A TiLT webinar with Dr Florencia Henshaw


Thank you so much, Dr Florencia Henshaw, for a really inspiring webinar covering a wide range of strategies for getting pupils to interact for a purpose through speaking.


ALL London organises webinars for the MFL community and this webinar, held in a Zoom room and also viewable on an unlisted YouTube stream, is open to all MFL teachers. We hope that you will like us and want to join!

We thank Joe Dale for co-ordinating the TiLT (Technology in Language Teaching) series of webinars, bringing together teachers who are interested in developing their use of technology in their teaching. As well as enhancing our skills, we also get to meet other ‘keenies’ from across the globe, and can get to know each other informally by chatting before, during and after the webinar.
We also thank the presenters, who give freely of their time and expertise. Where possible, most sessions are recorded and available for viewing later.


In this webinar, the presenter will first discuss some key aspects of interpersonal communication. She will then discuss several web-based tools to help students prepare for and participate in interpersonal tasks. Ideas will include low-tech options, such as information-gap tasks that can be done in Zoom breakout rooms, as well as high-tech options, such as using online platforms to connect learners with native speakers of the target language around the world.


Florencia Henshaw has a PhD in Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where she is now the Director of Advanced Spanish. Dr. Henshaw has published and presented nationally and internationally on technology-enhanced language teaching. Dr. Henshaw is also an editorial board member of FLTMAG (a publication of the International Association for Language Learning Technology), and a member of the Board of Directors of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.


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Dr Florencia Henshaw
Florencia Henshaw has a PhD in Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where she is now the Director of Advanced Spanish. Dr. Henshaw has published and presented nationally and internationally on technology-enhanced language teaching. Dr. Henshaw is also an editorial board member of FLTMAG (a publication of the International Association for Language Learning Technology), and a member of the Board of Directors of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.


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Thanks to Florencia for generously sharing her slides.

Her website is packed with ideas!

Chat record

00:20:50 florence Barats: Bonsoir!
00:20:55 Claudia Lange: 2:03 p.m. here
00:21:10 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:21:42 Helen Perrell: Β‘Hola! Super happy to be able to hear you live, Florencia! Your videos and podcasts have been so helpful!
00:21:55 Florencia Henshaw: Thank you, Helen!!
00:22:12 Laura D: Of course I am a member! πŸ™‚
00:22:22 Marita Cleaver: Past President of the Texas Association for Language Supervision
00:22:25 Helen Perrell: I’m in Aberdeen, Scotland, in a K-12 International school.
00:22:32 florence Barats: Great to be a member, individual membership last year, whole department this year!
00:22:42 Melissa Gould-Drakeley: Modern Language Teachers Association NSW – fabulous organisation
00:22:46 Ulrike Byrne: Of course my school is a member.
00:22:50 Karen Distefano: Member of AATSP, ACTFL, and IALLT
00:23:05 Anke O’Hagan: Member since my PGDE since 2019
00:23:08 Florencia Henshaw: Me too, Karen!
00:23:29 Karen Distefano: Wonderful, Florencia!
00:24:17 Susan Finley: Hello from Canada!
00:25:00 Dorothy Anderson: Hello from Scotland!
00:26:56 Tetiana KACHANOVSKA: Greetings from Ukraine!
00:30:05 Helen Myers: Very good parallel with selecting of language. The need not to be subservient to grammar.
00:36:09 Joe Dale: Nualang
00:37:03 Joe Dale: Here is the webinar – Enhance language conversation practice with your students with Nualang https://youtu.be/rOdl0cdkDEA
00:40:36 Joe Dale: Here is a great FREE crossword puzzle generator you can use in Jamboard or Class Notebook etc where students draw the letters https://www.xwords-generator.de/en
00:41:21 Joe Dale: Escape rooms / breakout rooms?
00:41:48 Olenka Villavicencio: Thanks a lot.
00:48:34 Dorothy Anderson: I love whiteboard.fi 😍
00:49:11 Olenka Villavicencio: Me too.
00:49:25 Joe Dale: Me too! Charlala is great too https://youtu.be/NUICDcYGYD0
00:50:07 Dorothy Anderson: I love the idea of the pupils describing and drawing.
00:50:38 Dorothy Anderson: Will have a look at Charlala Joe. Thanks!!
00:50:44 Olenka Villavicencio: Google Slides
00:52:22 Joe Dale: You’re welcome πŸ™‚
00:52:47 Helen Myers: I really like this idea of co-writing, I experienced this when learning Italian in a 3D world, where we co-wrote the script for a play – subsequently performed by our avatars (and recorded)
00:53:51 Susan Finley: I use co-writing for retelling a story.
00:55:20 Joe Dale: Here is a great blogpost by Kayleigh Meyrick about live writing https://missmeymfl.wordpress.com/2018/03/19/live-writes/
00:55:58 Giovanna Carloni: @HelenMeyers. Helen, could you be so nice as to share the name of the software used to co-write and act in 3D?
00:56:03 Claudia Lange: Thanks!
00:56:56 Joe Dale: Second Life?
00:58:15 Joe Dale: Here’s a webinar I hosted with Extempore – Rebuilding the MFL & EAL Classroom with Extempore https://youtu.be/Cvz1bmcl2bo
01:00:27 Helen Myers: @Giovanna – si, SL!
01:01:38 Giovanna Carloni: @Helen. Thank you! grazie!
01:03:10 Joe Dale: Any more questions?
01:04:56 Joanna Turton: Joe – re the blogpost, she uses Google Docs – it sounds like I can just create the doc and email the link, the students don’t need an account, is that right? Could I paste the link into Teams?
01:05:02 Carolina Palacios: I use TalkAbroad =)
01:06:42 Joe Dale: Yes Jo.
01:07:07 Joe Dale: In Teams, you could do the same thing with a Word Doc and make it collaborative
01:07:29 Joanna Turton: thank you! πŸ™‚ Sounds great for exam prep, like she says… πŸ™‚
01:08:07 Joanna Turton: Ah yes – bit rusty on all the functionality – might need to play a bit haha
01:08:30 Joe Dale: Here are some video tutorials on making collaborative PowerPoints https://youtu.be/FssvstwCz6k and https://www.loom.com/share/e72da973096846ba899eac3c3a96b924
01:08:58 Joanna Turton: Thank you
01:09:04 Joe Dale: πŸ™‚
01:14:47 Joe Dale: I’d love some more questions to put to Florencia? Any thoughts or reflections?
01:16:23 Perla Garcia: Related to interaction with Native Speakers= What was the language level of the students?
01:16:48 Joe Dale: Great question Perla!
01:17:06 Helen Perrell: I kinow Florencia teaches at the college level, but does she (or do you) have any suggestions for similar language exchanges for younger (Middle School or UK secondary) students?
01:17:08 Joanna Turton: Have these been used with secondary students?
01:17:24 Joe Dale: That’s what I was thinking πŸ™‚
01:18:03 Dorothy Anderson: I did this for my friend in Brazil. Her class was learning English. It worked so well!
01:18:11 Joanna Turton: Would love to know more about connecting with students in other schools – we have tried to fix up an exchange pre-pandemic and that was hard..reckon it’s harder now!
01:18:15 Helen Myers: Yes!
01:18:19 Dora Romo-Castillejo: Yes
01:18:24 Carolina Palacios: Of course!!
01:18:26 Claudia Lange: You always give food fo thought!
01:18:33 Helen Myers: Loads of ideas to follow up later – thanks so much!
01:18:36 Dorothy Anderson: Thank you Florencia! Lots of lovely ideas!
01:18:45 Henny Chen: Thank you so much <3
01:18:58 Melissa Gould-Drakeley: Thanks so much – very inspiring. I would love to be in your class. Muchas gracias.
01:19:01 Fiona Boughey: thanks for sharing all these ideas!
01:19:03 Nina Eliasson: Thank you!
01:19:08 Giovanna Carloni: amazing presentation, thank you!
01:19:21 Joanna Turton: This is amazing! I love your un packing language pedagogy stuff – you have actually inspired me – really!
01:19:26 Beatriz Villanueva Alvarez: thank you
01:19:27 Tetiana KACHANOVSKA: Thank you so much!
01:19:33 Claudia Martins: Thank you!!!
01:19:35 Dorothy Anderson: Are we able to get a list of the tools/software?
01:19:36 Claudia Lange: Great! Inspiring and meaningful presentation
01:19:40 Cristina Accioly: Thank you Florencia! Indeed very inspirational!!!
01:19:42 Anke O’Hagan: Huge thanks, very inspiring!
01:19:55 Chris Keelan: Really cool ideas. Amazing that Joe didn’t know some of the tools! Extempore looks great.
01:20:10 Helen Perrell: Can we get you back again to talk more on other topics???!
01:20:56 Florencia Henshaw: https://sites.google.com/view/techforlangteaching
01:21:06 Nina Eliasson: Great idea!
01:22:11 Susan Finley: Well organized presentation. Merci beaucoup!
01:23:14 Liliane Shillcock: great, thank you to all and ALL for organising this, mille merci
01:23:25 Chris Keelan: Q The platforms look fab, but do you have any concerns around safeguarding with the younger learners? It’s a big issue here in UK.
01:23:34 florence Barats: Thank you so much, have a lovely evening.
01:24:13 Edna Jimenez: Thank you, it definitely was very inspiring!
01:25:49 Esti Zabalia: Thank you so much for sharing! Gracias πŸ™‚
01:26:11 Joanna Turton: I have to go, but this has been so great – thank you Florencia, Joe and Helen!
01:28:28 Chris Keelan: That’s a really helpful response, thanks.
01:30:11 Chris Keelan: Thanks so much Florencia and Joe, Helen for organising this.
01:30:50 J Thomas: Thank you, very informative.
01:30:59 Helen Perrell: Going back to what you were talking about earlier, it would be great to hear you explain more about the difference between a focus on form and focus on forms, and their impact and acquisition. (Not today, but in the future!) I think in the UK we are very much still conditioned to focus on forms and language learning; language as subject/grammatical knowledge. Please enlighten us!
01:31:42 Helen Perrell: Thank you all so much for organising this! It was fantastic.
01:33:40 Carolina Palacios: Thank you, Florencia!
01:33:43 Helen Perrell: That would be fab… I may get in contact!
01:34:48 Helen Perrell: impact ON acquisition, sorry!
01:35:56 Helen Perrell: Thanks!
01:36:12 Claudia Lange: Excellent! Thanks a lot
01:36:15 Helen Perrell: Very diplomatic answer.
01:36:25 Laura D: No way!
01:38:07 Helen McFarlane: Thank you so much, Florencia !
01:38:34 Karima Mann: Thank you Florencia! This was very informative.
01:38:51 Conrado Feito Menendez: Thank you very much Florencia!
01:38:51 Marita Cleaver: You fif AWESOME
01:38:58 Alejandro Lee: Thanks!!!!
01:39:26 Marita Cleaver: did awesome – LOL
01:40:05 Helen McFarlane: Thank you, Helen and Joe, too! Bonne nuit Γ  tous et Γ  toutes !
01:40:28 Marita Cleaver: Vielen Dank fuer alles! Es war wunderbar;-)
01:40:34 Dorothy Anderson: Thank you!