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June Event

Click here for programme & details of the event

Photos of a lovely event, on a lovely day, in a lovely venue

 .. but first ....

thanks to Clare for trying out Helen's new camera and capturing the atmosphere

thanks to the two great speakers - Steven Fawkes and Francisco Villatoro who have generously made their notes available.  Francisco's 6th form numbers got the biggest gasp, and Steven's quoting of Haiku poetry got the biggest laugh!  To see these, follow the link to their Powerpoints at the end of this page.

thanks to the enthusiastic committee who worked behind and in front of the scenes  -

thanks to the receptive, friendly delegates, who all seemed to be enjoying themselves!

thanks to Karl for letting us use the Goethe-Institut

thanks to Nick of the Goethe-institut for sorting out the IT

thanks to George for being generally helpful with tables etc!

thanks to CILT & our special friend, Caroline, for bringing us information

thanks to Stéphane for representing our Corporate Members

thanks to Claire for her 3 years as secretary

thanks to the patient, pleasant man in Hugo's restaurant who sorted us all out

thanks to Nick who gave us all a present of a 'Verb Wheel'

thanks to The Queen for arranging a 'fly past' at 1 o'clock (Special 'spot the planes' competition below ...)

and thanks to anyone I've left out (please tell me!)


Francisco Villatoro

RGS High Wycombe

 co-author of

and highly successful teacher (60 doing Spanish in the 6th form!)

Click here for his presentation, which includes instructions on how to do clever things in Powerpoint!

Steven Fawkes

Member of the ALL Management Board and Past President

BBC Learning Policy Adviser

Click here for the main points of his presentation, including the hilarious Haiku poetry