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The June Event 2009

As at 27/05/2012 ..

102 people coming ..enough space for you to turn up on the day!


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You are invited to

The ALL London June Event


Saturday June 13th 2009 9.30 –whenever you like

to be held at

The French Institute

17 Queensberry Place, LONDON SW7 2DT, Tel: 020 7073 1350

Tube: South Kensington (District, Circle & Piccadilly Line) - approx 5 minute walk;

Buses: 14, 414, 49, 70, 74, 345, 360, C1

£5 - PGCE students; £10 - members / (or people who join ALL on the day); £15 - group /associate members; £25 - non-members


Provisional Outline Programme

Outline Programme:




Registration & tea/coffee and biscuits – the committee will be there to welcome you!

Exhibition opens (Our corporate sponsors have contributed to the cost of this event - thank you!)

THE GUM TREE available for you to 'post up' your messages to others in preparation for the breaks. Your badges will facilitate spotting others in the same sector / language area.



Helen Myers, Chair of ALL London. Welcome & Introductions incl info on Le Ciné Lumière

Michel Monsauret / Vincent Gleizes / Guillaume Silvy-Leligois (our generous hosts)

10.20- 11.10

'Purpose in the Process' James Stubbs, HOD St Philomena's School takes the grind out of preparing students for 'performance' through structured, purposeful, fun activities. An entertaining and engaging speaker, who may well throw in the occasional 'Tune' and 'Starburst'!

11.10 -onwards

EXHIBITION + comfort break / top-up of coffee / chance to ‘network’ / view info sent from corporate members including CILT.


PICK 'N' MIX: Exhibition / Lunch in a Bag / 'Show and Tell' Slots: * Primary * KS3 * KS4 * AS/A2 * Adult Ed * FE * Songs & Games * ICT extravaganza * PGCE - drift in and out of a wide variety of sessions where friendly hosts will encourage you to share (see details below):

2.00 – 2.50

'Assessments which tell you something' Judith O'Hare, experienced teacher, advisor, inspector, examiner gives us advice and answers your questions about how to devise assessments which are valid and reliable. (i.e. worth everybody's time and effort!)

Opportunity after the formal presentation to talk with Judith (venue available to us until 4 pm)

& next?

Why not take advantage of this venue to visit the Science / Victoria and Albert museums, or engage in some retail therapy in Kensington? [Your family could go to the Trooping of the Colour during the morning.]

Then let's come back to the Institute for a great film in the evening!

See website for details nearer the time:

** Refreshments during the morning generously paid for by Our Sponsors



PICK 'N' MIX: / Exhibition / Lunch in a Bag / 'Show and Tell' Slots

Choose from a wide variety of sessions: Primary * KS3 * KS4 * AS/A2 * Adult Ed * FE * Songs & Games * ICT extravaganza * PGCE

The purpose of a 'show and tell' is to give a quick flavour rather than to cover a topic in detail.

Feel free to raise questions / offer your tips by contacting us in advance (with the registration form) or writing them up on the 'Gum Tree' on the day!

Each session will be hosted by someone with a special interest in the area and who will 'kick off' with an idea and then structure the discussion. Others (incl relevant sponsors) will then be invited to contribute their own ideas / questions and a volunteer will collect all the ideas to display on webpages on the ALL London ( and mflresources ( sites

People who attend the session can continue the discussion online (Yahoo mflresources group: or at future events.


11.30 - 12.00


'Allsorts Show'n'Tell' Nick Mair introduces the session leaders who will each give their own 'top tip' to start the ball rolling


CINEMA (unlimited!)

Venue: ROOM 1 (Max 50)

Venue: ROOM 2 (Max 50)


A1 ICT: Flying Saucers: Wikis, Blogs & Podcast focus, hosted by Alex Blagona, Northgate

A2 'After Eight': Adult Ed & FE focus, hosted by Helen Shaw & Peta Bowker

A3 Jelly Tots: Primary Focus, hosted by Jennie Clarke

12.30 - 1.00

B1 ICT : 'Galaxy': Internet-sites-U-like Let's share our favourite sites from the universe!

B2 'Heroes' PGCE Focus. Advice on how to survive your first year! Hosted by Nathan Jenkins, Sharon Mangion and Leanne Simmonds.

B3 'Curly Wurleys': KS3 Focus Compelling Ideas for the New Secondary Curriculum Hosted by Kate Scappaticci

1.00 - 1.30

C1 ICT: 'Fruit Salad': Creative resources which help you & your students to create your own resources.

C2 'Smarties'AS/A2 Hosted by Nick Mair

C3 'Bounty Hunters': KS4 Focus Hosted by Gill Beckett

1.30 - 2.00 D1 'Revels / Starbursts /Minstrels Show'n'Tell' Jen Sutton (our own, our very own!) will lead a fun session where we can share songs and games. D2 Repeat of above



Booking form

Please send in the application form below to Kathleen Merino, along with payment by Friday 5th June 2009 to secure you a definite place and a free lunch token.

You can turn up on the day, but we prefer to know in advance if at all possible to help with catering. It it is ESSENTIAL to PAY in advance if you would like a free lunch bag.

PLEASE NOTE: To cut down costs and administration time, (as ALL London is run by volunteers) we won’t send confirmation unless you particularly ask for it... assume you have a place if you have paid unless you hear otherwise! If you need any more information please ask. Thanks.

Application Form

To: Mrs Kathleen Merino, 11 Tavistock Road, Edgware, HA8 6DF

OR, if desperate to secure a place and no time now to send form, email info to her, and ensure payment reaches us before 6th June.

[Telephone contact = Helen Myers, The Ashcombe School: 01306 886312]

London ALL June Event; Saturday 13th June 2009, The French Institute





Work Telephone Number


Home Address


Home Telephone Number




£5 - PGCE students; £10 – members and associate members; £15 – group members; £25 – non-members, (why not join on the day and get £15 refunded?!)

NB (1) ALL offers Students and NQTs Associate Membership for free! Fill in the online form here:, + (2) there is a lower rate of membership for primary & community language teachers

Sandwich lunch MUST be booked in advance and will only be provided free if payment for the event has been made by 6th June. Those who do not book in advance will be able to buy food in the Bistro.

I enclose cheque (payable to ALL-LRB) to the value of £__________ as payment for (No.)_________ persons as listed below (BLOCK CAPITALS please):

Name ____________________________student/Associate/Member/Group / Non-Member / with lunch /no lunch

Name ____________________________ student Associate/Member/Group / Non-Member / with lunch /no lunch

Name ____________________________student Associate/Member/Group / Non-Member / with lunch /no lunch

Name ____________________________student/Associate/Member/Group / Non-Member / with lunch /no lunch

Please note that we deliberately keep down the cost of courses by subsidising them from ALL funds: we feel that members ought to receive value for the money paid in subscription fees to the Association. Fees charged do not, in any way, reflect the quality of courses offered! NQTs and PGCE students: Consider joining to save your pennies (& pounds) / euros (?) later!


Travel directions


Travel directions web link:


The ALL London June Event - June 13th 2009 9.30 onwards

The French Institute, London
17 Queensberry Place, LONDON SW7 2DT,

Tel: 020 7073 1350


We would advise you not to come by private car: parking spaces are scarce and expensive in this area of London.

Public transport:
Tube: South Kensington (District, Circle & Piccadilly Line) – approx 5 minute walk;

Buses: 14, 414, 49, 70, 74, 345, 360, C1

Number 17 shown below: NB South Kensington has several exits.

Photo story for your journey (especially designed for people like Helen who do not mind being patronised!!!)

Arrive on platform
and follow signs 'Way out' (but don't go to the museums!)
Go through barriers
Go up steps
At top of steps, turn left
outside, turn right and head for Harringtion Road .... red brick building
Walk up Harrington Road
Keep going beyond Queensberry Way, but look to the right to see...
The back of the lycée, and look left across the road to see
Bute Street
Turn right into Queensberry Place
Head forward to the institute
keep going ...
turn right at number 17.
The exhibition will be in the elegant entrance
Some of the sessions will be in the salon
très élégant ...
avec son canapé
et voici Michel Monsauret
others will be downstairs
Monsieur Vincent Gleizes et Monsieur Michel Monsauret  - our generous hosts.