2018 Trainee Teacher Event

What a lovely experience to have so many trainee MFL teachers join us at our annual ‘Trainee Teacher Reception’ on Monday 1st October!  Click on the picture below to see our Flickr album of the smiling faces of our future teachers!  We look forward to welcoming them all to the Association for Languages as student members.  The discounts available to members more than cover the membership fee and access to what ALL has to offer is especially worthwhile when writing essays!

ALL Trainee Teacher Event 2018
Thanks so much to Caroline Conlon of UCL, IoE for inviting us, to all the committed ALL London Committee presenters, and to the trainers who disseminated information about the event which meant that 100 trainees could meet each other and find out more about our organisation.

We will use this page to give links to presentations and hand-outs.

Diary of events and key contacts (word doc) all lrb diary 2018-2019 issued oct 6th 18

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Helen Myers  – Presentation about ALL ALL your professional association ALL LRB 2018 Trainee Teacher event

Liz Fotheringham – A Picture in my Pocket A picture in my pocket

Dan Collis L Top Tips for thrivin gas a new languages’ teacher  Dan Collis presentation 1st Oct 2018 and Link to his GCSE Spanish Padlet page (with thanks to Ceri Anwen-James for her inspiration)

Stéphane Derône – Link to the delicious Educandy site

Nadine Chadier – Find fantastic French resources here at Culturethèque

Thanks also to Judith Rifeser and Marian Carty for their thoughtful contributions about the deeper value of building relations with pupils and using ML lessons to share approaches to dealing with prejudice..  Links to follow.

Please sign up to forthcoming events via links on this page.