A TiLT Webinar with Jérôme Nogues and Anna Grainger: ‘Easy graphic design for teachers – Using Canva to spruce up your resources.’ Part 2





ALL London organises webinars for the MFL community and this webinar, held in a Zoom room and also viewable on an unlisted YouTube stream, is open to all MFL teachers.  We hope that you will like us and want to join!

We thank Joe Dale for co-ordinating  the TiLT (Technology in Language Teaching)  series of webinars, bringing together teachers who are interested in  developing their use of technology in their teaching.  As well as  enhancing our skills, we also get to meet other ‘keenies’  from across the globe, and can get to know each other informally by chatting before, during and after the webinar.

We also thank the presenters, who give freely of their time and expertise.  Where possible, most sessions are recorded and available for viewing later.


In this second webinar, Anna will demonstrate how to use the collaborative function of Canva. She will show how to create classes for pupils in which projects can be set as well as resources shared and/or created with colleagues. Jérôme will demonstrate how to create a simple video which can also be downloaded as a gif. He will also take you along the creation of a rock-climbing exercise template worksheet. It will be an app smash using the tables creation function in Microsoft Word, the powerful Dictate tool and Canva’s wonderful user-friendly designing interface.


Anna Grainger

Anna is a qualified French and Spanish teacher with over 20 years’ teaching experience.  After the first part of her career spent teaching secondary MFL she moved into middle management in Coventry Adult Education Service. She has now been teaching Spanish for the last few years in a primary school in Coventry where she has developed a passion for early language learning and inspiring young people to embrace languages and culture and to become global citizens.  She has run the Coventry MFL hub for the past 5 years and have recently co-founded Coventry, City of Languages with a colleague, partnering with Warwick and Coventry Universities, local businesses and other stakeholders to promote and encourage uptake of language learning across the city.  She is a British Council Schools’ Ambassador and was recently invited to become a Genially ambassador.

She started to use Canva during lockdown to create digital praise postcards to send to children who had engaged in home learning.  She now finds it one of the easiest and most powerful graphics programmes to create appealing graphics for the classroom and beyond.  She has always enjoyed being creative and I now create graphics using Canva to import into apps such as Learning Apps and Genially to make resources look more aesthetically pleasing.

Jérôme Nogues

Jerome is Head of Department and Head of Digital Learning in a Prep School in beautiful Shropshire. He has been teaching French for over 20 years. He loves using technology in and out of lessons. He also enjoys learning and sharing ideas on social medias with his peers. He is a Microsoft Innovative Education Expert, a Microsoft Innovative Education Master Trainer and an Apple teacher. He is also a keen runner.


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00:27:31 Greg Baxter: @Jacqui small world!
00:28:01 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:28:29 Dorothy Anderson: Hi everyone! Excited for this!😍
00:28:46 Helen McFarlane: Hello Jacqui and Greg – I used to live in Stirling!
00:28:48 Rosa Gonzales S.: Good evening from Sweden. Nice to be here learning with you!
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00:29:00 Esmeralda Salgado: Joe’s training days are great!
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00:31:40 lauradanese: I am 🙂
00:31:47 Jia Hui Lock: How to be a member?
00:32:00 Anna Grainger: www.creativefabrica.com – freebies every day
00:32:16 Marie Allirot: Nice photo!
00:32:38 Cecilia Smith: Amazing!
00:32:41 Adeline Moston: Ooh!
00:32:45 ALICE Semple: Hello, I’m a member too
00:32:45 Sandrine Amyot: wow!!
00:32:47 Jo Barber: Well done
00:35:49 Helen: TO join ALL: https://www.all-languages.org.uk/join/
00:38:39 Simona Gravina: Fantastic Jérôme, loved your video showing sentence builders with sentencify. You are right @MartinLapworth is working on a great project!
00:39:39 Danny: Oh this is great! I spent an eternity on the table in Canva for my Climb the rock on daily routine *lol
00:40:15 Helen: Jérôme has started a great YouTube channel with advice ..’Learn with J’: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQkPjRBe0q52Cgv9T0CAXOw
00:40:38 Joe Dale: I’ve subscribed already!
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00:40:56 Helen: There are 67 of us as subscribers already!
00:42:07 ALICE Semple: It is a great subject association to be part of
00:42:32 Helen: Good to see you again Alice!
00:42:36 ALICE Semple: Loving the arrow
00:42:50 ALICE Semple: Good to see you too Helen.
00:43:06 Helen: 😊
00:43:08 Joe Dale: Learn with J – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQkPjRBe0q52Cgv9T0CAXOw/
00:43:29 Jacques: move on
00:43:44 Simona Gravina: Q. Can you copy your canva in a ppt?
00:44:05 Anna Grainger: Simona yes you can. Just download and insert into powerpoint
00:44:14 Anna Grainger: Download as an image that is
00:44:16 Helen: (78 sunscribers now!)
00:44:24 Helen: or subscribers even
00:44:30 Fatima Khaled: I just subscribed. Thank you Joe.
00:44:34 Joe Dale: Sunscribers sounds great
00:44:37 ALICE Semple: That is so cute
00:44:44 Simona Gravina: Love this, might try next time when doing a Rock climbing thanks Anna 😊
00:45:36 Esmeralda Salgado: Excellent, kids could create their own videos and talk over them
00:45:55 Esmeralda Salgado: Q can you add voice over?
00:46:04 Joe Dale: Flipgrid is great for making these types of animations too
00:46:46 Marie Allirot: @ Esmeralda, you can upload audio
00:47:15 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, but record yourself? Like genially for example
00:47:20 Joe Dale: @Esmeralda – You can record a voiceover in Flipgrid 🙂
00:47:24 Marie Allirot: I don’t think so
00:47:38 Marie Allirot: Ypu can record on vocaroo and upload
00:47:56 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, thanks joe
00:48:18 Joe Dale: You’re welcome 🙂
00:48:37 Esmeralda Salgado: Thanks, Marie
00:48:41 Marie Allirot: Great for videos. I made one for our penpals including videos and photos of our pupils.
00:49:07 Joe Dale: Can you drag and drop from the Bitmoji extension?
00:49:14 Anna Grainger: Yes Joe
00:49:16 Esmeralda Salgado: Anyway, they can speak in lessons and record themselves in Onenote
00:49:38 Joe Dale: Thanks Anna and true, Esmeralda
00:50:11 Helen: This is fun!
00:50:15 Joe Dale: First shortcut mentioned by Jerome this evening 🙂
00:50:23 Helen: !!!
00:50:28 Adeline Moston: Love this!
00:50:32 Danny: 😀
00:50:47 Yamina Sadek kirk: Love this
00:50:50 Helen: WE are a bunch of happy geeks, aren’t we?!
00:50:59 Joe Dale: 🙂
00:51:03 Noria: Q: Is there a way to block the background noise when using vocaroo?
00:51:05 Adeline Moston: And proud of it too!
00:51:06 ALICE Semple: Just love this!!!!! Me too another geek
00:51:41 Joe Dale: @Noria – Do you mean if you are recording in a classroom?
00:52:00 Noria: Yes Joe – thank you
00:52:45 Marife Mayayo: voyage, voyage …..
00:52:53 Esmeralda Salgado: Q is Jerome under a normal presentation or under video?
00:53:14 Adeline Moston: under video, I think, he looked it up and clicked on video
00:53:18 Danny: he chose video
00:53:23 Joe Dale: @Noria – Use a microphone headset, keep the microphone near to your mouth under your chin or to the side, record outside
00:53:27 Helen McFarlane: @Marife – love that song! Happy memories of travelling!
00:53:33 Esmeralda Salgado: Thanks!
00:53:34 Anna Grainger: Everything can be done under any template but you can then download as anything you like
00:53:43 Noria: ok will do Joe. Many thanks
00:53:54 Anna Grainger: If that makes sense!
00:53:55 Joe Dale: You’re welcome
00:54:58 Helen: Anna Grainger, also Queen of Fonts
00:55:36 Anna Grainger: Not got that many fonts uploaded onto Canva as they slow everything down, but got lots in folders on my computer! Luurrrrrve fonts
00:56:04 Jacques: how to connect / integrate your bitmoji if you do not have a snapchat account??
00:56:13 ALICE Semple: Cool
00:56:14 Margarita Mortimer: Q what is the advantage of using Canva versus PowerPoint or Word or other apps?
00:56:34 Anna Grainger: Jacques – I had to set up a snapchat account just to link my Bitmoji. I couldn’t find another way to do it
00:56:59 ALICE Semple: Merci Jerome.
00:56:59 Noria: Thank you so much Jerome, very interesting
00:57:10 Esmeralda Salgado: Excellent! Jerome
00:57:12 J Young: So cool, Jerome – I love your ideas!
00:57:27 Marie Allirot: access to all the graphics in Canva
00:57:30 Angela Doris: Q – It looks quite similar to genial too…is this the case?
00:57:40 Dorothy Anderson: Brilliant Jerome! Thank you!
00:57:42 Angela Doris: Q- Sorry Genialy
00:57:43 Greg Baxter: @jacques on the Chrome/Edge Bitmoji extension you can sign up with an email now, no longer need a snapchat
00:57:48 Jesus Santos: Thanks Jerome!
00:57:51 Magalie Lalor: Bitmoji application on Chrome
00:58:01 Marie Allirot: Some similarities with Genially @Angela
00:58:05 Yamina Sadek kirk: Merci!
00:58:23 Marie Allirot: I like canva for all the pic / graphic
00:58:27 Angela Doris: Thanks @Marie…I thought that…
00:59:10 Esmeralda Salgado: Appsmashing is the answer
00:59:15 Marie Allirot: I use Canva within Genially
00:59:22 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes
00:59:43 Cecilia Smith: does canva work with genially?
00:59:53 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes
01:00:00 Spasova Aleksandrina: Q: Thank you for the wonderful presentation. I would like to ask the following question. Do students need to be on the same platform in order to watch my lesson ? Is it free to share on MS Teams?
01:00:19 Marie Allirot: yes download them and upload in Genially
01:00:28 Cecilia Smith: I’ll try that out. Thanks!
01:02:27 Adeline Moston: That would be fab for departmental praise postcards!
01:02:34 Helen: https://www.canva.com/brand/join?token=lCIVWb5cylyOASQlDTIgJA&brandingVariant=edu&referrer=team-invite
01:02:49 Esmeralda Salgado: That’s what I do, Adeline
01:02:50 Helen: https://www.canva.com/brand/join?token=lCIVWb5cylyOASQlDTIgJA&brandingVariant=edu&referrer=team-invite
01:06:02 Helen McFarlane: @Helen – I’m receiving the message “Contact administrator” when I click on TiLT Class and Billing and Teams!
01:06:15 helen.farmer: not working for me
01:06:20 Helen McFarlane: Is this a restriction at my end?
01:07:28 Jo Barber: We can see everyone’s emails in the people section….
01:07:28 Helen: Has it worked for others?
01:07:43 Florence Barats: Yes I am in
01:07:45 Jerome Nogues: @Helen I believe so…
01:09:01 helen.farmer: ok now
01:09:32 Esmeralda Salgado: Students could collaborate on a poster for example
01:10:27 Jesus Santos: @Esmeralda Good idea
01:12:39 Esmeralda Salgado: Thanks
01:12:39 Marie Allirot: Q – Do they need an account with Canva or they just work from that link?
01:12:57 Esmeralda Salgado: I think they need an account
01:13:02 Jimena Licitra: I think it is in all your designs
01:13:19 Jo Barber: How well does canva work on ipads? Has anyone tried it with them…
01:13:35 Adeline Moston: Q can the kids get free accounts like teachers?
01:13:57 Esmeralda Salgado: I was thinking of having different designs for students to work on. Ideally for collaborative work with partner schools.
01:14:32 ALICE Semple: How do you copy it or just change that one?
01:14:33 Greg Baxter: @jo I use it on my school iPad a lot, find it easier to move things about with touch
01:14:35 Esmeralda Salgado: I am on a phone, sorry
01:15:15 Jo Barber: thank you Greg – will have a play on there….
01:15:54 Marie Allirot: do we edit or make a copy?
01:16:16 Esmeralda Salgado: I think Anna wants us to edit
01:16:25 Esmeralda Salgado: To add to it
01:18:18 helen.farmer: What next after putting pic on place?
01:18:57 Jimena Licitra: But if students join a class like us here, they just sign up on their own.
01:19:15 Jimena Licitra: And if they already have google accounts, they can access with their google account.
01:19:24 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, Jimena
01:19:40 Florence Barats: Sorry I keep adding to other people’s slides! I am too slow!
01:19:41 Jimena Licitra: No, my kids are 11 and they use canva
01:19:49 J Young: It said 13 + in a previous screen
01:20:17 Jimena Licitra: Yes, it can
01:20:23 Jo Barber: if you click on people in the tea
01:20:25 Jo Barber: m
01:20:32 Jimena Licitra: If you click on people you see everybody there
01:20:36 Jimena Licitra: And students see the too
01:20:44 Jo Barber: sorry!
01:20:47 Esmeralda Salgado: Good to use school emails, then
01:22:06 Esmeralda Salgado: Great potential for collaborative work! In writing and adding videos etc
01:22:38 Esmeralda Salgado: I am using this with my Erasmus project. Thanks Anna. Awesome!
01:23:10 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes! Timers! I am getting excited
01:23:32 helen.farmer: Thank you , really interesting, I will watch the rest when the video is up.
01:23:47 Jimena Licitra: Timers!!! Yes! I want to do this
01:23:53 Jo Barber: wooooooo
01:24:05 Dorothy Anderson: This is fun!
01:24:20 Jennifer E: Great! I Love that there is music with it 🙂
01:24:27 Fatima Khaled: Thank you so much for this inspiring session. Despite I was cutting off because of my bad internet connection.
01:24:56 Jacques: woooow
01:25:28 Klaudia Schwenk: Q Which design did you choose? Card, presentation…?
01:25:40 Helen: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SsVlBIhIiSMo1n47eToIDj-gNLlTY9Uu/view
01:28:34 Helen: Very clever!
01:28:37 Esmeralda Salgado: Can you repeat?
01:28:37 Joe Dale: Can you use a keyboard shortcut to move the shape?
01:30:05 Joe Dale: Clever
01:30:05 Jimena Licitra: Super useful tip, thank you!
01:30:07 lauradanese: Genius!
01:30:19 Joe Dale: LOL
01:30:41 Marie Allirot: yes
01:30:42 Noria: try that Joe https://fallontravels.com/blog/canva-keyboard-shortcuts
01:31:32 Joe Dale: Thank you Noria
01:31:39 Jacques: excellent link
01:31:44 Jennifer E: Thank you so much. I have to go unfortunately, but again, this was wonderful. I have so much to learn on this! Thank you for sharing your expertise! 🙂
01:33:05 Helen: Great to see you Jennifer!
01:33:39 Marie Allirot: I did mine on video
01:34:03 Esmeralda Salgado: I did it on a normal presentation
01:36:47 Marie Allirot: ah very clever with the video!
01:37:15 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes! I did not know how to add the second sound! Clever
01:37:17 Marie Allirot: I could not work out how to stop music to do whistle
01:37:18 Joe Dale: Voice Record Pro on iOS and Android
01:37:34 Marie Allirot: Same in Genially for sound actually
01:37:35 Esmeralda Salgado: Nice!!!
01:37:48 Joe Dale: You could use Flipgrid and download the video too
01:38:10 Helen: whistle on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBCTramtwMw
01:38:14 ALICE Semple: The music goes so well with your slide
01:39:21 Joe Dale: You can use Chrome Audio Capture, but of course you need to respect copyright https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chrome-audio-capture/kfokdmfpdnokpmpbjhjbcabgligoelgp?hl=en
01:40:17 Margaret Robson: Do you have to have a YouTube account to download it?
01:40:36 Esmeralda Salgado: I have uploaded mine on you tube to take less space and then share it on Onenote
01:40:42 Esmeralda Salgado: Or genially
01:40:44 Cecilia Smith: Must leave now. Thank you very much! Lots to practise
01:41:00 Esmeralda Salgado: It was fantastic!!! Inspiring!
01:41:26 Florence Barats: I have to go, have a lovely evening. Thanks again for a great presentation!
01:41:35 Margaret Robson: Thanks
01:41:40 Marie Allirot: yes
01:41:45 Marie Allirot: yes
01:42:01 Viki Anderton: Q how can i access Canva Part 1 please?
01:42:08 Zoe Gordon: Thanks, very useful.
01:42:25 Esmeralda Salgado: Bravo!
01:42:33 Joe Dale: @Viki https://youtu.be/c54c9koipdk
01:42:38 Helen McFarlane: Thank you Jérôme and Anna – loads of great ideas which are lots of fun for the students!
01:42:49 Viki Anderton: thanks – really helpful
01:42:50 Margarita Mortimer: very good and fun!
01:42:55 M.Charlton: Thank you very much. I have to go now but I really enjoyed this workshop. Great presentation! I have to go now.
01:43:01 Marie Allirot: Thank you Anna and Jerome. Very inspiring
01:43:02 Imma Adán: Thank you very much!
01:43:02 Rosa Gonzales S.: Jérôme and Anna, you were wonderful, thanks so much!!
01:43:04 Jo Barber: brilliant thank you…
01:43:05 Margaret Robson: Thanks. Really useful.
01:43:09 Jimena Licitra: Thank you! Now we have loads of work to do. I want my own timer….
01:43:14 J Young: Thank you both for all your help and ideas
01:43:16 Evelyn Pedley: Thank you very much!
01:43:23 vanesa Macia Domene: Lots of ideas thanks very much!
01:43:26 Helen: http://www.all-london.org.uk/site/index.php/webinars/a-tilt-webinar-with-jerome-nogues-and-anna-grainger-easy-graphic-design-for-teachers-using-canva-to-spruce-up-your-resources/
01:43:35 Jacques: Thank you both
01:43:37 sana: Thank you Jérôme and Anna, so many ideas, so much inspiration!
01:43:37 Greg Baxter: I have to go but thank you for this!
01:43:44 Noria: Thank you so much to ALL team. What a great community.
01:43:48 Monika: Thank you very much!
01:43:55 Simona Gravina: Thank you all for all, lots of great ideas!
01:43:57 ALICE Semple: Thank you, all good tips
01:44:03 Jo Barber: Mine has done it automatically – I inserted a 15 second one….
01:44:04 Christine Rooney: Thank you
01:44:16 Marie Allirot: Yes you were!
01:44:21 gisele Amoros: Thank you Jerome and Anna, lots of ideas to exploit. It was really interesting.
01:44:26 Helen: Please turn on videos for a group photo!!!
01:44:29 Esmeralda Salgado: I have to go , we ordered a pizza!
01:44:58 Danny: I am sorry, no camera 🙁
01:45:01 Jacques: enjoy your pizza
01:45:02 Marie Allirot: For longer timer, you can add slides. For 5 min, I did 5 times one minute
01:45:23 vanesa Macia Domene: pijama time sorry!
01:45:23 Jo Barber: I know Margaret!!!!!
01:45:24 Jacques: Joe, thx for the TILT webinar link
01:45:47 Joe Dale: You’re welcome Jacques
01:45:48 Margaret Robson: Hi Jo!
01:45:55 Jacques: I’m still here, don’t worry
01:46:37 Helen McFarlane: Thanks, Helen and Joe, too, for another great TiLT webinar!
01:46:46 J Young: Thank you Helen and Joe too!
01:46:48 Marife Mayayo: Fabulous webinar! Very enjoyable and inspiring! Thank you so much Anna and Jerome! And Helen and Joe!
01:46:57 sana: A big thank you to the organizers!
01:47:00 Jimena Licitra: Kids love Canva!
01:47:05 Dorothy Anderson: Really great ideas! Thank you so much!
01:47:07 Jimena Licitra: Thanks for organizing this!
01:47:09 Ester Borin Bonillo: Thank you very much Anna and Jerome!!!
01:47:20 Jacques: These webinars are great and sooo supportive
01:47:35 Anna Grainger: https://padlet.com/annagrainger/hififkvriwta
01:47:38 Sandrine Amyot: My job for tomorrow is to get started on Canva. Thank you all.
01:48:03 Jerome Nogues: You are going to love it @Sandrine
01:48:04 Monika: Danke! Merci!
01:48:45 Klaudia Schwenk: Great to be able to join in – feels very European 🙂
01:49:00 Jacques: great pallet anna
01:49:02 Monika: Gruss nach Deutschland
01:49:02 Joe Dale: I agree Klaudia
01:49:03 Jacques: padlet
01:49:04 Helen McFarlane: Hear, hear!
01:49:05 Jacques: thank you