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The February Event 2009

Click here to see the programme and joining instructions given before the event.

About 80 people braved the ice and snow to take part in our 'February Event', drawn no doubt by the excellent quality of our speakers and the chance to mingle with other 'Saturday morning keenies'!  It was definitely worth the effort and it was great to be in the company of such nice people!

We know that others really wanted to join us (-thanks for the messages and the good wishes - ) and who couldn't because of personal or travel circumstances.   We missed you of-course, and hope  that this page will help you to benefit from what we learnt today.

We'd like to thank the many people who made this possible: Nick, who coordinated the AS/A2 session, The London Met (- many many thanks to Paul Blagburn of the London Met who gave up his Saturday morning to help things go smoothly and who gave us such useful advice .. and the welcoming team on reception!), Sanako, our corporate sponsors who paid for our coffee & biscuits , Kathryn of CILT, who always supports us and brings useful hand-outs, and the committee for doing all the background organising and welcoming.  Thanks in anticipation for Kathleen's work on translating a friendly AGM into text and to Monna for sorting out all the finance!!  (And a special award to those who contributed so helpfully to our discussions .. the crème de la crème de la crème!).

But ESPECIALLY we'd like to thank our three fantastic presenters .. what a talented bunch of ALL members!  Wendy, Juliet and Rachel are all part of the ALL network of advisors for the New Secondary Curriculum, and all imparted great ideas for making learners' experience more 'compelling'.  We are so grateful that they gave up their Saturday mornings (and more including travel!) to come and share with us, and through their hand-outs and weblinks they have made it easy for us to follow up their ideas.  Liz advertised ALL NSC  opportunities available in the London area.  We'll post her suggestions here later.

It would be lovely if people who attended could volunteer to do a short 'write-up' of their impressions, and we can post them here.  Also, Gwerfyl made a good suggestions that we could continue  to 'share' show we followed things up.  Helen suggested that people join the Yahoo mflresources group and share their reactions in posts with the subject title 'ALL London follow up: ....'

Below are a few photos, uploaded in the evening of the event.  In due course we will try to make video clips available from the talks, and Helen is especially keen to invite people to  visit the ALL London patch in Second Life where we could relax on bean bags and talk about how we have followed things up.

As always, if anyone would rather not be featured on this page, or you don't like the captions  ...just let Helen know and she'll remove you / the comment straight away .. she won't ask questions!  Also, if you have photos, please mail them to her.

Wendy's notes are downloadable here.  Her presentation was packed with ideas, and we'll all be getting Vokis now! Both sessions were videod and segments are Here, here, here and here.
Juliet's Powerpoint is here.  Juliet can advise on more detailed training sessions for NVQs.  Contact here here.  Most of her presentation was captured on video here.
Rachel's blog for February 2009 gives links to her packed presentations here. Her blog is a treasure chest of superb downloadable resources and intelligent ideas.  Most of her presentation is on video here.

Many many thanks to all three for sharing.

The amazing Graduate Centre designed by Daniel Libeskind. (Follow link for some beautiful images) Stéphane et  Sarah à votre service! Kathleen and Monna at reception
  Pam and Gwerfyl Frances and Cristina
Kirsty and Tanja Nick - please will you look at the camera in a sensible fashion next time???!! Sanako sponsors - Stephen in full flow
David Helen's car - the red one! Emma
Anette A lovely London Met student! Wendy Adeniji
Nikki The Bradley Babes' Day Out

(an Ashcombe indulgence)

Paul Blagburn & Juliet Park
Rachel and Liz Rachel Hawkes