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French Event 2008: Saturday March 1st

Click here to see details available before the event.

The French Day 2008 attracted over 70 people, and we had many apologies from people attending the CILT Primary Conference and the ALL West of England conference on the same day!  

Many thanks go to Christine O'Leary, Chair of the French Committee, who arranged the speakers and the venue, to Michel Monsauret and Jean-Philippe Bottin from Le Service Culturel who sponsored and supported the day (both giving up their precious Saturday, and Michel courageously overcoming illness!) , and to the London ALL committee and IoE students who helped 'behind the scenes'.  

We are especially grateful to our speakers: Martine Pillette, Brigitte Effemey, Geneviève Baranoa, Shirley Lawes and Samir Zarquane.  Notes from the day will soon be available for download.

Here are some photos of the event, taken by Danièle: (and of the amazing Wapping Project space where some of us went to hear the talented Jeanne Cherhal sing in the evening amongst a display of Antwerp dressmaking.)

Lovely big venue provided by Le Lycée français - merci! Kathleen & Monna get into the swing of registration
Martine Pillette brings us up to date with La France des douze derniers mois

Michel Monsauret in the wings - Christine O'Leary M/C

Helen poses with our VIP, Michel Christine & Samir prepare Caroline & Michel
Monna, Michel & Peter
Break-out sessions led by 

Brigitte Effemey & Geneviève Baranoa

Lovely sandwich lunch ordered from Sands - we'd really recommend them
Many thanks to an incredibly gentil Monsieur who helped us out all day.
Geneviève brings us up to date with la langue des jeunes. Helen thanks! Shirley Lawes gave us tops on using authentic resources.
The Wapping Project

Venue for the intimate concert given by the talented young singer Jeanne Cherhal


Bonne soirée!