A TiLT Webinar with Esther Park


Thanks to @joedale  for introducing us all to inspiring teachers like Esther Park – @MrsParkShine –  (a must-follow on Twitter -her timeline teams with ideas!).

In this beautiful presentation, Esther brings together the theory of scaffolding learning (noting the definition of the scaffold as a temporary support structure) and the practice of using technology to enhance that support.  Thank you, Esther!



Link to presentation (to view)

Click here to view Esther’s amazing slide deck.


00:34:12 Anna Grainger: SIR Joe Dale!
00:34:57 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:36:02 Florence Barats: A member and will get the whole dpt membership next September!
00:36:11 Anna Grainger: I’m a member.
00:36:58 vane mfl: hi from Colchester! Member and highly recommend the membership
00:37:32 Eugenia Turnes: Afternoon from Uruguay!
00:37:41 Joe Dale: Hi Eugenia
00:38:07 Helen Myers ALL London: Wow – Colchester and Uruguay in the same room!
00:38:14 Joe Dale: 🙂
00:38:32 Eugenia Turnes: Amazing!
00:38:37 Anna Grainger: And Coventry – City of Languages now too!!
00:38:52 Helen Myers ALL London: Excellent, Anna!
00:39:16 Marie Allirot: Hello from Eastbourne!
00:39:20 María Eugenia Simonelli: Hi from Argentina!
00:39:33 Joe Dale: Hi Maria!
00:39:36 cielo v: Hello from Arizona!
00:39:40 Joe Dale: Hi Marie!
00:39:51 Anna Grainger: Hi Marie!! Nice to see you!
00:39:53 Joe Dale: Awesome
00:39:54 Anna Grainger: Hi everyoneo.
00:39:58 julierieu: Hi from Riyadh, Saudi:)
00:39:59 Marie Allirot: Hi Anna!
00:40:04 Esther Park: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1cJUHPfUDIQIBLKIp4_39QyJwj8XWJb9tK3KJGBVjkhc/edit
00:40:07 Helen Myers ALL London: This simultaneous translation into French is incredible!
00:40:35 Sabrea Oughton: thank you:)
00:40:45 Paola: Thank you very much!
00:41:06 Marie Allirot: Yes it is… I wondered why there was French translation!
00:41:17 vane mfl: I love your templates, I have been using a lot they are wonderful! thanks for sharing them!
00:41:33 Joe Dale: I like a hard G
00:41:48 Joe Dale: 😉
00:42:27 Rhonda Burks: I am a D, but I often admire B teachers
00:42:38 Glenn Cake: I am an A but I often admire D teachers !
00:42:45 vane mfl: d
00:42:47 Joe Dale: D
00:42:49 cielo v: d
00:42:58 Eugenia Turnes: I am A
00:43:01 Eric Normand: D
00:43:01 Marie Allirot: D
00:43:06 Dana: A
00:43:09 Jessica Webb: I am an A teacher but I often admire D teachers
00:43:14 María Eugenia Simonelli: C
00:43:15 Anna Grainger: I am A and D
00:43:21 Michelle Taylor: I am a B and C but I often admire D
00:43:22 Nicole Garcia: I am a weird mix of A and C, I admire D
00:43:26 Marina BOYER: I am a D but I often admire the C
00:43:28 Florence Barats: I am a A/D but I often admire C teachers.
00:43:31 Laura D: A sergeant turned a Task Master
00:43:33 Helen Myers ALL London: I suppose I have to be B
00:43:41 Rafa: For Primary D (For kindergarten C) and I admire B
00:43:46 Spasova Aleksandrina: D/B
00:43:47 Paola: I am a sergeant but I often admire buddy teachers.
00:44:20 Helen Myers ALL London: https://edition.cnn.com/2013/05/22/tech/web/pronounce-gif/index.html
00:44:27 Helen Myers ALL London: so, jif is correct!
00:45:06 Joe Dale: but the G in Gif stands for Graphic e.g. a hard G
00:45:33 Joe Dale: loving this use of GIFs
00:45:39 Anna Grainger: I’m afraid I’m with Joe in this one!
00:45:52 Joe Dale: Don’t be afraid, Anna!
00:45:56 Anna Grainger: lol
00:49:20 Florence Barats: By going up and down the ladders to make sure the basis is secure, if not you cannot go up!
00:49:21 Marie Allirot: step by step
00:49:23 Glenn Cake: Provide modelling- start small and build upon the basics –
00:49:24 Rhonda Burks: Different levels of learning
00:49:30 Eugenia Turnes: Construction
00:49:31 Nicole Garcia: I notice people at each level- no one is in the same space.
00:49:39 Helen Myers ALL London: There are some rather dangerous areas where learners could fall down
00:49:41 Helen Myers ALL London: 🙂
00:49:55 Jessica Webb: supporting students to reach higher
00:50:23 julierieu: Foundations have to be strong in order to go further up the ladder.
00:51:34 Helen Myers ALL London: Great definition. esp the temporary nature
00:52:27 Helen Myers ALL London: verbal to visual.com looks fun
00:52:38 Joe Dale: I agree
00:58:21 Joe Dale: Super cool!
00:58:40 Anna Grainger: That would be so useful for EAL children in the classroom too
00:58:44 Michelle Taylor: Even in Arabic?
00:59:07 Helen Myers ALL London: Q: what was the navigation used to find the subtitle?
00:59:36 Simona Gravina: Is the translation accurate? I didn’t know this, thanks.
00:59:51 julierieu: @Helen: Slide Show then Subtitle Settings
01:00:07 Helen Myers ALL London: Yes Simona – it; ssuperb
01:00:35 vane mfl: that is amazing!
01:00:40 Anna Grainger: Wow that’s amazing!! I never knew this existed!
01:00:52 Simona Gravina: @Helen thank you
01:02:02 Helen Myers ALL London: @Joe – it does not appear on my Ppt..
01:02:23 Joe Dale: We can check with Esther
01:03:05 Rafa: Thank you, I didn’t know these resources
01:03:55 Eugenia Turnes: Me neither!
01:08:04 Helen Myers ALL London: Agreed – info gap good for all stages of learning
01:09:25 Glenn Cake: Looks awesome – So how would this be delivered virtually Ester- would you put students in groups and send them the A/B versions separately ?
01:09:55 Helen Myers ALL London: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1cJUHPfUDIQIBLKIp4_39QyJwj8XWJb9tK3KJGBVjkhc/edit
01:10:04 Glenn Cake: Nice !!! Gotch ya !
01:10:16 Helen Myers ALL London: Many thanks to Esther for sharing so much
01:16:13 Joe Dale: Mote is amazing
01:19:11 Joe Dale: 😉
01:19:31 Joe Dale: Any questions for Esther?
01:20:42 Helen Myers ALL London: a brilliant idea for demonstrating verbs
01:20:53 Joe Dale: Definitely
01:21:26 Joe Dale: IMGPlay is a great app for making your own too
01:23:04 vane mfl: love your resources! Thank very much for your generosity!
01:23:20 Laura D: So brilliant and so generous, thank you …
01:23:35 Glenn Cake: Tremendous session Esther !!!
01:23:36 Sabrea Oughton: thank you for sharing your ideas and resources:)
01:23:46 María Eugenia Simonelli: Thank you very much!
01:24:04 Eugenia Turnes: Thanks for sharing your light to help us shine!
01:24:10 Helen Myers ALL London: Thanks
01:24:11 Simona Gravina: Thank you so much Esther
01:25:50 Eric Normand: I think it is available on the web app or in windows 10
01:25:53 Sabrea Oughton: Do you prefer using Mote audio or insert the PPT audio?
01:27:01 Glenn Cake: https://www.unscreen.com/
01:27:14 vane mfl: great tip!
01:27:27 Rafa: I think you can do the same appsmashing bitmoji-snapchat-unscreen.com
01:27:40 Joe Dale: Yes Rafa
01:33:05 Joe Dale: Any other questions?
01:34:40 Eugenia Turnes: Terrific! Thanks!
01:34:40 Sabrea Oughton: Thank you, great presentation:)
01:34:41 julierieu: Thanks very much, some really good tips!
01:35:12 Florence Barats: Thank so much. lots of nice tips. Have a lovely evening.
01:36:17 Paola: thank you
01:36:55 Rafa: Thank you all!!! Lots of new tools!!!
01:37:06 Paola: thank you!
01:37:37 M GF: Many thanks:)
01:38:05 Glenn Cake: Thanks so much !!!
01:38:09 Jessica Webb: Thanks ever so