A TiLT webinar with Gloria Enrique


We were delighted to at last welcome Gloria Enrique to our Webinar room.  She shared great tips on making the best use of Microsoft tools for language learning and introduced us to some new functions.  Just look at the chat to see what a massively popular person she is!  THANK YOU Gloria!


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This session will look at time saving tips and tricks in Teams, using OneNote and Teams to deliver engaging lessons and increasing engagement and facilitating assessment with Forms.

-Creating Sections
-Check for understanding with different type of questions
-Differentiation with Branching
-Gamification with Microsoft Forms
-Create interactive videos with Stream and Microsoft Forms
-Easily check for understanding with Forms in Teams and OneNote


My name is Gloria Enrique and I am a post-primary educator in Sacred Heart School Tullamore in the Republic of Ireland. I am a Microsoft Educator Innovative Educator, a Skype Global Learning Mentor and a Flipgrid Student Voice Ambassador. I am always looking for innovative ways and technologies to bring the curriculum to life and instil the same passion that I have for learning to students. This is how I discovered OneNote and Microsoft Teams and its potential to support students in their learning journey.


00:30:51 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:31:02 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1w0UxPalYaRKyuDpCGl8bFZbGbfE679QlC5uBbV74Rqg/edit?usp=sharing
00:31:41 Rebecca Jones: We’ve enjoyed Joe’s excellent CPD at Swavesey! Always full of gems and fully recommended!
00:31:55 Joe Dale: Thank you Rebecca!
00:32:30 lauradanese: I am a member, of course 🙂
00:32:31 Amanda SALT: You miss out on Joe staying with you during lockdown tho 😉
00:32:39 Esmeralda Salgado: I echo Rebecca’s comment! Joe’s CPD sessions are great!
00:32:51 Joe Dale: Thanks Esmeralda 🙂
00:33:06 Joe Dale: Bless you, Amanda
00:37:11 Claire O’Brien: is SHS an iPad school, Gloria? do all students have a device in class?
00:38:40 vanesa Macia Domene: Can you put the link in the chat please?
00:38:41 Gloria Enrique @MissGEnrique: https://bit.ly/3roMQOH
00:38:45 vanesa Macia Domene: Thanks
00:40:23 Sonja Fedrizzi: That’s a lovely idea.
00:40:41 Sabine Pichout: Nice to share a form as a QR code. Never thought of this!
00:40:53 Dorothy Anderson: Isn’t it lovely!
00:40:57 Sonja Fedrizzi: I like it too 🙂
00:41:22 Esmeralda Salgado: I agree, You can have surveys around the corridor!
00:41:30 vanesa Macia Domene: Looks good for exit ticket for example
00:42:03 G. Campello: Love the QR idea! Unfortunately our students dont have access to devices and can’t use their phones in the classroom.
00:42:22 vanesa Macia Domene: Same here, no phone allowed 🙁
00:42:50 lauradanese: The one we just did was New Form?
00:43:01 Joe Dale: Yes
00:43:26 Keisha Reid: Did not realize there was a difference
00:44:42 Dorothy Anderson: This is brilliant. I had no idea you could do themes. Lovely!
00:45:37 Sarah Bell: Quizzes can be self-marking, forms aren’t. Unfortunately if you make a form by accident, you can’t just transfer it to a quiz 🙁 Have learned the hard way!
00:45:42 Florence Barats: I have colour coded my forms per year groups!
00:45:55 Joe Dale: Good idea Florence!
00:46:09 Simona Gravina: thank you for sharing this Gloria.
00:46:20 Sarah Bell: Like the colour-code idea – wish we could have folders…
00:46:22 Amanda SALT: Great idea, Florence
00:46:26 Lucy Tyler: @Sarah Bell me too! Lots of time creating an assessment to realise I have done it in a form not a quiz 🙁
00:46:33 Florence Barats: I just wish you could make folders in forms, any idea when this is coming???
00:46:49 Greg Baxter: We’ve moved all our vocabulary tests onto Forms, much easier to manage!
00:47:06 Cherifa Dhamia: Thanks for the idea of colour coding year groups. Didn’t think of that!
00:47:07 Rosa Gonzales S.: Good idea!
00:47:23 Keisha Reid: Thanks for the responses
00:47:28 Amanda SALT: I’m keeping a spreadsheet with my link and the link to share with the pupils to remind me of what I have for each topic, past paper etc
00:47:38 Sonja Fedrizzi: Q Can you add an audio file? I have not been successful but maybe I just did it wrong.
00:47:58 Joe Dale: Yes you can and Gloria will cover this I’m sure
00:48:12 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you Joe
00:48:14 G. Campello: You can add an audio file to onedrive and share the link
00:48:22 Esmeralda Salgado: Q will the students be able to sit the Quiz at different times and the answers be recorded if using sections?
00:48:28 Sarah Bell: Ooh – like that @amandasalt, or a wakelet maybe?
00:48:36 Sonja Fedrizzi: I’ve done that as well but I was wondering if I can upload the sound file
00:48:41 Florence Barats: You can only add videos so you need to convert your sound track into video or just add the link for the sound file
00:49:01 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you Florence
00:49:33 Dorothy Anderson: Will this keep them on the same page Florence?
00:49:48 Joe Dale: Q. Does anyone know the perfect width for an image so it looks OK in a Form / Quiz?
00:50:03 Greg Baxter: @Sonja – one of the teachers in my dept records her voice and uploads it as a video to YouTube, or we put the Audio on Sway. Not ideal but at least it’s a workaround
00:50:05 Jennifer Wozniak Rush: No but would be very useful to know
00:50:41 Florence Barats: @Dorothy not sure what you mean?
00:50:45 Joe Dale: Sway handles audio well with its own player
00:50:55 Sonja Fedrizzi: thank you, Greg. I’ve only posted the link but if Joe says Gloria will cover it, let’s see what she says 🙂
00:52:07 Joe Dale: Here is Gloria’s tutorial for adding audio into a Microsoft Quiz https://youtu.be/nIihzZKSDnA
00:52:10 Sonja Fedrizzi: Q Has anyone found a solution to the problem of the multiple choice answers not being identified as correct if the spelling is wrong (capitalisation etc)?
00:52:11 Amanda SALT: Sonja, some of mine find Forms a drain on their wifi as it is, I wonder if it would be the same or worse if the audio was embedded
00:52:12 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you
00:52:12 lauradanese: How can you assign the points?
00:52:15 Sonja Fedrizzi: I will watch that
00:52:33 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you
00:53:17 G. Campello: wish the correct answers would be more forgiving with full stops and capitals so we wouldn’t need to review the answers
00:53:54 G. Campello: I use the stars for self assessment (how confident are you about this topic?)
00:53:58 Sonja Fedrizzi: indeed
00:54:06 Sandrine A: I wish I knew all this at the start of lockdown. So useful. Will definitely use it for homework from now on.
00:54:14 G. Campello: I use the stars for self assessment (how confident are you about this topic?)
00:54:26 Dorothy Anderson: When you are creating the form, put in various answers with different punctuation etc and that can help.
00:54:29 Florence Barats: I have ended up being very clear in my instructions, no full stop needed or make sure that your punctuation is accurate, it has helped a bit!
00:54:35 Sofia Lopes: @G. Campello , that’s a great idea, thank you.
00:55:02 Sonja Fedrizzi: That’s good advice. Thank you
00:55:12 Joe Dale: Nice idea
00:55:34 Lucy Tyler: Never used likert, didn’t know what it was. Looks great!
00:55:43 Dorothy Anderson: You can add answers when you review your answers and often pupils write similar responses. They then become accepted answers.
00:56:09 Joe Dale: You can specify the file types too e.g. audio only
00:56:22 vanesa Macia Domene: That is good I did not know this new feature!
00:56:31 Joe Dale: Yes it’s new
00:56:48 Esmeralda Salgado: very handy for oral work
00:57:08 Marie Anais: what was it again?
00:57:10 Joe Dale: Here are 25 new features in Forms https://youtu.be/wtQbMdqXjxQ
00:57:22 Jennifer Wozniak Rush: That is great
00:57:59 vanesa Macia Domene: Good idea!
00:58:18 Joe Dale: That’s great
00:58:20 G. Campello: i love ranking!i use for conjugations 🙂
00:58:25 Sarah Bell: Hasn’t uploading audio been a feature for a while? I don’t think all new Microsoft features are always available in education , certainly with some of the recent releases
00:58:34 vanesa Macia Domene: Or organise text by bullet points
00:58:37 Esmeralda Salgado: Nice, to put a paragraph in the right order
00:59:00 Florence Barats: @G Campello, how do you do conjugations in ranking
00:59:03 Joe Dale: @Sarah It’s been available in Google Forms for a while but I think it’s new to Microsoft Forms
00:59:05 Sabine Pichout: I like that type of activity
00:59:10 Dorothy Anderson: @Sarah, hi! Also, I’ve not been able to do it so far.
00:59:12 Greg Baxter: @Sarah I think Glow restricts some of the features for us until they’ve passed some sort of checks
00:59:34 Dorothy Anderson: Can we do it @Greg?
00:59:39 Sarah Bell: We used it last lockdown – def MS forms hmmm
00:59:50 G. Campello: @Florence to get them to put them in the right order eg. yo, tu, etc
00:59:52 Greg Baxter: Will need to give it a go, I’ve not used forms for a wee while actually!
01:00:03 Sonja Fedrizzi: Ok, question answered 🙂
01:00:06 Florence Barats: @G Campello thanks
01:00:50 Esmeralda Salgado: That’s how I use my bitmoji youtube video recordings
01:00:56 Dorothy Anderson: Wow! That’s brilliant!
01:01:02 Sabine Pichout: That is a nice workaround
01:01:15 Esmeralda Salgado: this works great!
01:01:23 Sarah Bell: Need to look into Stream…
01:01:28 Joe Dale: @Esmeralda – Do you make your videos unlisted?
01:01:41 Esmeralda Salgado: you just can record yourself without using bitmoji. 🙂
01:01:42 Amanda SALT: Did I hear they are getting rid of Stream? Or is that a total untruth?
01:01:58 G. Campello: hope not!
01:02:07 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes, they are unlisted
01:02:15 Joe Dale: @Amanda – I’ve not heard that
01:02:18 Helen Myers ALL London: Like you Greg, I have not been using forms for a while.. I’m putting so much in OneNOte direct into the page.. but I will start again for automatic marking.
01:02:26 Joe Dale: @Esmeralda – Thank you for clarifying
01:03:32 Joe Dale: You can use Microsoft Voice Recorder on Windows 10
01:04:24 Amanda SALT: @JoeDale just googled quickly, looks like adaptation https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/streamnew/new-stream
01:04:49 Joe Dale: Thanks Amanda
01:09:01 Esmeralda Salgado: great idea!
01:09:02 Sarah Bell: Hadn’t thought of using branching for giving extra revision/support if they get a question wrong – will be using this – thanks @Gloria
01:09:04 Helen Myers ALL London: What a great idea to sue branching in this way.
01:09:10 Amanda SALT: that’s a great idea
01:09:20 Rebecca Jones: lovly!
01:09:28 Ester Borin Bonillo: that´s a great idea!!
01:09:30 Joe Dale: Cool!
01:09:32 Helen Myers ALL London: Love the images Gloria uses too ..
01:09:42 Florence Barats: This is a great idea!
01:09:43 Jennifer Wozniak Rush: they are lovely
01:10:03 Helen McFarlane: Branching is such a good idea for revision and confidence building
01:10:17 G. Campello: this is genius!
01:10:18 Pilar Navarro: That’s a great thing to use!
01:10:56 Amanda SALT: We really should try to share MS Forms we create to save time 🙂
01:11:32 Helen Myers ALL London: So, Amanada .. another little job for you ,.. I/c/ stickers + I/c shared forms …!!!
01:14:34 Joe Dale: Here is a tweet by Malcolm Wilson on a choose your own adventure activity https://twitter.com/claganach/status/1159873652776718336?s=20
01:15:49 Karine Ventham: Thanks for sharing, so useful
01:15:51 vanesa Macia Domene: Thanks @Joe
01:18:13 Sandrine Amyot: can we send to a particular team?
01:18:39 Sabine Pichout: Q:Can you embed in OneNote?
01:18:41 Dorothy Anderson: Is there a way to turn a Form back to Names rather than Anonymous?
01:19:15 G. Campello: @Sandrine – yes, in assingments, choose quiz
01:19:21 G. Campello: @Sabine yes 🙂
01:19:33 Sabine Pichout: Thank you! nice
01:20:05 Sabine Pichout: I learn something new every day! Love it. Thank you
01:20:20 Rebecca Jones: Brilliant!
01:20:39 Amanda SALT: Q Does inserting a form make the class notebook bigger?(constantly thinking about syncing for pupils)
01:20:39 Dorothy Anderson: Forms in the chat function is a nice way to see how everyone is.
01:21:19 Dorothy Anderson: Ha! This!
01:21:23 Esmeralda Salgado: You can also add a form to your own video in Stream, like a edpuzzle kind of activity. 🙂
01:21:25 Helen Myers ALL London: @Amanada – I thiknk as long as it is really a link to another area, you don’t need to worry about space
01:21:38 Amanda SALT: great
01:21:39 Joe Dale: Q. Would this be similar to Polly?
01:22:00 Sandrine Amyot: @g.Campello thank you
01:22:15 Amanda SALT: I guess so @Joe but part of O365 so maybe seen as ‘safer’?
01:22:15 Joe Dale: @Esmeralda – Yes, Jane Basnett showed that in her second video for TiLT
01:22:43 Dorothy Anderson: My pupils have started creating a poll themselves to decide what Blooket game to play.
01:22:50 Amanda SALT: lol
01:22:54 Esmeralda Salgado: BRilliant, Joe!
01:23:04 Joe Dale: @Amanda – Thanks
01:23:37 Sarah Bell: thanks for the wakelet link @gloria
01:23:42 Amanda SALT: @Joe certainly for us in NI as O365 is under c2k
01:23:59 Jennifer Wozniak Rush: Thank you so much Gloria 🙂
01:24:08 Katie Williams: Wow, what an amazing presentation! I have so many notes now and can’t wait to explore branching.I hadn
01:24:10 vanesa Macia Domene: Question: I used to used the option @Forms during live sessions during first lockdown, in live session, in the chat, but now is not working anymore. I only can create the form if I am going outside of the chat. NOt sure if I making sense! sorry
01:24:12 Esmeralda Salgado: Thank you so much, Gloria!!!!
01:24:21 Katie Williams: *I hadn’t been brave enough to try that yet!
01:24:25 Amanda SALT: Thank you, Gloria
01:24:31 Greg Baxter: Muchisimas gracias por esto, Gloria!
01:24:34 Florence Barats: missed the wakelet link, can we have it again
01:25:03 Sabine Pichout: This was brilliant. Havent used forms a lot but thinking of using it for exams and listening. This will be great and love teh fact that we can embed on OneNote without overloading it. Thank you
01:25:11 Brigid Fahy: lovely, clear presentation. Thank you, Gloria, you are like a ray of sunshine. Feeling uplifted.
01:25:33 Cherifa Dhamia: Thank you Gloria, great presentation!
01:25:40 Sarah Bell: Nice to see examples and a walkthough – thanks
01:25:45 Gloria Enrique @MissGEnrique: https://wke.lt/w/s/bo3kj5
01:25:50 Esmeralda Salgado: GREAT PRESENTATION!!
01:25:58 Greg Baxter: Could you share the Wakelet link in the chat?
01:26:05 Florence Barats: Thank you!
01:26:14 Lucy Tyler: Q: when doing branching, once the student has been sent to their section, and they have done it, do they click ‘submit’ or ‘back’? Also is there a way of ensuring they actually do watch the video?
01:26:16 Helen Myers ALL London: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-forms/does-forms-save-responses/m-p/681140 – in 2019 there was no save – has this changed?
01:26:39 vanesa Macia Domene: activate review answer manually for teacher I do like that
01:27:03 Amanda SALT: Q when a question has multiple answers, and one is wrong, mine gives them zero and doesn’t credit the ones they got right
01:27:18 Brigid Fahy: the multiple choice thing is even an issue if they get 2 of the 3 right – it gives them zero or three points. Not 1 or 2 unless you review
01:27:32 Helen Myers ALL London: user voice to Allow form respondents to save and continue to fill the form later https://microsoftforms.uservoice.com/forums/386451-welcome-to-microsoft-forms-suggestion-box/suggestions/18447406-allow-form-respondents-to-save-and-continue-to-fil
01:27:37 Brigid Fahy: same @amanda
01:27:57 Dorothy Anderson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G8Q-vQvqkE
01:28:25 Dorothy Anderson: This is a great video that shows how to review answers.
01:28:52 Helen Myers ALL London: Thanks Dorothy
01:29:16 Dorothy Anderson: 👍
01:30:00 G. Campello: you can add multiple forms tostream
01:30:25 Katie Williams: Q: Is there a work around for questions with multiple answers? If my students get one answer wrong it gives them 0 marks even if they got one answer correct.
01:30:30 G. Campello: i add a starter and a plenary to all of mine
01:31:36 Helen Myers ALL London: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/add-forms
01:31:40 G. Campello: no you can have multiple questions too
01:31:53 G. Campello: i link a 5 question form
01:31:59 G. Campello: with multiple choice
01:32:05 G. Campello: you just limk any form you have
01:33:18 G. Campello: you can link any form you already have, regardless of questions. if students open on a mobile device this functionality doesn’t work tho
01:33:26 Florence Barats: Q did you type the transcript up yourself?
01:33:32 Claire O’Brien: do all your students have devices in class?
01:34:10 Helen Myers ALL London: @Florece – you can get automatic transcription
01:34:29 Florence Barats: @Helen, really? How does it work?
01:34:48 G. Campello: in Teams assignment you can also add new assignment/quiz
01:34:49 Sandrine Amyot: Brilliant, thanks for answering this
01:34:56 Amanda SALT: I’m so sorry, I have to go. Brilliant, thanks so much
01:35:37 Sabine Pichout: Q Florence, now for transcript I use the audio recorder on word or ppt to get a transcript rather than manually typing. Jerome Nogues shared that trick
01:35:42 Helen Myers ALL London: In stream you check a box -btu actually that was YouTibe wasn’t it. so need to ask
01:35:46 Sabine Pichout: ”
01:36:13 Florence Barats: @Sabine, I must have missed that one!
01:36:55 Sabine Pichout: I used to spend hours typing….
01:37:05 Helen Myers ALL London: works here too … windows + full stop.. then lots o ficons!]
01:37:18 Helen Myers ALL London: 👍😊😂🤷‍♂️💋🐱‍💻😁😁
01:37:28 Helen Myers ALL London: Have a play!
01:37:31 vanesa Macia Domene: Also I put at the end of the question so student can copy and paste it á é ó ú
01:37:49 Florence Barats: @Sabine, when did he show the trick? Is it in one of the recordings from TILT webinars?
01:37:52 Sabine Pichout: 👌👌
01:37:56 G. Campello: yeah that’s really annoying
01:38:12 Helen Myers ALL London: 👍👍👍
01:38:15 Julia Morris: I have had the problem with the multiple questions – even if you give several points for it, it will either give all or none.
01:38:20 Sabine Pichout: @Florence think it was a Linguascope webinar
01:38:41 Sabine Pichout: ✔✔
01:39:47 Florence Barats: Thank you
01:39:49 Esmeralda Salgado: I need to leave now! thank you so much, amazing!
01:40:38 G. Campello: they cant use it in my setting 🙁
01:41:04 Sabine Pichout: Thank you
01:41:12 Cherifa Dhamia: Thank you so much!
01:41:15 Jennifer Wozniak Rush: Thank you so much
01:41:16 Rachel Graham: Thank you so much!
01:41:17 Sandrine Amyot: Muchas gracias Gloria
01:41:17 Sarah Bell: Thanks so much!
01:41:19 Florence Barats: Brilliant! Thanks
01:41:23 Helen McFarlane: Muchas gracias, Gloria !
01:41:24 Lucy Tyler: Thank you Gloria
01:41:25 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Thanks so much, I need to rush off!!! Gracias 🙂
01:41:28 Laura Danese: Grazie mille :-)) Bravissima!
01:41:38 Laoise OBoyle: thanks so much
01:41:39 Sofia Lopes: Gracias 🙂 !! Very useful ideas, thank you so much !
01:41:44 Valérie Smith: Bravo Gloria! I learnt a lot! that was great!
01:41:45 G. Campello: gracias!!!
01:41:47 vanesa Macia Domene: thank you!
01:41:52 Keisha Reid: This was brilliant. Thank you
01:41:53 Karine Ventham: Thank you very much another great session!!!
01:41:55 Sabine Pichout: Thank you.
01:42:07 Claire O’Brien: tthanks so much Gloria grma!
01:42:10 Dorothy Anderson: Really brilliant! Thank you!
01:42:18 Margarita Mortimer: muchas graciasGloria. I learnt new tips
01:42:27 Jerome Nogues: Great presentation Gloria!! 👏
01:42:38 Rosa Gonzales S.: Muchísimas gracias Gloria, estuvo super interesantísimo. A wonderful Saturday, thank you to Helen and Joe
01:42:47 Helen McFarlane: Thank you Helen and Joe, too, as ever! Bon weekend !
01:42:47 Rebecca Jones: thank you! I’ve learnt so much today!
01:42:52 Cherifa Dhamia: Thank you so much!