A TiLT webinar with Jimena Licitra (2)



Thanks for Jimena Licitra for yet another wonderful webinar, packed full of ideas and fun.  Jimena’s enthusiasm is infectious, and this is refelected in the vibrant chat.  And, as ever, thanks to Joe Dale for being such a wonderful talent scout!

It is lovely to be part of this growing community and especially to see people signing up to ALL.  Welcome today to Amanda Salt, who had the great idea of awarding stickers to new members ..!  Perhaps someone could volunteer to design one?  Meanwhile, here you go …

Here’s the session outline:

  1. DeckToys: I mentioned this tool during Part 1 of my webinar and today I will sum up briefly what you can do with this tool.
  2. Pear Deck Factory: I mentioned this tool during Part 1 of my webinar and today you will see it in action. We will play a Flashcard Factory game together so that you see how we can use it with our students.
  3. Google Earth: I will show you a project I did with Year 9 students and walk you the basic steps so that you can use this tool in the classroom.
  4. Parlay Ideas: We will play around with this tool, which is great for both Speaking (debates) and Writing (with peer assessment) and we will launch a game together so that you can actually experience it from the point of view of the student.

Here’s some information about this amazing woman!

  • Jimena Licitra is a translator, editor and teacher with 21 years’ experience specializing in MFL (Modern Foreign Languages), based in Madrid, Spain. She loves #edtech and she is a Certified Google Trainer.
  • She works as a German and English Teacher at a Primary and Secondary Education School in Madrid. She also works as a Translation Trainer at Cálamo&Cran since 2002 and until September 2020 she was a Secondary Teachers’ Trainer at University of UDIMA.
  • Her passions are teaching, learning and world languages. She speaks Spanish (native), English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. And last, but not least, she is a proud mom of 4 bilingual kids.


Presentation link

Google slides Presentation Link 

Class Photos

Class Chat!

00:34:02 Katherine Jones: Hi from Lancashire! Looking forward to learning from you!
00:34:21 Samantha Broom: Im in Lancs too 👋
00:34:28 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:35:09 Katherine Jones: Nice to hear Samantha! 🙂
00:35:23 Camilla Stoodley: I am a member
00:35:27 Amanda SALT: I joined ALL earlier today 🙂
00:35:29 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Yes, I am a member and very happy I am!
00:35:34 Anna Grainger: I’m a member – and presenting at LW!!!!!
00:35:36 Helen McFarlane: Yes! Such a great association – thoroughly recommend it to you!
00:35:43 Isabelle Jones: Join ALL. It is a no -brainer!
00:35:49 Paul Smith: Hello, I’m an ALL member.
00:35:57 Nic: I’m a member !
00:35:59 Silvia Bastow: we are members – department membership 🙂
00:36:12 Sonja Fedrizzi: best party ever
00:36:28 Amanda SALT: I’d like a ‘new ALL member’ sticker 🙂
00:36:40 Sonja Fedrizzi: 🙂
00:36:44 lauradanese: I am a member since my training to teach
00:37:27 Caroline Okerika: I’m a member and just love the webinars!
00:37:28 Ester Borin Bonillo: I can’t wait Jimena!!!!
00:37:47 Samantha Broom: sí
00:37:47 Rachel Loong: Yes
00:37:52 Meritxell Blanco: Yes
00:37:53 Silvia Bastow: yes
00:38:18 Jimena Licitra: Link to answer polls: https://app.wooclap.com/events/YQSDSY/0

Link to this presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1vehY9fMLFhsX5irqMJ3vSzL6QGvTGxAYxc3ybwjBOmA/edit?usp=sharing
00:40:01 Samantha Broom: When I click on the link there is nowhere to write an answer…..
00:40:08 Sabine Pichout: You are not sharing the wooclap page?
00:40:10 Lilliam Camacho: Do you need a password?
00:40:12 Menai Newbould: We need a code
00:40:13 marie.allirot: nowhere to write answer
00:40:15 Silvia Bastow: I cant see anywhere to write
00:40:16 Paula Gómez: could you just give us the code?
00:40:17 Rachel Loong: The code to enter is YQSDSY
00:40:28 Rachel Loong: On the left hand side
00:40:41 Amanda SALT: it’s the end of the link
00:40:44 Katherine Jones: Thanks Rachel!
00:40:54 Kerry Bevan: YQSDSY
00:40:55 Jimena Licitra: www.wooclap.com/
00:40:57 Kerry Bevan: That is the code
00:41:40 Jocelyne LeBars: Not working for me
00:41:46 Menai Newbould: screen shared still shows “let’s play around” not the answers
00:41:49 Sabine Pichout: I think Jimena is sharing her PPT but not her screen?
00:41:55 Silvia Bastow: I think I managed it now 🙂
00:41:56 Jocelyne LeBars: I can’t see your screen with the results, Jimena
00:41:56 MyriamML: nearpod
00:42:01 Rachel Loong: I can’t see those tools coming up Jimena
00:42:03 June Goh: i cant see the wooclap screen share
00:42:39 Sabine Pichout: Share desktop and not share PPT
00:42:47 Nancy Huari Evangelista: you need to stop sharing the google slides first
00:42:49 Natasha Witham: NOt working for me either
00:43:04 Andrea Rudd: Blooket and Quizizz
00:45:26 Sabine Pichout: I really want to try DeckToys but worry of another addiction!!!
00:45:35 Esmeralda Salgado: It is ADDICTIVE!!!
00:45:39 marie.allirot: Yes, addictive!
00:45:42 Adeline Moston: Me too, Sabine!
00:45:43 Jocelyne LeBars: lol
00:45:45 Samantha Broom: 😂
00:45:53 marie.allirot: Very good
00:45:54 Amanda SALT: love it, I blame you, Esmeralda lol
00:46:01 Sabine Pichout: Jimena makes it even more tempting!
00:46:03 Esmeralda Salgado: Very positive feedback from my students!
00:46:12 Esmeralda Salgado: They lOVE IT!!
00:46:17 Esmeralda Salgado: For all levels!
00:46:34 Sabine Pichout: Ok I am sold!! Thank you Esmeralda and Jimena
00:46:46 marie.allirot: I have not used it in class yet as learnt how to create this half term. Looking forward to sharing with my pupils.
00:47:01 marie.allirot: Esmeralda’s tutorial is very good
00:47:08 Lilian Algajary: Is there Arabic option?
00:47:12 Esmeralda Salgado: Thank, you Jimena for mentioning me!
00:47:13 Sabine Pichout: Yes have watched it
00:47:42 Catuxa Sabel: so good! wish i had watched it before I started playing around!
00:47:52 Catuxa Sabel: would have saved me a lot of time
00:47:53 June Goh: you can create decks in any language including arabic
00:48:05 Lilian Algajary: Great
00:49:06 Lilliam Camacho: Thanks Jimena, you are very clear and with a good pace.
00:49:50 Sabine Pichout: wow!! Love this
00:49:53 Esmeralda Salgado: This is a tutorial video I created for beginners https://youtu.be/3_KSQWJ9GRI
00:49:55 Simona Gravina: Great. importing from quizlet, would be awesome….so Both Blooket and DeckToys ?
00:50:06 Joe Dale: Thanks Esmeralda 🙂
00:50:21 laura McEwan: do students need an account or do they access with a code ?
00:51:03 Nic: ?can we have a go at playing it?
00:51:10 Amanda SALT: There is a code but I’m going to get mine to set it up with their school email – I haven’t used it yet with classrooms but imagine that will let me see who has done what
00:51:21 June Goh: https://help.deck.toys/article/129-do-students-need-to-sign-in-to-use-deck-toys
00:51:22 marie.allirot: they access with a link
00:51:23 Amanda SALT: Link sorry, not code
00:51:27 Jocelyne LeBars: wouah
00:51:50 Valle Fernández: WOW thank you Jimena for explaining it so well 🙂
00:51:52 Rachel Loong: This looks fab!
00:51:58 Lilliam Camacho: Q- sorry I am very beginner- do we need quizlet? or can we use something else?
00:52:06 Samantha Broom: Q: With Quizlet, do you have to have pictures in your Quizlet set to import?
00:52:09 marie.allirot: You don’t need quizlet
00:52:14 Esmeralda Salgado: You don’t need Quizlet
00:52:14 Silvia Bastow: excellent and very clear explanation.
00:52:17 laura McEwan: thank you – looks amazing
00:52:18 marie.allirot: You can create set on decktoys
00:52:21 Meritxell Blanco: I love this website!
00:52:21 Amanda SALT: I have a Wakelet with the Spanish Decks I have made so far in case they are any use https://wakelet.com/wake/LFdvNy1RDn3AhTgW6hOfw
00:52:22 Nic: ?which is the best to play live? and which are the best to set as an assignment?
00:52:22 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: This is just perfect timing. I was going to play with deck toys today or tomorrow and I think that you have saved me lots of time with your tips. ¡Graciaaaas!
00:52:29 Esmeralda Salgado: You can create your own lists of vocabulary (study sets)
00:52:34 June Goh: you can make your own study sets without quizlet
00:52:40 Esmeralda Salgado: But if you have Quizlet it makes it so much easier!
00:53:17 Corinne: Q Will it cover how to deck toy if you do not have quizlet ?
00:53:20 Joe Dale: Thanks June and great to see you here.
00:53:21 Lilliam Camacho: @Amanda Salt thank you
00:53:43 Esmeralda Salgado: You can embed other apps! such as LearningApps or Wheel of names too.
00:54:00 June Goh: https://help.deck.toys/article/75-what-are-study-sets
00:54:10 Rachel Loong: @Amandasalt gracias! Very kind of you
00:54:20 Jocelyne LeBars: Does anybody have a French one for me to try today, by any chance?
00:54:41 Esmeralda Salgado: @MarieAllirot has created a French one
00:54:44 Sabine Pichout: @Esmeralda Can you embed flippity?
00:54:54 marie.allirot: I have created 2 French ones
00:55:03 Esmeralda Salgado: No, Flippity does not embed sadly…
00:55:04 marie.allirot: They are on my twitter account
00:55:06 Marife Mayayo: Muchas gracias Amanda
00:55:09 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Q: How do you assign it to your students? Do you import their email addresses or can you use it with Teams?
00:55:13 Jocelyne LeBars: Ok. Merci. Je regarderai
00:55:14 Nic: Are they easy to copy and edit?
00:55:41 Esmeralda Salgado: A: Once you assign the deck to your class you share a special URL they click on
00:55:47 marie.allirot: Mine are not as good as Esmeralda or Jimena, I am a beginner
00:56:03 Jocelyne LeBars: @marie Pretty sure they are great
00:56:24 marie.allirot: Thanks!
00:56:30 Samantha Broom: So Decktoys does vocab…and creates a few different games from the same set? I don’t quite get the point of it yet….
00:56:41 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, Samantha!
00:56:51 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Thank you!
00:56:53 Jocelyne LeBars: Q can you include sounds( listening activities)?
00:57:04 Esmeralda Salgado: I has two modalities, Vocab and Other type of activities
00:57:07 June Goh: https://blog.deck.toys/teaching-languages-with-decktoys/
00:57:14 marie.allirot: @Samantha, you can add other games too like learning apps, get them to record answers, etc..
00:57:34 Catuxa Sabel: you can do anything! just importing links for listening, reading activities and even speaking, as pupils can record themselves
00:57:38 Samantha Broom: Ok – thanks. I need to play around but my school email isn’t being recognised yet. Have had to request access from DeckToys
00:57:40 June Goh: this blog attached has all the relevant features for language teachers
00:57:41 Deborah Stoker: Q Do you have to create a class beforehand?
00:58:03 marie.allirot: You create a classroom
00:58:04 Amanda SALT: @Esmeralda I was able to embed Flippity Randomiser into a slide? (I think?)
00:58:04 Esmeralda Salgado: for the second type you can add other app activities or even import your PPT, worksheets and make them interactive
00:58:07 Margarita Mortimer: decktoys is great! I used it to create a Pans Labyrinth game.
00:58:30 Kerry Bevan: Can you discover other deck toy resources within the website?
00:58:44 marie.allirot: Yes in the gallery
00:58:45 Olivier Haddad: Q Hi, I have tried a French one (Marie’s maybe? ) ,changed the reader to French but the audio was always read with an English voice (eel whyy ah doo ventt). Can you let us hear one in Spanish of French? Thanks!
00:58:56 maggie sproule: brilliant! very clever, I can see myself falling in love with DeckToys!
00:58:58 Esmeralda Salgado: @amandaSalt that’s brilliant! I tried a couple of months ago and I thought I couldn’t but it could be my issue. Good to know
00:59:15 Amanda SALT: yay, glad to help you for once lol
00:59:31 Esmeralda Salgado: They can connect with Google, Microsoft or just as Guests!
00:59:51 June Goh: i cant unmute myself to reply sorry!
00:59:59 marie.allirot: @Olivier, I did a weather one so it could be mine? I don’t know about immersive reader… I might not have set it properly!
01:00:04 Esmeralda Salgado: If they do it as guests if they do not finish the deck they cannot continue at a later stage.
01:00:19 Esmeralda Salgado: There is immersive reader too
01:01:52 June Goh: https://help.deck.toys/article/72-public-deck
01:02:05 Catuxa Sabel: language on the atudy set needs to be selected to French – done that before !
01:02:12 Catuxa Sabel: study*
01:02:13 Olivier Haddad: @Marie, ok merci! It looked amazing by the way! Maybe the language was not set from the onset?
01:02:36 June Goh: immersive reader is automatically available in the slide activities without any setting required
01:02:37 marie.allirot: @Olivier, I have just checked, it is set to French mine and the reader sounds OK
01:03:14 Jocelyne LeBars: Can you edit one you found in the gallery?
01:03:16 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: That’s a great idea and it would encourage people to share their creations. Brilliant!
01:03:26 Helen McFarlane: Q – can they be archived?
01:03:33 Jocelyne LeBars: Love factory
01:03:38 June Goh: sometimes your device doesnt support text to speech function, you might not hear the right pronunciation. but most desktop amd browsers support
01:04:02 Sabine Pichout: I have used Pear Deck in Lockdown 1 but never heard of Flashcard factory
01:04:16 Sabine Pichout: intrigued and excited to learn more!
01:04:17 Jocelyne LeBars: It’s fun for kids
01:04:35 June Goh: yes you can edit any deck from the deck gallery https://help.deck.toys/article/104-how-do-i-make-a-copy-of-an-existing-deck
01:04:51 Jocelyne LeBars: Thanks @June
01:05:25 Sonja Fedrizzi: I would love to use Peardeck but it’s not approved by my local council (yet)
01:05:39 June Goh: most welcome! drop me any questions on twitter as well @GohGaikJune
01:05:43 Lilian Algajary: That is awesome
01:05:49 Sonja Fedrizzi: It looks great
01:05:54 marie.allirot: Q – Is it free? Peardeck
01:05:56 Amanda SALT: that looks cool
01:06:06 Silvia Bastow: yes, we do have also issues with some new tech as it needs approval re GDR
01:06:06 Simona Gravina: intrigued by this Jimena, and see how it would work with sentences, thank you
01:06:17 Esmeralda Salgado: This looks so exciting!!!
01:06:19 Kaley Johnston: Same for me Sonja – not approved by my local authority!
01:06:19 Joe Dale: Some of the features in PearDeck are premium
01:06:20 Sabine Pichout: Q- Is there a way to import vocab from Quizlet for example?
01:06:33 Jocelyne LeBars: It’s free
01:06:40 Joe Dale: @Sabine – I don’t think so
01:06:59 Sabine Pichout: Thank you @Joe
01:07:31 Sabine Pichout: Pear Deck works both with google and Microsoft
01:08:09 Simona Gravina: Q- Do you need the Premium account for Pear deck vocabulary?
01:08:28 Joe Dale: Audio slides only work in Google Slides not PowerPoint atm
01:09:12 Joe Dale: @Simona. No you don’t https://www.peardeck.com/pricing
01:10:06 Wasim Kamran: hi everyone
01:10:16 Amanda SALT: you could export from Quizlet easily tho
01:10:20 Kate Cooper: If you copy and pasted from export in Quizlet could you?
01:10:20 Jocelyne LeBars: Q: Did you find a way to use it with iPads?
01:10:21 Iris Dutch: Q Is this a live vocab session or can be set as an assignment?
01:10:24 Joe Dale: Yes Amanda
01:10:30 naziha Badich: Q: Is it only working if you have registered with a Google account? I just had a look at mine (Microsoft) and I can’t see it.
01:10:41 Simona Gravina: Thank you @Joe
01:10:54 Amanda SALT: me neither, Naziha
01:11:24 Joe Dale: @Jocelyne – Do you mean Flashcard Factory on iPads?
01:11:59 Joe Dale: @Kate – Yes
01:12:05 Sabine Pichout: yes I just looked too and only works with google.
01:12:18 Jocelyne LeBars: No Peardeck. I can’t get it to work on our school’s iPads. I love it and would like to use it. I like it better than Nearpod
01:12:25 amaclean: Q Can this site work with One Drive/Microsoft?
01:12:27 Joe Dale: @Naziha – Do you mean Flashcard Factory?
01:12:41 Saira Ghani: Q. Does it work with Microsoft / Teams?
01:12:52 Amanda SALT: we don’t have that green vocab box, Joe
01:12:53 naziha Badich: Yes Joe
01:13:00 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I don’t think we can see what Jimena thinks…
01:13:09 marie.allirot: We are not seeing the correct slide
01:13:11 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I mean, her screen
01:13:11 Sheileen Turner: screen is frozen
01:13:12 Esmeralda Salgado: There is a delay..
01:13:12 Lilliam Camacho: q- are we looking at the corrct screen?
01:13:14 Corinne: I cannot see the code
01:13:16 Lynnette Ketchell: We can’t see the link
01:13:20 Catuxa Sabel: sorry, Jimena. we can’t see your screen
01:13:29 Amanda SALT: there is a PPT
01:13:30 Corinne: I think we have the wrong screen ?
01:13:34 Amanda SALT: I’ll have a look
01:13:41 Rachel Loong: We can see Google drive
01:13:44 Esmeralda Salgado: We are in the wrong vision
01:13:50 Esmeralda Salgado: screen
01:13:55 Lynne Coulthwaite: Is there a link to join?
01:13:59 marie.allirot: Wrong screen, we can see Jimena’s Google drive, not the screen she is talking about
01:14:00 naziha Badich: I clicked on the flashcard factory link that I found on google
01:14:05 Corinne: The screen is showing Gogle Drive
01:14:10 naziha Badich: And it doesn’t work with Microsoft
01:14:17 Sheileen Turner: We can see the Google drive screen with mi unidad at the top
01:14:35 Esther Lite: no
01:14:52 Corinne: Great !
01:15:15 Catuxa Sabel: we’ve all done it, Jimena. don’t worry 🙂
01:15:54 Esmeralda Salgado: Q Do the kids need a google account?
01:15:54 Sabine Pichout: I am in!!
01:16:15 Esmeralda Salgado: It asked me to join my google account… so it may ask students too?
01:16:18 Sabine Pichout: I have to sign in with my google account
01:16:26 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I already love it and have never seen it, haha
01:16:43 Kat Intxaurbe: Do the students need a google account?
01:16:44 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: You’ve totally sold it to us, Jimena
01:17:03 Saira Ghani: I can’t access it. Saying I need a Google account.
01:17:06 heaven 17: you can sign in with your office 365
01:17:26 Lilliam Camacho: I don’t get the clock in
01:17:34 Rachel Loong: Clock in just means start
01:17:37 J Morris: It didn’t let me sign in with Microsoft, had to be google
01:17:40 laurawilson: Yes, it asks for your Google account
01:17:40 Jocelyne LeBars: same
01:17:41 Katherine Jones: I had to sign in with Google
01:17:45 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, I had to sign in with google…
01:17:49 Helen McFarlane: Q – I can’t access it either, I just have a “letter from the foreman” (in Google)
01:17:49 Paula Gómez: I had to sign in with Google
01:17:56 Esther Lite: yes online google account
01:18:04 Paul Smith: I have a letter from the foreman too
01:18:06 naziha Badich: ‘Log into Pear Deck with your Google account’
01:18:15 Lilian Algajary: Can’t access
01:18:20 Amanda SALT: Anyone else who is in Northern Ireland, your c2k email is both Google and Microsoft
01:18:20 Nancy Huari Evangelista: how do I sign in?
01:18:30 Esther Lite: you r the best
01:18:35 Sabine Pichout: I have researched it and the flashcard factory is not a Microsoft integration
01:18:43 Corinne: Are we supposed to see Clock in ? All I have is a letter from the foreman ?
01:18:58 Katherine Jones: Yes
01:18:58 laurawilson: Yes
01:19:00 Natasha Witham: yes
01:19:01 Jane Duell: letter from foreman – not what you’re showing us
01:19:04 Jocelyne LeBars: I spent 45 min with MS only for them to tell me I need to contact Pear deck
01:19:13 Sabine Pichout: @Laurence I am with you!
01:19:15 Lilian Algajary: Students needs account to access?
01:19:24 Sabine Pichout: Now @Simona!
01:20:12 Simona Gravina: after the letter foreman, when Jimena clicked Clock in then I saw the pear deck member, no access from Google or Microsoft…
01:21:04 naziha Badich: @sabine Pichout I think so too. Such a shame ☹️
01:21:09 Joe Dale: @Sabine – Thanks for clarifying. So it seems Pear Deck Vocabulary does not work with Microsoft users atm
01:21:10 Corinne: It’s asking me to draw ?
01:21:34 J Morris: Yes why did I have to draw?
01:21:39 naziha Badich: @Joe Dale: in the step by step guide on pear deck it is only for google
01:22:05 Sabine Pichout: Please dont show my drawing!!!
01:22:13 J Morris: a cross is a good drawing for “call off”! I want my point 🙂
01:22:14 Esmeralda Salgado: This looks so great!!!
01:22:25 Esmeralda Salgado: Only for google???? what a PITY!!!
01:22:32 naziha Badich: It really does Jimena
01:23:02 Wasim Kamran: i have question
01:23:06 Olga Nuñez: It seems nice. I have to try 🙂
01:23:11 Sabine Pichout: It is awesome! I am sure my students would love this
01:23:20 Wasim Kamran: yes
01:23:27 naziha Badich: It is brilliant! Thank you for sharing!
01:23:28 Esmeralda Salgado: I love it!
01:23:46 Wasim Kamran: oh thanks fort 😍
01:23:55 Lilian Algajary: It is amazing but does students need account to access?
01:24:00 heaven 17: How can the other person in the pair, see what the other one is doing?
01:24:06 Esmeralda Salgado: This would be great for writing preparation!
01:24:09 Genoveva Ermilio Brown : Thanks Jimena, I love this!
01:24:11 Jennifer Argyle: Q I don’t quite understand how we were working in pairs though?
01:24:21 Sabine Pichout: great for the photo description?
01:24:36 marie.allirot: Me neither… Sorry Nic! I was not a good partner
01:24:44 Esmeralda Salgado: and at the end they can all have the sentences as a set!!!
01:24:48 Elaine Connor: Is that available on the free version or is it a feature of premium account?
01:25:24 Natasha Witham: @esmeralda salgado I literally just treated that 🙂 for Common Entrance sentence writing
01:25:29 Corinne: I thought we just had to write. sorry about lack of drawing.
01:25:32 Natasha Witham: tweeted
01:25:36 Gideon Williams: The activity is worth it just for the brilliant sorting office graphics :o) This looks a hugely engaging tool… Do all students see when you do the quality control? Can you give a written reason for rejecting an item? Can students resubmit their item if it has been rejected?
01:25:42 Jocelyne LeBars: Has anybody tried it with iPads?
01:26:00 Lilliam Camacho: @ladeidiomas Jimena thanks for sharing this idea
01:26:26 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: It looks great and it is different to other tools. I like the fact that they have to make up sentences, which requires more effort than just recalling vocabulary.
01:26:43 Kat Intxaurbe: We cannot see the right screen
01:27:03 Esmeralda Salgado: @Uxía Agreed!
01:27:45 ALICE Semple: Do they speak to each other?
01:27:50 Tingting Yin: Q: If player number is an odd number, how will the single student play the game? Thanks!
01:28:02 Esmeralda Salgado: Q: Can they talk?
01:28:34 amaclean: Thank you all. I will do some more research.
01:29:01 Kate Cooper: if you google peardeckjoin you get in without google account
01:29:01 Esmeralda Salgado: I had to log in with Google
01:30:09 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: yes
01:30:26 Joe Dale: @Esmeralda They can’t talk within Peardeck
01:31:20 Joe Dale: @Tingting – Do you mean in the Flashcard Factory activity?
01:32:49 Sabine Pichout: I would LOVE to be one of your student!
01:32:57 Sonja Fedrizzi: Me too
01:33:12 Sonja Fedrizzi: Jimena is such a powerhouse!!
01:33:31 Joe Dale: @Sonja – Totally!
01:33:42 Esmeralda Salgado: @Jimena is such an inspiration!
01:34:00 Joe Dale: KML file is the Google Earth native file format for sharing I think
01:34:37 Helen Myers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyhole_Markup_Language
01:35:13 Esmeralda Salgado: Google Earth is brilliant for Reading too! As you can add information of different places do Virtual Tours
01:35:33 Esmeralda Salgado: We are doing one next week as part of our Virtual Erasmus mobility.
01:36:13 Esmeralda Salgado: This is such a good idea to ask the kids to do it!!! I love it, Jimena!
01:36:15 Joe Dale: As Google Tour Creator is disappearing in June. Google Earth Projects will be the replacement. You can’t record a voiceover in Google Earth Projects but you can do a screen recording using Flipgrid, Loom, Screencastify, Screencast-O-Matic or Screenity
01:36:52 Esmeralda Salgado: Such a pity about not having the audio option like Tour Creator….
01:37:03 Esther Martínez: Thinglink is a good tool to use too!
01:37:04 Joe Dale: or YouTube clip
01:37:20 Joe Dale: Yes, Esther
01:37:28 Laura Danese: Palermo is a town in Italy 🙂
01:37:38 Esmeralda Salgado: @Joe yes, you can have your bitmoji talking as part of the virtual tour!
01:38:10 Joe Dale: Yes, if you upload your Bitmoji as an image for each place marker
01:38:11 Catuxa Sabel: this is amazing! Thank you, Jimena – love this idea. so useful this tear when schools trips cannot go ahead
01:38:15 Catuxa Sabel: year*
01:38:34 Olga Nuñez: Jimena, with which age group did u do this activity? I mean 4º ESO, 1º Bachillerato or what??
01:39:09 Silvia Bastow: LOVE this and will do this for our project. Thank you for very comprehensible walk through how to create it 🙂
01:39:45 Paul Smith: Thank you so much Jimena, this is so insightful.
01:40:07 Cecilia Giordano: Wow this is great!
01:40:13 Amanda SALT: very cool
01:40:35 Esmeralda Salgado: or your video bitmoji as YouTube video!
01:40:52 Wasim Kamran: great
01:41:13 Esmeralda Salgado: Am I dreaming?….
01:41:31 naziha Badich: I am loving this! Thank you. I am working with a school in La Reunion and this would be perfect fas both schools can do this!
01:41:48 Sabine Pichout: this is really brilliant and will make a fab summer project as we cant do trips 🙁
01:41:50 Esmeralda Salgado: I am working with a school in La Reunion too!
01:42:05 Meritxell Blanco: That’s a great tool!
01:42:06 marie.allirot: My sister lives in La Reunion!
01:42:08 Esmeralda Salgado: We are meeting in Spain on Monday!
01:42:08 Sabine Pichout: Would be great with exchange schools too
01:42:16 Esmeralda Salgado: Virtually…..
01:42:21 Jocelyne LeBars: I am from La Reunion! lol
01:42:29 Paul Smith: Yes, I often have that happen within ICT lessons – when they’re more fascinated with the pictures / colours rather than the language!
01:42:33 Esmeralda Salgado: OMG Amazing!
01:42:39 naziha Badich: 😁
01:42:47 Andrea Rudd: Can’t wait to get going with all these ! Fantastic stuff. thank you 🙂
01:42:51 Wasim Kamran: I am from Pakistan
01:42:58 Jocelyne LeBars: HI Wasim
01:43:02 Gideon Williams: I have tried copying the iframe code from LearningApps into the HTML box and changing the Info box to large. Had some success but needs a bit of tweaking with code and more coding practice. Presume you could do this with other embedding tools eg quizlet etc. Develops the journey a little… Perhaps a joint project with Computing?
01:43:04 Lilliam Camacho: @Ladeidiomas Thank you so much for this idea and you are very clear
01:43:08 Paul Smith: Hey Wasim!
01:43:12 Wasim Kamran: really wonderful
01:43:43 Jocelyne LeBars: So cool, Jimena
01:44:03 Wasim Kamran: just love it
01:44:13 Joe Dale: Awesome
01:45:32 Esther Martínez: I’m so interested to find out how it works
01:45:41 Paula Gómez: I use parlay with C1 students at an EOI in Spain. It does need quite a lot of critical thinking. But it is great to spark discussion
01:45:44 Joe Dale: Me too!
01:46:16 Esther Martínez: Hey, @Paula. I want to try it too
01:46:32 Paula Gómez: highly recommended!
01:46:38 Katarzyna Koniusz: yes
01:47:11 Paula Gómez: As far as I know, students have to register too
01:47:42 Paul Smith: Thank you so much for this Jimena – I’m sorry but I’ve run out of time and I have to go. Thank you so much for this! Bye everyone!
01:47:58 Joe Dale: Thanks for coming Paul
01:50:26 Jocelyne LeBars: Q: Do they get an assigned name in anonymity?
01:50:38 Silvia Bastow: i like that, you get interaction amongst students who wouldn’t normally interact with each other
01:50:59 Paula Gómez: yes, they are given a name automatically
01:51:10 Jocelyne LeBars: Thanks Paula
01:51:23 Joe Dale: Thanks Paula
01:51:42 Paula Gómez: 🙂
01:51:47 Esmeralda Salgado: Q: do students work individually to do this?
01:52:07 Jocelyne LeBars: Q; so you see their work ‘’ live’’?
01:52:26 Paula Gómez: they work individually. I don´t think there is a way they can interact unless you put them in pairs in a class
01:53:01 Paula Gómez: and yes… you can see their work live
01:53:02 Esmeralda Salgado: Q: Can they see each other’s answers too?
01:53:25 Jocelyne LeBars: It’s like Google doc on fire!
01:53:37 Wasim Kamran: once again thank you very much to helping out..
01:53:40 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I love it!
01:53:47 heaven 17: Can you give them a deadline to complete?
01:54:12 Esther Lite: Can students see your feed back to other students?
01:54:15 Paula Gómez: they need to have a Gmail or Microsoft account to get in
01:54:18 Catuxa Sabel: amazing! love this
01:54:30 Paula Gómez: You can give private feedback as well
01:54:37 Wasim Kamran: I log in
01:54:38 Esther Lite: great
01:54:51 Paula Gómez: In fact, you can generate both types of feedback. Thi is the great thing about the tool
01:54:53 Wasim Kamran: wow great
01:54:55 Jocelyne LeBars: Really cool.
01:55:06 Sonja Fedrizzi: This looks great too
01:55:31 Amanda SALT: this looks great
01:55:50 Esther Martínez: Sounds great
01:55:51 Lilian Algajary: Perfect
01:56:00 Wasim Kamran: thank you Jamini Licitra
01:56:07 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: ¡Qué buena pinta, madre mía! Thanks so much for spending all this time sharing your ideas and resources with us, Jimena. I am so glad I have attended this webinar. You are being really clear and your pace is just perfect!
01:56:23 Amanda SALT: I’m so sorry, I need to go. Thanks so much, this was all brilliant and explained so clearly
01:56:48 Sonja Fedrizzi: Must explore this
01:56:50 Joe Dale: Thanks Amanda
01:57:03 Catuxa Sabel: wow!
01:57:16 Jocelyne LeBars: amazing
01:57:25 Sabine Pichout: amazing I love this
01:57:29 Esmeralda Salgado: so powerful!!!
01:57:33 Sonja Fedrizzi: On my list to explore. Thank you for sharing Jimena
01:57:40 Natasha Witham: Looks fantastic. Lots of new tools to get to grips with 🙂 Gracias
01:57:53 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: Increíble!! Jimena, gracias. Está super interesante
01:58:36 Esther Lite: amazing this report
01:58:37 Esmeralda Salgado: That’s incredible! So much information!!
01:59:07 Lilian Algajary: Shukran 😊
01:59:26 Catuxa Sabel: that’s amazing!
01:59:35 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: I really like the peer assessment element, which I have not been able to do for a long time. And the reports you get as a teacher are excellent! So comprehensive!
01:59:37 Sabine Pichout: That is incredible
01:59:40 Laura Danese: Double WOW!
01:59:44 Genoveva Ermilio Brown : Amazing! Thanks !
02:00:28 Esther Lite: is a limit of students by class?
02:00:36 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Even Joe is WOWed 😉
02:00:44 Joe Dale: I am!
02:01:59 Liz Martin: Have to go, but thank you so much for some very well explained amazing ideas! Can’t wait to start trying them out!
02:02:25 Jimena Licitra: https://go.parlayideas.com?invite_code=JA*NtPWDA
02:02:25 June Goh: i’m afraid i have to drop off now as well (1 am over here!) Amazing presentations Jimena!
02:02:31 Francisca Guzman: @Jimena This is awesome! Really interesting tools and so inspirational listening to you. So much energy and passion. Thank you. I have to go.
02:03:14 Sabine Pichout: I really liked that I had to join with Microsoft!!!
02:03:36 Katherine Jones: I also have to go now, but thank you for the exciting and insightful presentation! It’s given me some great inspiration :).
02:03:37 Joe Dale: LOL Sabine!
02:03:52 Helen Myers: Don’t worry if you have to leave.. it’s all being recorded and we understand!
02:04:23 Helen Myers: Equally, I understand if you cannot tear yourself away …!!!
02:04:43 Mohamed Ammar: Thanks all …very useful and interesting
02:04:55 Catuxa Sabel: thank you so much, Jimena. this has been so helpful & inspiring! gotta go and feed the beasts though 😩
02:05:35 Olga Nuñez: Jimena, mi deber de madre me llama. Thank you so much for this amazing webinar. Can’t wait to try some of these tools. Hear u soon.
02:05:45 Esmeralda Salgado: This is brilliant for Alevel in particular!
02:05:51 alexrowe: Thanks so much, so interesting
02:06:01 Paula Gómez: the debate has not started yet!
02:06:11 Paula Gómez: You need to start the debate,first
02:06:19 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Same here, Joe
02:06:31 Paula Gómez: great!
02:06:45 Corinne: It says the discussion hasn’t started yet.
02:06:54 Jocelyne LeBars: SAME
02:07:05 Lilian Algajary: That is brilliant! Are you going to send the Ppt and record by email?
02:07:08 Sabine Pichout: I am not given an opportunity to speak?
02:07:10 Jocelyne LeBars: Sorry ; didn’t mean the capital letters
02:07:12 Nancy Huari Evangelista: I don’t have that option
02:07:12 Paula Gómez: that´s it!
02:08:35 Silvia Bastow: we are muted
02:08:49 Esmeralda Salgado: People are muted in Zoom
02:09:14 Sabine Pichout: I think our mics is used for Zoom so cant speak??
02:09:32 Marife Mayayo: our micro are mute
02:09:33 Natasha Witham: What would you click on to talk?
02:09:50 Marife Mayayo: it is ok now
02:11:57 Esther Lite: I can not hear Sophi when I click to listing. I could hear her online when she recorded.
02:12:14 Jocelyne LeBars: What is first tap in?
02:13:26 Esther Martínez: Parlay, definitely on my list to explore
02:13:40 Jocelyne LeBars: Bravo!
02:13:57 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Bravooooo!
02:14:01 Carole Bourachot: wow, this was amazing
02:14:02 Paula Gómez: Parley provides you with strategies to organize a debate. Sort of how to take your own turn
02:14:10 B Bennett: blown away! 👏 thank you so much
02:14:20 Meritxell Blanco: Many thanks Jimena for all the amazing tools you’ve presented today! So useful!
02:14:30 Helen McFarlane: Q – can speakers talk at random (in no particular order)? do quiet students *have* to speak (or can they contribute in writing)?
02:14:54 Joe Dale: I think so Helen yes
02:14:56 Paula Gómez: Speakers have to speak when you – as a teacher – tap on them
02:14:58 Deborah Stoker: So many ideas – thank you!
02:15:08 Paula Gómez: You can ask quiet students to participate with a nudge
02:15:32 Paula Gómez: You can do that privately
02:15:38 Andrea Rudd: Thank you once again for such a wonderful webinar! Gracias, Jimena
02:15:39 Silvia Bastow: really, really loved it! thank you so much, you make the technology so much easier
02:15:43 Helen McFarlane: @Joe, thanks – I like the randomness of my students’ contributions!
02:15:59 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: This is definitely on my list with A-Level students. They will be my Guinea pigs, hihihi.
02:16:11 Jimena Licitra: www.wooclap.com/
02:16:47 lea Asín: JUST AMAZING as always Jimena! Thanks so much!! Loads of ideas to try!!!!
02:16:52 Sabine Pichout: I have asked my school to authorize wooclap. There is a Teams integration
02:16:55 christine ugur: brilliant
02:16:58 Joe Dale: It’s been awesome!
02:17:05 Esther Martínez: Truly inspiring, Jimena. Thank you so much!
02:17:09 Lilian Algajary: Can’t wait to try!
02:17:12 marie.allirot: Thank you
02:17:23 Katarzyna Koniusz: That was amazing! Thank you!
02:17:27 Corinne: So much to think about and try. It’s been fantastic. Thank you for your time and for sharing your experience.
02:17:29 Menai Newbould: THANK YOU!
02:17:37 Ana Castillo: Muchas gracias – so so useful, brilliant presentation and lots to take away. Can’t wait to try them all 🙂
02:17:39 Sinéad Moxham: thank you so much!
02:17:43 Kaley Johnston: Thank you – I can’t wait to try out the new ideas you have given us today!
02:17:51 Eva Gomez: Fantastic
02:18:00 Esmeralda Salgado: Thank you so much, Jimena! Amazing!
02:18:01 samia saci: Thank you so much
02:18:04 Helen McFarlane: @ Joe – great! That’s what I was hoping for!
02:18:16 Eva Gomez: Fantastic presentation. Thank you so much Jimena
02:18:19 Jennifer Argyle: Parlay is wonderful for hybrid teaching, thank you! Can’t wait to try it.
02:18:25 Tingting Yin: Thank you for sharing Jimena!
02:18:39 Silvia Bastow: Thank you to all for organising it and Jimena for presenting and going for such a long time. Exceptional!!!
02:18:43 Esmeralda Salgado: I need to go now! I am speaking in another conference!
02:18:50 Helen McFarlane: So dynamic and passionate! I would love to experiment with some of your amazing suggestions!
02:19:03 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: It’s flown by!!!
02:19:16 Paula Gómez: Thank you so much! Gret job! really inspiring1
02:19:21 a.jones: Hats off to Jimena!
02:19:28 Dorothy Anderson: Really brilliant! Thank you so so much!
02:19:35 Kat Intxaurbe: Absolutely amazing. Thanks Jimena 🙂 you are a legend!!!
02:19:36 Karen Liddle: Thanks so much. So much to take in.
02:19:37 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: Super intressant Thank you Jimena
02:19:40 marie.allirot: Well done Jimena!
02:19:55 Esther Lite: Likely my power in Houston came back to be able to be here
02:20:00 Silvia Bastow: well deserved
02:20:03 Paula Gómez: Thank you all for this amazing webinar!
02:20:04 ELIZABETH STILLMAN: Thanks so much! I am about to make a virtual Paris trip for my year 8s! Gracias!
02:20:08 Eva Gomez: Twitter address, please
02:20:11 Kirsten Baird: Thank you so much! As a student teacher this was great for me because you went into so much detail and it was a lot easier for me to understand as a tech newbie!
02:20:13 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Thanks to Jimena for everything and obviously Joe and Helen. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
02:20:23 Silvia Bastow: looking forward to it
02:20:28 Sabine Pichout: This was incredible Jimena. Thank you so much! Really inspirational session.
02:20:33 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you so much for this afternoon
02:20:49 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Helen and Joe for organizing!
02:20:49 Helen McFarlane: Thank you Helen and Joe for being the host.s with the most!
02:20:54 Nancy Huari Evangelista: Thank you so much Jimena. great tools!
02:21:04 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Who can be upset with you???
02:21:10 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you for making this a safe environment
02:21:10 cwhite: muchísimas gracias por todas estas ideas tan fantásticas
02:21:15 Lilian Algajary: Thanks alot inspiring 😊
02:21:16 Saira Ghani: Thanks Jimena.
02:21:18 Valle Fernández: Thank you so much all of you!!
02:21:30 Silvia Bastow: they are fab
02:21:35 Sonja Fedrizzi: well done
02:21:39 Marife Mayayo: Muchísimas gracias Jimena! Fabulous webinar! Loved everything you have showed us.