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The June Event 2009

Click here to see the programme and joining instructions given before the event.


The ALL London June Event

Saturday June 13th 2009 

The French Institute

There was another great turn-out for our June Event this year.  

As a bunch of volunteers organising events on behalf of London ALL members in our spare time  we are delighted that people trust us enough to (a) let us use their premises (b) turn up to our events, and we're especially pleased that others are keen to join as ALL members and committee members.

We'll use this page to record our thanks, our notes & links, and our photos.  We've also included some extracts of feedback we received.

As ever, if anyone is featured and would  prefer not to be there, just let Helen know and she'll edit the page accordingly, no questions asked!


So many people to thank .. we're bound to miss some people out, so please email us if we have and we can add them!


Michel Monsauret and Vincent Gleizes of the French Institute  - for providing the venue free of charge, being the perfect hosts, and sharing their enthusiasm and excellent links to resources.
Vincent Roussel and his catering team for providing coffee and lunch bags (+ lovely chocs for the exhausted committee at the end!)
Danièle's special friend, the institute's IT technician, who sorted out our IT needs.
The institute's caretaker who let us in very early in the morning to set things up and carted around tables and chairs fro us.
The institute's staff who made photocopies and found parcels for us.


Stéphane Derône of Linguascope (and his newly appointed member of staff Mr Hughes!) organised the sponsorship.  Many thanks to the sponsors who paid for our coffees:

Children teaching Children
BBC Active/Pearson (who also provided generous prizes for people with good ideas!)


James Stubbs kicked off the morning with an amazing session full of fantastic ideas, humour and song.  We were especially honoured to have a session created especially for us!
Judith O'Hare  rounded off the day with an very thorough session on issues associated with assessments - a topic which we had not covered  before.  Also many thanks for hosting a KS4 session at short notice and right before her plenary.
Alex Blagona single-handedly hosted an ICT extravaganza session, giving lots of ideas and managing to involve everyone else and their ideas
Liz Fotheringham  hosted the KS3 session .. an extremely very popular session with people packed in (.. a pity that the sliding door had been closed so some went away .. but we solved it for the end of the session!)
Jennie Clarke 's  primary session attracted many people, a testament to the great interest in developing primary languages.
Helen Shaw and Peta Bowker hosted  the Adult Ed session  - well summarised by Lorraine(see below).
Sharon Mangion and Nathan Jenkins gave a chance for students to have a get together before they are launched into the world of full time teaching!
Nick Mair led an AS/A2 session as people prepare for the new A2 year. (Wot, no photo?!)
Jen Sutton did an all-singing all-dancing session, persuading others to join in!


One of the most popular parts of an event is the chance to chat to each other, make new friends, catch up with old friends, put faces to names ... and this was no exception.  Thanks to all who came for being so friendly and so willing to contribute.  (Helen sorry she missed Prim's star turn of the preposition song ...!)


We'll use this section to post links to notes made during the day.  Thanks to committee members who took on the task of doing this.

French Institute recommendations from Vincent Gleizes ..

Jalons  - a fantastic video archive (free in Mode découverte)

Univerciné.  (Google Univerciné).  A website from which you can download over 100  full length feature films and show them in school legally: Univerciné.  Get a free account number by contacting Marie Bonnel, the audio-visual attaché

A website which features a full art collection. (Helen's lost the website address - help please!!)

Adult Ed ('After Eight') session.  

Notes from Lorraine here.  (Thanks Lorraine - first one to do the homework!)

ICT sessions. 

 Link to Alex Blagona's blog here.  Go to his posting for  Sunday June 14th 2009 which features his beautifully crafted presentations and a list of others' suggestions.  Jen is also providing a list.

KS4 session

Judith mentioned a resource to help with transition.  Here's her message (sent the very evening of the talk!)  The link to the DCSF "Bridging" docs I referred to in the workshop is below. Whilst a little old now it does contain some quite interesting suggestions for projects in KS4 which may have been before their time in the production. DCSF Curriculum and Standards Bridging Plans from KS3 - KS4 MFL subject leaders Status: Recommended Date of issue: 03-2005 Ref: DfES 0115-2005 G A reference to this can be found on the following link: 

Carol Hughes 

encouraged us to take part in the mini books project:

The Mini books project I was trying to advertise for Jane Breen from King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford is as follows and thank you for letting me advertise it. I wonder if you could include the following on your all-london page when you update it. Last year our strategic network under the leadership of Jane Breen took on a project to make mini books to display in our local library for the European Day of Languages. School made books from one sheet of A4 on a variety of different topics. The purpose was to promote reading and writing skills and to increase motivation amongst pupils, whilst also increasing the awareness of language learning amongst the general public. The project went on to win a European Award for Languages and Jane is now looking to promote the project world wide. The aim is to make 100,000 mini books by this year's European day of Languages, September 26th 2009. A summary of the project and for further information on how to make the books log on to

and follow the World Mini Books Project link on how to make them.

LINKS into Languages

We distributed invitations from LINKS 


Thanks to Mrs ICT, aka Danièle Reed, who contributes this photo record of the day ... (followed by a few from Helen too!)



Thanks to everyone for all the constructive feedback and ideas for  next time, regarding format ((e.g. longer between sessions, slightly longer specialised sessions) and content (topics suggested: new GCSE, CLIL, new A2, grammar, voice training, more songs, assessing writing skills, motivating Y9, transition KS4 - 6th, more time for NQT help, mixed ability, engagement through cognitive activities, G&T, A level cultural topics, creativity in language learning, hands-on ICT.)  We'll see what we can do!

Finally, we can't resist sharing extracts from some of the  lovely general comments people made about the day. ...

Many thanks to you and to the Committee for all your hard work to make today’s event such a success.[ .....]   I felt that my school had had amazing value for my £10: I came away with my head absolutely buzzing. You must have worked really hard indeed to organise such an excellent event and one which I will treasure since I learned such a lot as well as gaining considerably from attending. was great seeing so many people! I am adding my thanks and congratulations for yet again another successful event.
I've had a lovely day! I have missed the last 2 for various reasons, so had really looked forward to today. Some of those people are just inspirational [.....]... I have come away with so many good ideas. Excellent - very interesting day!
This  was an excellent venue Fantastic ideas and speakers...
Excellent presentations and useful Thank you.  Great turn out..