A Webinar with Paul Raine: EFL.Digital: Digital assignments for 21st century language teachers

4th July 2020




Paul Raine chat

ALL London organises webinars for the MFL community and this webinar is open to all MFL teachers.  We hope that you will like us and want to join!

EFL.digital is a platform for generating, assigning, and submitting a range of different language teaching and testing assignments.

It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops, and runs on all modern browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and iOS Safari.

Teachers can log into the site with their Google or Microsoft account and start making assignments immediately. Students do not need to register with the site, and simply input their details when they submit an assignment, thus making onboarding for students super simple and easy.

When a teacher makes an assignment, a link is generated, which can be passed to students for submission. Links can also be easily posted on the LMS of your choice, including Google Classroom, Blackboard, Moodle, and many others.

Paul Raine (MA TEFL/TESL, University of Birmingham 2012) is an award-winning teacher, presenter, author, and developer. His books include the best-selling 50 Ways to Teach with Technology and the innovative multi-path graded reader Journey to Mars. He has also developed his own websites for teachers and learners of EFL (apps4efl.com / efl.digital). He has published numerous research articles on the teaching and learning of English as a second language, and is particularly interested in Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL). He currently teaches at two universities in the Tokyo area.

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00:29:54 Caroline Okerika: Joe is simply amazing!
00:30:07 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
00:30:37 amelie silvert: Hello Joe hello everyone Glad to see you online again. 🙂
00:30:37 Jonathan Peace: Joe’s sessions are great – he led CPD for us as a dept this week 🙂
00:30:39 mylene: returning in august in scotland
00:30:55 Joe Dale: Thanks Jonathan!
00:31:05 Joe Dale: True, Mylene
00:31:29 Joe Dale: Hi Amélie!
00:31:30 Jonathan Peace: We have dept membership of ALL. Great!
00:31:34 Pilar Navarro: It’s great. I am a member
00:31:37 Helen McFarlane: Joining ALL is a must! It’s great!
00:31:45 Karine Cook: This was fantastic
00:31:55 Mart Wilmin: join if you haven’t already!!
00:32:24 PAUL RAINE: Have we lost sound?
00:32:29 Oukakumakusensei: oh oh spegettioo
00:32:30 Karine Cook: oui
00:32:31 amelie silvert: yes
00:32:31 Noria: yes
00:32:31 Pilar Navarro: yes
00:32:32 Helen McFarlane: Yes
00:32:33 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Yes, Joe
00:33:17 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Welcome back!!!
00:33:27 Paula Mourelle: Hello everyone 🙂
00:34:12 Karine Cook: I look forward to the summer social!
00:36:16 Bella Bennett: Q: can we book these sessions on ALL?
00:36:50 Karine Cook: yes via event brite
00:37:51 ALL London: I’ll put link to Eventbrite here in a moment!
00:38:11 Bella Bennett: thank you Paul and Joe. sounds amazing already
00:38:13 Isabelle Jones: Join ALL…. It is the most inspiring and supportive staffroom you can get!!
00:38:44 Bella Bennett: @ALL thank you
00:39:04 Joe Dale: teachertools.digital
00:39:35 Oukakumakusensei: FL
00:39:35 ALL London: French
00:39:36 Lilliam Camacho: Spanish
00:39:36 Tamara G: French and Spanish
00:39:36 Vicky Margari: English
00:39:38 Oukakumakusensei: EFL
00:39:39 Katrin Attard: English
00:39:39 amelie silvert: English
00:39:42 Karine Cook: French
00:39:43 K Johnston: Spanish and French.
00:39:45 Dalila Gomes: Spanish/French
00:39:46 Jonathan Peace: Spanish
00:39:48 Bella Bennett: spanish
00:39:52 Noria: French and Spanish
00:39:52 Ester Borin Bonillo: Spanish/Catalan
00:39:52 dorota pop : Polish
00:39:53 Caroline Okerika: EFL
00:39:56 Alejandro Salazar: Spanish/french
00:39:59 Jesús Santos: Spanish
00:40:05 Mart Wilmin: French and German, plus Spanish from Sept!
00:41:52 amelie silvert: no student login that’s a great idea
00:42:13 ALL London: Links to webinars from this page (scroll down) – each webinar links to an ALL page which is in turn leads to an Eventbite registration
00:42:27 Hazel Aslan-Tipping: That’s really good! It’s so annoying when we keep on getting emails from students saying they can’t remember their usernames/passwords, etc
00:44:20 David Dogue: Q: I may have missed but if there’s no student login how do we know how has uploaded or not the work ?
00:46:14 ALL London: Idea for development (tho; this may be covered later, so no need to ask now!) … The main advantage of an LMS is the security aspect for a secondary school .. no teacher is working ‘solo’ .. managers can monitor / protect what is happening. So however this develops, the ideal would be to allow a ‘school’ subscription I think.
00:46:58 Bella Bennett: I’d be very interested in the read aloud in Spanish
00:47:28 ALL London: (I missed out link above to webinars! http://www.all-london.org.uk/site/index.php/webinars/ )
00:49:07 PAUL RAINE: activate schemata
00:49:41 K Johnston: Q: Can you download student work as separate documents/files as well as the results?
00:49:44 Joe Dale: I thought this would be good for the photocard
00:50:24 Jesús Santos: You are right Joe
00:51:15 Karine Cook: I like this
00:52:33 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Q: Would you evaluate intonation when using the audio recording?
00:53:32 Jesús Santos: I guess depending on your success criteria or your marking scheme
00:53:37 amelie silvert: Q for later maybe. Where are the servers where the students’ recordings uploaded to located?
00:53:43 Ester Borin Bonillo: This could be a good tool for the photocard in GCSE and even for practice some bites of As level discussion, as jesus and Joe said
00:54:56 mylene: agreed
00:54:59 amelie silvert: thank you for your answer Paul Yes it is an issue Joe
00:55:01 Bella Bennett: agree Joe
00:55:08 Ester Borin Bonillo: agree Joe
00:59:15 amelie silvert: I was going to suggest that it would be great if it could be embedded. With the lockdown, we are on the look out of recording tools for instance that can be accessed asynchronously by the students.
01:00:18 amelie silvert: ok thanks Paul wonderful
01:00:41 Jesús Santos: Amazing!
01:01:58 David Dogue: Q: 35 submissions per group or for the teachers’ account ?
01:03:54 amelie silvert: no
01:03:57 Annalaura Di Stazio: no
01:03:59 mylene: 33 max
01:04:06 Helen McFarlane: Q – Can you archive the assignments and have 10 live at any time?
01:04:23 Isabelle Pan: can students resubmit if
01:04:55 Isabelle Pan: can students resubmit without it being counted as an additional assignment, which might then exceed the 35 max limit?
01:06:09 Helen McFarlane: You’re showing your age now, guys!!!
01:06:21 Anna Grainger: it is still running
01:06:26 Helen McFarlane: Haha!
01:06:42 Jonathan Peace: Get down Shep!
01:06:54 Helen McFarlane: Je suis une femme d’un certain age!
01:07:01 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:08:52 amelie silvert: quelle est votre matière préférée?
01:08:54 Joe Dale: Qu’est-ce que tu as fait le week-end dernier?
01:08:55 Helen McFarlane: Quel âge as-tu?
01:08:56 amelie silvert: les matts
01:08:58 amelie silvert: les maths
01:09:15 amelie silvert: the second answer
01:09:19 amelie silvert: is correct
01:09:37 amelie silvert: ok
01:09:39 Helen McFarlane: J’ai douze ans/je suis douze ans
01:10:02 Helen McFarlane: J’ai deux/douze ans
01:10:12 amelie silvert: and the accents?
01:10:20 amelie silvert: no problem apparently
01:11:48 PAUL RAINE: http://efl.to/KZNG
01:12:27 mylene: having different voices is great
01:13:29 Bella Bennett: this looks great
01:13:47 Noria: Excellent tool! Thank you Paul
01:14:02 Annalaura Di Stazio: amazing!
01:15:11 Joe Dale: PIxabay
01:15:28 amelie silvert: Q is this the link you were looking for for recording? https://voice.mozilla.org/en
01:16:21 Bella Bennett: this i would love
01:16:26 amelie silvert: great
01:17:01 amelie silvert: Q does it catch on intonation or just pronunciation?
01:18:05 Helen McFarlane: The ‘schwa’ is unstressed
01:18:30 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Q: I use software for speech recognition: Dragon and one on Microsoft Word. They can recognise sounds from the tv. Would this happen with this system?
01:19:40 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: If the student is in a room where the tv is on.
01:19:56 Oukakumakusensei: Cheat
01:20:53 amelie silvert: that looks really great thank you for sharing Paul
01:21:22 Helen McFarlane: – It’s available in French – just replace /en with /fr
01:21:31 Joe Dale: Thanks Helen
01:22:11 Helen McFarlane: And in German, too. Just add /de at the end
01:23:09 amelie silvert: yes
01:23:27 amelie silvert: that’s right
01:23:35 Annalaura Di Stazio: absolutely
01:24:26 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: medio ambiente
01:24:28 Alejandro Salazar: medio ambiente
01:24:30 Annalaura Di Stazio: medio ambiente
01:24:32 Bella Bennett: el medio ambiente
01:24:35 Seána Maguire: Medio ambiente
01:26:45 Helen McFarlane: The top images in Pixabay are not free of charge, apparently
01:26:58 Joe Dale: Thanks Helen
01:28:42 Helen McFarlane: 🙂
01:28:50 Jonathan Peace: Sorry – I have to go, but am looking forward to catching up with all the other activities. Thanks Paul. Thanks Joe / Helen.
01:29:19 Joe Dale: Thanks Jonathan
01:30:16 Annalaura Di Stazio: I am impressed
01:30:25 Annalaura Di Stazio: great tool for independent learning
01:30:29 Annalaura Di Stazio: as well
01:30:30 Joe Dale: Cool! Me too!
01:31:16 Bella Bennett: add on read and write does text to speech in languages but as a support?
01:31:19 Helen McFarlane: Yes, I like this listening option – it’s very creative and can be aligned with students’ individual research projects at A-level, too –
01:31:57 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Q: What would happen if you are a bit cheeky and use Google to identify the words?
01:32:06 Oukakumakusensei: I have been using this site for 6 weeks, its been very helpful.
01:32:23 Bella Bennett: not a question Joe. just an add on on Google that reads text in a voice to help students
01:33:04 Bella Bennett: yes
01:33:39 Annalaura Di Stazio: not sure if people already asked, have students tried to work with those activities on their phones as well?
01:33:56 Helen McFarlane: I’ve come across the Common Voice in Mozilla in Welsh, too – fantastic for (adult) learners of regional languages, too. Fantastic!
01:33:57 Annalaura Di Stazio: thanks!
01:36:45 PAUL RAINE: http://efl.to/MXQJ
01:36:49 PAUL RAINE: http://efl.to/KXGG
01:36:54 PAUL RAINE: http://efl.to/LXJO
01:39:26 Helen McFarlane: Ja –
01:39:33 Helen McFarlane: 🙂
01:39:52 Helen McFarlane: wechseln – to change (or changing)
01:40:18 Helen McFarlane: No – it’s the infinitive
01:40:29 Helen McFarlane: Ja
01:40:36 Bella Bennett: depends on foundation or higher level. i like that i could choose? or adapt
01:40:37 Annalaura Di Stazio: I think the English definition is helpful for beginners
01:40:42 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: It depends. Some pupils would need extra support.
01:41:03 Helen McFarlane: It depends on the context – yes, give the option
01:44:08 Helen McFarlane: Can you store this activity in Google Classroom or Drive, and return to it the following year, thus leaving the 10 assignments option open?
01:44:34 Helen McFarlane: Yes
01:45:20 Seána Maguire: /so 35 tasks are free
01:45:47 Seána Maguire: Ah ok.
01:45:57 Seána Maguire: thanks
01:46:10 Helen McFarlane: Ok – thanks
01:46:11 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Q: Can you also include songs for students to fill in the gaps and videos?
01:46:28 Helen McFarlane: Yseult
01:46:37 Helen McFarlane: Singer
01:46:56 Annalaura Di Stazio: zaz
01:47:00 Annalaura Di Stazio: singer
01:47:17 Helen McFarlane: I go to YouTube.fr
01:47:54 Helen McFarlane: :-))
01:48:00 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Clever cookie
01:48:01 Annalaura Di Stazio: yeah!
01:48:32 Helen McFarlane: Change the language option
01:48:37 amelie silvert: change the address https://www.youtube.com/?gl=FR
01:49:06 Helen McFarlane: Click in advanced options and change the language option
01:50:02 K Johnston: Q: Is it something that could be considered to let you archive assignments? This way, if you have spent some time finding a text and making sure you’re happy with definitions and all the settings etc (for example) – you can return to use this at a later date, without having to go through all the same process again? This would be very helpful for cutting down on workload.
01:50:07 PAUL RAINE: http://efl.to/MOYJ
01:50:58 Noria: hit
01:54:07 K Johnston: Q: Sorry – just want to check… So you can have a saved folder of your own templates on the free version?
01:57:16 Helen McFarlane: It’s brilliant, Paul – it’s just that the schools have tight purse strings! 🙁
01:58:11 Helen McFarlane: A-level French in a Welsh-medium College and EAP at University (online, of course!!!)
01:59:47 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Q: Would you be able to add another software or is it included when typing, for those – like me – who use dictation due to disabilities?
02:00:24 Seána Maguire: poumons
02:00:26 Helen McFarlane: les poumons – lungs
02:00:40 Helen McFarlane: l’estomac
02:01:10 Helen McFarlane: le foie – liver
02:01:47 Seána Maguire: Had to google – la rate = spleen jic
02:02:26 Bella Bennett: there are some amazing ideas on this website. in awe
02:03:20 Helen McFarlane: There is no agreement
02:03:56 Helen McFarlane: Great for A-level students – target language feedback
02:04:36 Bella Bennett: i think it would work with adult education too
02:05:09 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Filling in the gaps
02:05:43 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: thanks
02:05:46 Helen McFarlane: Also in Google Docs – voice typing in various languages
02:06:12 Joe Dale: Yes Helen
02:06:44 Helen McFarlane: You showed me this trick, Joe :-))
02:07:00 Joe Dale: 😉
02:10:22 Tania: Could Mote be added to this feedback feature, so that it is oral?
02:10:22 Helen McFarlane: In Google Docs, in the comments box, I ask students to respond to my suggested corrections, then click on “resolve” – does this do similar?
02:11:04 Tania: Also, could there be a feedback bank so that teacher accumulate high frequency tips and comments?
02:11:48 Helen McFarlane: Good idea – very time-saving!
02:14:38 Bella Bennett: i can email school address
02:14:41 Annalaura Di Stazio: school email
02:14:47 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Agree.
02:14:48 K Johnston: We can email students on their school email address – so they would have to use that when submitting work.
02:14:50 Helen McFarlane: It depends on the school – school-generated email addresses are anonymised
02:16:35 Helen McFarlane: Thank you so much, Paul – and Joe, too. This has been really inspiring!
02:16:50 Jessica Hermosilla Magana: Excellent tool to make our lives easier.
02:16:52 Annalaura Di Stazio: thank you!!
02:16:56 Annalaura Di Stazio: it was amazing
02:16:59 Mart Wilmin: thanks Paul. Really thought provoking
02:17:05 Annalaura Di Stazio: excellent tool
02:17:29 Bella Bennett: amazing. thank you
02:17:31 Annalaura Di Stazio: I am super excited to share this
02:17:37 Annalaura Di Stazio: with my department
02:17:48 PAUL RAINE: @teachertoolsdtl
02:18:25 K Johnston: Thank you! 😊
02:18:44 Noria: That was brilliant, thank you Paul, Joe and Helen
02:18:49 PAUL RAINE: Thank you!
02:19:06 Seána Maguire: thank you so much
02:19:15 Tania: Thank you Paul! I am really looking forward to using this.