signal 😬
00:12:57 Ester Borin Bonillo: Hola, I’m Ester from Penarth
00:13:07 Vip: hello, joining from France
00:13:19 Josh n: Hi, I’m Elsa from Birmingham. Spanish teacher
00:13:53 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:14:28 ALICE Semple: Apple addict from Lincolnshire, member of ALL
00:15:19 Ester Borin Bonillo: Yes, I am member of ALL
00:15:45 Helen McFarlane: ALL is such a great association – I can’t recommend it highly enough!
00:15:45 Rosa Gonzales: Yes, I’m ALL member
00:15:52 Caroline Okerika: I just love being a member!
00:16:04 Elizabeth Cottell: Wed 23rd Jan??
00:16:19 Jocelyne LeBars: Hi, Jocelyne from San Diego.. and Reunion Island too
00:16:20 Anna G: I’m a member
00:16:43 cecilia giordano: Super important to be a member, super grateful to Helen and Joe and the team of amazing speakers who have helped (me) and so many to survive 2020 and starting this year on a positive and motivated manner. Love the ideas, creativity and enthusiam!!
00:17:31 Rachel Smith: Really glad that she has taken the plunge too!
00:17:51 Francesca Hollinshead: Hello! I’m Francesca, PGDE student at Strathclyde uni 🙂 looking forward to the session
00:17:51 Joe Dale: Well spotted Elisabeth
00:18:47 ALL London: Welcome everyone – it’s great to read about you – do keep the comments coming -it’s nice for our speakers to read this chat afterwards
00:19:17 Rachel Smith: 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻
00:24:26 Mauro Ferreiro: Hi there! Mauro. Spanish trainee in London (training at Goldsmiths)
00:24:43 ALL London: [Just read back – Weds 27th January Richard Tallaron – thanks for spotting that Elizabeth!]
00:25:03 ALICE Semple: Lovely to see French paper and handwriting
00:25:14 ALL London: I was going to say that Alice!
00:25:39 ALL London: Reminds me of my superb native speaker teacher, Madame Ellington .. your students are lucky to have you, Karine!
00:27:31 ALL London: Now live on YOuTUbe – apologies – I had ot pressed th efinal button ‘go live’!!
00:29:36 Rachel Smith: this is great because it means it can be exported as Pdf into Google Classroom or Teams and the audio still works. If you record the audio straight into Pages it can be tricky to export for all to view and still hear the audio… hope that makes sense
00:30:09 Joe Dale: Any questions?
00:30:12 Rachel Smith: Pages is super intuitive to use too
00:31:30 Rachel Smith: I love that in Keynote that you can export as movie so I think is slightly more flexible than Pages especially for remote learning
00:31:47 Marisa Fernández: how do you insert the QWIQR into Pages?
00:31:52 Yamina Sadek kirk: this is brilliant
00:32:36 Joe Dale: @Marissa Just as an image. I recommend QUIQR app for creating QR codes on the iPad or of course QWIQR
00:32:59 Yamina Sadek kirk: are they both free ?
00:33:05 Joe Dale: Apologies for the typo Marisa
00:33:08 Marisa Fernández: thanks Joe, I will get it downloaded
00:34:29 Joe Dale: Pages comes with the iPad and QWIQR is free as is QUIQR
00:35:35 Vip: I love how easy it is to get children learning hands on with tasks on an iPad and how we can work on all 4 skill areas
00:37:04 ALICE Semple: Pages is great.
00:38:34 Rachel Smith: I love how if you know the menus on one iWork app you pretty much understand the menu in all the other iWork apps
00:39:11 ALICE Semple: I use the Russian one
00:40:18 Elizabeth Cottell: Q what did Karine press on to get the Emoji to replace the word?
00:40:47 Rachel Smith: I 💙 Keynote
00:40:52 Joe Dale: Here is Rachel Smith’s TiLT webinar https://youtu.be/-vLFQaP1BWQ
00:41:16 ALICE Semple: Rachel your webinar introduced me to Keynote and I have never looked back!
00:42:41 Josh n: yeah!!! amazing
00:42:48 Rachel Smith: Ah that’s so lovely to hear – thank you 🙂
00:44:41 ALICE Semple: Loving the animations
00:45:02 Jessica Robinson: I love the animations idea!
00:45:28 Rachel Smith: yep create path
00:45:55 ALL London: (4 people in the YouTube stream by the way!)
00:46:43 ALL London: This is so attractively presented
00:49:03 Joe Dale: Thanks
00:51:19 Rachel Smith: As Karine says screen record is a go to for remote learning and so easy to use and you can easily upload to Google Drive and Teams
00:52:04 Carolina GR: Students need to have ipads as well or they can do with any other device?
00:52:49 Joe Dale: You could export keynotes as videos or Pages as PDFs
00:54:50 Vip: love clips – so easy to create videos
00:55:34 ALL London: Love the description .. ‘the will future’!
00:55:57 Joe Dale: Love the music!
00:56:15 ALL London: Can just imagine you swinging away there Joe
00:56:19 ALICE Semple: Simply beautiful
00:56:24 Noelia Rivas Gutierrez: me too !
00:56:35 ALL London: thi sneeds to be in that BBC channel for home learning
00:56:40 Joe Dale: I am. That’s why my video is turned off!
00:56:43 Yamina Sadek kirk: never thought about using Clip for lessons
00:56:46 Yamina Sadek kirk: love it
00:56:54 ALL London: We have found our BBC presenter here!
00:59:16 ALICE Semple: Can you just explain the method for the handwritten texts writing themselves that you use a lot?
01:00:19 Joe Dale: Can you clarify what you mean, ALice?
01:00:55 Joe Dale: Live titles are amazing in Clips. Easy subtitling!
01:01:15 Olenka Villavicencio: I’ve never used Clips.
01:01:16 ALICE Semple: The animated writing in the previous things – is it time lapse recording?
01:01:37 Carolina GR: What is the bottom again for the written speaking?
01:01:43 Olenka Villavicencio: It is quite similar Flipgrid.
01:02:02 Jocelyne LeBars: yes
01:03:40 Joe Dale: @Carolina – Can you clarify what you mean?
01:04:02 Carolina GR: When you speak your words come as subtitles
01:04:14 Greg Baxter: @Joe it’s a bug in the older iPads, reset your Keyboard Dictionary and it should come up. If not delete the emoji keyboard, then re-add it
01:04:18 Rachel Smith: There are slightly more features that FlipGrid I do love the live titles thing especially in the foreign langage….. so intuitive and easy to use
01:04:39 Joe Dale: Thanks Greg.
01:04:52 Greg Baxter: And try toggle predictive keyboard off and on
01:04:53 Olenka Villavicencio: Thanks a lot @Rachel
01:04:53 ALICE Semple: Great, thanks Karine
01:06:19 Rachel Smith: We did for introducing themselves….
01:07:49 Rachel Smith: The update doesn’t let you show your screen in the same the way……it’s so annoying ADE’s have complained to Apple 🤣🤣
01:08:20 Joe Dale: Thanks Rachel
01:08:33 Carolina GR: Perfect!!!
01:08:52 Rachel Smith: You can also edit the titles if they don’t spell quite right….
01:10:29 Joe Dale: True
01:11:33 Elizabeth Cottell: Brilliant presentation, merci Karine!
01:11:42 Rachel Smith: Thank you Karine 🙂
01:11:48 Jocelyne LeBars: Excellente présentation
01:11:53 Noelia Rivas Gutierrez: Merci Karine !
01:12:00 Josh n: Excellent presentation, Thanks Karine!!
01:12:01 Rosa Gonzales: Formidable, merci Karine!
01:12:05 Yamina Sadek kirk: thank you Karine! c’était top!
01:12:11 Rodrigo Sisdeli: Merci!
01:12:25 ALICE Semple: Merci beaucoup. Some new takeaways and your presentation and choice of colours, backgrounds etc are beautiful.
01:12:57 Mauro Ferreiro: To be honest, my iPad is pretty much the best investment I did in 2020. Scanning, signing forms, etc. was done seamlessly. Also, my provider demands that our evidence portfolio be online, so it has been a gamechanger
01:13:03 Olenka Villavicencio: For me, lots of things are new cause I haven’t got an iPad. I have to buy one. 😊☀️
01:13:44 PRivaldi: Merci beaucoup – really interesting.
01:13:46 ALL London: Thank you Karine!
01:13:52 Greg Baxter: Q – Do you use the Apple Classroom function on the iPads? Interested to see how that works if you do!
01:13:54 Sarah Donovan: Merci Karine. Great ideas. Love the idea of Clips having never used it before! Thank you for sharing.
01:13:55 Kim Davies: Thank you, Karine! Really useful presentation!
01:13:56 Jessica Robinson: I really enjoyed that, Karine. I am a primary teacher and currently leading Spanish. The school is not overly enthusiastic with MFL, but the staff and children love using the iPads. all our KS2 children have iPads, as do teachers. I’m hoping to disseminate lots of these brilliant ideas to enthuse everyone! Merci beaucoup! 😁
01:13:57 Rachel Smith: 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
01:14:12 ALL London: Rachel – you are co-host if you feel liek sharing your dance with us!
01:14:15 Olenka Villavicencio: Mercy beaucoup, Karine! 😊
01:14:32 Alex Prodhomme: Tellement de nouvelles idées! You’ve converted me and I think I may stop by Fnac next week and look at the new iPads!
01:14:48 Rachel Smith: you have to be on the same wifi
01:15:10 Rachel Smith: Schoolwork is if you are are distant bit you need Managed apple IDs
01:15:23 Kirsty McLaren: Merci! Lots of great ideas. Have just practised screen recording!
01:15:24 Rachel Smith: sorry I can’t type not bit but
01:15:44 Rachel Smith: I haven’t either ….
01:15:48 Rosa Gonzales: We use iTunesU with our iPds
01:16:15 Rachel Smith: it is dying
01:16:26 Helen McFarlane: Merci mille fois, Karine!
01:16:28 Rachel Smith: you will need to convert to Schoolwork
01:17:23 Prim’s iPad: exporting to a VLE presumably normally needs converting to PDF
01:17:57 Ayfer: Thank you!
01:18:01 ALL London: Before we finish, we usually take a selfie.. so please be ready to share you webcam at the end if you are not too shy!
01:18:22 Rachel Smith: I usually convert everything to Pdf or export as movie in Keynote when I add to Google Classroom or VLE
01:18:45 Danielle Phillips: do you have to upload your clips to you tube for them to be inserted into a google site or can you just upload from the iPad?
01:19:31 Rachel Smith: Can you link to Google Drive?
01:20:01 Rachel Smith: No it doesn’t always work
01:20:17 Rachel Smith: I was saying that QWIQR was ace
01:20:21 Mauro Ferreiro: Q- Would it be possible to have a part 2 with the apps she finds useful? – not just the ones that she uses from the Apple suite
01:20:48 Marisa Fernández: when will this recording be available?
01:21:06 Mauro Ferreiro: Q- Also, how is she sharing her iPad screen?
01:21:23 Marisa Fernández: sorry I meant Q
01:21:47 Greg Baxter: @mauro – you can use your iPad as a second screen if you connect it to your Mac
01:22:04 Jocelyne LeBars: Bravo!!!!!!!!!!
01:22:23 Mauro Ferreiro: @greg ah fab, thanks! Still using a Windows laptop, so I really have to look into that!!
01:22:30 stmfouilleul: Many thanks Karine – very inspirational, lots of great new ideas to try! Well done!
01:22:43 Alex Prodhomme: Merci Karine!
01:22:48 Rachel Smith: Thanks Karine encore une fois
01:22:48 Maria Waizenegger: Thank you so much!
01:22:48 Anna G: Thank you Karine!! So useful and inpiring
01:22:49 Prim’s iPad: thank you!
01:22:50 Marisa Fernández: Many thanks to everybody!!
01:22:52 Danielle Phillips: thank you 😊 great ideas to take away
01:22:55 Anna G: Can’t wait to get our iPads at school
01:23:34 Vip: Thanks Karine – good we have you at our school : ) love your creative, inspiring passion
01:23:59 Helen McFarlane: Thank you Karine, Helen and Joe! What an amazing way to spend a Saturday afternoon – I’m off to order an Apple pencil now!
01:24:33 Vip: Thanks Joe and Helen too – you have created such an amazing community here
01:24:49 Jocelyne LeBars: Merci. awesome
01:24:54 Carolina GR: Thank you so much!!!!
01:26:19 orlamccarthy: is it possible to download a video from YouTube on an iPad?
01:26:20 ALL London: Rachel – we’re talking about you – can you hear us?!
01:31:12 Rosa Gonzales: Thank you to the ALL-Team