A TiLT Show and Tell Webinar January 2021 (1)

9th January 2021

Teachers are invited to share their plans or experiences in the context of distance learning, in a relaxed and friendly group.

ALL London hosts webinars for the MFL community and this webinar, held in a Zoom room, is open to all MFL teachers. We hope that you will like us and want to join!

We thank the presenters, who give freely of their time and expertise. Where possible, most sessions are recorded and available for viewing later.


ALL London has hosted over 50 webinars coordinated by Joe Dale since March 2020, led by people who have generously and expertly shared their ideas and their experience of using technology to teach at a distance. Linguascope has also hosted superb webinars, with less of a focus on technology. To refresh your memory, take a look at these links:

1. ALL Webinars

2. Linguascope webinars

In response to the announcement of a further ‘lockdown’ we are organising further online sessions when teachers can continue to share strategies which work for them. We would like to stress that these do not have to be ‘new’ or original. We are really interested in what you have found works best for you.

Here are details for our first ‘show and tell’:

Saturday 9th January



Class photos:


Helen took notes during the session in this Google Doc.  Please excuse typos!  When she has time, she’ll refine!

Many many thanks to the presenters for sharing the following links:

EXTRA! Esmeralda Salgado’s presentation on Deck Toys:


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Next show and tell:

Saturday 16th January

(hosted as part of our January Event.)

This will include presentations from:


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00:19:34 Lorena Ferrandis: Hello, Lorena from London. Teaching Spanish in a secondary school
00:19:38 N Shabestari: Hi from Negin. I teach French in a primary school in West London.
00:19:42 Helen Farmer: Hi I am Helen Farmer and work in Hampshire in small independent school. I retired once and am back teaching
00:19:42 Maria Valverde: Hello, Maria Valverde from Bedford. Learning everyday thanks to lovely MFL colleagues.
00:19:43 vanesa Macia Domene: Hi Vanesa from NOrghgate High School Ipswich
00:19:44 Aynur: Aynur Bailey, Norfolk. Attended a lot of Cpd with you all before, online and in Dorking…
00:20:03 Claire O: Claire O’Brien teaching German in Ireland – great to be here and grateful in advance for the support and insights.
00:20:06 Jesús Santos: Hi all from Cardiff
00:20:14 sophia.micelli: Hi! I’m Sophia from Toronto, Canada! Thank you for these webinars! They are so very helpful!
00:20:16 Emma Bains: Hi I’m Emma from King Henry Viii, Coventry
00:20:22 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Merci Joe!
00:20:26 Marife Mayayo: Hola, Marife from Southampton. Very excited to be here! 🙂
00:20:27 Jimena Licitra: hello, Jimena from Madrid, German and English teacher
00:20:28 Sabine Pichout: Hi from Cambridge!
00:20:37 Natalia Colodi: Hi, I’m Natalia, NML SCITT, Doncaster
00:20:44 Joe Dale: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/teach-languages-online-with-all-in-mfl-eal-tickets-135471505921?ref=estw
00:20:48 Ines McMahon: Hello all, Ines from Northamptonshire
00:20:57 Indiana Thompson: Hello from Leicestershire.
00:21:01 Virginia: Hi! Virginia from Madrid, teaching English.
00:21:04 Kate Thomson: I’m Kate Thomson, I teach at Stanborough school in Welwyn Garden City
00:21:09 Maria Valverde: could you post the link to that webinar please
00:21:12 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:22:50 Joe Dale: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/teach-languages-online-with-all-in-mfl-eal-tickets-135471505921?ref=estw
00:23:09 Jonathan Peace: Join ALL – resistance is futile
00:23:12 Laura Simons: <3 ALL
00:23:13 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: yes – group member – it’s been invaluable!
00:23:16 Ester Borin Bonillo: Yes, I am member of ALL!
00:23:18 Rosemary Hicks: Yes, Have been a member for many yeara
00:23:19 Sarah Hau: Yes – do join!
00:23:24 Laura Simons: Hello Mr. Peace! 🙂
00:23:40 Marie: Invaluable during PGCE and even more now!
00:23:59 Caroline Okerika: Yes, I am! Just love the webinars!
00:24:17 Joe Dale: Search for joedale100 on YouTube for the TiLT webinar recordings plus much more
00:25:15 Jonathan Peace: Hi Laura!
00:25:24 Charlie: Great fun last night at the ‘First Fridays’ event! learning and a social combined!
00:26:03 marie.allirot: yes
00:26:30 Sonja Fedrizzi: These topics sounds really exciting
00:26:53 Yamina Sadek-Kirk: sounds fantastic
00:27:14 Silvia Bastow: sounds fab
00:27:18 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you for offering this
00:27:43 Sonja Fedrizzi: Valle you are the #queenofgifs
00:27:56 Jesús Santos: Bravo Valle!
00:28:14 Valle Fernández: Awww thank you guys !!!
00:28:25 vanesa Macia Domene: Superfan of Valle and Esmeralda here!
00:28:28 RMinhas: Q- Is the recording only available on the ALL website if you are a member?
00:28:35 Jerome Nogues: 👏 Valle
00:28:36 Julia Morris: This is going to be a best of all the new digital ideas!
00:29:03 Helen Myers – ALL London: available for all
00:29:14 Valle Fernández: Thank you Vanesa!!
00:29:30 Ester Borin Bonillo: I am ready to take all notes!!! It would be fantastic!!!!!! I can’t wait to listen all of your fantastic ideas!!
00:29:31 marie.allirot: Good luck Julia
00:29:56 Jesús Santos: Amazing panel!
00:30:01 Sonja Fedrizzi: It’s true
00:30:01 mylene leslie: agreed
00:30:11 Valle Fernández: Esmeralda!!!
00:30:17 Laurence Seltzer: I stand by that:)
00:30:55 Joe Dale: Thank you Laurence!
00:32:33 marie.allirot: yes
00:32:40 marie.allirot: thank you
00:32:46 Yamina Sadek-Kirk: Q is Learning Apps free?
00:32:54 Joe Dale: Yes it is
00:32:56 vanesa Macia Domene: She said so
00:32:58 Helen Myers – ALL London: https://www.genial.ly/
00:33:02 marie.allirot: Yes free
00:33:03 Ester Borin Bonillo: Yes, LEARNING APPS is completly free
00:33:15 Yamina Sadek-Kirk: thank you very much
00:33:49 Sabine Pichout: Could you embed directly onto Class Notebook?
00:33:51 Jesús Santos: I love LearningApps
00:34:08 marie.allirot: Learning app is very easy to use and quick
00:34:24 Jennifer Wozniak Rush: I agree, I love it and pupils do to
00:34:38 Jerome Nogues: I do not think it can be embedded.
00:34:42 Silvia Bastow: my pupils really like it too
00:34:56 Yamina Sadek-Kirk: this is fantastic
00:35:02 Ester Borin Bonillo: @sabine, you can put the link to direct directly to your activity in your onenote
00:35:04 Jesús Santos: Really interesting idea with A Levels
00:35:10 Silvia Bastow: it low prep as well
00:35:12 Joe Dale: You could add a screenshot and add the link to the learning apps exercise, no?
00:35:17 JM: Are the gaps random or do you choose?
00:35:25 marie.allirot: you choose
00:35:29 Silvia Bastow: you chose them
00:35:45 marie.allirot: they can select from list of words if you want
00:35:46 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Esther
00:36:01 vanesa Macia Domene: can you put the name of the app to do the video later please? thanks
00:36:12 Joe Dale: PhotoSpeak
00:36:19 vanesa Macia Domene: thanks!!
00:37:26 Helen Myers – ALL London: I am taking notes from this webinar here (trying to, anyway!) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KEDcFa4hXb08TyoqjMjHyfCek6Rtq33RlvOnEusjQMU/edit?usp=sharing
00:37:39 Sonja Fedrizzi: thank you
00:37:51 Lilliam: Q- Can you embed the link on OneNote classbook?
00:38:23 Charlotte Finn: Q is there a way for students to access accents and other characters they will need within the app when writing their answers? Does it work like Word with key shortcuts or will they have to copy them from Word?
00:38:37 Helen Myers – ALL London: A: how do you embde in OneNOte?
00:38:40 Ester Borin Bonillo: Hiya, Lilliam, you can put the link of the activity and your students go directly to the activity
00:38:41 Helen Myers – ALL London: embed
00:39:30 Rosie R: Q: is Genially like PPT?
00:39:42 Sabine Pichout: Great idea to embed in genially and embed in One Note!
00:39:45 Lilliam: Thanks @joe, @ester and Esmeralda
00:39:52 Silvia Bastow: it is a little bit more complicated, I find
00:39:57 Helen Myers – ALL London: I did not quite getthat .. do you pt a link to genial.y form one note, then embed within genial.ly?
00:40:20 Julia Morris: @rosie R, yes, it is similar to ppt but it can be used on any device without needing an app
00:40:54 Sue Key: Would it embed into ppt or a task on Showbie?
00:40:55 Sabine Pichout: @helen I think you embed your learning app in your genially and them the genially embed into OneNote
00:40:58 mylene leslie: Q can they solve the puzzle as a group or they do it by themselves?
00:41:01 Donna: Does anyone use Google Classroom as opposed to Microsoft Teams/OneNote?
00:41:02 Julia Morris: @Helen You can put an embed code of the learningapps into Genially (in “insert – other”)
00:41:06 Joe Dale: You can embed the learning apps into Genially then embed Genially into Class Notebook
00:41:10 marie.allirot: I use GC
00:41:26 Julia Morris: @mylene
00:41:30 marie.allirot: You can just put the link in GC
00:41:34 Julia Morris: the students can do it themselves
00:41:42 Joe Dale: @mylene individually
00:41:42 Julia Morris: if you share the link
00:41:47 Rachel Grice: We use MsTeams for delivering the lesson and GoogleClassroom for students to complete the work.
00:41:49 Ester Borin Bonillo: @ Helen, if you just want to put the Learning app activity, you put the link on ONENOTE, because you can’t embed the it on onenote directly. But you can embed learning apps into Genially. You can embed Genially on Onenote after
00:42:01 Rosemary Hicks: We are not currently using classnote book but it is something I am looking into.
00:42:10 Florence Barats: Q can you show the dictation?
00:42:25 Julia Morris: @Rosemary – Yes go for OneNote, it is great for remote learning
00:42:36 Julia Morris: much better than google classroom
00:42:48 Joe Dale: In Showbie, you could share the link I think
00:42:49 marie.allirot: You are not! You are good with Genially!
00:42:56 Helen Myers – ALL London: I think we coudl re-run how to use Class Notebook …
00:42:56 Sabine Pichout: Esmeralda Lazy!!!
00:43:02 Rosemary Hicks: We are a TEAMs school. Only just started using that
00:43:14 Helen Myers – ALL London: lots of quesitons about that on Facebook
00:43:16 Sonja Fedrizzi: I’ve learnt how to create this game from Esmeralda’s video and used it many times
00:43:25 Julia Morris: @rosemary OneNote and Teams are made to work together
00:43:29 Sonja Fedrizzi: Very good especially for a period 7 lesson
00:43:37 Melanie Da Silva: Q: for the Snakes and Ladders game playing it in groups of 3 do you have to give each group a different link?
00:43:41 Rosemary Hicks: I am learning so much from all these webinars
00:44:11 Rosemary Hicks: @Julia Thank you
00:44:12 Stephanie Downs: Would you give the same Genially link to each of the breakout rooms?
00:44:35 marie.allirot: Yes and one pupil has to share their screen
00:44:41 Julia Morris: @rachel griece It doesn’t make any sense to use Google Classroom if you use teams – it works much better with OneNote. Why are you mixing?
00:44:44 Joe Dale: @Rosie – Yes Genially is similar to PPT in a way
00:44:50 Holly Brighton: How do you embed into Genially?
00:45:06 marie.allirot: @holly – insert OTHER > insert iframe
00:45:07 Julia Morris: You need an icode/embed code
00:46:14 Stephanie Downs: Love Classroom screen and using Learning apps within it! Great idea!
00:46:23 marie.allirot: @ holly when you save your learning app, look at third line, it gives you iframe, copy it and then on Genially insert other
00:46:30 Florence Barats: Q Where did you get your name chooser?
00:46:37 Joe Dale: In this example Esmeralda has embedded learningapps into classroomscreen
00:46:45 Helen Myers – ALL London: Q: what is clasroom screen?
00:46:45 Sabine Pichout: Wow, this is impressive and I can see how engaging and interactive it would be for live lesson. Thank you
00:46:50 Joe Dale: @florence in classroomscreen
00:46:55 Holly Brighton: Thank you
00:47:03 Rachel Grice: @JuliaMorris – school used Google Classroom throughout last lockdown ( I’ve used it personally with KS4 for years) School have introduced MsTeams as of this week. Never used Onenote.
00:47:08 Jimena Licitra: Thanks Esmerald! Yes, Deck.Toys is great!
00:47:14 Florence Barats: @Joe Dale Thanks
00:47:21 Joe Dale: @Helen https://classroomscreen.com/
00:48:13 Sabine Pichout: Poor you @Rachel. So many schools have changed from GC to Teams….between LD 1 and this lockdown…poor staff poor students
00:49:00 marie.allirot: Q Do you get backgrounds from Deck toy or do you find your own pic?
00:49:34 June Goh: you can use your own background as well
00:49:51 Rosie R: Q the speaking bitmoji, is that Text Talk?
00:50:03 Rachel Grice: @Sabine & @Julia it means using two different apps during the lesson – needing 2 windows…
00:50:03 JM: Q are there instructions anywhere for doing the bitmoji speaking video?
00:50:11 Sabine Pichout: You could use chatterPix for a speaking bitmoji
00:50:13 Joe Dale: @rosie it’s photospeak
00:50:31 Joe Dale: Yes Chatterpix and PhotoSpeak are similar
00:51:09 Julia Morris: @Rachel – if you need help with getting started with OneNote, you can send me a tweet @JuschMo
00:51:23 June Goh: blog.deck.toys/eye-catching-deck-backgrounds
00:51:23 Pilar Navarro: Q: How do students access your deck.toys? do you send the student the link to the Deck.toys that you created?
00:51:35 Rachel Grice: @Jula – thank you 🙂
00:51:55 Rosie R: Q. What was the random name generator we saw a few minutes ago?
00:51:59 Marie: in your experience, have students coped well with being introduced to interactive activities online? I have introduced class notebook this week and a few other apps such as spiral and learningapps. Some really could not do it. any advice?
00:52:15 Joe Dale: The random name generator is part of classroomscreen
00:52:41 June Goh: https://help.deck.toys/article/58-how-to-assign-deck-to-a-classroom
00:53:01 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you
00:53:37 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: This is so exciting! THank you! I did try several online games live this week but felt guilty that some students couldn’t access them due to IT issues.
00:53:41 Silvia Bastow: thank you, that was really great 🙂
00:53:42 mylene leslie: fantastic thank you 🙂
00:53:43 Sonja Fedrizzi: Thank you
00:53:46 Sonja Fedrizzi: That was great
00:53:47 Helen Farmer: Is this any good for KS3?
00:53:48 Sabine Pichout: Thank you, this was fab!
00:53:51 marie.allirot: Well done Esmeralda, thank you. Inspiring as usual
00:54:00 Laurence Seltzer: Excellent!
00:54:01 Jesús Santos: Amazaing Esmeralda! Thanks a lot
00:54:03 Ester Borin Bonillo: Bravo, Esmeralda. That was great!!!!
00:54:12 Helen Myers – ALL London: Brilliant, Esmeralda – thank you!
00:54:19 Virginia: Thank you, Esmeralda!
00:54:24 Helen McFarlane: Gracias, Esmeralda! Fab ideas!
00:54:26 cecilia giordano: Fantastico, gracias!!!
00:54:29 vanesa Macia Domene: Excelente! Muchas gracias 🙂
00:54:32 Aynur: Thank you! That’s all amazing!
00:54:33 Rosalyn Honeysett: Q Really helpful. How do you manage if children are basically using their mobile phones to access their learning?
00:54:36 Jonathan Peace: Thanks Esmeralda!
00:54:39 Cécile Nichol: Thank you. Some amount of work!
00:54:56 N Shabestari: Many thanks Esmeralda, awesome as always. 😊👏👍
00:54:57 HerefordUser: Thank you Esmeralda.
00:55:21 Robyn Williams: Thank you this Is very useful!
00:55:23 Annette: Muchas gracias 😊
00:55:51 vanesa Macia Domene: Are schools allow to use break rooms?In my one We were recommended only to use with A-level students for safeguarding issues…
00:56:20 Julia Morris: we are allowed to use breakout because the teacher has access to them at all times and can just drop in
00:56:43 Rosie R: My school is not allowing breakout rooms yet
00:56:43 Silvia Bastow: i couldn’t use flipgrid because of gdpr
00:56:50 Rosalyn Honeysett: @Vanessa. no we aren’t and actually the students are only allowed to use the chat function and nothing else.
00:57:16 Florence Barats: @Sabina Dungarwalla, Hi!
00:57:29 Rachel Grice: I’m dubious about breakout rooms as I know for scouting we can only use breakout rooms if each room has an adult in and at least 2 children, so I’d be cautious safeguarding wise
00:58:00 Rosemary Hicks: This week we had no microphones or chat allowed at some point . Also was told in last lockdown I couldn’t use flipgrid
00:58:20 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: THank you so very much! So helpful and inspiring
00:58:36 Florence Barats: Thank you so much.
00:59:04 Tania: Thanks Esmeralda, it’s great how you have layered the many apps and activities. Gracias!
00:59:47 Julia Morris: Here is the overview of all Learningapps: https://1drv.ms/w/s!Aj5VTk9OgpuWkSqMUzl9nKr6HkwA?e=mzuBxo
00:59:51 Melanie Da Silva: Q: Are these genially pages being shown pages made with the paid version? I’m using the free version at the moment and can’t find things as nice! Or maybe I’m looking in the wrong place
00:59:59 June Goh: Thanks for sharing about Deck.Toys, Esmeralda! for the rest, do feel free to have a look about the platform here https://blog.deck.toys/learning-paths-for-lesson-adventures/
01:00:02 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: I would love to learn how to makew these beautiful presentations in genial.ly too! 🙂
01:00:24 Julia Morris: Most of the templates in Genial.ly are free
01:00:40 marie.allirot: This template is free
01:00:46 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: merci
01:01:07 Joe Dale: Here is the privacy and security commitments to schools for Flipgrid https://help.flipgrid.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042890794-Privacy-Security-Commitments-to-Schools
01:01:10 marie.allirot: Go to create – presentation – this one is called blackboard
01:01:24 Rosemary Hicks: @Joe Thanks
01:02:08 Pilar Navarro: Q: a bit more general questions connected to genial.ly. Does anybody use genial.ly to create the lessons you deliver to students, rather than PowerPoint. It looks as if it has a lot of potential, but may take much longer to put together than PPT.
01:02:23 vanesa Macia Domene: @Dale do you know if some school having problems on using Nearpod? My school said not recommendable 🙁
01:02:38 marie.allirot: I use genially for my lessons
01:03:08 marie.allirot: @pilar I can send you my padlet with my genially
01:03:11 Lilliam: Q Same Q as @pilarNavarro please
01:03:19 Joe Dale: @vanessa – Why?
01:03:31 Pilar Navarro: Thanks Marie. I would have expected that from you ; )
01:03:34 mylene leslie: nice pronunciation
01:04:15 marie.allirot: @pilar, I have it on my Twitter. Send me a message
01:04:43 Pilar Navarro: Thanks
01:04:56 Helen Myers – ALL London: Excellent ideas here – thanks Adeline
01:04:58 vanesa Macia Domene: @Dale only explanation was given that it is a 3rd party programme and better to use only Microsoft specially because in Nearpod students have to log in and introduce email and name…
01:05:18 Helen Myers – ALL London: QL can we share activities on th eLeanrg apps platform?
01:05:26 Yamina Sadek-Kirk: I need to explore Genially
01:05:28 Silvia Bastow: we have the same problem re safequarding
01:05:35 Helen Farmer: this is excellent for younger pupils, thanks
01:05:36 Joe Dale: @vanessa – That’s true of any third party tool. Btw, my first name is Joe 😉
01:05:38 Rosie R: Q So does this get embedded somewhere? or do they complete it on Learning Apps?
01:06:07 Julia Morris: They complete it on learningapps or you embed in Genially.
01:06:11 Joe Dale: @rosie – You would share the link. Students don’t need to login
01:06:15 vanesa Macia Domene: Thanks @Joe
01:06:24 Julia Morris: You can also create a learning app that links to several of the games – like a choice board.
01:06:30 mylene leslie: just a link, no log in needed for students
01:06:43 Rachel Grice: Q: How do you know the students have completed the activity? When I used one last Lockdown I got them to snip/screenshot, but is there another way?
01:06:44 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Choice board type things ounds good
01:07:00 Helen Myers – ALL London: QL can we copy others’ activiites and edit?
01:07:11 mylene leslie: yes you can
01:07:19 Helen Myers – ALL London: Thanks
01:07:35 Sabine Pichout: I have used some learning apps games already created but never ventured in making my own! this is great. Thank you Adeline
01:07:37 Jesús Santos: link or QR Code, I find it really useful if there aren’t many devices in the student’s house
01:07:37 Joe Dale: @Rachel – They take a screenshot and share it with you
01:07:41 Valle Fernández: I take screenshot, paste it into my PP with hyperlink to the site… A bit more rustic but it works 🙂
01:07:52 vanesa Macia Domene: I am frustrated that so many amazing tools I cannot use it 🙁 for that safeguarding issues, I suppose that different school have different policies…
01:08:02 Rachel Grice: @Joe – thank you
01:08:15 marie.allirot: screenshot and save in digital notebook
01:08:17 Julia Morris: @vanesa You should be able to use learning apps if you don’t create accounts
01:08:31 Helen Farmer: Are we able to use existing vocabulary e.g. school?
01:08:36 Esmeralda Salgado: This is the link to my presentation if you are interested https://view.genial.ly/5ff86c0cbea52a0cee8b7f0f/horizontal-infographic-lists-show-and-tell-tilt
01:09:04 Valle Fernández: Thank you Esmeralda
01:09:05 Esmeralda Salgado: You don’t need accounts with LearningApps neither with Deck.toy 🙂
01:09:08 Virginia: Thanks, Esmeralda!
01:09:11 Julia Morris: @Rebecca Jones here is an example for a choice board activity:https://learningapps.org/13157893
01:09:19 Silvia Bastow: vanessa, I use learning apps by sharing the link, so they don’t have accounts, so no issues with safeguarding
01:09:21 Jesús Santos: Gracias Esmeralda! Fantastic as always
01:09:32 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: thank you Julia!
01:10:16 Valle Fernández: Thank you Julia!!
01:11:22 vanesa Macia Domene: @:JUlia Morris and @Silvia Bastow you are right! without log in it is fine, but it is just I cannot keep records from students but I will use as you suggest
01:11:22 Helen Myers – ALL London: Q: is htere a way of imporitng ready made mathcing list (as you can do in Quizlet / Textivate)
01:11:43 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Wonderful! Was hoping there was a way to link the two
01:12:05 marie.allirot: @helen, I don’t think so but it would be good!
01:12:36 mylene leslie: @helen bottom left edit app
01:12:50 Helen Myers – ALL London: Thanks – great chat support here!
01:13:16 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Mylene
01:13:26 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: yes thank you! Will sab
01:13:29 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: save lots of time
01:13:32 Esmeralda Salgado: In Deck toys students’ answers are live for 7 days for you to have a look. I use it as an end of unit revision game
01:13:43 Thais Lopez: this is fab!
01:13:47 mylene leslie: love that 🙂
01:13:55 Yamina Sadek-Kirk: love this
01:14:14 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Our students love pairs!
01:14:39 Sabine Pichout: Great idea adeline, thank you
01:15:06 Julia Morris: To do multiplayer they need to be in the same room
01:15:09 Helen Farmer: This is great Adeline, ideal for younger kids
01:15:11 Julia Morris: or on the same WiFi
01:15:13 mylene leslie: my kids love the horse racing as they can race each other
01:15:19 Helen Myers – ALL London: I’d liek to play horse race|!
01:15:31 Helen Myers – ALL London: Beautiful presentation
01:15:37 Jesús Santos: Fantastic Adeline!
01:16:01 Sabine Pichout: Great presentation Adeline! Thank you.
01:16:03 Yamina Sadek-Kirk: I need to learn how to use OneNote
01:16:05 rosariabonsignore-valcheff: Wow, I am learning so much from your group. You are making me a better teacher. I am just starting teaching virtually.
01:16:06 mylene leslie: on ppt on gc just add it as a link, dead easy
01:16:30 vanesa Macia Domene: Q: do you have access to a library of exercises created from other teachers? Or you always have to create from scratch or import from Quizlet?
01:16:39 mylene leslie: yes
01:17:07 Julia Morris: you can copy other people’s but there aren’t that many or they are not always in the right category
01:17:20 Julia Morris: The teacher needs to fill in a form to make them public.
01:17:30 marie.allirot: easier to create your own with what you need
01:17:36 Julia Morris: It would be great if everyone would try to make theirs public then we get more!
01:17:40 mylene leslie: to share it with classes you need to make iy public
01:17:48 Esmeralda Salgado: Onenote is fantastic to incorporate all links to these activities!
01:17:52 Rosie R: We can start adding to the library of resources after today’s CPD
01:18:01 mylene leslie: we don’t use one note love it
01:18:42 Helen Farmer: This is so useful, I only started using OneNote this week and have never seen an MFL e.g.
01:18:58 Julia Morris: maybe we need another OneNote webinar…
01:19:04 Helen Myers – ALL London: @Helen – we will share links to key ‘OneNOte’ webinars form th epast
01:19:04 Joe Dale: So to make the learningapps copiable you have to make them public, but not to share them in onenote. Is that right?
01:19:10 Rosalyn Honeysett: @Julia That would be great
01:19:27 Helen Myers – ALL London: thefirst four in th eseries in March goive you loads of ideas
01:19:30 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: This is great. We ue ONe Note too – only department in the school though. Wish we could embed the activities more easily
01:19:39 Sonja Fedrizzi: thank you
01:19:45 vanesa Macia Domene: Brilliant thanks you
01:19:50 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Thank you so much! So useful!
01:19:53 marie.allirot: Wel done Adeline, you were amazing
01:19:54 Aynur: Wow, thank you so much!
01:19:56 Silvia Bastow: thank you 🙂
01:19:58 Ester Borin Bonillo: Bravo! Adeline, Thank you very much!!!!
01:20:01 Rosemary Hicks: Not all of our students have devices. Lots of them are still using mobile phones
01:20:02 Alexandra Lamb: Super! Thank you!
01:20:02 Laura Simons: I need to go back to learn about OneNote! Thank you Adeline!
01:20:03 Rosalyn Honeysett: Thank you
01:20:03 mylene leslie: me too
01:20:04 Yamina Sadek-Kirk: thank you 😊
01:20:08 Helen McFarlane: Wow! Love the OneNote rolling screen idea. Merci mille fois, Adeline!
01:20:15 Clare Wright: Q Could you use Google Classrooms instead of OneNote?
01:20:18 cecilia giordano: Thank you Adeline!
01:20:26 laura McEwan: Thank you !
01:20:37 N Shabestari: Many thanks Adeline, it was fantastic.
01:20:42 marie.allirot: @Clare, I use GC, we make digital notebooks like this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LLfFwxkCsHY&feature=youtu.be
01:20:45 Carmen Zamanillo: Thanks a lot
01:21:13 mylene leslie: there is a good range that you can adapt
01:21:14 Clare Wright: Merci Marie
01:21:20 Annette: Great ideas! Thank you!
01:21:22 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Good to know 🙂
01:21:33 marie.allirot: @Clare, I have not used it yet but all set to start this week
01:21:42 Helen Myers – ALL London: Webinar database link: http://www.all-london.org.uk/site/index.php/webinars/webinar-database-link/
01:22:11 Hannah Dean: Thank you both for sharing your amazing ideas. Can’t wait to implement next week with my students! 🙂
01:22:13 Laurence Seltzer: Really useful info, merci!
01:22:39 rosariabonsignore-valcheff: Thanks a lot, I learned so much!
01:22:52 Lilliam: @helenmyers thanks for the link for webinars
01:22:57 mylene leslie: I must say that I use learningapps a lot but got lots of ideas tonight, thank you
01:23:00 Sonja Fedrizzi: The “clinic” idea sounds great @Helen
01:23:09 Helen Farmer: Thank you, this is much more helpful than the videos I watched last week
01:23:16 Julie Browning: excellent ideas- a whole new world !
01:23:20 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Would love ONeNote clinic too – thank you!
01:23:30 Helen Farmer: ditto
01:23:35 Lorena Ferrandis: Thank you! Lots of new things to try next week
01:23:46 SSamia Saci: sorry I missed it, got the timing wrong
01:23:49 Helen Myers – ALL London: Oh yes – the book is wonderful!
01:23:50 Esmeralda Salgado: Julia’s room is amazing!
01:23:55 marie.allirot: Buy Julia’s book. It is amazing!
01:23:57 Tania: Thank you Adeline for sharing!
01:24:02 SSamia Saci: lovely it is still running yay
01:24:02 Ester Borin Bonillo: Julia
01:24:15 Ester Borin Bonillo: Julia’s book is fantastic!!!
01:24:24 Esmeralda Salgado: That’s correct, Julia you need to make them public!
01:24:26 Helen Farmer: We can’t see you
01:24:41 marie.allirot: I can see Julia
01:24:48 Rachel Grice: I can
01:24:49 N Shabestari: Helen many thanks for the webinar database, it is really useful and all in one place
01:25:11 Silvia Bastow: I have made some German ones, will check whether they are public and will change if not 🙂
01:25:39 Jo: just dipping out to decorate hubby’s birthday cake. I’ve learnt so much, it’s fab and thank you. Joe Dale I will be in touch!
01:25:41 Rosalyn Honeysett: @Silvia – that would be fab! German is in short supply!
01:25:58 Silvia Bastow: so true
01:26:01 Joe Dale: Thanks Jo!
01:27:15 Silvia Bastow: retrieval roulette is one of my favourite, I use it all the time with my classes
01:27:26 Sabine Pichout: Cheeky question, has this German retrieval roulette been done in French please?
01:27:34 Helen Myers – ALL London: I am writingn notes on this webianr here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KEDcFa4hXb08TyoqjMjHyfCek6Rtq33RlvOnEusjQMU/edit?usp=sharing
01:28:10 Silvia Bastow: I have done only some in German – if anyone is folowing Stimmt books, I have done for year 7,8 and 9
01:28:32 Helen Farmer: Oh yes please, I use Stimmt1
01:28:37 Rosalyn Honeysett: @Silvia. I am and that would be great
01:28:51 Dom Pimlott: Stimmt resources would be great!
01:29:14 Silvia Bastow: if you are on twitter, I am @SisaSilvia4 if you contact me I will share with you anyone interested in Stimmt
01:29:32 Rosalyn Honeysett: Thanks. Will do!
01:29:40 Helen Myers – ALL London: Love leanring tricks!
01:30:10 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: great trick
01:30:13 Lilliam: Q- Choice board in learning apps, how do you create it? Is it an app?
01:30:17 Julia Morris: https://1drv.ms/w/s!Aj5VTk9OgpuWmwATw1YogvufVnRw?e=feuSMB
01:30:24 Jesús Santos: hehehe
01:30:49 Silvia Bastow: I love you backgrounds on your roulette, Julia 🙂
01:31:12 Silvia Bastow: I watched your previous webinar 🙂
01:31:40 Joe Dale: How to use the new clipboard on Windows 10 October 2018 Update https://www.windowscentral.com/how-use-new-clipboard-windows-10-october-2018-update
01:32:12 Helen Myers – ALL London: Q: is th etable done manually?
01:32:14 mylene leslie: clever
01:32:18 Helen Myers – ALL London: (th etable of contents)
01:32:22 Esmeralda Salgado: I love this
01:32:41 Adeline Moston: Here’s the link to my presentation: https://view.genial.ly/5ff84720bf5ddc3bd7451ba0/presentation-learningapps-tutorial, there are links to all my apps there
01:33:06 Adeline Moston: Julia’s book is amazing if you’re into or considering escape rooms!
01:33:26 Silvia Bastow: once you have entered your content it will generate random vocab/chunks every time you press the F9 key
01:34:06 Sophie’s iPhone: could we have the link for the OneNote presentation please? ( if it hasn’t been shared already) sorry joined a bit late!!thanks
01:34:12 mylene leslie: Q is it made with flippity? does it get published on line?
01:34:45 Joe Dale: @mylene – No it’s not Flippity related
01:34:48 Silvia Bastow: not done with flippity, it is a spread sheet created by Adam Boxer, you just put your vocab in it
01:34:48 marie.allirot: This one is not flippity. It is on Excel. Flippity works with Google sheets
01:35:11 mylene leslie: Thanks, so clever though
01:36:39 Esmeralda Salgado: Next week Jane Basnett will show Carousel learning which is the website version of the Retrieval Roulette
01:36:45 Esmeralda Salgado: Flippity is amazing!!!!
01:37:04 mylene leslie: it is
01:37:21 mylene leslie: French accent though is awful though on flippity
01:37:26 Esmeralda Salgado: Great to integrate in onenote too! and Deck Toys as it automatically gets embedded
01:37:26 Silvia Bastow: I love the randomizer, so do the kids
01:37:49 marie.allirot: I like the manipulative one
01:37:58 Silvia Bastow: great too 🙂
01:38:04 Sabine Pichout: I think the French accent is good on flappity @mylene ? I have not experienced mispronounciation yet
01:38:05 Jerome Nogues: Big fan of manipulative!
01:38:27 Esmeralda Salgado: Yes! I have lovely activity with manipulative and a vocaroo file the kids have to listen to and then put the words in order.
01:38:29 marie.allirot: Loved your recipe on manipulative @jerome
01:38:39 Sabine Pichout: Can’t wait to use your manipulatives on Crepes for la chandeleur @Jerome!
01:38:50 Esmeralda Salgado: Gracias, Rosa!
01:38:51 Jerome Nogues: Merci @Marie ☺️
01:39:01 Sabine Pichout: Here are the French, always talking about food!!
01:39:11 Jerome Nogues: Merci @Sabine. 😃
01:39:12 marie.allirot: I have done a few now with vocaroo
01:39:21 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: We’re great Flippity fans here too
01:39:31 Jerome Nogues: Yep!
01:39:51 Sue Key: Thank you all so much -great ideas !
01:40:01 Jerome Nogues: Wait for my presentation @Sabine
01:40:11 Sabine Pichout: Yeah!!
01:40:27 Helen Myers – ALL London: Wonderful – I hav eben looking for a bingo printer app
01:40:32 Rosa: I have tried with manipulative but it doesn’t work yet 🙁
01:40:47 Sabine Pichout: I have never played Quiz Show!! Really excited to have a go next week
01:40:52 iPhone: How do you move from the google spreadsheet to Flippety?
01:41:22 Sabine Pichout: click create link at the bottom. you need to use the Flippity template G sheets
01:41:29 Sabine Pichout: All free on the website
01:41:48 Joe Dale: @iPhone – You have to publish to the web and share the link. There are instructions for each exercise
01:42:18 Margaret Stewart: ? Julia Would these games on Flippity(more) work with students in breakout rooms please?
01:42:31 Esmeralda Salgado: A tip is to have a spreadsheet with your voacab/sentence builders and reutilise it for Flippity, Quizlet etc..
01:42:37 iPhone: Thanks!!
01:42:40 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: We snip an image of the game and hyperlink it which worls well
01:42:42 Pilar Navarro: Q: silly question. I have used a couple of flippity activities this week for students to do. They worked great and they loved them. But I didn’t know how I could save the spreadsheet
01:42:45 Esmeralda Salgado: and carousel learning
01:42:51 Yamina Sadek-Kirk: thank you
01:42:56 Sabine Pichout: |Snap in break out room?
01:43:03 Esmeralda Salgado: I would use them in break rooms
01:43:09 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: You must NAME the spreadsheet and it saves on googles sheet s
01:43:10 Margaret Stewart: Thank you
01:43:18 Esmeralda Salgado: The scavenger hunt is great too!
01:43:21 Sabine Pichout: Hello Margaret
01:43:47 Helen Myers – ALL London: I made a flippioty board game – such fun in online lessons!
01:44:01 Esmeralda Salgado: And the random picker to create sentences with random words that they need to link!
01:44:11 Keisha.Reid: Q: How do you save to onenote
01:44:12 Pilar Navarro: Thanks Rebecca. Q: so if you don’t work with Google sheets you can’t save them?
01:44:33 Esmeralda Salgado: You share the link
01:44:41 Adeline Moston: The randomiser is brilliant and can be easily snipped into OneNote for homework, for instance.
01:44:45 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: We have a shared department Google account and it saves it all there. If you don’t rename the templat though you won’t find it agaim
01:44:55 marie.allirot: Well done Julia. Very good. I have learnt some new stuff with Flippity. I mainly use manipulative and randomizer.
01:45:42 Joe Dale: @pilar – You just need a Google account to make the exercises, but the students don’t need accounts to access them
01:45:56 Sophie’s iPhone: Where is the link for the spreadsheet please?
01:45:57 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Julia. Love Flippity and we are using it loads and yet I learnt so many things from you! Fab
01:46:01 Silvia Bastow: Thank you Julia, this was great!
01:46:11 Pilar Navarro: Thanks Joe. I will try that with
01:46:39 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: Wow! Clever stuff! Thank you!
01:47:31 Sabine Pichout: Aren’t linguists so multitalented! This is impressive, so technical. Wow!
01:47:58 Joe Dale: Delighted this is being recorded!
01:48:06 Helen Myers – ALL London: Yes Joe!
01:48:12 Adeline Moston: Was just thinking that!
01:48:14 Helen Myers – ALL London: and yes Sabine!
01:48:20 Esmeralda Salgado: I agree!!!
01:48:28 sophia.micelli: Oh my gosh yes! So many steps.
01:48:41 Jonathan Peace: I need the slo-mo version
01:49:04 Sophie’s iPhone: looks amazing but I’m lost and confused! definitely need a rewatch! that’s great anyway. amazing work
01:49:21 Helen Myers – ALL London: Brilliant – it;s the ‘pivot’ function I alway sforget
01:49:29 Charlotte Finn: link to instructions and spreadsheet link embedded within it: https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=969B824E4F4E553E!3456&ithint=file%2cdocx&authkey=!ABPDViiC-59WdHA
01:49:52 Adeline Moston: Once you have a go it’s honestly quite simple and then you get so much out of it! I’ve started a French one.
01:50:07 Helen Myers – ALL London: Lovely tiops!
01:50:10 Helen Myers – ALL London: tips
01:50:15 Donna: Great tips!
01:50:16 mylene leslie: agreed
01:50:17 Rebecca Jones@mfl_swavesey: So impressed!
01:50:42 Helen Myers – ALL London: To b ehonest I think people will want to put in their own vocab
01:50:43 Sophie’s iPhone: Will definitely try!
01:50:46 Helen Myers – ALL London: as Julia is sayiong now
01:50:52 N Shabestari: Thank you so much Julia, it was brilliant.
01:51:08 Helen Myers – ALL London: WSE will prbanlyu want to do it by text book
01:51:12 Jesús Santos: Thanks Julia, it was brilliant
01:51:22 Rosa: Danke Julia!
01:51:26 Margaret Stewart: Love Flippity too and got so many tips here. Thank you Julia
01:51:33 Esmeralda Salgado: Thank you, Julia!!!
01:51:38 Helen McFarlane: Vielen Dank, Julia! Prima!
01:51:40 Claire O: Schönen Dank Julia!
01:51:47 Ester Borin Bonillo: Danke Julia, that was fantastic!!!!!!!!
01:51:50 Silvia Bastow: Vielen Dank, Julia. Echt toll 🙂
01:51:56 mylene leslie: linguascope webinars have been great too thanks to all of you
01:52:25 Charlotte Finn: Q is there a link to the linguascope webinars somewhere similar to the ALL list please?
01:52:42 Sabine Pichout: I love beau papa!
01:52:46 vanesa Macia Domene: I am using wakelet but looking forward how to have more ideas
01:52:47 mylene leslie: They are in the staffroom if you are a member
01:53:04 Esmeralda Salgado: I love wakelet too keep all these amazing websites!!!
01:53:05 Joe Dale: @Charlotte – You can watch the Linguascope webinars live. To watch recordings you have to subscribe to Linguascope
01:53:12 Helen Farmer: Are Linguascope webinars free as my school doesn’t subscribe
01:53:17 Silvia Bastow: Have been using it with my students for resources link. Best thing – it’s free 🙂
01:53:32 Julia Morris: Here are all the German spreadsheets I’ve got https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj5VTk9OgpuWlzR_sezdu53QN5Rc?e=fVntcM
01:53:41 Esmeralda Salgado: I use it for Staff CPD
01:53:51 Helen McFarlane: @Charlotte – you have to have a subscription to access the webinars – I’ve asked Stéphane (Linguascope) to keep me updated as to whether it is possible to pay a subscription for webinars only
01:53:54 Sabine Pichout: Linguascope webinars are free live but you cant watch it on demand if you are not a member
01:54:07 Florence Barats: @Helen Farmer, they are free and if you sign up for them and attend you get a link if I remember well!
01:54:35 Helen Farmer: Thank you I get the idea
01:54:56 Sabine Pichout: haha
01:55:00 Charlotte Finn: @Joe and @Helen thanks 🙂
01:55:11 Helen Myers – ALL London: Linguascope subscription well worth it – excellent content – and less than the price of a commerical traning day
01:55:19 rosariabonsignore-valcheff: You can not watch them anymore if you are not a member.
01:55:35 Rosa: @Hellen Mc Farlane, me too!
01:56:10 Helen Myers – ALL London: Ours are free but we hope you will feel morally boiund to join ALL (the cost of filling your tank twice)
01:56:21 vanesa Macia Domene: Great I have not realised about the tweets thing!
01:56:28 Julia Morris: What is the difference between wakelet and padlet?
01:56:29 Sabine Pichout: I would totally recommend joining ALL
01:56:31 Aideen Flood: This is superbe!Had never heard of Wakelet
01:56:55 vanesa Macia Domene: I have used it is great to link several resources
01:57:06 Joe Dale: Wakelet is fabulous and works on all devices
01:57:28 Julia Morris: @joe do you think its better than padlet?
01:57:37 Kimberly Gaiswinkler: Symbaloo on steroids!
01:58:12 vanesa Macia Domene: @Julie I think there are different concepts…padlet I find it more interactive, so students can interact to each others
01:58:13 Anne Cockburn: I love this, I also like anything pretty, this really satisfies my creative vibes!!
01:58:22 Joe Dale: @Julia It’s different 😉 More flexible as Wakelet is free
01:58:46 Joe Dale: You can add contributors too and they don’t need to login
01:59:04 Joe Dale: Jerome is showing us now
01:59:06 Sabine Pichout: I could see how effective it would be to have a CPD collection for a whole department.
01:59:15 Bea: It looks similar to padlet
01:59:16 vanesa Macia Domene: @Joe great! I never used the collaboration because I thought that they needed to log in!
01:59:25 mylene leslie: great idea @sabine
01:59:27 Joe Dale: Definitely Sabine and you can update it whenever you want
01:59:34 Helen McFarlane: This looks great – very visual, as you say, Jérôme.
01:59:49 Sabine Pichout: @margaret @becky get ready for Wakelet!
02:00:04 Joe Dale: Contributors just need the code. They go to the homepage and click Enter code and a name
02:00:13 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Joe
02:01:16 Sabine Pichout: Big fan of Canva!
02:01:17 Esmeralda Salgado: Lots of potential specially for Alevel students!!!
02:01:25 Anne Cockburn: Love Canva. I use it for all my posts
02:01:29 Julia Morris: @joe 👍👍
02:02:01 Sabine Pichout: need to investigate fake tweets for my students
02:02:04 Sabine Pichout: thank you
02:02:15 vanesa Macia Domene: Q: where you got this fake template for media?
02:02:34 Joe Dale: It’s a website
02:03:07 Helen Myers – ALL London: https://wakelet.com/
02:03:12 Sabine Pichout: we can hear !!
02:03:35 marie.allirot: The fake template is I think from https://www.prankmenot.com/
02:03:35 Lilliam: Q- Can you share only one of your collections?
02:03:46 Julia Morris: If anyone wants to look at the escape room book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Escape-Rooms-Education-Practical-Guide-ebook/dp/B08LHK2CRQ
02:03:59 Joe Dale: You can share any number of your collections
02:04:07 Jonathan Peace: https://morganmfl.weebly.com/mfl-ideas/canva – how to use Canva with Dannielle
02:04:12 Joe Dale: Thanks Marie
02:04:27 vanesa Macia Domene: yes you can make your collections public so other people can see it, I only created few of them and they are public
02:04:32 Lilliam: @Joe thankyou
02:04:32 marie.allirot: It might be a different one but that’s the one I know
02:04:57 Joe Dale: That was the one, Marie
02:05:06 Rosie R: St MAry’s Uni does a poetry competition
02:05:15 Esmeralda Salgado: Wha a lovely idea!
02:05:23 vanesa Macia Domene: you can follow people on wakalet
02:05:28 Sabine Pichout: Yes this is a great idea!
02:05:29 vanesa Macia Domene: My one is https://wakelet.com/@VanesaMacia
02:05:56 Silvia Bastow: really interestin
02:05:58 marie.allirot: love this idea
02:06:04 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Vanesa! this is great
02:06:35 vanesa Macia Domene: they are main for primary Spanish
02:07:25 marie.allirot: Wow, amazing
02:07:26 mylene leslie: if pupils got to the website do they need a username and password?
02:08:22 Joe Dale: @mylene – No, they just need the collection code
02:08:34 Esmeralda Salgado: You can do a virtual Bake Off!!! we did last summer and it was a hit!
02:08:35 Joe Dale: They need to add a name though
02:08:47 mylene leslie: wow game changer with immersive reader for my less able pupisl 🙂
02:08:50 Helen Myers – ALL London: J’ai faim
02:09:42 vanesa Macia Domene: you share a link
02:10:35 marie.allirot: Q How do you insert the immersive reader? Do you just write your text and it comes up?
02:11:01 Jerome Nogues: d6b0854
02:11:16 Jerome Nogues: https://wakelet.com/i/invite?code=d6b0854
02:12:38 Valle Fernández: Jerome, you are so good!!
02:12:40 Julia Morris: cool trick, I always forget to use it, need to get better
02:12:41 Joe Dale: I hope that’s clear now how to co-create a collection with a code in Wakelet
02:13:16 Esmeralda Salgado: I love the trick to remove videos!!!
02:13:39 Esmeralda Salgado: adverts, I mean!
02:13:54 vanesa Macia Domene: Q:@do that works if you put the link inside a powerpoint?
02:14:42 Esmeralda Salgado: what a pity it doesn’t embed……
02:15:06 Helen Myers – ALL London: was the hypen after the ‘t’ of youtune?
02:15:07 vanesa Macia Domene: wakalet will work right?
02:15:19 Florence Barats: after
02:15:32 Helen McFarlane: @Helen M – yes!
02:15:57 Helen Myers – ALL London: @Helen – thanks!
02:16:00 Joe Dale: Try http://www.viewpure.com too
02:16:07 Helen McFarlane: :-))
02:16:10 Julia Morris: Oh, this google translate is great! You can create the vocab list for the retrieval roulette in Google first and then copy over to excel
02:16:38 Esmeralda Salgado: Wow, so technical!! you are good!
02:16:43 Sabine Pichout: Wow
02:16:53 Florence Barats: Q can we have the formula?
02:16:57 Rosa: Superb!
02:17:03 Sabine Pichout: Could this work to translate Julia’s roulette very quickly?
02:17:07 Valle Fernández: WOW
02:17:10 Jesús Santos: Wow
02:17:12 Silvia Bastow: fantastic
02:17:12 Cécile Nichol: amazing!
02:17:22 Hannah Dean: That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing
02:17:23 Julia Morris: @sabine yes, just start with the google sheet I guess!
02:17:44 N Shabestari: That is magic!
02:17:52 Sabine Pichout: Ok, not sure I am technically advanced enough though
02:18:13 Esmeralda Salgado: Me neither, Sabine….
02:18:22 Sabine Pichout: Oh no chocolatine!
02:18:39 Margaret Stewart: controversial !
02:18:46 marie.allirot: non, pains au chocolat!
02:18:49 Sabine Pichout: I may have to leave…
02:18:50 Florence Barats: ou pain au chocolat?
02:19:12 Joe Dale: Life is pain … au chocolat
02:19:13 Laura Lopez: can you drag onto powerpoint?
02:19:14 Helen McFarlane: This is such a time saver!
02:19:35 Joe Dale: remove.bg is awesome
02:19:40 Esmeralda Salgado: I love this!!!!
02:19:44 Tania: Brill!
02:19:46 Esmeralda Salgado: Time saving!
02:19:58 Virginia: It was brilliant, thank you!
02:19:58 marie.allirot: Well done Jerome. You were amazing!
02:19:59 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Jerome! Fab.
02:20:00 Laura Simons: Fantastic!
02:20:02 Julie Browning: extremely useful thanks to everyone
02:20:02 Laurence Seltzer: wow, amazing!!
02:20:03 Valle Fernández: Thank you Jerome!!!!
02:20:05 marie.allirot: Learnt lots of tips
02:20:06 Emily: Thank you everyone, this session was very useful!
02:20:07 Pilar Navarro: Amazing afternoon. Thanks a million to all the presenters.
02:20:08 Esmeralda Salgado: Fantastic!
02:20:09 Jonathan Peace: Magnifique Jerome!
02:20:10 Silvia Bastow: excellent, thank you so much 🙂
02:20:13 Alexandra Lamb: Thank you!
02:20:13 Aideen Flood: All speakers were superb!Thanks so so much for all these super presentations.
02:20:15 Sabine Pichout: So many take aways and fab ideas. THANK YOU
02:20:16 Charlotte Finn: All fantastic presentations – thanks all!
02:20:21 Helen McFarlane: Mille mercis, Jérôme ! Que de bonnes idées !
02:20:21 Laura Lopez: Fantastic, need to get cracking with some tech!
02:20:22 Rosie R: Thank you everybody!
02:20:22 N Shabestari: Many thanks Jérôme, it was fantastic.
02:20:25 rosariabonsignore-valcheff: You can use https://www12.lunapic.com/editor/ to edit photos as well.
02:20:25 Bea: Thank you!
02:20:25 Anne Cockburn: thank you everyone, it was great!
02:20:26 Margaret Stewart: Fabulous support, Thank you everyone
02:20:29 Lyn Brady: thanks very much
02:20:29 Rosalyn Honeysett: Thank you so much. Really helpful!
02:20:30 Sarah Hau: thank you all! Some really inspiring ideas!
02:20:30 Claudie: thank you all, brilliant and inspiring stuff
02:20:30 Aynur: I’ve learnt so much in this session, so exciting! Thank you so much everyone!
02:20:33 Carmen Zamanillo: Thanks so much!
02:20:34 Cécile Nichol: Thanks you so much, I have learn so much.
02:20:37 Clara Bouclier-Mulligan: thank you very much!
02:20:37 Holly Brighton: Thank you- so useful. I have learned a lot today!
02:20:38 Ester Borin Bonillo: thank you very much
02:20:38 Laura Lopez: Where do we get the link to the recording?
02:20:39 hthomas@tudorhallschool.com: Thank you very much to everyone 🙂
02:20:39 Sophie’s iPhone: Thanks
02:20:40 Robyn Williams: Thank you!
02:20:40 Kimberly Gaiswinkler: Merci! Merci! du Canada!
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02:20:41 Ines McMahon: Thank you – this has been great!
02:20:42 Rosa: Merci beaucoup, superbe Jerome!
02:20:42 Silvia Bastow: thank you to all 🙂
02:20:43 Jesús Santos: Muchas gracias!
02:20:46 Adina H: Thank you so much for sharing these amazing ideas! Really helpful!!
02:20:49 Stephanie Downs: Thank you so much 🙂
02:20:50 Helen McFarlane: Thank you Helen, Joe and all the amazing presenters! Brilliant afternoon!
02:20:50 Claire O: thank you all so much!
02:20:57 N Shabestari: Many thanks to Helen, Joe and ALL. It was wonderful as always.
02:20:57 Sabine Pichout: Thank you @Joe and @Helen for organizing
02:21:07 Laura Simons: Thank you everyone!!
02:21:07 Marie Perhirin: thanks,
02:21:09 Caroline Okerika: Thank you all so much! Really great webinar with fantastic presenters!
02:21:17 Jo B: thank you for pulling this together 🙂
02:21:22 Florence Barats: Thank you soooooo much all of you!
02:21:27 Rosa: Thanks to Joe and Hellen and to all the participants!!
02:21:28 Jennifer Wozniak Rush: Thanks a lot everyone
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02:21:34 annalise adam: Sorry my camera won’t open. Thank you for everything
02:21:37 Aurora Carretero: thanks a lot, very helpful
02:21:38 Sabine Pichout: Oh please Julia!!!
02:21:41 rosariabonsignore-valcheff: Great seminars as usual.
02:21:43 Sabine Pichout: Thank you,
02:22:36 Julia Morris: Spanish and French now available on the right, just copy over the German! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jYCWZ8PK0q5qCqsbjLXO6DsfMxUIBVb-jpZdXqdJpW4/edit?usp=sharing
02:22:41 Vali: Thank you all! Amazing as always!
02:22:42 SSamia Saci: Thank you all.
02:22:50 Laura Simons: Take care everyone xx
02:23:09 Laura Lopez: Where did you say the link to the recording will be?
02:23:15 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Julia!
02:23:16 MFL: Thank you ever so much for everything you do.
02:23:17 Laura Lopez: Sorry!
02:23:20 Valle Fernández: Thank you so much !!
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02:23:23 Joe Dale: My YouTube channel joedale100
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02:24:19 cgrant: THanks ever so much for giving up time AGAIN!
02:24:24 iPhone: thank you so much, all presenters were amazing! I have learnt so much and can’t wait for Monday 🙂
02:24:25 JM: Thanks 🙂