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ICT training



Subject Leaders (HODs)



Teacher Support




ICT training (April 2007)


... whereas I am excited about all the new technology and the possibilities for students and teachers - I am also worried that I can't keep up with changes I feel completely ignorant. ... I can see next year's INSET money being swallowed up on resources .... anyone else in this position?


Already there is quite a lot of accessible training on ICT 'out there' and I think that if the Dearing report recommendations are followed, there should be still more.

Many teachers are happy to share their expertise in all sorts of areas.

Look out for the next round of SSAT Lead Practitioner sessions which are free (though the SSAT has charged £35 for the admin of registering you this year).

All of the language events have happened this year, but there should be another round between June and the following March.

2) ALL
I've just posted details of the next London ALL event on Sat June 16th which is open to anyone to attend and includes Lesley Welsh talking about using ICT - she's a fantastic speaker with loads of good ideas:

(Just £10 for ALL members) The nice thing about these ALL events is that you meet people who can 'sustain' the advice / help . and I think that's really important for ICT. Joe Dale is particularly good at doing this's what he prepared following the great session he did for us in London last January ...

3.Ashcombe School
I'm running 2 more free workshops focussin in particualr on use of ICT resources to teach language content (rather than skills/creation) at Ashcombe this year (Thu June 7th + Fri 29th June) and there will be 5 more next year when I have the timetable sorted. Here's a link to the details:

4. Graham Davies' ICT4LT site is a really well maintained site with answers to everything and free on-line modles for training

5. There are other lively language fora where people exchange ideas and info:





Subject Leaders / HODs

How can I prepare for being a Subject Leader  / HOD?


The National Standards for Subject Leaders (published 1998) are often used as a basis for job descriptions and are useful as a basis for preparation and letters of application.  For each standard, it would be  useful to build up a stock of personal examples which you could write in your applications or describe at interview,


I have found it impossible to track down a version on the TTA or NCSL sites (please let me know if you find it!).  Meanwhile, click here to download the download I made originally!


You could organise your preparation / letter of application into the following areas:


1. Professional Knowledge and Understanding (see Section 3)


2. Experience of contributing to the following 'outcomes' (Section 5), .....


A. Strategic direction and development of the subject

B. Teaching and learning

C. Leading and managing staff

D. Efficient and effective deployment of staff and resources



...... highlighting the personal skills and attributes (Section 4) which have contributed to them


(a) Leadership skills

(b) Decision making skills

(c) Communication skills

(d) Self-management

(e) Attributes


HEM Jan 2007



Teacher Support


Just wondering if there was anyone I could email confidentially about leaving teaching and my options. Going through a hard time of it and the school isn't been very supportive. My union is involved, but I would really appreciate another perspective.


This is a site which I have recommended in the past, and the person who used it got abck to me and said it had been very useful ...




How are TLRs distributed in the ML department?

HELP PLEASE! My colleagues and I have just been hit with the SMT “draft proposal” for staff restructuring, in which all heads of department disappear and the TLR 1s are for heads of key stages, development and planning, etc. Where can I get more info?

As background information, here's a link to the Teacher Net page which deals with this:

In particular there's a bit about safeguarding salary.

Do contact your professional association as there are ways of safeguarding your pension 'at the end of the day'.