2022 TiLT Conference report to attendees

Saturday 23rd April 2022

It was fantastic  for the  ALL  TiLT (Association for Language Learning Technology in Language Teaching) community to be able to meet finally face-to-face!

Many thanks to our wonderful speakers -Marie Allirot, David Binns, Joe Dale, Julia Morris, Adeline Moston, Jérôme Noguès, Esmeralda Salgado –  all of whom had freely given an enormous amount of time during COVID lockdown to run and support online webinars in which they supported other teachers across the globe who were learning how to use technology to teach at a distance form their students.   Today they went the extra mile (-in some cases a couple of hundred miles-) to come at their own expense to see us in person and share their knowledge and enthusiasm.

We thank David Binns ALL Fellow and Sanako) for paying for our lunch, LanguageNut for paying for our coffee breaks and Linguascope for all the lovely goodies supplied!  The Ashcombe School made the accommodation free to use, and we especially thank the IT team for ensuring the wifi and computers worked!  David Blow (ALL Fellow) was his usual helpful self, providing a delivery service for our sandwiches. and being generally supportive …!

Here is a set of photos from the happy event!

ALL TiLT 2022
Below is the list of speakers and sessions.  Where available. we have given links to their presentations.  If you land on this page and appreciate the contents, it would be great if you could contact the speakers on Twitter to let them know!  Thank you.

Helen Myers, ALL London (Chair)


Joe Dale: ‘Tips and Tricks’[Opening plenary]

Link to presentation

The founder of our annual conference will kick-start the day with his top tips for all!



Joe Dale: Promoting an inclusive approach with tips on accessibility using technology.

Link to presentation

In this webinar, Joe Dale will explore a range of tools which help all learners to access their learning e.g.
Naturalreader, Immersive Reader, Helperbird, Word online + Immersive Reader and a range of tools which allow for closed captioning for videos.

Joe Dale: Practical classroom podcasting using Anchor

Link to presentation
Bring your own device preloaded with the Anchor app or use the webtool.
A Demonstration on how to create a podcast where delegates will have an opportunity to share their voices in an episode. By the end of the session you will have a step-by-step guide on how to do this with your own class.


Marie Allirot: App smashing and extensions for Genially

Link to presentation.

Marie will show a range of apps which can be embedded in Genially (Artstep, Canva, Tweets, Facebook posts) and mention other content which can be embedded on Genially such as Youtube, Learning Apps, Wordwall, Quizlet, Flippity, Wheel of Names and Blooket.
Marie will also show some Sandbox Education extensions for Genially (Jackpot and Breakout) and some S’cape extensions (such as DND and Felbonchoi) to create interactive games.
Create a free Genially account prior to the session as Marie will go through a step by step demo of one of the S’cape extensions for you to create an activity.

Adeline Moston:
Link to presentation.

Quick ideas for retrieval practice, revision or homework activities using Genial.ly, Learningapps and Flippity

How to customise Genial.ly templates with, for example, a Wheel of Names, to create oral/revision games.
Demo of a one page Escape Room with Genial.ly and Learningapps.
Ways to use Flippity integrated into OneNote for homework.

David Binns, CEO Sanako:An introduction to ‘Sanako Connect’ and an opportunity to try it out!

Julia Morris: A crime story for beginners

A look at a crime story that runs alongside the textbook (school topic), using the new vocab in a more exciting way – with some puzzle ideas and planning steps.

Link to presentation to follow


Esmeralda Salgado

Link to presentation.

1. Creative and simple ways to de develop oral skills via digital tools (spinning wheel, Flippity, Quizziz, Flipgrid)
2. Google Earth projects for creative reading leading to oral activities, Flipgrid, appsmashing with Google Earth and other apps, such as Flippity.


Jérôme Noguès





1. Use Screenpal (Chrome extension) to help productivity and develop pupils’ speaking skills;


2. Use Microsoft Teams Reading Progress to help with pronunciation and fluency

3. Use Canva Edu to develop creativity skills: demo of 2 projects.