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The issue of grading in languages has been raised in many articles and documents.  Some are listed below.

If readers have any others to add, please contact Helen Myers who will then up-date this page accordingly.

4th June 2007

Response from Alan Johnson to letter sent in May

Link to download pdf here

Letter from Alan Johnson to say that he has asked the QCA to conduct a review and is awaiting their advice on whether or not to change grade boundaries.

9th May 2007

Letter sent to Alan Johnson from ASCL, signed by John Dunford (ASCL), Duncan Byrne (ISMLA), David Mansfield (SSAT) and David Wilson (ALL)

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Letter urging Alan Johnson to respond immediately to the Dearing recommendation regarding severe grading
March 2007

Powerpoint presentation used by Dr Robert Coe at the ASCL conference - link to site

Powerpoint presentation online relating to ASCL conference, March 2007

Tue 5.10.04

Language Barrier - The Guardian

Report of drop in take-up at KS4, includes comments on comparison of grades achieved by pupils in different subjects

2004 A Level Regression statistics + graph Download excel spreadsheet here
Powerpoint slide showing graph plotting 

"difference between the subject grade and the average of other subjects taken by the same pupils" 

"the average score in other subjects.". 

The graph forms a clear pattern from top-left to bottom-right with French and German at the extreme bottom-right (along with Maths and Sciences) - it is perhaps no surprise that on average, those who do French get the highest average A level scores ..

Download graph here
PANDA Relative Performance Index for A level 2004 - raw data before turned into a graph Download excel spreadsheet of data here.

Some GCSEs 'easier than others' - web page

Pasted into word document. 


BBC News article from ASCL conference reporting on Dr Coe's presentation to the conference.  Extracts:

Pupils who opt for "easier" subjects such as sport or drama rather than sciences or languages could achieve higher GCSE grades, research suggests.

A Durham University study concludes some subjects are easier than others - because of the way exams are graded.

Fri March 31.03.06

'Drama and PE are soft options' - TES

(link to be added)

Study from Durham CEM challenges exam chiefs' claims that every subject is equally difficult.  'They concluded that, students, whatever their ability, would be more likely to achieve good grades in subjects such as drama and P, than in science and languages'