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Student teacher reception 2015

A report by Helen Myers, ALL London Chair

It was lovely to see so many students at our 2015 reception, held at the the Institute of Education. 

Here is a link to our Flickr album with a few pictures taken during the evening.

  ALL London Student Event October 2015

Thanks go to:

Anna Lise Gordon for organising the event and  enthusing us all about joining ALL.  (Who could resist after her wonderful talk?  £25 is a bargain for student membership giving you access to great journals, magazines and discounts at events)
René Koglbauer for being our President and making a very Presidential speech, setting us the challenge of (1) joining ALL (2) talking directly with the Headteacher of our schools, and (3) attending at least one of the ALL London events
Colin Christie and the Institute of London for welcoming us to such a beautifully central venue
Miriam Paridjanian, founder of the South London Primary Hub, for promoting Primary languages and the value of REAL contact with other countries through visits and penpals ... such a pleasure to get a packet with stickers!
Nick Mair for his simply wonderful cabaret spot.. showing how science can be combined effectively with languages
The tutors and trainees who came through miserable weather to join us
Nathan Jenkins for compiling a booklet of top tios from the committee

I ended up the evening with my own top tip: using song.. for example, Stromae!  Link to my site here.

We hope that the students will find time to join us at webinars and events over the coming year and beyond!

Here is a link to the current diary.  Please print it off and consult regularly!  Thanks!