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Last update: 27/05/2012


To help people, I have provided some summaries of the situation - but these are personal summaries rather than 'official' /  'agreed' summaries. (Helen Myers)

Overall situation

A detailed study has been carried out using national data in order to compare the grades obtained by pupils in languages with the grades in other subjects. This shows clearly that pupils of the same prior attainment will, on average, obtain lower grades in languages than other subjects at both GCSE and AS/A level.

Because this data is drawn from PANDA and DfES sources, it will be invaluable for members preparing for Performance Management, Threshold Applications, annual Examination Analysis (including discussion with Heads and Governors) and OFSTED/Self Evaluation Form.

The outcomes from the study have been endorsed by the recently published research from the Durham University Curriculum Evaluation and Management Centre (home of ALIS and midYIS, Yellis, PIPS) and reported in the Times Educational Supplement 31st March 2006.


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