2018 ICT in ML Conference Report

Work in progress as at 22.4.18!

Thanks so much to so many people who made Saturday 21st April 2018 so special as teachers met together  to share their enthusiasm for  languages and teaching, supported by the generous sponsorship of Sanako and exhibitors and by The Ashcombe School.

We will use this page to share ideas and links.

Here’s our Flickr album.  (Please feel free to tell us if any need to be removed).

ICT Conference 2018

Many, many thanks to the speakers who put in so much time and effort to their presentations.  They did not get any financial reward for their appearances, but we hope that they felt ‘appreciated’ by the enthusiasm and the warmth of the delegate response!   We are so grateful to them.

Here’s the programme which we followed, containing details about speakers and future ALL events:  ICT Programme 2018 V9

We will add links to presentations / sites as they are sent to us.

“Quick Wins”

Joe Dale

Here is a link to Joe’s presentation.

“A few of my favourite things”
Marie O’Sullivan
A session on how to support speaking and listening skills

“Mind your Ps and Qs! Plickers, Padlet Puzzlemaker and QR codes!”
Dan Collis presents popular games for assessment

Here is Dan’s presentation: Mind your Ps and Qs dcollismfl

Interactive quizzing in MFL incl, Quizizz, Quizalize,Kahoot, Triventy and a musical version of Quizlet!

Ceri Anwen James – cross platform.

Here’s a link to Ceri’s presentation.

“Making the most of your VLE” – James Gardner

A “revision pack” for Year 11 using a very basic VLE

Writing and translation without tears -Esmeralda Salgado
Interactive games to develop speaking, writing and translation skills, including TaskMagic.

Link to Esmeralda’s beautifully presented booklet with details and screenshots of how she uses TM: 

Joe Dale:
“Using Apple Clips, animation and filmmaking in the languages classroom

“Getting them to revise for the new GCSE”  Ceri Anwen James
Explore Ceri’s ‘Year 11 revision Wall’ which includes audio, video, notes, ideas, quizzes all in one place.

Here’s a link to Ceri’s wonderful presentation.

Magic Animation in IoS 11 + other spell-binding ideas- Joe Dale:

Supporting Vocabulary Learning with software  Using Textivate and Duolingo for Schools) – Laura Simons and Adam Vickery

“Engage your learners with Book Creator! – Sylvie Bartlett Rawlings – Apple

Here’s a link to download her beautiful presentation (available until 21st May 2018)

Show and Tell.  Many thanks to Sylvie Bartlett-Rawlings who made notes for us here: ICT Conference 2018 show and tell

Here’s Dan’s Splat the cat Ppt (look away, cat-lovers …!) splat the cat And here’s ppt for singing Spanish verbs with his impressive guitar accompaniment (guitar music to follow) fui + guitar music

Alex Foster sings numbers backwards .  Video to follow!

Here are Sylvie Bartlett-Rawlings’ Ping Pong sheets.


Game 1:
Student A says a sentence in English (from the ones that do not have a translation) and his/ her partner Student B has to find it on his side then vice versa.
Game 2:
Student A has to work out translation and Student B will peer assess, then Student A write in the correct version.
Used for pair dictation and oral translation.

Extension tends to be in yellow. This one is the one used in Year 11. They are simpler in Year 10.

I use these in various topics as starters to recap on them (as I teach in different classes and the students can start while I fire the computer up).