A TiLT Webinar with Belén Albarracín: “Virtuality is the real thing! Integrating VR in Remote teaching”

September 21 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm


ALL London organises webinars for the MFL community and this webinar, held in a Zoom room and also viewable on an unlisted YouTube stream, is open to all MFL teachers.  We hope that you will like us and want to join!

We thank Joe Dale for co-ordinating  the TiLT (Technology in Language Teaching)  series of webinars, bringing together teachers who are interested in  developing their use of technology in their teaching.  As well as  enhancing our skills, we also get to meet other ‘keenies’  from across the globe, and can get to know each other informally by chatting before, during and after the webinar.

We also thank the presenters, who give freely of their time and expertise.  Where possible, most sessions are recorded and available for viewing later.


The global pandemic has triggered and accelerated several processes in the online realm. In this scenario, Virtual Reality has gained notoriety in order to deliver safe and accessible experiences during the pandemic: from virtual concerts to museum exhibitions, this seems to be the new reality.

When it comes to education, emergency remote teaching was adopted as a response to the COVID-19 threat. Now with more time to reflect on our online practices and preparing ourselves for what lies ahead, it is perhaps the right time to see how this Virtuality that has expanded in other fields can be integrated further in education.

In this session, we will review the potential of Virtual Reality for Second Language Acquisition and how we can integrate it meaningfully. From  different activities and Projects for language learning in lower secondary, we will go over the equipment required for students to integrate it, analyse available existing VR content that can be used, check self-generated VR content and consider different challenges to bear in mind in this new reality.


Belén Albarracín is a Teacher of English from Argentina.  She is a Sworn Translator and a University Expert in e-learning. She is a Facilitator of ICT at a private school in Buenos Aires and a Teacher Trainer. She is a passionate advocate for the design, generation and integration of VR content with lower secondary to motivate learners and enhance language learning. She has presented in IATEFL (UK) , CyTEA (Cyprus) , Braz Tesol (Brazil)and FAAPI (Argentina).


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