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PGCE Event October 2005

See the invitation here.

The Committee visited PGCE students at The Institute of Education to encourage membership of ALL and to give a few tips from experience in a session entitled


Seven ALL members were tasked to speak for just 7 minutes about a topic which might interest PGCE students ... the idea being that this would be more helpful than one speaker for 50 minutes.

Although a bit frantic, we hope that we communicated our enthusiasm for the association and for our profession.  Videos of the talks are available here 

Thanks to the Institute for hosting us, thanks to the students for listening, and thanks to the committee members who enthused at the end of a working day!

WARNING! Each video clip takes about 2-3 minutes to download into your temporary Internet folder.  .. apologies that the sound is a little 'clipped', but it is possible to follow it all if you really want to!  Please note that these are deliberately non-polished performances to prove that we are human ....!!!!!!

Nick was the mastermind 

and timekeeper (video on next clip)

Helen spoke about Games
Nick spoke about whiteboards Clare spoke about resources
Sharon spoke about behaviour management Simon on 'How to wing a lesson ....!!!!' 
Jolande spoke about trips Kathy, our President,  then spoke about the value of belonging to the ALL