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Here is a selection of photos relating to some of the 'Talks' and 'Presentations'.  The selection and commentary reflects the Webmistress' experience!  There were LOADS more, and it was really difficult to select the sessions to go to.  A good reason to come again next year, of-course!



'Among the best in Europe' - Isabella Moore introduces EAL winners

'Working together: is it working?'  Anne Feltham, OFSTED

Working together to share best practice - Helen Myers

Performance by pupils from All Saints Catholic College, Dukinfield

Lights, camera, action - Mark Pentleton

Bogs and podcasts - Ewan McIntosh

Boosting Boys' Performance in MFL - Barry Jones

Annual members' meeting

Languages in the Global Age - Professor Richard Johnstone

Performance by pupils from St Thomas of Canterbury CE Junior School, Chester

It's not what you use it's the way that you use it - Steven Fawkes

Free games, time-saving utilities and fun with MS Word: integrating ICT into the MFL classroom - Joe Dale

Assessment for Learning - Martine Pillette

A triple Presidential address



Among the best in Europe. Jenny Norris
Joe de Bono

Contact him for more information

Colin Whitehead

Headteacher, Newbury Park Primary School

Newbury Park Primary Schools 'Language of the Month' approach to promoting language awareness.  Resources are offered free on their website.  They are wonderful!



Isabella Moore, CILT The National Centre for Languages
Mike Ullmann - teacher of the year Helen forgot to check the sound for her presentation (example of 'sharing worst practice'!).  Click on the clapper board to hear what you should have heard!
Working together: is it working?  Anne Feltham, OFSTED  
Performance by pupils from All Saints Catholic College, Dukinfield These talented young people performed a fairy tale with an entertaining twist.
Great use of language ... and great acting!  Thanks!! (video clip of clapping available! - click here)
Lights, camera action!

Mark Pentleton shows us how the PiE community has managed to revolutionise recruitment to MFL at higher levels.

A 'moody' picture of Ewan McIntosh (or a photo where Helen just didn't get the setting right - sorry Ewan!!!)
Well after the end of Mark's session, we're all still there trying out the ideas! They really really work!!

Mark offers 1:1 support

Click here to see him come to life!

Click here to see the enthusiasm!
Blogs and Podcasts

Ewan McIntosh (helped by his friendly blue tooth device + recorder!) puts theory into engaging practice: the audience is entranced, entertained, and becomes the resource!

Click here to see some action!

Uta adds the finishing touches to the podcast!

Click here to see the audience participation + the file

Boosting Boys' Performance in MFL - Barry Jones gives us great ideas about how to do it! As ever, a  really popular session with plenty of laughter and many practical tips which everyone can do.
Bill Musk and Barry  
Annual members' meeting  
Peter Downes (in soft focus!  Sorry Peter!) Gina Hall - secretary extraordinaire of Manchester ALL branch
Uta (in even softer focus!) Linda, David & Kathy
Barry & Bill Karl Pfeiffer, Goethe-Institut and member of ALL NEC (and a special friend of the London branch!)

Click pictures to find out how to obtain the songs

St Thomas' school gave a wonderful musical performance of really catchy and memorable  German songs.. the music still rings in our ears! Video clips available of this world première performance of Martina Schwarz's original songs.. click here for a compilation.
Professor Richard Johnstone, Scottish CILT - who gave a really stimulating, thought-provoking talk and who gave time generously to the enthusiastic Webmistress - both for photo-shoots and debate.  She'll definitely be buying the book ..!
Learning a spot of Chinese before his next trip  
Steven Fawkes gives a host of ideas for using what is around us to engage learners We listen, knowing we're going to enjoy!
Of-course, we obediently do anything he asks us to... Group work ....
Pair laughter .... A distinguished audience!
What can that 'Taboo' word possibly be?  
Joe Dale teems with ideas about using ICT in the classroom A particular focus for this session: affordable solutions.  (i.e. free!)
Lovely dress sense and lovely ideas.
Martine Pillette .. Webmistress couldn't make her session this year, but knows it was really good!  
Presidential address ... from past, present and future An entertaining romp  through the history of MFL teaching
School- based examples courtesy of Barry Jones (we did miss him last year .. great to have him performing again this year!) Adult examples from David Wilson ... fantastic footage of 'interactive videos' from the past, which reminded us of our fashion heritage.  (and what a sense of humour / obedience we must have had!)
Linda closes the conference.... Happy present and future presidents.

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