The ALL London January Event 2022


Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of our January Event 2022 – to the comittee who organised – to the speakers who presented – and to the participants who participated! We had great feedback! Here’s one comment which summarises a shared feeling:

 I really enjoyed seeing the familiar faces as well as some new ones and the effect is as always after ALL event days, a shot of inspiration and energy. 

Here is an outline of what we did. Each session has its own url.

Session 1- Intro and sponsors

Session 2 – Policies and exams

Session 3 – Films

Session 4 – Jobs

Session 5 – AGM

Session 6 – Primary and community languages

Sesssion 7 – Show and Tell

Session 1: Introduction and sponsors

Thanks to Angela Murphy for inviting our ALL sponsors to share with us.

Follow this link to see the documents and offers they have shared with us.

• Andrea Pfeil (Goethe Institute)
• Romain Devaux (Institut Français)
• Max Cleworth (Languagenut)
• Kathryn Green (This is Language)
• Craig Thomas (Consejería)
• Alex Harding (Maison Claire Fontaine)



Session 2: Policies and exams

‘What you need to know’. Up-dates on current policies affecting all sectors (incl Ofsted expectations) and realistic practical ways for preparing. David Blow (Executive Head, SESSET) +Helen Myers (Chair ALL London + Teacher)

Pdf download:


‘Getting ready for 2022: An Update for Teachers’. Judith Rowland-Jones, Head of Curriculum:Languages, AQA

pdf download:



Session 3: Films [ video for first part]

‘What the BFI can do for you’ Mark Reid

‘Using authentic film for language learning’ Dr Judith Rifeser, Lecturer at Goldsmith’s University, Fatima Khaled and Dr Yu-Chiao Chung. Tried and tested activities for all sectors to motivate learners and improve their language skills.

Link to Judith’s great google document full of links and ideas!

Here is Yu-Chiao’s presentation as a pdf:


Session 4: Jobs [No video]

Job Application Clinic for Students. ‘What are schools looking for?’ with Nick Mair, Teacher of Languages, Dulwich College, ISMLA, Vice Chair ALL London. A ‘Must’ for trainee teachers preparing CVs, applications and interviews from an experienced and inspiring teacher and manager!

Session 5: AGM [no video]

Session 6: Primary & Community languages

Primary and Community Language focus: Sharing good practice, including including use of film / clubs. Led by Miriam Paridjanian, Nadine Chadier, Fatima Khaled, and Dr Judith Rifeser


Fatima has generously shared her Presentation on Engaging Heritage Learners through creative activities in the Arabic classroom. :


Session 7: Show and Tell

Led by Wanda Marshall, Fatima Khaled and Dr Judith Rifeser
A chance for any delegates to share their own top tips in a relaxed and friendly environment: contributions encouraged, but fine to just watch! (Usually each person speaks between 2-5 minutes). We encourage contributions from ALL languages, and particularly hope to see examples shared from community or lesser-taught languages.


Thanks to Liz John for sharing her Connect game template:

Thanks to Natalie Blondeau who shares this message:  This is the reading out loud activity that I’ve just shared in Show and Tell, originally presented to our HF Languages Network Meeting by Mouna Gouma, Head of Languages at Harris Academy Orpington.

Sponsor flyers

Goethe Institut

Thisislanguage made a special offer to those who had signed up for this event and the details will be sent to delegates.