The ALL June Event 2018

Many thanks to all who contributed to another successful ‘June Event’ bringing together our regular ‘Saturday Keenie Club’ and attracting many new faces who joined the club.   It was great to see you all!

We look forward to seeing you at our next gathering: The Show and Tell at the Language Show on Saturday 10th November, followed by a social at the pub opposite, and our January Event at the BFI on Saturday 27th January 2019.  (Put the dates in your diary please!)  But until then, here are some memories of the June Event…!

Here is our photo album.  If you are really brave, launch the video of us singing the verb ‘to go’ to the tune of Baa Baa Black Sheep and admire the way we manage to maintain a medieval modal dissonance throughout, without wavering …

ALL London June Event 2018

Thanks to Renata Albuquerque who this year, as well as  arranging the fantastic, centrally located venue for us, also arranged for two superb teachers, Anna Pau and Hana Flynn,  who responded to the  ‘SOAS Language Challenge’  to share their experiences with us. Download the challenge here:  Languages Challenge 2018 TEACHERs Info Final

The committee did its usual sterling job in spreading the message, welcoming people, helping to set up and clear away and contributing to the friendly atmosphere.  Welcome especially to our newest committee member, Dan Collis.  In particular we are grateful to Angela Murphy who liaises with the sponsors who pay for our coffee.  Thanks so much to Angela and thanks to our exhibitors and sponsors.  Exhibitors included: Bili, Mary Glasgow Magazines (Scholastic Ltd.), Valladolid, Vocab Express, Harper Collins and This is Language and Delegate bag contributors included Conserjería, Goethe Institute European Schoolbooks and Linguascope.

Thanks to the amazing Dr Rachel Hawkes who always manages to fit us into her very busy schedule and always inspires us with her excellent ideas for language teaching, always based on an intelligent,  thoughtful and practical approach to the current situation and presented with humour, verve and beautifully crafted slides!  Here is a link to a page down which you can scroll to find her to her presentation ‘ALL London 16th June: Seeing the wood and the trees: grammar and content at KS3’ in which she recognised the classroom constraints faced and the need for recognising and balancing possible tensions in a sensible, practical way.

Our dynamic primary duo, Nadine Chadier and Miriam Paridjanian, cast a spell over this year’s primary session as they presented the wonderful ‘Language Magician’ free assessment resource, suitably attired in fetching matching outfits..!  Teachers were clearly enchanted and keen to pass on the magic to their pupils!

There was the usual  friendly feel to our ‘Show and Tell’ which rounded off the event.  Here is a word doc of noted Helen started to make half way through, so there may be ideas missing.  Feel free to contact her with more ideas.   ALL June Event 2018 show and tell

Here are the four resources  shared by Dan Collis:

Thanks for the nice tweets appreciating the event.  Here’s a lovely one from Laura:

Speaker Bios

Nadine Chadier

Nadine Chadier enjoys herself leading French at Rhodes Avenue Primary (Haringay) and heading the bilingual curriculum at St Jérôme Bilingual Primary (Harrow) as well as creating innovative brain-friendly resources with a focus on CLIL. She thrives on sharing her passion of languages, magic tricks, the power of music and short film making (as an Intofilm Ambassador) with her pupils and teachers and delivering inspirational CPD in conferences and schools nationwide. She is an active member of the London branch of the Association for Language Learning and hosts the North London Primary Hub. She has coded the French language to make it easy to read aloud and pronounce, engaging all learners with panache! Beware, her passion is contagious!

Rachel Hawkes

Rachel works across the eight schools in the CAM Academy Trust. Director of International Education and Research, and SLE for languages, she is also a former President of ALL. We are very lucky that she always makes room for ALL London in her busy life, and we are always amazed at the wealth of ideas she shares, drawing on her research and practice.

Miriam Paridjanian

Miriam Paridjanian has taught French at Rosendale Primary School in South London since 2003. She uses Kagan Co-operative Learning and teaches French through singing, forest school and PE. Rosendale was awarded the International School Award by the British Council for 2016-19. She studied at Sussex University and the Sorbonne in Paris and has taught English as a foreign language in France and New Zealand . She is an active member of the Association for Language Learning, running the South London Primary hub.

Anna Pau

  • Deputy Head of Modern Foreign Languages and KS3 Coordinator at Hampstead School
  • Teaches Spanish to KS5 and French.
  • YR11 Form Tutor

Hana Flynn

  • Head of Languages at Haverstock for over 10 years.
  • Teaches French, Spanish and Japanese. HAPI (High Prior Attaining Pupil Initiative) coordinator.