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June Event 2007


The venue.

Click here for map (downloadable)

We are extremely grateful to any friends who can offer us venues for our Events. 

This year, Ernestina introduced us to Lisa Zaffi at the London Language Show, and as a result, The Italian Cultural Institute has offered to host our June Event.  Helen has done a scouting trip (sounds like something from a Latin translation!), and here is a sneak preview of what we'll be doing!

Arrive Hyde Park Corner Tube Station (Victoria also close by) Walk to Hyde Park Corner
Turn right into Grosvenor Place, then right into Grosvenor Crescent Keep walking down Grosvenor Crescent
Look back for this view! (actually, Helen did this the other way around - hence the confused vistas!!) Arrive Belgrave Square
Turn left into Belgrave Square Walk towards the Italian flag (nice park on the right in the middle of the square)
Reach the Italian Cultural Institute on the corner of Chapel Street Lisa Zaffi, Cultural Attaché for the promotion of the Italian Language, who invited us.
Looking out to the left from the front door... Looking out to the right (towards route to Hyde Park Corner)
The entrance Hall - front door in far distance of this shot (coffee and biscuits will await you!) Seen from above.  Meeting room opening to the left.
Reception (display from sponsor here?)
Looking out of the room towards the outside (door to the right of this picture) Looking into the room from the outside (entrance door to the right)

 (will seat maximum 120)

The speaker area (data projector, speakers etc all provided - technician available) The room from outside (nice flowers even in February!)
Downstairs to the bistro Cosy little area - it will of course be sunny enough for us to congregate outside for lunch afterwards ...!
Very welcoming Signor Massimo at Caffé  Fellini! (He's booked us in!) Atmosphere captured in posters
This is the life for us! Time for a quick read in the library?

To find out the history of this beautiful building, click here.