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A page to remind us of what we have been up to!

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It's a busy time for Hispanists over the coming months!  


Spanish Day - Saturday 25th February.

See below for details 


Three recommended events coming up (not organised by ALL)

1. Tertulia de la Consejeria Spring Term (starts Feb 1): 3 free sessions for Spanish teachers and AS/A2 students on Spanish mass media, tourism and environment. For full details

2. Seminarios de formacion del profesorado de espanol (at Canada Blanch): next event on March 4 on the topic " El espanol y las nuevas tecnologias". For full details:

3. Free Spirit: National Poetry and Song Competition 5 April 2006 for full details:


Spanish Day 

Saturday February 25th 2006 - click here for the programme.

See below for information about sesisons:

09.30 Registration and coffee

10.00-10.30 Plenary

10.30-11.30 Session 1 - Choose between

Session 1.1 or Session 1.2

11.30-11.45 Coffee

11.45-12.45 Session 2 - Choose between

Session 2.1 or Session 2.2

12.45-1.45 Lunch

1.45-2.45 Session 3 - Choose between

Session 1.2 or Session 2.1

2.45-3.30 Session 4

3.30-4.15 Session 5


La Consejería de Educación y la Estrategia

Nacional de Lenguas.

La sesión revisará la situación actual de la

enseñanza del español en Inglaterra a la vista

de la Estrategia Nacional de Lenguas y tratará

de identificar los principales retos a los que se

debe enfrentar el español para alcanzar unos

números más acordes con su popularidad y

demanda social. Finalmente se explicarán

las últimas medidas que desde la Consejería

se promueven para apoyar la enseñanza del

español y se distribuirán diferentes materiales


José Antonio del Tejo, Spanish Education

Counsellor,Consejería de Educación, London



1.1 Primary languages - where are we now?

This session will present key findings from research, together with

suggestions from practice nationally. It will consider major challenges

still facing us as we seek to implement the National Languages

Strategy and indicate how we are making progress towards 2010.

Shirley Kliment-Temple, Language College Community Co-ordinator,

Stoke-on-Trent and Dr Cynthia Martin, Institute of Education, Reading

1.2 Motivating language learners - tried and tested strategies

Using songs, Brain Gym, cross-curricular projects, games and ICT,

even the most reluctant of language learners will soon find themselves

tapping their feet, clapping their hands and joining in! Come along and

join in yourself in this interactive session. Be prepared to have fun.

Paul Keogh MBE, Teacher of the Year 2003/04, Head of Languages,

King James’s School, Knaresborough

2.1 Innovative ways of using ICT for Spanish teaching

This session attempts to explore ways of using ICT in the teaching of

Spanish in years 7-13. It is hoped that the ideas are different without

being outlandish and that all are within the technical scope of a

‘normal’ teacher.

Nick Mair, Dulwich College, London

2.2 The motivational potential of Spanish

Nottingham Trent University has provided a number of opportunities

for learning Spanish in the local community, to groups from preschool

children to adults with various disabilities. The speakers

discuss the appeal of Spanish and how it has been used to motivate

learners, using innovative approaches. They suggest how these can

be adapted for use by other teachers.

Mercedes Carbayo-Abengozar, Senior Lecturer in Spanish at

Nottingham Trent University and Jenny Norris, Manager of the


Session 4 La inmigración en España

En esta sesión intentaremos describir el fenómeno de la inmigración

en España: sus comienzos, su evolución y los últimos acontecimientos

que están teniendo lugar en estos momentos. Desde la aplicación de

la última ley sobre inmigración a los problemas fronterizos en Ceuta

y Melilla, ciudades españolas enclavadas en el Norte de África.

Javier Pablos Pachón, Asesor Técnico/Language Adviser, Consjería

de Educación, London

Session 5 Servicios de la Consejería

Esta sesión pretende informar de los recursos que la Consejería de

Educación tiene a disposición de los profesores de español. En ella

hablaremos de nuestra página web, de nuestras publicaciones tanto

para primaria coma para secundaria, de nuestros programas en el

Reino Unido y España y de nuestras relaciones con ALL.

Javier Pablos Pachón, Asesor Técnico/Language Adviser, Consjería

de Educación, London

The Association for Language Learning