2020 January Event


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  • Kerry Phipps’ report
  • Mark Reid’s BFI promotion slides
  • Nick Mair’s three suggestions
  • Primary presentation
  • Jennifer Wozniak’s presentation
  • Tim Crapper & Mike Elliott’s presentation
  • Judith Rifeser’s presentation
  • Judith Rowland-Jones presentation (AQA)

Many thanks to our presenters for so generously sharing their work.  At the event, presenters acknowledged sources which they knew verbally.  If there are any concerns, please contact us and we can address them.


Download the programme here: ALL Jan 2020 programme

 A report from Kerry Phipps.

The ALL London January Event- 2020

The annual 2020 event, held at the British film Institute, was attended by almost 100 teachers who enjoyed a variety of talks and workshops. Mark Reid welcomed delegates and talked about study days for KS2, 3, 4 and 5 students through Into Film (BFI IntoFilm). This is the BFI’s lead partner in film education, giving 5-19 year-olds the opportunity to watch, make and understand film, not only in London but also now in participating cinemas further afield in the UK.

Helen Myers, Chair of ALL London welcomed delegates and thanked the BFI for kindly hosting the event. She thanked speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and the language institutes for supporting the event.
David Blow, Head at The Ashcombe School, spoke about the value of ALL and ISMLA working together to bring the issue of severe grading to Ofqual’s attention. As a result, French and German will brought into line with Spanish this summer, affecting hundereds of grades, and this is within Ofqual’s power. Any further adjustment to bring languages into line with other EBacc subjects such as history and geography would need decisions form the DfE.

Nick Mair of Dulwich College recommended Rachel Hawkes’ Translation Bee, The Stephen Spender Trust poetry competition and the Real Lives exam organised by the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

One of the first sessions was ‘Developing Confidence A level Learners’ by Tim Crapper and Mike Elliot whose talk included motivating students through deductive work and direct teaching, and making grammar accessible. They recommended quizzes, residential trips, peer mentoring, taster sessions, songs, apps and websites to enthuse, promote confidence and strengthen skills.

Judith Rifeser, lecturer at Goldsmiths University, talked about ‘Authentic Materials and Films’ offering a wide range of practical ideas for the classroom.

The following primary focus session, ‘Sharing Good Practice’ was given by Nadine Chadier, Miriam Paridjanian and Alexia Larkins and discussed the use of film clubs in schools.

Jennifer Wozniak‘s energetic session on ‘Engagement in Language Learning for GCSE’ talked about the changes in the GCSE exam and gave lots of practical ideas for effective teaching. She shared great ideas to motivate students, which included using authentic materials, films, songs, fast-moving, exciting software, apps, craft and even eating chocolate! Jennifer also talked about how to get more target language into the classroom, and recommended some fun action songs to learn verbs and tenses.

Nick Mair held a useful ‘Job Application Clinic’ and this was followed by a talk by Judith Roland Jones head of curriculum for languages at AQA. Judith gave information about the 2019 June GCSE exam, outcomes and grade boundaries. She delivered key messages across the skills from the 2019 exam reports and suggested areas of focus for the 2020 exams, referencing the AQA website as an excellent source of information and preparation for students. Judith said that it was essential for teachers to read the mark schemes and reports of their examining body in order to support students in the next set of exams. The meeting ended after an AGM working lunch and it was agreed that it has been a great day. The photographs speak for themselves. Thank you to the ALL London committee for all their support and hard work.

Mark Reid’s BFI promotion slides

Link to Ppt download: BFI Mark Reid ALL slides

Nick Mair’s suggestions!

  1. Translation Bee

Link to information

Link to a performance

2. Stephen Spender Poetry Competition

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Link to translators in schools

3  Real Lives – Chartered Institute of Linguists + past papers

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Primary Presentation

Link to PowerPoint from Nadine Chadier and Miriam Paridjanian:  ALL LONDON JAN 20 BFI FILMS IN PRIMARY

Link to PowerPoint from Alexia Larkins on Google Drive

Jennifer Wozniak’s presentation

Link to Bomb game: bomb game

Link to the presentation:

Tim Crapper & Mike Elliott’s presentation

Link to PowerPoint download : ALL London Event 25th Jan 2020 A level session

Judith Rifeser’s presentation

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Judith Rowland-Jones’ presentation (AQA)

AQA ALL London 25 January 2020