A Webinar for trainee MFL teachers with Steven Fawkes: Parts 1 and 2

9th & 11th June 2020

Steven says: I usually visit a number of groups of trainees at this time of year and do a session called ‘Authentic and Spontaneous’ which evolves each year! Of course 2020 has not been like any other year and I am missing seeing people. So I am planning two short webinars, on Tuesday 9th and Thursday 11th June, hosted by ALL.  My plan is to add to the positive feelings I hope you have about your achievements this year and about your hopes for the future.

Steven certainly achieved the objectives in his plan!  He shared HIS love of language and culture with us all,  urged us all to remember why WE love our subject and to do things WE enjoy in our lessons (which can always be justified with reference to  language learning objectives).

Steven has provided a summary document which is for those who registered for this event.

These videos are available for all to see.

Part 1 Recording:

Part 1 Chat:Chat A Webinar for trainee MFL teachers with Steven Fawkes

Part 2 recording:

Part 2 chat: Chat Part 2 20_06jun11 Steven Fawkes

Class photos:


Here is an open letter to Trainee teachers which Steven has written:

Open letter

As in his talks,  he encourages teachers, enthuses about the purpose of language teaching and engages his audience with his inimitable style.  Please do read it!

The letter is followed by the text of a  talk he gave recently at a conference on ‘How to make languages magical’.  The talk was seen as a highlight of the conference by the conference-goers!


About Steven …

Steven has twice been President of the Association for Language Learning, for which he is now a Trustee and Membership Officer. In 2013 he was elected as a Fellow of the Association.

He is Chair of the ALL Branch in the North-East of England and is closely involved with the work of several Special Interest Groups within the Association (including currently the Primary Steering Group) .

Steven previously taught Languages for 16 years in County Durham and worked as Advisory Teacher there in Special and Comprehensive schools.

Subsequently at the BBC he worked on developing TV, radio, print and Internet resources for Languages in Schools and later took the overview of Policy in the whole Schools area.

He is author of articles and books for Language learners and teachers, and currently works in CPD, and teacher training and education on behalf of various providers.Don’t forget to join ALL or renew your membership to ensure you have access to all the great member benefits!  https://www.all-languages.org.uk/join/