A TiLT Webinar with Rachel Smith: Apple Apps for blended learning.



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ALL London organises webinars for the MFL community and this webinar is open to all MFL teachers.  We hope that you will like us and want to join!

In this session we will look at the iPad apps that I have found most useful during the COVID19 crisis and how we can continue to use them as part of  blended learning.

We will look at the use of Keynote, screen record, Clips and Numbers app. We will also consider how we can use these tools with other tools such as Google Classroom. This session is for you if you have just one iPad or a MacBook.  You don’t need to be at a 1:1 school to harness the creativity of the Apple apps;  you’ll learn that they are flexible, adaptable and shareable.

Rachel Smith is a languages teacher and digital learning co-ordinator at St Ninian’s High School on the Isle of Man. She has taught languages for 23 years in a wide variety of settings both in the UK and on the island. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator and Apple Professional Learning Specialist.

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Chat – Rachel Smith – 30th June 2020

00:29:15 Sylvie Géal-Wilkes: I’m letting everyone “borrow” the lovely teacher from my Department but only for now!! 😉
00:29:39 Joe Dale: 🙂
00:29:54 Helen McFarlane: Merci, Sylvie! 🙂
00:34:17 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: Q: I have to use PPT with my school: can you ‘save’ your keynote ‘as’ a presentation to PPT?
00:34:25 Joe Dale: Yes
00:34:47 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: Great! That will save me so much time! Thx
00:34:50 Joe Dale: You tap the 3 dots top right and export as PPT
00:34:54 Florence Barats: Q does it keep all the animation etc…?
00:45:05 Joe Dale: Good idea
00:47:15 samia saci: can the pupils use any device type to record their answers
00:47:34 Joe Dale: They have to use Keynote on an iOS device
00:47:59 samia saci: thanks Joe
00:48:22 Joe Dale: You’re welcome
00:53:13 ALICE Semple: Can’t wait to do this
00:53:39 Joe Dale: Wait til the line animation happens! It’s like magic!
00:54:08 ALICE Semple: Like in Procreate
00:54:21 Joe Dale: Yes, but Procreate isn’t free
00:54:55 Florence Barats: I have had a ipad for years and have never done anything like that! Does not say much about me and technology so thank you!
00:55:06 ALICE Semple: 10 pounds Early lockdown gift
00:56:57 ALICE Semple: Cool that you can export just one slide
01:02:23 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: Great trick
01:02:29 ALICE Semple: Quicker than remove background
01:02:56 Joe Dale: Love instant alpha and the white border option. Looks like a Channel 4 advert
01:03:12 Joe Dale: Yes Alice if you are doing lots
01:03:24 Helen McFarlane: This is very slick!
01:04:19 David Dogue: will the session just be about keynote ?
01:07:02 Ceri Anwen James: At the beginning of tonight’s session, the intro said Keynote, Camera, Clips, Numbers and Screenrecord
01:07:08 Joe Dale: No david. Rachel will also be looking at Clips and Numbers
01:07:26 David Dogue: thank you
01:07:45 Joe Dale: You’re welcome
01:11:16 ALICE Semple: What was this in? I had to move room
01:11:47 Joe Dale: Photos app
01:14:14 Florence Barats: Q Can you also export that in excel ?
01:14:54 Joe Dale: Yes
01:15:07 Florence Barats: the 3 dots again I guess
01:15:13 Joe Dale: Yes
01:16:48 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: What happens if they spell wrong?
01:17:00 Joe Dale: It doesn’t turn green
01:17:43 Florence Barats: Thank you for asking
01:18:01 Joe Dale: No problem
01:20:07 Mart Wilmin: I need to go now. Than you for another inspiring webinar
01:21:23 Joe Dale: Thanks for coming Mart
01:21:43 Joe Dale: Love Clips
01:25:44 Joe Dale: This is great for poetry too
01:25:53 Caroline Okerika: Really great- thank you! I’ll watch the rest tomorrow.
01:26:13 Joe Dale: Thanks Caroline
01:26:38 Florence Barats: This looks so much easier than Photos.
01:29:06 ALICE Semple: What does the icon look like for clips?
01:30:04 Joe Dale: White square with bluey purple circle with white video camera icon inside
01:30:30 Joe Dale: Just search for Apple Clips in the App Store
01:31:00 ALICE Semple: Okay thanks
01:33:30 Noria: Thank you very much Rachel and Joe. Another excellent webinar
01:33:44 Joe Dale: Thank you
01:35:18 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: Does this work on a Mac Pro as opposed to an iPad?
01:35:29 Joe Dale: Yes
01:35:40 samia saci: Merci Rachel, je pratiquerai demain
01:36:04 samia saci: Merci Joe
01:36:19 Joe Dale: De rien Samia
01:38:29 ALICE Semple: Looks smarter than ppt
01:40:13 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: Q: Is there any way to not have a capital letter in each box?
01:40:51 Joe Dale: Yes, you just edit it, but by default it adds a capital at the beginning
01:41:01 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: Merci
01:41:25 Karine Longman: sentence builder in Numbers, genius!!!
01:41:25 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: I feel that I’ve used my Mac to only 5% of its capacity!
01:41:30 Florence Barats: It was great, will rediscover my iPad!
01:41:43 Sylvie Géal-Wilkes: Very well done Rachel!!
01:42:04 ALICE Semple: Thanks, just up my street, prob my favourite one.
01:42:30 Sarah Schechter: Great!!! Ive had apple devices for years and knew one of this!!!
01:42:30 Karine Longman: loved the octopus frown! 😄 thanks so much Rachel!! loved it, as always!
01:42:35 Jane Birtwistle: I’m looking forward to playing around with Clips!
01:42:43 Florence Barats: Thank you so much!
01:42:48 Angie Grau: Thanks a lot!!
01:43:05 Helen McFarlane: I will have a look at my iPad with fresh eyes – thank you Rachel!
01:43:16 Sarah Schechter: Great!!! Ive had apple devices for years and knew none of this!!!
01:43:29 Julie Gourdon-Kelly: I’ve asked too many already
01:43:51 Jane Birtwistle: Catherine Cantin has some good examples of Clips on her YouTube channel and I wondered how to do it.
01:43:52 Sarah Schechter: Is any of this written somewhere to recap?
01:44:44 Helen McFarlane: @Sarah – download the chat, too, and save to File
01:44:55 Ceri Anwen James: Thanks very much Rachel!
01:45:09 Anna Grainger: That was so useful. I have never used a lot of these apps as I had no idea how they worked! Looking forward to playing with them now.
01:46:08 Jane Birtwistle: I love the idea of using an avatar with sound rather than recording myself.