A TiLT Webinar with Chris Harte: Beyond the Languages’ Classroom with Google

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ALL London organises webinars for the MFL community and this webinar is open to all MFL teachers.  We hope that you will like us and want to join!

In this webinar we will explore how we can use Google tools to practise and produce language through authentic cultural contexts.

We will explore Google Maps and MyMaps to put language learning in its place. We will look at the rich resources available to stimulate language learning in Google Earth and we will look at creating immersive 360 language learning experiences to practise oral and written production with Google Tour Creator.


Chris is passionate about providing professional learning which models great pedagogy, is personalised to the people and the context, is rich in technology and deep in thinking. After 15 years in many different roles as an award winning languages teacher, a senior leader in one of the UK’s most innovative schools, Director of the Emerging Sciences Victoria and his role as a Google Certified Innovator and member of the Google for Education International Advisory Board, Chris took on the challenge of starting up his own consultancy: Unstuck Learning Design.

Chris has expertise in design thinking, digital technology, STEM and learning spaces (both physical and virtual), learner centred pedagogy and learning models, strategies to enhance higher order thinking, learner efficacy and engagement, formative assessment strategies and leadership of learning organisations.


A TiLT Webinar with Chris Harte: Beyond the Languages’ Classroom with Google
Friday 12th June 2020

00:44:25 susan.zammit: Good morning all 🙂
00:45:12 Joe Dale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LmIkLZdT3YVpvsG4I8o6gUcahtvPBE1mQEmKI0lt7T8/edit?usp=sharing
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00:46:13 Joe Dale: Webinar10
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00:47:10 zoras: I am a member of ALL and I can not emphasised the benefit you gain if you join. Fatima Khaled
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00:47:48 Rachel Grice: Asking school at the mo to pay…waiting to find out 😀 Would like whole dept to join…
00:52:05 Carolina: It’s an essential subject that can make a difference in changing tolerance issues and make possible the students to be a world citizens
00:53:22 Carolina: I can’t open now other windows to participate in the poll I’m afraid 🙂
00:54:09 aimee emeriau gurtner: <3 Melbourne!
00:55:52 ALL London: You need some curls above your ears now, Chris
00:56:23 Carolina: Hahaha
00:56:36 Chloe Martin: Could you share again the poll address please?
00:57:19 Joe Dale: pollev.com/chrisharte953
00:57:23 ALL London: I can’t.. I lost my connection .. so relieved you are all still here when that happens!
00:57:25 Chloe Martin: Many thanks Joe!
00:58:52 Joe Dale: @charte
01:01:35 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Nice quote, but…. not just children, right? 😉
01:01:51 f.malik: good morning
01:04:39 Rachel Grice: That’s my favourite topics as it’s so much more meaty and kids actually have an opinion on it – it’s more grownup ,,,
01:05:14 aimee emeriau gurtner: Sorry I didn’t get the name of that taxonomy
01:05:20 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: SOLO
01:05:24 aimee emeriau gurtner: thank you
01:05:44 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: De nada!
01:07:00 ALL London: ‘I make friends with people from other countries’
01:07:13 Joe Dale: Me too 🙂
01:09:11 ALL London: To think.. Chris is on the other side of the world talking to us!!!
01:09:42 Joe Dale: Love this feature
01:09:58 Rachel Grice: Lol…i literally just said the same thing to my kids here – that wow the man presenting/training mommy is in Australia!
01:10:38 ALL London: It is amazing
01:11:08 Rosemary Hicks: This looks great
01:11:24 ALL London: !!!!
01:11:45 Mike Elliott, French, Team Leader for Languages, DCGS: Speaking test! LOL
01:12:09 ALL London: I agree!
01:12:20 Enrico Cecconi: I agree!
01:12:49 Carolina: Not with Spanish I’m afraid…it requires an extra work
01:13:07 Febe Yuan: Hello I’m from Indonesia.. I think I’m the only Indonesian here? It’s very interesting webinar
01:13:24 Joe Dale: Welcome Febe
01:13:29 E.Carriere: oh dear god…
01:13:38 Carolina: yes
01:14:02 Florence Barats: what was the google translator again?
01:14:07 Rachel Grice: That was not bad… surprised by the different ‘thens’
01:14:20 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Oh, no! Our biggest enemy is getting better and better :/
01:14:27 Chloe Martin: he was just using chrome
01:14:40 f.malik: Do we have Urdu interpreter?
01:14:42 Chloe Martin: so it’s google chrome translator
01:15:34 Sandra Schön: my google has just responded 🙂
01:15:49 ALL London: LOL Sandra!!!!
01:16:43 Febe Yuan: I did that when i went to Japan
01:16:54 Dawn: Sorry still don’t know where to launch from a phone.
01:16:59 ALL London: I hav ean Italian friend whose brother communicated with his wife-to-be this way before they got married …!
01:17:00 Steve Vadgama: I’ve just downloaded the Google Assistant app on my iPhone.
01:17:35 Dawn: What if you have Safari as browser
01:18:35 ALL London: https://support.google.com/translate/answer/6142474?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en
01:18:53 Joe Dale: You would use the Google Translate app I think
01:19:18 ALL London: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/google-translate/id414706506
01:19:40 ALL London: is that it Joe?
01:19:52 Joe Dale: Yes I think so
01:20:38 ALL London: android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.translate&hl=en_GB
01:20:45 Bracken Brown: I’ve just discovered ALICE coding programme which I’m working out how to use for languages!
01:20:55 Rachel Grice: Oh…I’ve heard of using scratch – there’s a 30 day challenge for teachers at the mo for scratch which keeps popping up on Facebook. My kids here in UK can all use this from school too
01:21:00 ALL London: https://scratch.mit.edu/
01:21:06 Febe Yuan: https://translate.google.com/
01:21:12 Rachel Grice: Super cross curricular!
01:21:18 ALL London: Thanks Febe
01:22:28 aimee emeriau gurtner: can you filter what is said, just worried about teenagers getting carried away
01:22:37 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: There is “Galego”! I just got excited to see it there 🙂
01:23:01 Emma Muggleton: The New Curriculum in Wales – Successful Futures is all about culture and cross curricular links; this is what it’s all about.
01:23:03 aimee emeriau gurtner: lool
01:23:10 aimee emeriau gurtner: yes
01:23:34 aimee emeriau gurtner: thank you that’s fine, I’ll look into it
01:23:36 Rachel Grice: Wales always seem to be ahead of the game…
01:23:53 Kim Morgan: If they could swear accurately in the language, I’d be delighted! 🙂
01:24:01 Joe Dale: 😉
01:24:07 Febe Yuan: Lol
01:25:13 Chloe Martin: Where can we get Chris’s slides after?
01:25:30 Jonathan Peace: Great global learning opportunities in MFL
01:25:34 Emma Muggleton: They are in the chat above in a a link
01:25:39 zoras: This is amazing, I teach Arabic through using the approach of digital story telling and I can see this could help a lot as it has Arabic.
01:25:42 Paula Hevia: Cool!
01:25:47 Rachel Grice: WOW!!!!
01:25:51 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Wow, it looks fantastic!
01:26:10 Joe Dale: Here is the preso https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1X1KXk_QeKtaCwMTC8D0cT-fTjCEYb8oUirlOaGyUXZM/edit#slide=id.g88c1e85fae_1_85
01:26:37 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: This could be so useful when we teach “social issues” at GCSE!
01:26:49 Chloe Martin: Merci beaucoup Joe!
01:26:54 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:28:47 Dawn: Sorry have to leave as teaching Y10 for Conversation Class at 11.00am. Thanks so much everyone, I will catch up on recording later. Growth mindset led me to keep trying and can now use the google interpreter thing
01:29:11 Christina Balsom: Wow
01:29:14 Laurence Gillham: I love this and I can’t wait to show the Art department in my school!
01:29:15 Bracken Brown: That’s incredible!
01:29:30 Paula Hevia: Very cool!!!
01:30:24 Emma Muggleton: So many applications
01:30:29 ALL London: This is what I love doing in a virtual world .. my avatar walks around a gallery and looks at painting.
01:30:29 Karima Lasfer: Impressionnant
01:30:33 Bracken Brown: Could add this into an escape room by linking this and they have to find the year of a painting as a passcode or something!
01:30:45 Joe Dale: Yes
01:30:47 ALL London: Excellent idea Bracken!
01:31:43 zoras: I use Art to teach Arabic and create a digital story out of it.
01:34:04 Joe Dale: Awesome!
01:34:06 Rachel Grice: What a great idea Bracken – the task could be in the TL…that’s a great idea
01:34:34 Anna Grainger: Q are we able to access Chris’s presentation with all the links in? Sorry if I have missed it and it’s already been posted.
01:34:49 Joe Dale: Here is the preso https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1X1KXk_QeKtaCwMTC8D0cT-fTjCEYb8oUirlOaGyUXZM/edit#slide=id.g88c1e85fae_1_85
01:34:59 Anna Grainger: Thanks Joe.
01:35:23 ALL London: https://www.google.com/earth/education/explore-earth/
01:35:45 E.Carriere: wow
01:36:07 Febe Yuan: Awesome. Thanks for today’s webinar
01:37:25 Stephen: Need to drop off; thank you very much! I look forward to receiving the full ppt 🙂 Take care everyone
01:37:40 Joe Dale: Thanks Stephen
01:37:48 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Nice film!
01:38:20 Emma Muggleton: Diolch i chi gyd!
01:39:40 Rachel Grice: Love the hexagon idea
01:39:42 f.malik: excellent ideas .Thanks Chris
01:39:46 Mike Elliott, French, Team Leader for Languages, DCGS: Google Drawing looks great ! Definitely one to investigate and share via Classroom!
01:40:12 Joe Dale: I use it for making images I then insert into Jamboard
01:40:36 Mike Elliott, French, Team Leader for Languages, DCGS: Jamboard has been disabled at our school. Need to look into this!
01:40:56 Gillian Oldbury: Sorry but I have to leave now to attend an MFL department meeting. Thanks for your time and your great ideas!
01:40:59 Sandra Schön: the new way of teaching literature!!
01:41:32 Hannah: Thank you Chris. Some brilliant ideas. Sorry i have to leave now as have another meeting.
01:41:35 ALL London: Thanks for coming, Gillian!
01:41:53 ALL London: Bye Hannah – we will put links on webpage and mail you
01:42:09 Hannah: Thanks Helen!
01:42:25 Elisabeth Schaludek: Could you please again post the site on ART (virtual guided tours etc). Thanks in advance 🙂
01:42:58 Sandra Schön: artsandculture.google.com
01:43:10 Elisabeth Schaludek: thx @Sandra
01:43:17 Christina Balsom: I think they id’t allow street view in Germany because of security concerns
01:45:33 Lucija Medojevic: What 360 camera would you recommend we buy?
01:46:14 Joe Dale: Ricoh Theta cameras are recommended
01:47:43 Lucija Medojevic: Thanks! Greetings from Melbourne 🙂
01:49:37 ALL London: Hello Melbourne!
01:50:43 Florence Barats: I used to pass this square every morning to go to school!
01:51:10 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: That’s amazing, Florence, what a coincidence!
01:51:13 Enrico Cecconi: Thank you so much for a great presentation Chris. Thanks also to Joe and the organizers. I have to leave now…it was my first time here with All London, as I am lecturing and working with languages at university (Bath) and not teaching in schools, but I think it is so important to bridge together and to share ideas, especially to help also students to carry on studying languages in life and help them with transition to uni life. Grazie! Enrico
01:51:34 ALL London: Wow Florence!!!
01:51:50 Joe Dale: Definitely Enrico. Thank you for coming
01:51:54 Kerry Winter: Very inspiring thanks.
01:52:12 ALL London: I’d love to live here!
01:52:23 Karima Lasfer: So Exciting !!!
01:53:12 Joe Dale: Awesome
01:53:14 hbrighton: Amazing presentation- thank you!! I have to go now
01:53:17 Florence Barats: a great place, so much to see, do and so beautiful!
01:53:24 Fran: It’s great! Thank you.
01:54:10 ALL London: Steven Fawkes is saying ‘hello’ to Chris Harte
01:54:15 Florence Barats: too many memories here!
01:54:18 Joe Dale: 🙂
01:54:31 Kerry Winter: How lovely Florence!
01:54:50 zoras: This is amazing as very interactive and authentic. Thank you
01:57:53 Rachel Grice: Is this just on a google slide?
01:58:31 Joe Dale: Yes
01:59:14 Joe Dale: Wow!
01:59:22 Mike Elliott, French, Team Leader for Languages, DCGS: Great!
01:59:26 Jonathan Peace: That’s cool …. and decidedly hypernerdy
01:59:33 Bracken Brown: That’s so cool!
01:59:44 Rosemary Hicks: Definitely hypernerdy!
02:00:08 AnjaliT: Looks amazing 🙂
02:00:25 ALL London: We’re proud to be hypernerdy here!!!!
02:00:42 Rachel Grice: COOL!
02:00:43 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: That’s brilliant!
02:00:48 Karima Lasfer: Wow !!!
02:01:00 ALL London: Love to see AnjaliT smile there!!
02:01:06 Jonathan Peace: Hypernerdity has been turned up to 11 🙂
02:01:22 Lucija Medojevic: I missed where we can get the Google Slide template for 360 images. Is there a template?
02:01:38 Adult Learning: unfortunately I missed big part of this presentation 🙁 Can I watch it online, later?
02:01:50 Joe Dale: Yes
02:02:04 Christina Balsom: Mind blown
02:02:05 ALL London: 🙂 quote of the webinar, Jonathan ‘Hypernerdity has been turned up to 11 🙂
02:02:12 AnjaliT: Yes I need to watch from the start later please send us a link 🙂
02:02:36 Anna Grainger: I think we all need to watch it back as there is so much to take in and try out! This has been amazing! Thank you Chris
02:02:38 Chris Harte: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1AojEDFOkiQl3doqA1_4ysN9_xfnqISoVg7sE6jepkDU/copy
02:02:52 Lucija Medojevic: Thanks Chris!
02:02:59 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Thank youuuu
02:03:19 Karima Lasfer: Merci beaucoup, Chris !!!
02:03:24 Jonathan Peace: Superb!
02:03:26 Rachel Grice: I am still listening…
02:03:32 Niki Yianni: Thank you Chris!
02:03:37 Bracken Brown: Thank you, that was amazing. I can’t wait to try it all out now!
02:03:37 Rachel Grice: Thank you sooooo much Chris – this has been amazing!!
02:03:37 aimee emeriau gurtner: This was great, thank you!
02:03:38 Ulrike Tappe-Nakata: Thank you very much from Reading
02:03:39 Barbara Riggott: that was amazing! Thank you!
02:03:39 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Joe is always on it answering the questions on the chat (gracias, Joe!)
02:03:39 Kerry Winter: Thank you from Manchester
02:03:44 Sandra Schön: Thank you very much, Chris, this was fantastic!
02:03:46 Paula Williams: Thank you
02:03:47 Mike Elliott, French, Team Leader for Languages, DCGS: Great stuff. Well worth watching. Thanks Chris!
02:03:48 C.d.O iPhone: merci!!
02:03:53 Mart Wilmin: Thanks Chris. Worth delaying my 10 mile bike ride for!!!
02:03:55 Stephanie Schmitt: Merci beaucoup!
02:03:55 jayne: Thank you
02:03:55 Sandra: Thank you so much!!!!!
02:04:05 Bella Bennett: Really great. thank you
02:04:06 Angie Grau: Thank you very much Chris! Amazing!
02:04:07 E.Carriere: Thank you so much 🙂
02:04:15 Jennifer Brown-Omichi: Brilliant, we are very fortunate to have Chris in Australia 🙂
02:04:17 Laurence Gillham: Thank you! This has been eye opening!
02:04:27 Isabelle Jones: Merci beaucoup Chris A + Take care xx
02:04:28 zoras: Very useful, Thank you so much.
02:04:51 Florence Barats: Thank you so much and great to see some very well known places from my youth!
02:04:52 Uxía Iglesias Fuertes: Thank you for this webinar, Chris, Helen and Joe! A good way to start the weekend (well, there’s some work that needs doing, but I feel the weekend has arrived).
02:04:58 Caroline Okerika: Thank you so much! Totally amazing! I’ve learned so much!
02:05:02 Laurence Gillham: Yes please, come back for more!
02:05:14 f.malik: Thank You.
02:05:27 Annabel Foster: This has been very inspirational. I would love a follow up ‘brain shower’ of ways we could put parts into our lessons.
02:05:34 Annabel Foster: Thank you!
02:05:46 Steve Vadgama: Thank you for the webinar, Chris, Helen and Joe!
02:06:49 Carolina: Thank you!
02:06:50 Florence Barats: have a great weekend
02:07:19 Anna Grainger: Still in my PJs so no camera today – sorry!!