A TilT webinar with Carlos Lindade

Thursday 13th January 2022

Many thanks to Carlos for this session packed full of ideas for apps which students can use to enhance their langauge learning both synchronously and asynchronously. Yet another example fo teachers supporting teachers across the world! Thanks as ever to Joe Dale for organising this session!



Session Information

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic the use of mobile technology enabled a significant number of scenarios to augment learning opportunities for ELT. When combined with the principles of Learner Agency, students are endowed with a sense ownership and control over their own learning. In fact, “agentive learners take initiative, seizing and even creating opportunities to learn. They take risks, confident that they can learn from their mistakes. They are also resilient; they have the ability to adapt and persevere in order to overcome setbacks” (OUP Learner Agency Position Paper, 2021: 6). This workshop aims to provide an outline of free Apps that can empower learners in developing meaningful language and learning skills, and inspire us, the teachers, to benefit from the many meaningful experiences that occurred during synchronous and asynchronous teaching and ultimately nurture high learner agency in the 21st century classroom.


Carlos Lindade is a Portuguese Canadian freelance teacher involved in teacher training and writing course material for Portuguese EFL students (U Dare 9, 2015; Stars 4, 2016). He is currently teaching in Elvas, Portugal and finishing his PhD in Advanced English Studies in the University of Vigo (Spain).



00:16:34 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:18:04 laura d: I am. Of course 🙂
00:20:34 ALL London: Welcome to all!
00:22:01 Jennifer Krines: high-tech
00:22:06 ALL London: mid tech in classroom, high tech when in the computer room
00:22:08 laura d: Low tech
00:22:10 Laurence Seltzer: High-tech
00:22:11 Antonio Da Silva: mid-tech
00:22:13 Hannah Brighton: low tech
00:22:14 Anne: mid tech
00:22:17 Philippe Stoll: mid tech
00:22:18 Spasova Aleksandrina: mid tech
00:22:19 Helen McFarlane: low-tech
00:22:21 Leanne McGuigan: low-tech
00:23:02 Helen McFarlane: That’s good news, Carlos!
00:30:07 ALL London: I like these definitions
00:41:34 Joe Dale: Feel free to post any questions you may have in the chat 🙂
00:42:57 ALL London: These are all great ideas – and neatly categorised – thanks!
00:49:35 Joe Dale: Does anyone use Instagram or TikTok in lessons?
00:50:11 ALL London: What a great idea!
00:50:27 ALL London: (the secret code!)
00:50:44 Joe Dale: Yes, I agree
00:53:22 Joe Dale: 🙂
00:54:23 Consuelo: Good ideas. Thanks for sharing them!
00:55:23 ALL London: Interesting.. Twitter relatively very low
00:56:28 Joe Dale: I saw that!
00:57:39 ALL London: https://oupeltglobalblog.com/2016/05/17/25-ideas-for-using-whatsapp-with-english-language-students/
00:58:43 ALL London: Thisiis a wonderful site!
01:01:52 ALL London: !!!!!!
01:02:47 ustadh mevludin: same here, some students at home and some in school
01:04:37 ustadh mevludin: ? – When using WhatsApp, Instagram, TIkTok etc How do you moderate student conversations so the discussion does not go the direction not related to what is being studied? Do you have a strategy ?
01:05:02 Jane Lorenzen: That References slide went by fast
01:05:39 laura d: Can I see the reference slide again please?
01:06:04 Joe Dale: Any other questions?
01:06:12 laura d: Thanks!
01:07:34 Leanne McGuigan: ? How do pupils share a wordwall they made with the rest of the class?
01:07:41 ustadh mevludin: Thank you!
01:08:07 Helen McFarlane: We use Amazon and various websites for reviews (novels and films) – these are easily accessible – great for critical thinking.
01:09:52 Helen McFarlane: Google Classroom notifications are immediate, too, and pop up on students’ smartphones.
01:11:58 Antonio Da Silva: I guess this is very UK based though
01:12:52 ustadh mevludin: There is also a work/life balance to consider.
01:13:55 ustadh mevludin: ? Would WhatsApp blur the relationship between teachers and students, so it doesn’t become too casual
01:14:32 Helen McFarlane: Many thanks, Carlos, Joe and Helen – my students are so pleased to be able to use their smartphones in class! Often, they’re told to put them away!
01:15:01 Helen McFarlane: … but I ask them to get them out and put them on the desk!
01:16:45 Helen McFarlane: I’ve been using Digitale Digipad – this is very similar to Padlet – and shared a revision programme with my students. They really like it!
01:17:00 Consuelo: Thank you for sharing new ideas to engage students.
01:17:17 laura d: Very interesting, thank you.
01:17:59 Anne: Thank you so much for sharing your ideas Carlos. I love padlet too and I will look forward to getting feedback via the meme generator!
01:18:15 Antonio Da Silva: Obrigado, Carlos
01:18:37 Leanne McGuigan: Thank you Ca
01:18:39 ustadh mevludin: thanks for sharing
01:18:49 Helen McFarlane: Nos da from Wales!
01:18:49 Leanne McGuigan: Thank you everyone, lots of ideas.