2020 Language Show

Saturday 14th November 2020.

This page is dedicated to the session held at The  Language Show, Saturday 14th November 2020.







What a great session it was!  Superb presenters, inspiring ideas, great team work in managing spontaneity (!) and appreciative, encouraging attendees.  A perfect recipe for a delicious feast of language teaching ideas.

This page is dedicated to collecting the ideas shared.  Thank you so much to the generosity of the speakers who took the plunge!


Pasted at the end of this page, and downlaodable as a txt file GMT20201114-165735_-Language-  and as a word doc here: Language Show Live Show and Tell 2020

Running commentary to the video with links.

On Google Doc here and below.   More may be added!

PowerPoint used to introduce the session: (Includes some links) ALL Language Show 2020 intro


PowerPoint used to introduce the session: (Includes some links) ALL Language Show 2020 intro

00 –

Set up – arrival of Julia (a real pro who can do it with one screen!!), Tanja

Attendees arriving from all over the world for a ‘Global Languages Party’ – Derbyshire – Texas – Sicily –


Over to you

17:55 Julia Morris – Retrieval roulette – 

@JuschMo Millfield School

    • Include a mix of L1 to L2 and the other way
    • How to create table of content: see red instructions on Questions tab in Excel sheet.
    • Make it look good in Excel: use “Page layout” tab and “Background”, and turn of “Gridlines view”.
    • At start of lesson – fill in yellow box to indicate what has been covered
    • Generates games – random, but using more of the recent + mix of the past
    • F9 refreshes
    • Could set different challenges – different points system
    • Battleships / Blockbusters / Connect 4
    • Scroll to the right to get the answers
    • Once list has been set up, you can use the same list in Flippity
    • Julia has combined the two apps to make a random list for Flippity random (clever woman)
    • Flippity: demo of activities
    • Flashcards, Practice, Matching
    • Use ‘More’  tab to get to quiz show and other games(Joe vs Helen)
    • Add/ take away teams – up to 8
    • Demo how spreadsheet is set up
    • Vital to see formula bar view / formula (in view tab)– then click into formula bar in the “get link here” tab, and click enter and it will refresh the link with new questions
    • You can print out games from both Excel and Flippity

33:34 Adeline Moston


OneNote class notebook and Learningapps, how a paperless classroom can help weaker students engage and achieve

  1. Use of Class Notebook as exercise book
  • Note that OneNOte is brilliant to support those with learning needs
  • Change colour – blue / lined
  • Use immersive reader
  • Easily insert audio (e.g. instructions)
  • Embed all links e,g, to a Quizlet set – all on the same page
  • Teacher in control of exercise book – paperless – so pupils not struggling with losing papers etc
  • All set up in advance
  • Match
  • Fixed in the left – move the right (no need to cut out and stick in [How do you fix? Set it to background?)
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Tables ready inserted
  • Example: grammar
  • Colour-coded table (they really like the colours)
  • They can just copy and paste OR type – (option to move)
  1. Learning Apps – learnt from Esmeralda – thanks!
  • Used a lot
  • Really easy to put together
  • No need for children to have an account
  • Free
  • Example: matching exercise (ask them to take screenshot to probe done)
  • Lots of repetition needed .. lots of ways to practise in different ways so they do not get bored
  • Example of lesson
  • Frequency phrases
  • Set up 3 learning app games
  • Match En/Fr as a reading – stick together
  • Same vocab but with audio (see Esmeralda’s webinar ot se ehow to do this)
  • Memory game – match pairs
  • Takes minutes to make – worked really well – fun for them
  • 3 gaps fill exercises – same text – three games (thanks to Jane Basnett – idea form her blog)
  • Finally – they translate into French from English
  • Categorise –  drag masculine / feminien into box
  • Click tick to be corrected
  • Next step: tio the / at the + noun (paces pretty well nearly all masculine / feminine!)
  • ‘I am a complete convert . I was an Apple girl through and through and now I am OneNote all the way …’…!!! (quote of the evening)


42:00 Esmeralda Salgado

@BotonesSalgado King’s Ely

How to promote retrieval practice an independence (using genial.ly presentation)

Link to presentation here

  • IT tools 
  • Carousel learning
  • Genially
  • Learnign Apps
  • Quizziz
  • Quizzis – 
  • Good – not just multiple choice – option of open questions (Kahoot – m/c) (though if you pay you can have open ended)
  • Free account does not allow to add voice
  • Example
  • 3-2-1 countdown
  • Create q quiz where they practise all the questions being asked – listen to question 
  • They write answer (you can set time)
  • Gives them th enhance to write  – then submit – thenn question 2
  • NB – open question – Quizziz cannot mark it – don;t care about mistakes – just increase their confidence and remember things from other lessons
  • You can include vocab – questions – translations – dictation – free 
  • Learning Apps
  • Started a couple of years ago – for lockdown ‘it saved my life’
  • Loads of different activities
  • Crossword puzzle for verbs – give initials of each word in the sentence
  • They take a photo and import into OneNOte to show
  • PUpils do not need an account.
  • You can embed in OneNote
  • Dictation
  • Text to speech
  • You write sentence – it will read it 
  • Matching activity
  • Hover over ‘i’ in for intials (such a good idea Esmeralda!!!)
  • Feedback
  • Keep going back to past topics
  • Genial.ly
  • Marie and Juia are experts
  • Free templates – absolutely fantastic
  • Snakes and ladders digitally
  • You embed challenges in the circles- challenges can be translation E to TL or TL to E
  • Answer questions
  • Escape games also 
  • (I just realised that we missed out Carousel .. so sorry!)

52:58 Ester Borin Bonillo

Cardiff University – @esterborin

Mentimeter presentation

Mentimeter, zoom and flipgrid. How we can do formative assessment with mentimeter and immediate feedback. How to use breakout rooms on zoom but as a solving task, sharing a document with the students, assigning the tasks and later put them in common. Flipgrid and speaking feedback.


Breakout rooms in Zoom

‘Languages for all at Cardiff Uni’ – used with undergraduates

  • Mentimeter
  • 9 types of uses:
  • www.menti.com
  • (Ester-2 screen – Borin Bonillo)
  • E.g. small questions  – how do you feel about a paperless classroom
  • They can get immediate feedback
  • Mentimeter is free
  • What is your favourite online tool? – people writ ein
  • Good fo rall sort so activities – formative / starter ‘#why di you write that?’
  • Anonymous – so does not matter if spelling is incorrect
  • How to you think you can increase students’ engagement – open ended – coloured square
  • Anonymity helps 
  • YOu can now embed audio and video
  • Compare free / premium
  • Work with Zoom’s Breakout rooms
  • Each room have a question
  • Dialogue
  • Then back together to demo
  • Choose a symbol to put in different groups
  • Each had a different task assigned
  • Shared document – they do the exercises together then a small presentation to share with classmates
  • Free tool..
  • Flipgrid s0 easy to use via google – they engage through speaking

1:04 Laura Causer

@MissCauserMFL on twitter

Spiral.ac as an online MWB style formative assessment tool

Presentation generously shared in this link.  Thansk Laura!

  • A ‘Teams Girl’
  • Spiral
  • Dubai – hybrid
  • Fan of mini whiteboard – Spiral helpful platform
  • Free account =- Quickfire account
  • Translation activities
  • Add a new class
  • DEmo how to join class
  • Code always the same for this class
  • Gospiral.ac
  • Soiem slower to join than others – but note that when you click go , all can start and others join in later
  • E.g. set translation – NB teacher can keep answers hidden
  • ‘Reveal’ – you can make anonymous or show names
  • Any answers written the same – grouped by colour
  • You can spotlight answer and discuss – all anonymous
  • Then go to the next round
  • Finish
  • You can then see how students did .. by group  /student / grades table
  • Formative assessment
  • Online face to face orf blended

01:08 Lisa Ng

Grej of the Day

  • YouTube video
  • n 2009, a Swedish teacher named Micael Hermansson created what is now known as GOTD
  • Getting started guide (Free digital download)
  • Lisa’s slides
  • Lesson plans
  • The Price of Beauty – idea form a Swedishgteacher
  • Wants to pique the curiosity of the pupils
  • 8-10 minutes long part of lesson
  • Any grade – any languages
  1. Slide 1 – A clue day before  e.g. ‘the price of beauty’ – what am I thinking about?  (Cosmetics / )
  2. Slide 2: Main idea fake or real? – counterfeit makeup – 
  3. Slide 3 -wow factor  ingredients (shocking – rat droppings – lead – arsenic- horse urine mixed into counterfeit.  Health risks
  4. Pictures of people with problems.  Example of an American who bought fake Kylie Monogue make-up – lips glued together
  5. Every 5-10 seconds a new container coming in  – discuss what consumers can do


1:14Nick Mair

  • Talk on Creativity by Nick at ISMLA conference:[4:48]
  • Video demo from Nick: YouTube video
  • Context: pupils panicking when mixing multiple tenses + stress of exam = problem
  • Aim: pretend they are TV presenters .. present to camera.
  • Stress of doing it in real time 
  • You video them
  • This could be done Y5-9
  • Get them to do something to camera they want to do .. gets them used to stress of oral
  • Il y a
  • Cest 
  • Past Present / future
  • opinion
  • Negative
  • Demo 
  • Bonjour – Je me présente
  • Je m’appelle
  • Ce n’est pas compliqué
  • C;est facial
  • Je place les tasses / le papier
  • J’ai placé
  • Je vais placer
  • Je tape
  • To be presented 11am tomorrow
  • Physical movement helps memory
  • A cognitive load for kids
  • Do week before half term – they think it’s fun – it;s actually demanding!

01:19 Rachel Hawkes

@rachelhawkes60 on Twitter / www.rachelhawkes.com

Cam Academy Trust / NCELP

  • Culture – combining with vocabulary, phonics and grammar
  • Cool Tool
  • Example: O Tannenbaum
  • To re-activate ponics
  • Which minimal pairs are they hearing
  • Two versions – trad – 1984 Requiem fur einen Baum
  • Changes a few words to provide a critical of our time
  • More powerful than a full essay
  • Can students understand this?  How do we know if it is accessible?
  • MulitLing profiler – input text
  • They will say how many are in the top 2,000
  • A free tool – will be launched Nov 20th next Friday
  • https://ncelp.org/nov20
  • Join the two webinars
  • 5th December 
  • 12th December
  • (In chat and will be in ALL )

01:24 Natasha Witham


  1. The power of video
  • Using video based tasks to motivate learners – 9 reasons
  • (great list – will copy here)
  • Works weLl in class and remotely
  • Example – daily routine – Sam el gato (from YouTube)
  • Send link to page …
  • Natasha’s daughter did it with family dog!
  • Gives them the opportunity to talk
  • Adds captions
  • Share link to Natasha’s webinar

(2) Using google sites to create a dept website

Videos / grammar / reference / speaking videos

01:30 Sarah Cartlidge

Cabot Primary School, Bristol

Disappearing Speaking Practice

PowerPoint downloadable here

  • Simple conversation in pairs red / blue
  • Slides gradually hide sentences
  • Interesting that they stare at blank screen to remember what they had to say!!
  • Had done it 3 times together
  • 6 times on their own
  • Can be adapted for most activities / stages

01:34  Maria Olivera


Using genial.ly to teach Spanish KS2

Presentation link here.  Thanks so much to Maria who has gone to the trouble of producing a version just for us which anonymises the pupils.  We’re all so grateful!

  • Maria thanks everyone
  • Routines in class:
  • Welcome slide
  • What is th eday (now no need fo rany help form teacher)
  • What number
  • WEather
  • Month
  • Drag picture into the box
  • NB you can send th representation to the pupilswhich season
  • GreetIng
  • Esp good if you do not hav eyour own room with displays
  • All can be visualised
  • Integrate with other tasks 
  • Quiz
  • Singing
  • Phonics
  • TT songs years
  • Class Tools embedded – random name picker
  • Excellent to integrate
  • Leson plans – tofya’s lesson – videos – songs – past works
  • Can revist other years
  • All integrated in this application
  • NO paper
  • Stores
  • Thanks to Marie who introduced Maria to the world of genial.ly
  • Play games
  • All from same page
  • Mostly wanted to say thank you
  • Will share template with everyone – you can adapt / use

01:42 – Georgia Campello


Download Georgia’s master slide templates here (thanks SO much Georgia!) Georgia Campello Slide Masters with Bitmoji

You need to go View/Slide Master/
You make your changes/add your bitmojis, etc there.
Then go Themes/Save current theme
Then to make it default go  to Design/Browse for themes and then add it. If you right click you can set is as default so every time you open Powerpoint it will be the default theme. 
  • Bitmojis
  • To save time – create Bitmojis in master slides with ready =prepared bitmoji matching the tasks
  • Title – date changes automatically
  • Hwk
  • Mistakes
  • Meanings
  • Retrieval practice challenge grid
  • Memory 
  • Pick n mix
  • Feedback
  • For each skill – sLRW
  • Group work
  • Grammar
  • Hold your horses ..
  • Still using powerpoints.
  • How to do autodate .. insert/ date and time / format / update automatically

01:46 Thanks

Helen – Joe – Judith – 


Post Script – Kate May

an Idea from Kate May @katemayt on Twitter who has generously shared a superb PowerPoint which coudl be adapted for any language … Download Template here on line

We look forward to a ‘live ‘ presentation at our next Show and Tell.. but in the meantime, here is her explanation:

Establishing routine and learning key conjugations help pupils feel confident in their language learning. The “Verb of the Day” is an example of this. Pupils conjugate 1 verb in 6 (or more!) tenses in the 1st person singular. Answers then revealed and pupils self correct. As an extension, pupils can then apply the verb in context by writing their own, or translating, a model sentence. Pupils feel confident knowing what they are coming into in the class and feel good about being able to “conjugate” in so many tenses!

Chat pasted below:

00:08:59 Nives Torresi: Hello from Italy 🙂
00:09:00 Joanna Barber: woooo hello!
00:09:11 Christel Grandemange: bonsoir
00:09:34 Marie-Odile Guillou: Bonsoir !
00:09:37 Maria Grazia Zingale: Hallo, everyone form south west London
00:09:37 Wendy Dempsey: Hello from Houston, Texas!
00:09:53 Johanna Johnson: Good evening from a very wet and windy Derbyshire
00:10:10 Teresa Velasco: Hi again from Ealing, in West London! 🙂
00:10:20 Hau Yan Wong: Hello from South West London
00:10:47 laura danese: Bonsoir – Guten Abend – Buona sera!
00:10:50 Celeste Robillard: Hello from Bracknell
00:11:31 Rebecca Nobes: Evening everyone from here in Essex.
00:11:41 Maria Grazia Zingale: I teach Italian in a 6th Form College
00:11:44 Chris Hanbury: Hi from St Albans
00:11:47 Janine Krauel: Hello from Tooting (SW london)
00:11:53 Patrick Steele: hi from sunny Manchester, CELTA
00:11:55 Farah Joukhadar: Hello from Jordan 🙂
00:12:01 Nancy Sadi: Teach French, based in Oxfordshire
00:12:03 Hau Yan Wong: I teach English, Cantonese and Mandarin
00:12:03 Farah Joukhadar: Teaching French
00:12:06 Alice Day: Hola from Norfolk
00:12:07 Joanna Barber: lovely wet and windy Yorkshire
00:12:09 Victoria Earl: Hello all from Surbiton!
00:12:09 Hannah Sumner: Hiya from soggy Leicstershire
00:12:10 Jo Bullock: French and German, UK West Mids
00:12:12 Maria Grazia Pisano: Hi Joe and Helen from Sicily – Italy
00:12:17 Teresa Velasco: Teacher of Spanish in primary school.
00:12:17 Anita Welsh: hi from Newcastle-upon-Tyne
00:12:22 Bella Bennett: st Albans top @chris
00:12:30 clare wright: Hi from the Isle of Wight
00:12:32 Alice Semple: Hello everyone from a windy Lincolnshire, UK
00:12:35 Jade Foster: Hello from Northern Ireland!
00:12:48 Marie-Odile Guillou: Cambridge (UK) here!
00:12:56 Emma Whittle: Hi from Amersham!
00:13:27 Jelle Hanse: Hello there. I am Jelle from Dutch 4 Beginners. A Dutch language teacher in Nottingham
00:14:07 Nives Torresi: Chat copy is not switched on…
00:15:12 Celeste Robillard: I am 🙂
00:15:12 Lynne Coulthwaite: Yes ALL is great
00:15:12 Isabelle Hems: Yes – and yes do join!
00:15:17 Victoria Earl: Yes, I’m an ALL member!
00:15:20 Tanja Bloss: yes! 🙂
00:15:21 Bella Bennett: yes – brilliant!
00:15:30 Alice Semple: Hi, I am a member of ALL and it is great value for money!
00:16:13 Paula Armati: I teach EFL AND SPANISH IN KENT
00:16:21 laura danese: Ciao to Helen and Joe in Italy 🙂
00:16:41 Joanna Barber: I’m a member of ALL and it is worth every penny!
00:16:41 Lisa Ng: Can we share screen when we present?
00:16:46 Paula Armati: No microphones this year !!!
00:16:50 Silvia Bastow: hello from Cheshire. HOD
00:17:17 Maria Stefanidou: Hello from Greece!
00:17:56 Rosa Pohl: Greetings from London!
00:18:18 Nives Torresi: If we need to leave early to participate in another Language show event, how can we get info to this slide presentation or links shared in this session?
00:18:23 Fiona McFadzean: It’s Zoom in webinar form, meaning that video and audio is off for all of us, except active participants.
00:19:02 Fiona McFadzean: @ Nives, it should be available either with the link from our registration emails or the website itself. The recording, I mean.
00:19:36 Nives Torresi: Thank you @Fiona
00:23:04 Nives Torresi: Great thanks @Helen
00:25:14 Joe: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:25:32 Joe: Thank you everyone!
00:29:36 Joe: We have 400 participants, people!
00:29:56 Charlie Berney: yayyy Joe!
00:30:10 Joe: 🙂
00:30:45 Rebecca Wilkinson: Already loving this!!!
00:30:59 Celeste Robillard: I really want to use this! Looks amazing
00:31:27 Joe: Welcome Linda!
00:31:27 Negin Sedghi: Sorry it wasn’t supposed to be direct message
00:31:32 Becky Lynn: Wow!!
00:31:41 Victoria Earl: This is mind-blowing!!!!!
00:31:54 Jo Bullock: Is there a French one?!
00:32:10 Georgia Campello: omg the excel wizard who created this :O
00:32:54 Johanna Johnson: This is absolutely fabulous!
00:32:55 Ester Borin Bonillo: This is amazing, Julia
00:32:57 Nancy Sadi: Brilliant ! Cannot wait to try it out.
00:32:57 Hannah Sumner: I have been faffing about in Excel all day doing a boring results tracker I can’t even get to work. This is the work of genius!
00:33:18 Negin Sedghi: Are we going to get this spreadsheet so we can amend it for another language?
00:33:40 Paula Armati: how did you make this ?
00:34:04 Paula Armati: DOES EXCEL DO IT FOR YOU? IT@S FAB
00:34:30 Joe: To post to everyone in the chat not just the panelists, click on the drop down menu and choose All panellists and attendees
00:34:52 Judith Rifeser: If you would like to tweet about the event: @ALLLondon007 @ALL4language @joedale @HelenMyers @LanguageShow
Now on, Julia Morris @JuschMo
00:34:52 Anna M: Oh god I need this in my life!! Can we get the template, please?
00:35:16 Sara Ribeiro: Amazing resources, I can’t wait to use them
00:35:23 Humberto Gallardo: How could we get a template?
00:35:31 Judith Rifeser: We are collating resources which will be available afterwards of all those who generously share their work: http://www.all-london.org.uk/site/index.php/all-events/
00:35:48 Humberto Gallardo: Lovely!
00:35:54 Joanna Barber: this is brilliant
00:35:58 Anita Welsh: brilliant. how I wish I could do this
00:36:01 Judith Rifeser: Webinar 102 is the webinar tonight: ALL Show & Tell
00:36:03 sebastian Paul: Can you please tell us how to find this and access for e.g French etc. Thanks
00:36:12 Paula Armati: That’s brilliant! thanks JULIA
00:36:12 Judith Rifeser: Please join us also for forthcoming events. They can be found here: http://www.all-london.org.uk/site/index.php/all-events/
TiLT webinars: http://www.all-london.org.uk/site/index.php/webinars/tilt-webinars/
00:36:26 Judith Rifeser: Our page is here: http://www.all-london.org.uk/site/index.php/webinars/
The recording will be available afterwards on the page
00:36:35 Judith Rifeser: Webinar 102 is the webinar tonight: ALL Show & Tell
00:36:52 Elizabeth Corrigan: Brilliant idea – thank you for sharing Julia!
00:36:52 Marianna Brain: Sorry, where do you access this? Thanks
00:36:53 Silvia Bastow: fantastic, I have used both of these in my blog post on retrieval practice a couple of weeks ago, but you have shown so many more examples on flippity that I have not tried yet. Very useful, Julia 🙂
00:36:54 Judith Rifeser: Just in case you just joined, in order to present, please raise your hand. You will then become a presenter to use your mic, share your screen and present your exciting resources. The recording will be available on the ALL London website.
00:37:38 Bella Bennett: thank you!!
00:37:38 Rosa Pohl: Yes, absolutely brilliant, Julia!
00:37:47 Johanna Johnson: I used the Flippity quiz show last week with all my classes they LOVED it. I am interested in how to transfer the spreadsheets.
00:38:00 Humberto Gallardo: Congrats Julia! It’s a great tool!!
00:38:00 Negin Sedghi: this is brilliant
00:38:01 Louise Bullock: Amazing, I can’t get over having picture backgrounds in Excel for a start!!
00:38:19 Alice Semple: Fantastic. Your excel activity is quite a bit of an upgrade from the one I used last year!
00:38:28 Anna M: Thank you so much, brilliant presentation 🙂
00:38:35 Alice Semple: Amazing how you have linked it to Flippity too
00:38:49 Negin Sedghi: Hi Anna
00:38:56 Judith Rifeser: This session is recorded. So, please don’t worry, if, like me, you are in complete awe and need to watch this again to set it up
00:39:23 Emma Whittle: Thank you, Julia – will definitely be having a go with this!
00:39:43 Kevin Dunne: Hi, everyone. Some great ideas here, bravo to all contributors.
00:39:49 Marianna Brain: Looks great, thanks Julia.
00:39:52 Rosemary Mallon: Fab., Julia. Thank you.
00:40:01 Judith Rifeser: Thanks so much, Julia!
00:40:13 Ester Borin Bonillo: This is brilliant Julia!!!
00:40:15 aurore CHATRON-MICHAUD: this is amazing Julia thank you ever so much
00:40:17 Nancy Sadi: thanks so much Julia
00:40:17 Marie Allirot: than you
00:40:19 Celeste Robillard: cap clap
00:40:21 Rosa Pohl: Thank you, Julia!
00:40:22 Isabelle Hems: Brilliant!
00:40:22 Nives Torresi: Bravissima Julia
00:40:24 Patrick Steele: Yes please, how will we access the recording? I looked at the Language Show website; no can do
00:40:25 Johanna Johnson: Super stuff
00:40:25 clare wright: fantastic!!!!
00:40:28 Wendy Dempsey: Amazing!!!
00:40:30 S k: great stuff!
00:40:30 Windsor Kasekende: Thanks
00:40:31 Sarah Austen: wow!!
00:40:33 Negin Sedghi: 👏👏👏👏👏
00:40:34 Paula Armati: STOP SHARE
00:40:42 Victoria Earl: Thank you so much, Julia!
00:40:51 Christel Grandemange: Thank you
00:40:53 Lynne Cattell: Danke schön
00:41:00 Fiona McFadzean: Thank you so much, Julia! I need to run now, but will need to watch this again (and everything I’ve missed) later tonight or tomorrow! Looking forward to it already!
00:41:07 Mavra Kefallinou: 👏👏👏
00:41:18 Judith Rifeser: Yes, you will get access to the recording via our ALL London website after the event: http://www.all-london.org.uk/site/index.php/all-events/
00:41:35 Judith Rifeser: If you are not an ALL member yet, and/or if you have not been able to renew your membership yet, please use this code here to get a discount to join/renew your ALL membership tonight: TRAIN10
00:41:40 Negin Sedghi: Hi Marie, nice to see you there.😊
00:41:52 Marie Allirot: Following you!
00:41:57 Wendy Dempsey: Do you need to be in UK to join ALL?
00:42:14 Joe: You can join wherever you are in the world!


00:42:24 Judith Rifeser: Next up, Adeline Moston @MadameMoston
00:42:55 Judith Rifeser: @Wendy we welcome members from all around the world.
00:43:40 Wendy Dempsey: 👍🏻
00:43:59 Judith Rifeser: 🙂
00:44:34 Negin Sedghi: wow, no sticking in books anymore!
00:44:44 Victoria Earl: This is a game-changer!!!!
00:45:06 Celeste Robillard: I can see how I could use this for computer lessons
00:45:17 Jo Bullock: Adeline, how do you find Notebook for marking? It takes me longer than with a pen and paper…:-(
00:45:24 Paula Armati: very neat and clear
00:45:30 Negin Sedghi: This is great.
00:45:47 Judith Rifeser: TiLT webinars: http://www.all-london.org.uk/site/index.php/webinars/tilt-webinars/
00:46:00 Christel Grandemange: learning apps is great and free!
00:47:16 Alice Semple: Yes, Learning apps is great, went down well in ‘set work’ during lockdown
00:47:29 Marie Allirot: You can embed learning apps in Genially too.
00:47:41 Marie Allirot: I like learning apps.
00:48:10 Teresa Velasco: Will definitely check learning apps out! Did not know about this free resource. Thanks!
00:49:18 Paula Armati: very engaging, thanks Adeline
00:49:36 Alice Semple: A nice progression sequence
00:49:40 Hau Yan Wong: Very nice but the audio doesn’t support Asian languages 🙁
00:49:42 Kate Trafford: Adeline, how do you get the paper background on your OneNote ?
00:49:44 Sylvie Doyle: thanks Adeline, love the app idea
00:50:00 aurore CHATRON-MICHAUD: this app looks great, thank you.
00:50:30 Rosa Pohl: Thank you for sharing, Adeline. I’m excited to try this!
00:50:36 Sharon Barnes: I knew about Learning Apps but not had chance to fully explore it. This has been great to see how I could use it in German.
00:50:37 Elizabeth Corrigan: Merci Adeline!
00:50:40 Paula Armati: IS THIS FREE?
00:50:52 Anita Welsh: lovely and clear. Thank you
00:51:00 Elena Ceausescu: thank you Adeline!
00:51:03 Bella Bennett: thank you
00:51:04 Christel Grandemange: yes learning apps is free
00:51:04 Humberto Gallardo: Bravo! Tank you!
00:51:08 Sharon Barnes: @paula Yes it’s free.
00:51:10 S k: Thank you Adeline!
00:51:14 Marie Allirot: Well done Adeline
00:51:16 Nancy Sadi: Thank you Adeline
00:51:22 Louise Bullock: Thank you Adeline, I’ll definitely take a look at that app.
00:51:25 Rosemary Mallon: Wonderful. Many thanks.
00:51:33 Celeste Robillard: Merci Adeline
00:51:39 Joanna Barber: not really going out anywhere so it’s fine!
00:51:41 Natasha Witham: Thank you Adeline and Julia
00:51:43 Judith Rifeser: Thank you so much, Adeline

00:52:01 Judith Rifeser: Next up, Esmeralda Salgado @BotonesSalgado
00:52:57 Rebecca Nobes: I was just praising Quizizz for these reasons today. I love it.
00:55:07 Natasha Witham: I am happy to talk about video based tasks
00:55:30 Marie Allirot: I use quizizz a lot as well as quizlet / kahoot
00:56:30 Victoria Earl: With Quizizz, to set up a task like Esmeralda showed us, what type of task do we set up? Thank you.
00:58:00 Marie Allirot: it says open ended
00:58:06 Johanna Johnson: I like the initials for support
00:58:28 Victoria Earl: Thank you, Marie.
00:58:34 Marie Allirot: Yes I am here
00:58:57 Judith Rifeser: @Natasha Witham, could you please put your suggestion in the Q&A, so that you can present your idea?
00:59:38 Marie Allirot: Great templates in Genially, lots of games
01:00:06 Christel Grandemange: you have to have premium for some templates
01:00:23 Marie Allirot: Yes but lots in free version
01:00:35 Sylvie Doyle: brilliant thank you
01:00:37 Marie Allirot: Well done Esmeralda
01:00:37 Silvia Bastow: thank you, Esmeralda 🙂
01:00:38 Negin Sedghi: 👏👏👏👏
01:00:43 Nives Torresi: Thank you everyone so far … Excellent!!
01:00:44 aurore CHATRON-MICHAUD: Thank you very much Esmeralda
01:00:45 Stephanie Downs: You are amazing Esmeralda!
01:00:52 Nancy Sadi: Thanks Esmeralda
01:00:53 Judith Rifeser: Thank you so much, Esmeralda
01:00:53 Rosa Pohl: Very exciting, Esmeralda! Thank you!
01:00:54 Humberto Gallardo: Thank you Esmeralda
01:01:03 Paula Armati: gracias Esmeralda! muy bueno!!!!
01:01:03 Kaylee Juji: thank you everyone for presenting so far
01:01:04 Salma Bouafif: Good point haha
01:01:05 Windsor Kasekende: Thanks. 👏
01:01:07 Elizabeth Corrigan: Thank you Esmerelda – some great ideas here!
01:01:14 Sofia Marques Lamy: Great Esmeralda, Thank you for sharing!
01:01:16 Sharon Barnes: Thank you very much 🙂
01:01:16 Michelle Bryant: fantastic Esmeralda. Thanks
01:01:17 Sabine Pichout: THANK YOU
01:01:27 Victoria Earl: Thank you Esmeralda!

01:01:38 Judith Rifeser: Now up, Ester Borin Borillo
01:01:42 Sue Cardwell: Thanks Esmeralda!
01:01:50 Sara Ribeiro: muchas gracias Esmeralda
01:02:04 Ana Chavez: Gracias Esmeralda
01:02:25 Celeste Robillard: Love a good Menti
01:02:43 Rebecca Nobes: Never thought to use Menti in class. Have only used it when delivering CPD.
01:03:18 S k: what’s the code again?
01:03:38 Salma Bouafif: Amazing!!! Lovely slide by the way 😉
01:03:45 Hau Yan Wong: 69 38 25 8
01:04:13 Jelle Hanse: option 2 all the way 🙂
01:04:20 Paula Armati: option 2
01:04:21 Carely Gomez De Stevenson: option 2
01:04:30 Hau Yan Wong: How to create that cute avatar?
01:04:37 Celeste Robillard: It’s a Bitmoji
01:04:38 Carlos Ortuno: I love This 😀
01:04:40 Hau Yan Wong: My young students would love that
01:04:43 Marie Allirot: avatar is bitmoji
01:04:43 Joe: It’s a Bitmoji
01:04:44 Jelle Hanse: Watch Joe’s session about Bitmojo!
01:04:45 Claire Blackburn: Bitmoji
01:04:48 Negin Sedghi: no printing and copying and sticking, what is not to like?
01:04:50 Joe: 🙂
01:04:50 Lisa Ng: Mentimeter can work really well with over 1,000++ students
01:04:51 Hau Yan Wong: Thanks!!
01:04:53 Carlos Ortuno: there is also Polleverywhere
01:04:57 Dawn McKay: ideally option 2…but in my school its not possible 🙁
01:05:43 Joe: Have a look at my Bitmoji preso from today http://is.gd/languageshow1
01:06:24 Nives Torresi: Thanks @Joe loved your presentation today!
01:06:30 Maria Grazia Pisano: Done!
01:06:36 Joe: Thank you 🙂
01:06:37 Marie Allirot: Love mentimeter but have not used it yet. I saw it in one of Joe’s webinar.
01:06:53 Maria Grazia Pisano: A huge amount of ideas as usual!
01:07:00 Joe: Mentimeter is amazing
01:07:17 Adeline Moston: Love mentimeter, great as a revision tool: which school subjects can you remember in French, etc. You can screenshot the word cloud to discuss spelling, etc
01:08:12 Humberto Gallardo: It’s great for quick feedback from students
01:08:26 Clara Bouclier-Mulligan: thank you for sharing mentimeter, looks very good!
01:09:18 Cathy McKay: anybody knows how to assign a different screen to different breakout rooms please
01:09:22 Marie Allirot: Thank you Esther for reminding me about Mentimeter
01:09:36 Maria Grazia Pisano: Joe can you send the link for the first presentation you gave?
01:09:39 Anna M: Love the ideas! I asked in the email previously, but no answer yet, will the talks be available to watch later on?
01:09:47 Paula Armati: thank you so much
01:09:48 Joe: Here are some speaking ideas for use in breakout rooms https://www.freeed.com/articles/1817/5-speaking-formats-for-breakout-rooms?fbclid=IwAR2vXrfSKNnggxs5Xc20h2lXjnt00l-YuaPu1YsP1tMiGN2L23zozav3jGI
01:09:49 Nives Torresi: Love FLIPGRID
01:09:53 Salma Bouafif: Flipgrid. Oh I didn’t know this one. Many thanks!!!
01:09:55 Rebecca Wilkinson: LOVE FLIPGRID
01:09:55 Celeste Robillard: Gracias
01:09:58 Sharon Barnes: Thank you very much
01:10:02 Negin Sedghi: 👏👏👏👏
01:10:11 Sara Ribeiro: thank you
01:10:13 Carely Gomez De Stevenson: racias Ester!
01:10:17 Rosa Pohl: Thank you, Ester! Loved the ideas!
01:10:20 Humberto Gallardo: Gracias por la presentación!!!
01:10:24 Alice Semple: Thank you – great extras for mentimeter that I hadn’t seen before,
01:10:25 Joe: Here is the link for my first preso today is.gd/languageshow2
01:10:29 Alexandra Todryk: Thank you Ester.
01:10:30 Pascale Roche: Muchas gracias Ester!
01:10:34 Ana Chavez: Thanks!
01:10:43 Sofia Marques Lamy: Thank you, Ester!
01:10:52 Marisa Fernandez: So inspirational, many many thanks
01:10:55 Nives Torresi: thanks Ester

01:13:00 Lisa Ng: I’m all set!
01:13:25 Joe: Well done Lisa
01:14:03 Negin Sedghi: W was the question
01:14:34 Julia Morris: THis is very cool, very useful
01:14:39 Hau Yan Wong: Very useful!!
01:14:55 Paula Armati: amazing!!
01:14:56 Salma Bouafif: Great!!!!
01:14:57 Anita Welsh: really good!
01:14:59 Sylvie Doyle: great one!
01:15:00 Glenn Cake: This is awesome !!!
01:15:04 Celeste Robillard: This is amazing
01:15:05 Joe: Awesome
01:15:07 Stephanie Downs: Love this so much!
01:15:11 Sara Ribeiro: brilliant
01:15:13 Elizabeth Corrigan: This is great – very innovative and I love the fact that you can hide their identities
01:15:16 Glenn Cake: Can students add images ?
01:15:19 Sharon Barnes: Love this!
01:15:20 sarah Thompson: great
01:15:21 Johanna Johnson: This is so cool
01:15:27 aurore CHATRON-MICHAUD: excellent
01:15:34 Hau Yan Wong: so many great apps and websites…I’d be indecisive when prepping my lessons
01:15:40 Negin Sedghi: another great resource to use
01:15:41 Rebecca Wilkinson: Yes, loving this too!
01:15:53 Humberto Gallardo: Lovely!!
01:15:54 Marie Allirot: thank you, I like this.
01:15:57 Cathy McKay: where has been all my life
01:15:57 Alison Bird: This is great! Thank you
01:16:02 Julia Morris: is spiral free/what are the limits of the free one?
01:16:03 Marisa Fernandez: Free??
01:16:09 Jacqueline Harris: I really like this. I especially like the anonymity. This is really good, thank you.
01:16:09 S k: a
01:16:12 Sue Cardwell: Thanks Ester and Laura!
01:16:12 Carely Gomez De Stevenson: Thank you
01:16:19 Salma Bouafif: It is brilliant! Thank you
01:16:20 Celeste Robillard: She said 50 dollars a year
01:16:20 aurore CHATRON-MICHAUD: thank you I love it
01:16:20 Elizabeth Corrigan: Verb practice?
01:16:21 Carlos Ortuno: similar to Nearpod! Thanks
01:16:22 Paula Armati: thank you !!
01:16:22 Glenn Cake: Super !!!
01:16:27 Joe: The option Laura is showing is free
01:16:30 S k: this is great
01:16:31 Victoria Earl: Thank you Ester and Laura
01:16:31 Sofia Marques Lamy: Great! Thank you!!
01:16:33 Rosa Pohl: I’ve never heard of this before. Excited to try! Thank you, Laura!
01:16:34 Rosemary Mallon: Thanks very much Laura.
01:16:34 Negin Sedghi: 👏👏👏👏
01:16:35 Ana Chavez: Thanks
01:16:35 Elena Ceausescu: thank you!
01:16:39 Tracie Ramsden: She said that activity is free
01:16:40 Alexandra Todryk: Fantastic thank you Laura.
01:16:45 Windsor Kasekende: The free option is incredible.
01:16:45 Michelle Bryant: amazing! thank you Laura
01:17:03 Paula Armati: that was so good ! thank you Laura!!
01:17:22 Ester Borin Bonillo: Thank you Laura!
01:17:26 Rachel Hawkes: Great tool, thank you Laura 🙂
01:19:03 Laura Causer: Glad you all liked it! I have put together a step by step PP with screen grabs that I’ll on my twitter tomorrow if anyone wants it – @MissCauserMFL 🙂

01:19:11 Celeste Robillard: How could we use it for MFL? 🙂
01:19:15 Salma Bouafif: Thank you!
01:19:32 Elizabeth Corrigan: Brilliant, thanks for sharing Laura
01:19:51 Christine Sharkey: thank you in advance for that!
01:19:55 Carely Gomez De Stevenson: Thank you Laura
01:20:07 Elena Salas: These online tools are incredible, thank you to all speakers

01:20:20 Jacqueline Harris: I like this idea for PSHE lessons and encouraging student discussion.
01:20:34 Celeste Robillard: Maybe link it to A Level teaching?
01:20:42 Celeste Robillard: For example La criminalité
01:20:47 Celeste Robillard: I think that would work
01:21:03 Georgia Campello: definitely useful for A level 😉
01:21:48 Salma Bouafif: Nice idea! Well done!!!
01:22:11 Rosa Pohl: Excellent idea for discussions! Thank you, Lisa!
01:22:22 Sofia Marques Lamy: Thank you, Lisa!
01:22:22 Salma Bouafif: Many thanks for making the resources available for us!
01:22:22 Hau Yan Wong: Thank you!
01:22:29 Elizabeth Corrigan: Thank you Lisa
01:22:29 Tracie Ramsden: Interesting IB lead in
01:22:30 Gillian Masters: I didn’t even know there was counterfeit make up! superglued lips☹️
01:22:54 Sue Cardwell: Thanks, Lisa – will try this!
01:22:56 Helen McFarlane: One of my A-level students is creating a Padlet for her Independent Research Project based on the underbelly of the French fashion world – it’s such a great idea for collating shocking factual research. Thank you!
01:23:08 Rosemary Mallon: Thanks Lisa. Will check out.01:23:58 Salma Bouafif: TV presentation to camera to have them work on pronunciation & grammar -engaging!
01:24:09 Hau Yan Wong: I once made my students a TV game show host
01:24:27 Hau Yan Wong: They loved it and they were very presentable all of a sudden
01:24:42 ANTONELLA MARCHITTO: not sure if anyone knows about Bookwidget? it works similarly to learning apps, you can create games, flashcards , webquest (like a cluedo activity), it’s another great tool but you only have 30 day free trial. There are tutorials on the website which help you learning how to use the different types of activity. https://www.bookwidgets.com/

01:24:53 Hau Yan Wong: Nice table!
01:24:58 Salma Bouafif: “Bonjour !”
01:25:20 Hau Yan Wong: C’est quoi c’est quoi??
01:25:35 Sara Ribeiro: tres bien
01:25:35 Lisa Ng: You are welcome everyone!
01:25:35 Alice Semple: Bravo
01:25:48 Negin Sedghi: WOW
01:25:52 Humberto Gallardo: Nice!!!!!
01:25:56 Elena Salas: Aww!That is such a lovely engaging activity, Nick.
01:25:58 Salma Bouafif: Again please! J’ai vu, mais je n’ai pas compris wink wink
01:26:27 Maria Grazia Zingale: My students wrote a rap song on the film Io non ho Paura ( A level) and they sang it during Ofsted inspection They loved it
01:26:42 Anna M: Woop woop great activity!
01:26:52 Rachel Hawkes: Lovely, Nick!
01:27:02 Claire Blackburn: Great
01:27:02 Sara Ribeiro: Thanks
01:27:02 Cecile-Anne Sison: We have students do infomercials!
01:27:08 Helen McFarlane: Bravo, Nick!
01:27:08 Joanna Barber: brilliant
01:27:10 Alice Semple: Thanks magicien
01:27:10 Rosemary Mallon: Wow! Merci.
01:27:11 Elena Ceausescu: genial
01:27:12 Rosa Pohl: Can’t wait to see this tomorrow, Nick!
01:27:13 Sue Cardwell: Thanks – good fun!
01:27:13 Eleonora Mattiuzzo: Cool!!
01:27:13 Alison Bird: brilliant!
01:27:17 Maria Grazia Zingale: I only organise lots of Talk Show with proper music/ background etc…
01:27:17 Negin Sedghi: 👏👏👏👏
01:27:32 Wendy Dempsey: Love it, Nick!
01:27:34 Emily Dunn: Thank you! When is your session tomorrow, Nick?
01:28:07 Maria Grazia Zingale: Sorry I meant I also organise Talk Shows
01:28:11 Gillian Masters: yes nick I am a new fan! when are u on tomorrow and how can I sign up

01:28:18 Salma Bouafif: I’ll definitely register for Rachel’s upcoming webinars. Thank you again for the quality of your resources and advice! Best regards from Paris
01:28:22 Celeste Robillard: mon beau sapin
01:28:44 Negin Sedghi: It is 11:30
01:29:26 Stephanie Downs: Please can you send the links to Rachel’s advent webinars? Thank you!
01:29:39 Negin Sedghi: https://languageshowlive.co.uk/talks/
01:30:07 nicholas mair: Magic session is at 11 am tomorrow Sunday – Bring 3 cups / 3 anything without a handle – if you use real glasses put a blanket on the table or it will end in tears!
01:30:09 Andrea Leupold: Love this one Rachel.
01:30:37 Julia Morris: Wohin sind deine Blatter: Where have your leaves gone (instead of “How green are your leaves)
01:30:39 Stephanie Downs: Sorry not her talks but her webinars that are coming up in December for charity?
01:31:55 Helen: Rachel’es 5th Dec webinar: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/culture-and-cultural-capital-in-the-languages-classroom-registration-128651081849
01:32:19 Jelle Hanse: In what language will MultiLing be available?
01:32:23 Salma Bouafif: https://ncelp.org/nov20/
01:32:38 Helen: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/making-practice-meaningful-registration-128982290503
01:32:48 Helen: 12th Dec https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/making-practice-meaningful-registration-128982290503
01:32:50 Carely Gomez De Stevenson: Thank you Rachel
01:32:55 Stephanie Downs: Thank you!!!
01:33:06 Windsor Kasekende: Thank you Rachel, you were wonderful yesterday too
01:33:16 Liz Fotheringham: Great! Thank you Rachel
01:33:23 Helen McFarlane: I like the comparative text – great idea. Thank you, Rachel.
01:33:30 Negin Sedghi: 👏👏👏👏
01:33:33 Jelle Hanse: Q at Rachel: In which languages will the MultiLing Profiler be available? Dutch by any chance?
01:33:44 Rosa Pohl: Thank you, Rachel! I’ve signed up for the 5th!
01:33:48 Elizabeth Corrigan: Amazing thank you Rachel – looking forward to your webinars in December!
01:33:51 Sharon Barnes: Thank you Rachel. I also love seeing German examples, so thank you for that too.
01:33:54 Gillian Masters: question for Nick. are there any online videos u have done which are accessible online? wud love to see more of ur top tips.
01:33:58 Julia Morris: Just found this on Spiral website: Each of the basic features on Spiral are free and will remain free to individual teacher accounts forever. What this means is that everything you can see when you first sign up is free and will remain free forever. We will be launching the Spiral PRO upgrade soon, which, for a very small annual fee, will give access to our flipped learning features and extra features in the apps.
01:33:59 Rachel Hawkes: oo – so sorry it won’t be in Dutch!
01:34:12 Louise Bullock: Thank you Rachel, I’ll be signing up for the advent ones too!
01:34:18 Rosa Pohl: I love the ie ei exercise! Thank you for sharing!
01:34:19 Jelle Hanse: aww that is a real shame! 🙁
01:34:55 Rachel Hawkes: I do anticipate that other organisations might well want to create other language versions in the future though
01:35:01 Alice Semple: AWWWWW
01:35:05 Sabine Pichout: Love the video!!
01:35:13 Helen: Audio fine for me
01:35:23 nicholas mair: and me
01:37:22 Salma Bouafif: Lovely idea!
01:37:31 Salma Bouafif: What’s the title of the video? :p
01:37:33 Rachel Hawkes: So cute!
01:37:43 Alice Semple: Such a lovely idea
01:37:53 Elizabeth Corrigan: A novel idea, thank you
01:37:56 Georgia Campello: that’s so lovely
01:38:52 Rachel Hawkes: Yes, would be great to have the link to your webpage too – will be useful for teachers
01:38:57 Rosemary Mallon: Good idea Natasha, thank you.
01:39:12 Helen McFarlane: I like your website, Natasha.
01:39:12 Rosa Pohl: Impressive website, Natasha!
01:39:14 Negin Sedghi: 👏👏👏👏
01:39:19 Vladimira Lacey: thank you – such wonderful ideas
01:39:24 Carely Gomez De Stevenson: Gracias Natasha
01:39:37 Windsor Kasekende: Thank you
01:39:38 Ana Chavez: Gracias
01:40:06 Nives Torresi: I did want to leave to watch another Language Show webinar but this is SOOOOO Exciting can’t bring myself to leave.
01:40:18 Mercedes García: Impressive website Natasha
01:40:19 Nives Torresi: Thanks everyone!!
01:40:48 Carlos Ortuno: Very nice Natasha thanks for sharing!
01:40:51 Andrea Leupold: Thanks everyone. It has been an amazing share show. All ideas are so very useful.
01:40:52 Carlos Ortuno: where could we see more examples of what you do? thanks
01:42:12 Negin Sedghi: hi Sarah.
01:42:19 Emily Clark: lovely idea
01:42:22 Joe: Don’t worry Natasha. We got the idea and the Google Site looked great
01:42:31 Michelle Bryant: great idea. thanks Sarah
01:42:35 Ana Chavez: nice
01:42:35 Hau Yan Wong: Lovely
01:42:39 Ana Chavez: nice
01:42:41 Julia Morris: Will try that
01:42:41 Elizabeth Corrigan: Simple but great!
01:42:49 Victoria Earl: Thank you, Sarah!
01:42:49 Christine Sharkey: very good! 😃
01:42:50 nicholas mair: That’s Monday sorted…
01:42:51 Hau Yan Wong: Simple and concise
01:42:53 Valerie Chisholm: excellent
01:42:56 Rosa Pohl: So simple, but such a great idea! Thank you, Sarah!
01:42:57 Marie Allirot: Great
01:42:59 Salma Bouafif: Thank you!!!! Basics are brilliant!
01:42:59 Humberto Gallardo: Lovely!!
01:43:08 Carlos Ortuno: Anyone has had success using Flipgrid?
01:43:09 Becky Lynn: loved that sarah – so simple, but great
01:43:10 Rosemary Mallon: Great and novel idea. Thank you Sarah.
01:43:13 Salma Bouafif: Lovely urbanscape!
01:43:16 Helen McFarlane: This is so good – brilliant for memorising a dialogue Sarah – thank you!
01:43:25 Rachel Hawkes: What city is that?!
01:43:26 Carely Gomez De Stevenson: Thank you Sarah
01:43:36 Negin Sedghi: 👏👏👏👏
01:44:02 Helen Bohorquez: thank you Sarah , could i possibly have a copy of that PowerPoint ?
01:44:06 Helen Bohorquez: please
01:44:21 Alice Semple: Lovely slides
01:44:54 Sarah Cartlidge: Happy to provide copy of ppt if I can work out how!
01:44:55 Paula Armati: muy bueno María !👍🏼
01:45:10 Paula Armati: very colourful !
01:45:29 Hau Yan Wong: Stupid question: do you all share the link of these interactive activities to students?
01:45:45 Marie Allirot: it is a genially, you just share a link
01:45:51 Georgia Campello: that’s so pretty 🙂
01:45:54 Camilla Howard: Thank you so much for all of your ideas in today’s session. So much to explore! Thank you!
01:45:58 Helen: Any resources can be done via me and I can puit on website
01:46:02 Hau Yan Wong: Coz my students are very young…
01:46:03 Marie Allirot: save genially then share link
01:46:04 Alice Semple: Great that everyone has a platform now to put things on,
01:46:10 Carlos Ortuno: wow amazing you put some work there! 😀
01:46:24 Nives Torresi: Maria’s bitmoji looks just like mine 🙂
01:46:29 Julia Morris: www.genial.ly
01:46:36 Paula Armati: imaginative !
01:46:47 Joe: Thank you to everyone for sharing some great ideas and for so many of you coming and watching. It’s been awesome
01:47:13 Marisa Fernandez: So attractive for primary age
01:47:17 Emily Dunn: Where will Julia’s spreadsheet be shared? I’d love to use this with my groups. Thank you everyone for sharing all of your ideas, they’re great!
01:47:48 Marie Allirot: I do the same model exercise book
01:47:52 Hau Yan Wong: Is there a platform where students can all interactive on the same online game?
01:47:56 Lynne Coulthwaite: Is there any useful webinar on genially someone can point me to. I have struggled to use the templates
01:47:59 Marie Allirot: Oh thank you
01:48:00 Julia Morris: @Emily Dunn https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NzEzMTyUjRD2bv2HU7g77fM5STYwvTvMvllkEVnE6MI/edit?usp=sharing and https://1drv.ms/x/s!Aj5VTk9OgpuWmFG8xZB9_lvFbxj8?e=LMrKOs
01:48:02 Paula Armati: thank you Maria
01:48:22 Gillian HUNTER: Thank you all so very much – this has been a fantastic source of ideas and such generous sharing!
01:48:25 Rosa Pohl: It looks great, Maria! So much variety and very professionally done! You must have invested so much time to create all of this!
01:48:26 Emily Dunn: Thank you @Julia Morris!!
01:48:29 Nives Torresi: Thank you Julia!!
01:48:32 Marie Allirot: Thank you Maria for mentioning me! I recognised lots of stuff in your genially!!!
01:48:34 Paula Armati: you are genial !!!!!
01:48:39 Sara Ribeiro: Thank you Julia
01:48:42 Marisa Fernandez: My school needs to renew the ALL membership will all of these be available to non-members?
01:48:58 Margarita Mortimer: I love all the ideas shared today@MargaritaMortimer
01:49:04 ANTONELLA MARCHITTO: thank you everyone, useful and amazing as usual! 🙂
01:49:08 Emily Clark: Very well presented, thank you!
01:49:12 Carely Gomez De Stevenson: Muchas gracias Maria, tienes muchos recursos en un solo lugar. Excelentes ideas!!
01:49:24 Negin Sedghi: 👏👏👏👏
01:49:26 Humberto Gallardo: That’s be great !
01:49:27 clare wright: muchísimas gracias, María
01:49:27 Emma Walters: Thanks so much!!
01:49:29 Elizabeth Corrigan: Very colourful and inspiring, thank you Maria!
01:49:29 Carlos Ortuno: Wonderful!! Thanks for this everyone!
01:49:29 Marie Allirot: This is great Maria
01:49:29 aurore CHATRON-MICHAUD: gracias Maria
01:49:33 Lynne Coulthwaite: Great session. Thank you to everyone for sharing ideas
01:49:35 Claudia Gioacchini: Very useful
01:49:35 Alice Semple: Thank you, your templates are beautiful
01:49:46 Claudia Gioacchini: Please
01:49:56 Christine Sharkey: this looks brilliant , thanks so much 😁
01:49:58 Sara Ribeiro: Thank you everyone for sharing your ideas and resources.
01:50:03 Salma Bouafif: Well done!
01:50:03 Margarita Mortimer: thanks Joe and Helen
01:50:05 Johanna Johnson: Thank you to everyone for sharing. I feel so lucky.
01:50:10 Claudia Gioacchini: Gantastic
01:50:12 Helen McFarlane: This is a one-stop-shop – lovely idea! Gracias!
01:50:17 Myrian Bogado: Gracias Maria
01:50:17 Nives Torresi: Thank you!!
01:50:18 Victoria Heras: La presentación es preciosa, María
01:50:25 clare wright: Thank you to everyone for your ideas and generosity.
01:50:27 Humberto Gallardo: THank you MAria
01:50:31 corinne Gautier-Capes: may thanks Maria for sharing
01:50:33 Christine Sharkey: lots of great things to explore after today!
01:50:36 Ana Chavez: Gracias Maria
01:50:36 aurore CHATRON-MICHAUD: How can we access the slides from The Language Show website after today?
01:50:39 Marisa Fernandez: Thank you to everybody, panellists, participants and hosts
01:50:40 Wendy Dempsey: Yes, thank you! These screens look so engaging!
01:50:43 Negin Sedghi: When are we going to the pub for Karaokee and quiz?
01:51:02 Rosemary Mallon: Preciosa Maria. Gracias.
01:52:11 Marisa Fernandez: Is it the same for Goole slides?
01:52:33 Salma Bouafif: This is brilliant! Lovely idea!!! Time-saving initiative! Many thanks for sharing ❤️
01:52:38 Elizabeth Corrigan: This is amazing – it must have taken you ages to prepare!
01:52:46 Joanna Barber: and the trick is to save it in several places so you don’t write in it and save it!!!! learnt though experience!
01:52:50 Julia Morris: I like that the students know straight away whats coming up
01:53:03 Elizabeth Corrigan: WOW
01:53:11 Emma Walters: Love it!
01:53:14 Becky Lynn: love this
01:53:16 Negin Sedghi: WOW
01:53:16 Paula Armati: how do you make those slides??
01:53:18 Sara Ribeiro: yes please, thank you
01:53:21 Holly Bedford: Fantastic!!
01:53:22 Helen McFarlane: WOW! This is brilliant – thank you, Georgia!
01:53:22 Tracie Ramsden: So generous!
01:53:22 Wendy Dempsey: Very nice!
01:53:23 Julia Morris: In new versions of PPT you can also use “reuse slide” and it makes inserting easy
01:53:23 Salma Bouafif: Thanks again! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
01:53:26 aurore CHATRON-MICHAUD: So kind Georgia, this is lovely
01:53:26 Amy Preece: we do this – in our department – then if students have a new teacher they are used to what to do on certain slides / activities
01:53:26 Marisa Fernandez: Yes, plese, share!
01:53:30 Sofia Carvalho: Yes please!
01:53:30 Paula Armati: thanks! very good!
01:53:30 Rosa Pohl: Love your slides, Georgia! Thank you for your offer to share!
01:53:31 Carely Gomez De Stevenson: wow… thank you
01:53:32 Lynne Coulthwaite: such a time saver
01:53:36 Emily Clark: Amazing!!
01:53:37 Andrea Leupold: Looks great Georgia, very organised.
01:53:46 Alexandra Todryk: Thank you so much fantastic
01:53:47 Salma Bouafif: Super generous indeed! Wonderful initiative. Very useful for pupils!
01:53:49 corinne Gautier-Capes: Thanks Giorgia
01:53:52 Marianna Brain: Really helpful. Yes, please share, thanks Marianna. Brain
01:53:58 Carely Gomez De Stevenson: time saver… Gracias Giorgia
01:54:23 Natasha Watson: Anyone know how to do date change in Google?
01:54:26 Marie Allirot: thank you
01:54:34 Salma Bouafif: Brilliant!
01:54:39 Nives Torresi: Thank you Georgia!!
01:54:44 Rosa Pohl: Thank you to everyone for taking the time to share such great ideas!
01:54:45 Myrian Bogado: amazing webinar! Thank you so much
01:54:46 Laura Causer: Thank you Georgia, great idea!
01:54:47 Stephanie Downs: Thank you so much to everyone!!!!
01:54:49 Claudia Gioacchini: thanks
01:54:50 Claire Blackburn: Wow! Thankyou everyone
01:54:51 Pascale Roche: Thanks to all the presenters from France. Very useful tools and tips!
01:54:53 Hau Yan Wong: wowowowoowowowowww
01:54:53 Wanda Marshall: Thank you everyone!
01:54:53 Stephanie Downs: WOW
01:54:55 ALICIA POZO-GUTIERREZ: Thanks a lot!!!
01:54:56 Sara Ribeiro: wow
01:54:56 Emily Clark: Thank you so much!
01:54:56 Ana Chavez: Thank you very much. Very very useful.
01:54:56 Maria Grazia Zingale: Thank you very much to all of you, panelists
01:54:57 Holly Bedford: how do we access all of the resources now please?
01:54:57 Nives Torresi: Clapping you all
01:54:58 Carely Gomez De Stevenson: clap clap clap
01:54:58 Cristina Rossi valverde: thank youuuuu
01:54:58 Karine Early: thx
01:54:59 Sylvie Doyle: bravo
01:54:59 Alice Semple: Thank you to everyone. Clapping now.
01:55:00 Helen McFarlane: Thank you Helen, Joe and all the presenters! I feel like I’ve been to a party!
01:55:00 Paula Armati: thank you so much to everyone!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
01:55:00 clare wright: clap clap
01:55:01 Emily Dunn: Thank you so much everyone! This session was so good!!
01:55:01 Windsor Kasekende: Wow, Fantastic!
01:55:01 Tracie Ramsden: 🙂
01:55:02 Tolu Obafemi: Muchas gracias
01:55:02 Negin Sedghi: 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
01:55:02 Natasha Watson: Thank you
01:55:03 Wendy Dempsey: 1000 times thank you to everyone who has shared their work!!!
01:55:04 sarah Thompson: Thanks so much
01:55:04 Carely Gomez De Stevenson: aplausossssss
01:55:04 Rosa Pohl: Clap! Clap!
01:55:04 Johanna Johnson: clap clap clap
01:55:05 christelle Savary: Bravo!
01:55:05 Marie Allirot: Well done everyone
01:55:06 Nancy Sadi: Fab, thanks
01:55:08 Amy Preece: thank you brave people! 🙂
01:55:08 Mavra Kefallinou: 👏👏
01:55:08 Nicola Dobinson: Brilliant. Thank you.
01:55:11 Salma Bouafif: Thank you for the quality of the talks and the conference at usual -bravo from Paris!
01:55:11 Dawn McKay: Thank you everyone!
01:55:11 Elizabeth Corrigan: This was a BRILLIANT evening – thank you so much to all of ALL and the presenters – so INPSIRING!
01:55:13 Isabelle Hems: Fantastic – thanks everyone!
01:55:14 Cristina Bangs: Fantastic ideas.
01:55:15 Humberto Gallardo: It’s was a great webinar!!! Congrats and Thanks for sharing!
01:55:17 Hau Yan Wong: I love cloud knowledge
01:55:17 Clara Bouclier-Mulligan: thank you! great ideas as usual!
01:55:17 Carely Gomez De Stevenson: Amazing ideas
01:55:18 Carlos Ortuno: Joe you rock!!!!!
01:55:25 Mavra Kefallinou: 👏👏👏👏👏
01:55:25 Margarita Mortimer: brilliant!!! from Margarita Mortimer
01:55:26 Windsor Kasekende: You are all inspirational.
01:55:27 Cecile-Anne Sison: thank you!
01:55:27 Rosemary Mallon: On applaudit! Merci a tous.
01:55:28 Alexandra Todryk: Thank you so much everyone.
01:55:28 Carely Gomez De Stevenson: Thank you Joe
01:55:29 Marianna Brain: Fabulous! Thanks so much Marianna
01:55:36 Adeline Moston: Thank you, Joe and Helen!
01:55:38 Kevin Dunne: What a line up! Well done ALL London.
01:55:42 Ana Chavez: This was so useful!
01:55:46 Negin Sedghi: Joe is the legend.
01:55:52 Victoria Heras: Thanks so much to all!
01:55:56 Claudia Gioacchini: Best seminar
01:56:10 Carely Gomez De Stevenson: beautiful!! Yes we can
01:56:17 Lynne Coulthwaite: Amazing as always . Thank you .
01:56:28 Nives Torresi: Amazing
01:56:33 Sara Ribeiro: Thank you so much everyone
01:56:39 Andrea Leupold: You have been a great expert team to learn from tonight!
01:56:49 Isabelle Hems: Where will these resources be shared on ALL? (Which tab?)
01:56:57 Helen McFarlane: Bye everyone – thank you and see you tomorrow!
01:56:58 Elizabeth Corrigan: Well deserved glass of wine all round!
01:57:00 Wendy Dempsey: 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
01:57:01 Marisa Fernandez: Great atmosphere, many thanks
01:57:01 aurore CHATRON-MICHAUD: Thank you to you all
01:57:07 Alice Semple: Well done Ant and Dec!
01:57:12 Carely Gomez De Stevenson: Thank you so much everyone… Great session!!!
01:57:15 ZHONG WANG: 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
01:57:27 Windsor Kasekende: Thanks again.
01:57:28 Brigita Bendoraitytė-Vnęk: I loved every second of this session! Thank you!
01:57:33 Mercedes García: Amazing. Well done to all!
01:58:14 Paul Guest: Many thanks to Helen, Joe & all presenters
01:58:24 Salma Bouafif: Yes, the chat is recorded with the video. I’ve checked so! Thank for the organisers and the speakers!
01:58:28 Negin Sedghi: So no pub???
01:58:33 Marie Allirot: Thank you Helen and Joe. This was great
01:58:39 Elizabeth Corrigan: BRAVO!
01:58:46 Holly Bedford: Do we have to be paid members of ALL to get access to the resources?
01:59:22 Carely Gomez De Stevenson: Great! looking forward for the party
01:59:24 Salma Bouafif: 🍹 Lovely initiative🍸
01:59:30 Negin Sedghi: when is that?
01:59:45 christelle Savary: with Lyrics training
01:59:48 Claudia Gioacchini: Nice idea
01:59:57 Alice Semple: Yes, the quiz was fun last time
02:00:17 nicholas mair: Well done Jonathan!
02:01:00 Maria Grazia Zingale: Thanks to the remote Langauge Show, I have been able to attend so many interesting talks!
02:01:21 nicholas mair: risotto time for me
02:01:21 Marie Allirot: bye