A TiLT Christmas Show and Tell 2021


Many many thanks to all those who participated in a great Show and Tell.  In every coint-down tweet, Joe Dale told us it was goon got be AMAZING … and it was!

Here’s a word doc which summarises the sessions. ALL TiLT show and tell dec 21 overview

It is also copied and pasted below.

Topics covered include: Elena Diaz – Flippity Randomiser, Maniputlates, Classroomscreen and Sentencify Jérôme Nogues – Making Instant gapfills in MS Word, Sentencebuilders and curvy word snakes with Canva and Festisite Glenn Cake – Gimkit Draw That François Stalder – Why have your own YouTube channel? Rebecca Jones – Using puzzle backgrounds in Flippity and Postimages Rebecca Roberts – Instagram Reels and Lego languages! Esmeralda Salgado – Revision Padlets and Spinnerwheel Susan Finley – Feed the Need Jane Basnett – Reading Progress in Teams Joe Dale – Using Spinnerwheel to promote speaking and writing plus timesaving Chrome extensions: Video Speed Controller, Quickshare Screenshot, Magical, Turn off the Lights and Calm Twitter A big thank you to all presenters for sharing their ideas around remote teaching.

We look forward to sharing more in 2022!


Presenters + Content

In this TiLT Christmas Show and Tell session as part of the Technology in Language Teaching (TILT) webinar series hosted by Helen Myers and independent languages consultant from the UK, Joe Dale, language teachers share some practical ideas on how technology can enhance language learning.


1. Elena Diaz – 02:30-14:24


Flippity Randomiser, Save time + are engaging.

Turn a writing frame into a randomiser
Flip every column or all one at a time
(1) Translate TL into English
(2) Visualise / Understand the way sentences are built up
(3) Grammar – rapid, colourful examples: e.g. starter (e.g. personal pronoun / select soy or esto) + randomise verbs
NB – may seem daunting to create, but it is really worth it!
Classroomscreen You can embed into ‘Classroom screen’ (media / embed / link / open website). This way you can combine with timer / text / random student selector
Word cloud You can create wordcloud with Flippity
Manipulatives You can create ‘tiles’ (as fridge magnets).
Students / Teachers following student instruction – rearrange words to create sentences

NB you can change colour etc.
Sentencify Paste text in columns
Generate sentences which you can then make into games
[Use Google translate to create
• Gapped dictation
• first letter of word
• jumble up words
• reading games
• find the sentence that says ..

You can also generate activities with it. (Match up)

e,g, Grammar exercises :
Column 1: Starter (e.g. time expressions)
Column 2: multiple choice of tenses

To print, copy and paste (no internal printing design option).

2. Jérôme Nogues – 14:25 – 22.15

Making Instant gapfills in MS Word, Source of sentence demonstrated: Martin Lapworth’s ‘Sentence Builders’ website
• Underline and embolden words
• Format / font / white
• Underline colour black
• Format painter to apply to the other words
SentenceBuilders and curvy word snakes with Canva and Festisite Break-the-flow exercise
• Copy chunks [e.g. sentences]
• paste into word
• find and replace / space bar / replace with nothing

To make it more attractive:
• Select sentence
• Canva
• New document / A4
• Paste text
• Effects / curve

OR Festisite:
• Festisite / waves
• Screenshot
• Insert

3. Glenn Cake – 22.22 – 33.16

Gimkit Draw That Gimkit (Josh Feinsilber) [Mixture of Kahoot + Quizlet]
Recently free
New = Fishtopia (early access)
Premium feature = Draw that
Select terms ./ time / music
Code appears
One person selected to draw
Others have to guess
Points awarded for speed of guessing and number of people guessing your drawing

4. François Stalder – @mrstadler 33.29 – 43.09

Developing your own YouTube channel as an ongoing resource Link to presentation
YouTube channel:
François gave reasons:
• teach only once – prepare presentation which can be reused
• flip the class – pupils can access independently
• add personal voice/touch
• reach out beyond your classroom – tase of what you teach and how you teach it
• develop your own way of communication – explain well
• save time (most important) e.g. to enable repetition of grammar explanation
François has created a video ‘Tech Tip 101’ on how to use YouTube for teaching practice [4.5 minutes]. Includes how to prepare slides, record, link, add hashtags, add thumbnail, post videos and organise by topic
Recommends ‘Final Cut’.
François can demo step by step0 – or – practising as he preaches – watch the video!
Please share!

5. Rebecca Jones – 43.11 – 50

Using puzzle backgrounds in Flippity and Postimages How and why to insert backgrounds
Reason: to add another layer to the activity.
(1) Manipulatives
Examples – including words + audio form vocaro.com
Background tab – delete defaults so that pupils do not have choice
Create picture form Ppt – save as jpg
Go to postimages.org
Upload and copy direct link
Paste this url into the cell
Label the spreadsheet (saved in goggle)
Share / punish to web
Get link and share
Pupils sort phrases into relevant box
Pupils take screenshot when complete

(2) Matching pairs
As the pupils match, the cards disappear and the image you have uploaded appears e.g. task to create words using scrabble / fun fact / code for an escape room etc.

6. Rebecca Roberts – 50 – 55

Instagram Reels and Lego languages! Use of instagram reels to create a video (no need to use stop motion software)
Advantage : you can use our phone to do this
NB – pupils know how to create an Instagram reel to create.

EXAMPLE: using lego to show different elements in grammar

See video to see how this is created – 1 second for each.
Possible to line up with previous shot

OR take picture on phone and put into Ppt

Aim: to demo live how grammar is so manipulative.
Better than drawing it on the board.

You can add music + text

7. Esmeralda Salgado – 55 – 1.02

Revision Padlets and Y11 mocks learning schedule – ‘3 weeks and 1 weekend away from success.

Attractive Grid creates divided into SOS sections / week1, week 2, week 3, weekend before

Activities given for each session.
‘Motivational heading’
Quizlet vocab
150 word
random quizlets form past papers
reading past paper
common vocab
listening past paper
translation practice

[NB some papers made into google forms – shared by ??? in secondary,mflmatters Facebook group)

Spinnerwheel Create 3 wheels – spin – result is then displayed

In this example – each has a starter which they have to translate and complete appropriately

Can then be followed up by using the wheels to create their own version. – challenge to create link.

Great way to maximise resources

8. Susan Finley – 1.02 – 1.13

Feed the Need Susan has exploited ‘just for laughs’ videos to stimulate language work.
s’core!! French

preview / customise
display words
cue up to avoid advert

Invite predictions (do not show whole video)
Ask qs about paused screen [EASY/STANDARD/MORE DIFFIUCLT]
Use timestamp guides to play , ask qs and feed words.

See examples. If interested contact Susan. Score.french@gmail.com

9. Jane Basnett – 1:13:50 – 1.33.50

Reading Progress in Teams You can set pupils a task to read aloud a text
Pupils read aloud, hand in, it auto marks (you can decide on pronunciation sensitivity).
You can jump to words mispronounced

Returns ‘accuracy’ late mispronunciations / omissions / insertions . repetitions / self correction

Then you can return for revision.

1:18 – how to set it.

Note that pupils cannot see this before they submit (Jane has asked

Create / title / instructions / attach / reading progress / import word or pdf (possibility to edit) / see student view – you can add details reading / genre / number of attempts etc.

10 Joe Dale – 1:22:28

Presentation link
Using Spinnerwheel to promote speaking and writing plus 1:22:28
You can use emojis / words

5 Timesaving Chrome extensions:

  1. Video Speed Controller, 1:25:20 – ability to be more granular in the speeds – rewind 10 seconds – using keyboard shortcuts. – insert markers.  Works with YouTube, vocaroo etc.

2. Quickshare Screenshot, 1:28:20
Make partial screenshot
Uploads screenshot automatically in google document
Automatically creates link!
3. Turn off the Lights and 1:29:30
Double click, choose a colour – removes all the extraneous words around the video
4. Magical, 1:30:00 – 1:30:30
Ability to create shortcuts to text – – could include letters
5. Calm Twitter 1:32:38
Chrome extension allows you to focus on your Tweets rather than being distracted by trending topics.

A big thank you to all presenters for sharing their ideas around remote teaching.

11. Helen Myers – rapid parallel text

No time for this, so I have made a video.  Also available via  a fuller Blogpost.

I make much use of word and DeepL to create tables, then I can use these

(1) to paste it into various online platforms for matching  exercises e.g. Textivate, Quizlet and Blooket.

(2) to create a vocabulary challenge: guess / click +reveal answer

(3)  to use prepared text forTeachVid exercises.

This document lists the steps.

This video takes you through the process:


Class photo


00:34:06 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:35:01 Dorothy Anderson: Yes we do!
00:35:28 Rebecca Jones: indeed, yes!
00:35:28 Joe Dale: Thanks everyone!
00:35:33 Jerome Nogues: Do join! It’s amazing.
00:35:48 basnettj: Yes – lots on offer from ALL
00:35:55 Anita welsh: it is excellent
00:35:59 Helen Farmer: Definitely recommend joining
00:38:03 Nikki Hill: Don’t count me as a presenter! Do you mind if I just watch.
00:38:25 Joe Dale: No problem Nikki
00:39:48 Esmeralda Salgado: Kids love Flippity!
00:40:11 basnettj: LOL – I love flippity
00:40:20 Esmeralda Salgado: A nice way to drill activities
00:40:31 Esmeralda Salgado: I know you do, Jane!!! lol
00:41:13 Sabine Pichout: I love it too! and students as well 🙂
00:41:50 glenn Cake: Awesome Tool !!! I also extend this by requiring students to create a MOTE audio file to go along with their sentence !
00:41:54 Helen Myers: This is great – really attractive
00:41:58 Dorothy Anderson: I really like this. I have always wanted to use it.
00:42:09 Adeline Moston: I was bereft when they had technical issues back in August/Sept. I made 3 randomizers just today for 2 different year groups. Takes seconds and the kids love it!
00:43:03 glenn Cake: Awesome idea !!!
00:43:16 Joe Dale: Love the idea of combining Flippity with Classroomscreen
00:43:23 Sabine Pichout: This what I have been doing this use with a timer and a random name selector.
00:43:38 Sabine Pichout: *this year!
00:43:51 basnettj: manipulative
00:43:52 Helen McFarlane: Manipulatives !
00:43:56 Sabine Pichout: Manipulative
00:44:16 Esmeralda Salgado: You can add audio with vocaroo too
00:44:18 Rebecca Jones: We’ve found sharing Flippity randomiser links really useful to set tasks when working remotely too, and the students love having the autonomy.
00:44:29 Esmeralda Salgado: Becoming a listening activity
00:45:00 Esmeralda Salgado: Agreed, Rebecca! very easy to share the link
00:45:24 Susan Finley: The manipulatives are great for sorting vocab too.
00:45:43 Jerome Nogues: They work well with YouTube videos too!
00:46:18 Sabine Pichout: Q; Could you print them?
00:47:06 Helen Myers: For presenters -To Hide Zoom’s floating Meeting Controls In your Zoom meeting 1. click More in the meeting controls. 2. Click Hide Floating Meeting Controls. 3. Your Meeting Controls will then be hidden. 4. To bring back your Meeting Controls, press the Escape button on your keyboard.
00:48:07 Margarita Mortimer: is S. free?
00:48:12 Joe Dale: Yes
00:48:13 Helen Myers: I really like that activity .. making them think
00:48:14 Esmeralda Salgado: YEs
00:48:30 vane mfl: what a good idea!
00:48:55 Javay: Great idea for Sentence starters
00:49:14 Rebecca Jones: Wow! Very useful!
00:49:29 Sabine Pichout: Really woudl like to explore senticify. Thank you!!
00:49:32 Jerome Nogues: Did a YT video on Sentencify: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvuewtUY0hU&t=5s
00:49:37 glenn Cake: Thanks Elena !
00:49:48 Esmeralda Salgado: Fantastic, Elena!
00:50:02 Rebecca Jones: @jerome – great! will catch up on that. 🙂
00:50:06 Adeline Moston: Brilliant! Love having a new resource to try out!
00:50:09 Esmeralda Salgado: Great way to think of lots and lots of sentences!
00:52:46 Esmeralda Salgado: A nice video, Jerome!
00:54:47 Rebecca Jones: We’re a microsoft school too but we have a separate Goggle account to be able to use sites like Flippity
00:55:11 Esmeralda Salgado: Jerome is brilliant at these things! A star
00:55:21 Joe Dale: He certainly is!
00:56:06 Adeline Moston: It’s one of the cheapest resources around, such good value for money!
00:56:16 Sabine Pichout: Absolutely love sentence builders website. we use it everyday in combination with flippity
00:56:23 Helen Myers: Timing 8.35 Jerome 8.43 Glenn Cake 8.51 François 8.59 Rebecca Jones 9.07 Rebecca Roberts 9.15 Esmeralda 9.22 Susan Finley Joe + Helen if time!
00:56:26 Rebecca Jones: agreed!
00:56:55 Joe Dale: Jane Basnett will go after Susan Finley too 🙂
00:58:05 Joe Dale: Instant word snake!
00:58:06 Helen Myers: Great tip!
00:58:20 basnettj: It’s a great trick – I used this the other day. thanks Jerome
00:58:39 basnettj: I might be asleep….. at 9.30
00:58:53 Joe Dale: 🙂
00:58:54 Sabine Pichout: wow
00:58:58 Margarita Mortimer: I love tooCanva
00:59:52 Rebecca Jones: Cool!
01:01:13 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Jerome!!
01:01:26 Esmeralda Salgado: Excellent, Jerome!!!
01:01:40 glenn Cake: can’t talk
01:01:40 Adeline Moston: Thank you Jérôme ! I’ll be trying this very soon!
01:01:41 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: Muchas gracias Elena y Jerôme!
01:02:56 basnettj: Newfoundland! are there any Come from aways in town today?
01:03:02 Susan Finley: G’Day Glenn!
01:03:27 Rebecca Jones: thank you Jerome! Always learning something new!
01:04:17 Helen Myers: 8.35 Jerome 8.43 Glenn Cake 8.51 François 8.59 Rebecca Jones 9.07 Rebecca Roberts 9.15 Esmeralda 9.22 Susan Finley 9.29 Jane Basnett Joe + Helen if time!
01:04:43 Helen Myers: (Actually all 3 minutes later …)
01:05:08 Jerome Nogues: Leslie Fisher is fab
01:05:20 Joe Dale: https://lesliefisher.com/calendar/event/gimkit_webinar
01:05:29 Joe Dale: WOW!
01:05:32 Helen Myers: Briliant!
01:05:37 Helen Myers: Brilliant even!
01:05:48 Helen Myers: I love the name!
01:06:43 Rebecca Jones: Not tried this, but looks interesting! Free is always a bonus.
01:06:56 Helen Myers: We love games, don;t we?
01:07:01 glenn Cake: https://www.gimkit.com/join?gc=78969
01:07:06 glenn Cake: https://www.gimkit.com/join?gc=78969
01:07:08 Esmeralda Salgado: It looks fab, Glenn!
01:09:07 Joe Dale: Phew!
01:09:18 silvia algeri: present
01:09:52 Helen Myers: So pretty, Jérôme!
01:10:06 Joe Dale: Bravo Helen!
01:10:28 Margarita Mortimer: I have given up!!
01:10:55 Adeline Moston: so quick, Helen!
01:11:29 Margarita Mortimer: sorry. i am not in
01:11:30 Helen McFarlane: Merci, Jo! 🙂
01:12:08 Joe Dale: LOL!
01:12:11 Margarita Mortimer: too stressful!!!
01:12:23 Helen Myers: Excellent drawing!!!!
01:12:25 vane mfl: well done Margarita! perfect draw !
01:12:32 Joe Dale: Yay!
01:12:39 Rebecca Jones: Félicitations!
01:12:45 Helen Myers: Thsi si Great!
01:12:50 François Stalder: That was good fun! Just what I need next week. 🙂
01:12:59 Adeline Moston: I love that! Perfect for next week!
01:13:27 vane mfl: Thank you!
01:13:28 Helen Myers: WE deifnietely need another Edutainment webinar!
01:13:36 Helen Myers: A new year poarty perhaps?
01:18:42 glenn Cake: past tense !!!
01:18:49 Sabine Pichout: Tenses
01:18:52 Adeline Moston: adjective agreement
01:19:07 Rebecca Jones: past tense
01:19:24 Helen Myers: yes – passé composé always a problem
01:19:44 Helen Myers: also present tense ‘he is wearing / he is playing’
01:20:02 Sabine Pichout: J’ai allé… indeed!
01:20:18 Rebecca Jones: not as bad as j’alle!
01:20:33 Sabine Pichout: or je vais allerai 🙂
01:20:41 Helen McFarlane: So time-saving, François, facilitating peer teaching, too.
01:20:46 Helen Myers: Who has their own channels?
01:21:07 basnettj: I do, but I have let it lapse
01:21:08 Sabine Pichout: We have a SVC channel that we used in Lockdown..not Face to face
01:21:16 Helen Myers: Would be good to share!
01:21:22 Jerome Nogues: Slowly adding content to mine
01:21:36 Rebecca Roberts: We used YouTube in lockdown too – most videos unlisted but was really useful at the time
01:22:06 Adeline Moston: I kind of do but use it more as a storage for videos for myself rather than pupils. I use Flipgrid shorts for little grammar tutorials.
01:22:32 Helen Myers: I find some pupils are more likely to concentrate and watch something if it is on ‘YouTube’
01:22:55 basnettj: yes – Flipgrid shorts are great
01:23:00 Helen Myers: to present
01:23:49 Rebecca Jones: Sonia Fedrizzi’s video tutorials are always inspirational!
01:24:02 Joe Dale: I agree
01:24:33 Sabine Pichout: agreed
01:25:58 Helen Myers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dieP9azMZrw&feature=youtu.be
01:26:10 Helen Myers: Great!
01:26:19 Helen Myers: I have subscribed!
01:26:21 glenn Cake: Excellent Francois !
01:26:21 François Stalder: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vTYKzOKDSa8t10jxYPBfSJZMS7Oao33v4-OrfqFiAGD9ACyakzbYnSPBraiZ0ZRC3d5Z-EpYki_Zdwy/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000#slide=id.gedb8682080_0_176
01:26:41 Rebecca Jones: Thank you! Merci!
01:26:49 Sabine Pichout: Thank you
01:27:02 Helen Myers: WE could have another webinar for this perhaps François? Merci!
01:27:03 SABREA OUGHTON: Merci:)
01:29:39 François Stalder: Yes, Helen, we could.
01:29:47 Helen Myers: Excellent!
01:30:30 vane mfl: what is the website for the pics please?
01:30:46 Helen Myers: https://postimages.org/
01:30:59 Sabine Pichout: Postimages.org
01:31:12 Dorothy Anderson: Could you generate a url by using office 365/sharepoint?
01:31:17 basnettj: great idea.
01:31:39 Dorothy Anderson: Wait, ignore me!
01:34:44 Sabine Pichout: This is why I love working with you Becky! Excellent 🙂
01:35:26 Jerome Nogues: Cool stuff BECKY!!
01:36:19 Rebecca Jones: Lovely to see you again Rebecca! 🙂
01:36:56 Sabine Pichout: Go Becky! Lovely to see our former PGCE trainee here !
01:37:25 Joe Dale: Here is the viral tweet! https://twitter.com/MissEdmonston/status/1459262458611343362?s=20
01:38:57 Sabine Pichout: I also really liked your reels last year when you were teaching grammar and writing rules on paper. Really powerfull.
01:39:07 Joe Dale: I love this!
01:39:16 Esmeralda Salgado: I love this idea!
01:39:22 S. Blewitt: This is fab!
01:39:59 Dorothy Anderson: This is so cool. I love the idea of getting the pupils to do it.
01:40:35 Helen Myers: Thank you!!!
01:40:42 Rebecca Jones: Brilliant! Love it! THank you!
01:40:47 Dorothy Anderson: Thank you!!!
01:40:48 Sabine Pichout: Thank you Becky!!
01:41:05 Susan Finley: So fun!
01:42:04 vane mfl: Love your headband!
01:44:23 Joe Dale: digipad.app is a FREE Padlet alternative 🙂
01:45:13 Helen Myers: So good to structure things for them. Your classes are so lucky to have you, Esmeralda!
01:45:16 Sabine Pichout: Since you have shared this idea, I keep meaning to do a padlet for my French GCSE students,…Really need to get on as this is such a good idea and would really help our students.Thank you Esmeralda!!
01:45:49 Margarita Mortimer: it is more visual for the students too.
01:45:49 Joe Dale: Wakelet now also lets you create columns
01:46:06 Joe Dale: Cool
01:46:09 Rebecca Jones: Your students are so lucky! So inspirational!
01:46:29 Margarita Mortimer: i have tried the multiple wheels too and it is great!
01:46:46 Sabine Pichout: Love those multiple wheels
01:46:56 Joe Dale: You can add images too but they have to be from Unsplash not your own so no Bitmojis!
01:47:06 Sabine Pichout: Q:could you embed them into Classroomscreen?
01:47:19 Joe Dale: @AlanPhillips7 is the creator
01:47:28 Joe Dale: Yes Sabine. I’ve tried it
01:47:30 Adeline Moston: Ooh, that’s great! I use wheelofnames and the screen splitter extension in chrome but that looks more straightforward!
01:47:33 Helen Myers: https://spinnerwheel.com/
01:47:44 Joe Dale: Adeline – Yes it is
01:48:11 Sabine Pichout: @rebeccaJones, Let’s try this!!
01:48:29 Joe Dale: The answers can appear horizontally too
01:49:07 Margarita Mortimer: muchas gracias Esmeralda
01:49:08 Helen Myers: Thank you Esmeralda!
01:49:08 glenn Cake: Awesome Esmeralda !
01:52:15 Joe Dale: Thank you Susan 🙂
01:52:46 glenn Cake: Hilarious !!!
01:52:52 Helen Myers: Great to have people from all over the world!
01:53:13 Joe Dale: I agree. I love it
01:54:26 Helen Myers: Rememebr that this is recorded.. if you need to leave – no problem, we will send you recording. We don’t want to put people under pressure of time. WE are so grateful that people are willing to share!
01:55:48 Helen Myers: SO TRUE!!!!!!!!
01:57:23 Helen Myers: great visuals
01:57:33 Jerome Nogues: Really sorry, need to go. Thanks for having me. Learnt a lot tonight as usual. 😊
01:58:13 Helen Myers: Great prep for a picture card task
02:00:49 Helen McFarlane: Bonne soirée – looking forward to viewing the recording again. I’ve got some marking to do! Merci Helen, Joe, and all the presenters. Really great ideas!
02:00:57 glenn Cake: Thanks Susan- very clever !! These videos are quite engaging for students when used with EdPuzzle as well
02:01:07 Esmeralda Salgado: I need to go too. I am conducting 29 Mock orals tomorrow so I need to do some preparation!!! Awesome evening, I learned lots, lots… Thank you, Joe and Helen!!!
02:01:25 Esmeralda Salgado: Great work, Susan! Nice videos
02:02:46 Margarita Mortimer: what a treat Helen and Joe! so inspiring evening despite being the end of term and being late!
02:02:53 Helen Myers: I thihk this is a great idea – really time saving!
02:03:34 Rebecca Jones: Great, thank you! Agreed, very good prep for the photocard.
02:03:42 Sabine Pichout: Thank you!
02:07:23 Sabine Pichout: This is a great idea for an assignment
02:07:25 Helen Myers: THis is superb!!!!
02:08:05 vane mfl: That is amazing!
02:08:21 Rebecca Jones: Looking forward to playing with this!
02:08:26 Helen Myers: So does she see the mark before she submits it?
02:08:30 Sabine Pichout: Coudl you show how you set the task?
02:08:43 Adeline Moston: I keep meaning to try it for my Y8 orals! I’d have to set 13 different assignments but it looks like it’s worth it!
02:09:40 KReid – TCA: Thank you everyone. Have to go now but will watch recording. Good night.
02:10:42 Sabine Pichout: This is something that we will definitely be using!
02:12:02 Margarita Mortimer: Q. does it automatically select the language?
02:12:26 Susan Finley: I’ve lost audio since my presentation ended, so I’ll look forward to hearing the rest when the recording is shared. Bonsoir!
02:12:38 vane mfl: Amazing! Cannot wait to try!
02:12:43 Rebecca Jones: Seems really straightforward! Thank you! Never knew this existed.
02:13:05 Rosa Gonzales Skinnari: Thank you Janet, super!
02:13:43 Joe Dale: gifcap.dev
02:14:21 basnettj: Thanks Joe, Helen and all the presenters. It’s been a great show and tell. I’m going to scoot now – got an early start.
02:15:00 Adeline Moston: Thank you so much everyone! Another great evening packed full of new things to try out! I need to go to bed now!!
02:15:34 Joe Dale: https://is.gd/tiltxmassat21
02:17:17 Helen Myers: This is really really good!
02:19:43 Joe Dale: Screenshot URL: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16ezsqvFnVO5P0YF3diBpHhVW7-B8-Fjn/view?usp=drivesdk
02:20:50 vane mfl: like it!
02:21:04 Helen Myers: So good to remove the distractions fo comments!
02:21:08 Rebecca Jones: Great idea!
02:21:34 vane mfl: that is fantastic idea!
02:21:51 vane mfl: can you put the links of extensions pleaswe?
02:21:55 Rebecca Jones: Thank you Joe!
02:22:01 Sabine Pichout: Definitely! Thank you JOe
02:22:43 Joe Dale: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/video-speed-controller/nffaoalbilbmmfgbnbgppjihopabppdk?hl=en
02:22:46 Rebecca Jones: THank you all!
02:22:59 Nikki Hill: Thank you!!!!
02:23:05 Marielle Grant-Ford: Thank you:)
02:23:10 Joe Dale: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/turn-off-the-lights/bfbmjmiodbnnpllbbbfblcplfjjepjdn?hl=en
02:23:23 SABREA OUGHTON: thank you to all presenters and organisers:)
02:23:31 vane mfl: yessss!