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Networking doesn't have to be serious!  The conference gives us an opportunity to chat, share, eat and dance together!

The Great Wall of China

The Conference Dinner



The Great Wall of China ... the ALL Committee meets for in-depth discussion and debate prior to the conference ...!

Kathy Wicksteed, President

Vincent Everett, Fakenham High School, NEC

Eva Lamb, King V11 School Sheffield, NEC

Yvonne Hogben, Office Manager ALL

Sharon Curry, Assistant Director, ALL

Helen Myers, The Ashcombe School, Surrey, NEC (after an especially stressful journey .. that's her excuse for her messy appearance anyway!)

Steven Fawkes, BBC Learning & Interactive; ALL invited Trustee

Teresa Tinsley, CILT National Centre for Languages & Jenny Norris, Projects Manager ALL

Christine O'Leary, Chair of French Committee

René Koglbauer, The Cherwell School, NEC, Teresa & Terry Lamb, ALL Honorary Membership Officer

The Conference Dinner

Chris, Nick Byrne
David Wilson, President Elect
Sue Balmer, SST with Steven
Stéphane Derone, Joe Dale
Steven, Mike and Chantale Darke, Comenius East
Martine Pillette, Freelance Consultant Constanza
Bill Musk & Linda Parker
Terry Lamb, Dr Lid King Christine & Eva
Terry British Council meets ALL
At last ... David Wilson (left) meets David Wilson (right)
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In-between times!

Chantale Darke, Comenius East Bill Musk, ALL Honorary Finance Officer
Sue Balmer SST
Anne Feltham & Steven Fawkes Steven - a portrait
Sheila James, Projects administrator, ALL
Chris Lillington - as energetic as ever! Richard Troth (without whom the Webmistress would be on the political fence!!)
Mike Ullmann, Hockerill Anglo-European College - teacher of the year!

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