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The January Event, 2007

Click here to see what the programme and application form looked like.

We had a WONDERFUL morning together. 



Photo Story



Many many thanks.....

To Nick Byrne from the LSE for arranging such a great venue (and to Mike for making sure the IT worked!)
To the committee who worked behind the scenes
To Leigh McClelland, Joe Dale and Rachel Hawkes for being absolutely inspirational speakers (and all-round entertainers!)   Click here to see Joe's lovely account of the morning and his 'after care' service in the form of notes and audio files.  Thanks so much Joe!
To David Wilson, ALL's President, for supporting the event and giving us some wise words at the close.

The Webmistress decided to be the class swot, and has put into action IMMEDIATELY one of Joe Dale's '10 Whizzo Tricks'.  You can see her first ever published 'Photo Story' capturing stills from the Event and demonstrating some of the features of this freely-downloadable programme e.g. adding text, varying transitions, and adding music.  She's too shy to add narration (!!). Click on the clapper board to open the file, which is a wmv file. (3 minutes 4 seconds!)

Click on Nick to see the event come to life! (Should open with Quick Time - about 2 minutes' worth - click 'back' to avoid seeing it again and again and again, and contact Webmistress if you can tell her why this happens ...!!)

Some video clips were captured by Nick Mair & Helen.  Nick's videos are on their way, meanwhile, look at a few clips from Helen's digital camera.

 (It's the first cut - not fancy, but Helen's very proud of learning how to combine Quicktime movies .. so no reduction in original quality.)

Click on this link to see 2 more videos courtesy of Nick.

clip 1 - Helen enthusing about Joe

clip 2 - David Wilson outlining the role of ALL at a representational level. (sorry - Helen didn't time this well so some people had to leave)

Here are some positive comments and observations from the day taken from some emails sent to us ... it's nice to get feedback!

Thank you for all the hard work you and the executive committee put into yesterdayís meeting to make it exciting. Rachel and Leigh were completely inspirational and Joe was, as always motivational. .......

..... I would really encourage you to join up to your local branch of ALL and get along to their meetings, you will go away with new things to teach your very ordinary (ie not exceptionally well behaved, well motivated classes!) on Monday morning..... Jen S

I really enjoyed the event. It was great to see so many teachers on a Saturday morning. Joe D

First, thanks for organising such a wonderful event today. I was really inspired by both speakers to improve my own practice, and that of my colleagues. Iíve got loads of good ideas to give them. It was well worth giving up my very precious Saturday morning for! .....Iím looking forward to the next ALL event!   Gill V

a great day Nick M


I'd just like to say how impressed I was with the meeting yesterday......  It's inspiring to see so many keen young people entering the profession and it made me feel quite optimistic


I'd just like to add my thanks for a very enjoyable Saturday morning.  There are a lot of inspirational people out there!  Helen S


It was a really fun day and great to meet so many enthusiastic teachers - I almost wished I hadn't retired... but I shall definitely take the song and dance ideas with me to the children in Peru, even if they don't have all the technology! Kathleen M


I found a lot of very friendly people and left saturday ALL meeting with a lot of ideas.Joe is a great source of inspiration with teachers pet , podcasting and powerpoint. I keep practising!
Rachel and Leigh gave me a fantastic idea to teach 'avoir' with pink panther tune. So, with Joe's tutorials I prepared a powerpoint with tune, used it today and want to attach it. It worked really well with some pupils adding actions and leaving the classroom singing.
II am working on etre!
So many, many thanks to Joe for his fantastic ideas and tutorials and Rachel and Leigh!



Great session! Thank you!

Fleur P